Useful Engineering Essay Examples

An essay about engineering should often be detailed and technical, which requires a deep understanding of this field. For example, depending on a specific major, students may be asked to prepare a civil, aerospace, mechanical, computer, or electrical engineering report. Indeed, writing any paper requires a unique idea that builds up from various sources. Therefore, our website provides free engineering essay examples to help you with your college assignments. Furthermore, our authors use academic sources, and their works undergo a comprehensive grammar and plagiarism check. You are welcome to use them to get inspiration for your writing, and we are always open to your suggestions for improvement.

Essay on Engineering

Our high-quality samples will be helpful to any techer, a student of technology and engineering, regardless of one’s school and career goals. Our survey showed that students from the following universities used examples from this website:

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Moreover, college admission requirements include reflective writing about personal achievements and future goals. Suppose a student applies for a scholarship in this field. In that case, one will need to write a supplemental essay about their career goals in a specific engineering field that distinguishes them from other candidates. For example, undergraduate summer internship programs for bioengineering students will probably want to see a sincere interest in genetic engineering in applicants’ personal statements. Furthermore, the preferences are usually given to students who demonstrate excellent comprehension of the principles of a specific topic. Committees do not expect students to write a long essay about an abstract question. Instead, one-page writing about contemporary issues in this subject is guaranteed to be noticed by the board members. In contrast, a graduate school wants to see long papers referring to credible sources from academic databases. Indeed, written works in the field of engineering are complex because it is full of technical details.

Format and Structure

Engineering essays also need to follow standard format and structure requirements. For example, papers in this sphere can have one or several of the following characteristics:

  • Persuasive
  • Argumentative
  • Analysis
  • Explanation
  • Exemplification

For instance, a persuasive essay aims to convince readers of the validity of the author’s point of view. This type of writing should contain exemplification and explanation to demonstrate that the student conducted comprehensive research on this topic. An assignment can instruct you to argue on the ethics of building nuclear plants in the proximity of settlements. In this writing, students will probably need to discuss an example of the Chernobyl disaster and the lessons that humanity can learn from it.

The conventional structure of a paper includes the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory part provides the available knowledge about the subject and a thesis statement, a brief presentation of the essay’s purpose. The body of the paper offers supportive arguments for the questions posed in the introduction. This part of the paper requires an extensive literature search on a particular issue. Furthermore, ideas and facts used from external sources require proper in-text citation. Experimental reports need to include methods and results in the second part of the paper. Finally, the concluding part should summarize research findings without adding new information.

In summary, composing papers about engineering field demands an understanding of technical details and good academic writing skills. The themes in this area can vary from mechanical and civil engineering to nuclear plant explosions. Students enrolled in courses or applying for scholarships are expected to demonstrate their knowledge. Indeed, the essay is the best chance to show your best abilities because manuscripts can be reviewed and polished. Therefore, use our free samples to create the original work to help you succeed in your career.

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Free 517 Flawless Engineering Samples of Papers to Help You With Writing

Advance system engineering

It also involves a review of the system design, preliminary design and the critical design of the system. The benefits that are realized from the integration of the lifecycle include: Reduction of the product life cycle time and the reduction of the need for redesign.

Three idiots reaction paper essay

The real Rancho wanted the fakeRancho to earn a college degree for him by acting undercover as him, thereal Rancho. In exchange for this, the real Rancho will provide the fakeRancho his tuition fees and his needs as long as he " gives" him a goodeducational background.

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Helical gear reliability prediction engineering essay

BacklashThe amount by which the width of the tooth space exceeds the thickness of the engaging tooth on the pitch circleCircular pitchThe distance along the pitch circle between corresponding profiles of adjacent teethTooth circular thicknessThe length of the arc between the two sides of a gear tooth on the pitch >>>

Engineering: primary process

The rigidity of the chassis material for every unit of its weight brings out the specific stiffness of the material; this specifies the mechanical property of young's modulus constitutes and density. The chassis structure is supported by wheels and tire components, which hold the grip of the road and the >>>

What is nuclear power engineering essay

The debut of Nuclear Power has been one of the biggest impacts the world has experienced in the energy production industry, but as nuclear power is still being developed, there are risks and negative factors the come with the use of it. It is through the defect of mass that >>>

Low temperature hot water engineering essay

Due to the height of the building and the fluctuation of the mains water supply it will be necessary to install a booster pump set. The tank will be sealed and have access for maintenance purposes and to check the condition of the water.

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Example of photographs and sketches of floors Domestic floor Commercial floors Sketch of a floor It is difficult to evaluate the way floors work because floors can be made of different materials. Advantages and disadvantages of floors Advantages of a solid hardwood floor The hard wood floor >>>

Introduction to composite material engineering essay

The critical goal of the aeronautics/space industry for using composite material is ' The reduction of weight combined with strength' or ' the reduction of weight and saving precious fuel'. Material used in the Boeing 787As we can see on the figure above 50% of the materials that are used >>>

Process engineering

D The " chemical engineer" of these years was either a mechanical engineer who had gained some knowledge of chemical process equipment, a chemical plant foreman with a lifetime of experience but little education, or an applied chemist with knowledge of large scale industrial chemical reactions. With the addition of >>>

Challenging engineering position – resume/cv example

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer My job responsibilities are: Support new product team design activities including: Concept development and Product Performance Specification input Work on new product team design activities including concept, development and Design Input/Performance Requirements documentation Project plans and schedules Design review and design for manufacturability Participate in design, DFMEA, >>>

Blended portland cements and bottom ash engineering essay

Portland cement is a hydraulic binder which retains strength and stability by time and has the ability of bonding of other materials together, is produced from ground portland cement clinker and calcium sulfate. Type IP is an intimate and uniform blend of portland or portland blast-furnace slag cement and fine >>>

Piston function is basically summarized engineering essay

To form a guide and bearing to the small end of the connecting rod and to take the side thrust due to the obliquity of the rod. So, to avoid that, the piston material should have a high resistance to wear and low tendency to seize.

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Front contact design and optimization engineering essay

A basic overview of optical losses from the surface of the solar cell is illustrated in the following diagram.reflection lossesOptical losses due to reflection on the solar cellElectrical losses come three-fold, they can be caused by the bulk resistance, the emitter resistance or the contact resistance. Power loss from the >>>

Analyse the impact of implementing rain water harvesting systems on the stormwater system

The purpose of the analysis is to determine the amount of surface runoff that comes from each portion of land. The recorded volume from the runoff is then compared to the possible amount of water that could have been collected from the rooftops.

Control the space debris population engineering essay

A key question of the work plan was the acceptance of the IADC Space Debris Mitigation Guidelines by the February 2003 meeting of the STSC. Mitigation in spacecraft including: Spacecraft passivationSpacecraft passive de-orbitDesign and practice of lifetime 25 years limit of LEO space systemActive removing of spacecraft and orbital stages >>>

Data communication and network engineering essay

9 mmDust capsFig1-single modeFig 2-Duplex modeA push-on, pull-off type of multimode or single mode connector with a ceramic ferrule and an SFF design a simplex or a duplex plastic housing, often used for LANs and data communication. Figure 3Technical data: Housing material: Metal, Nickel platedFerrule: CeramicTemperature range: -40 C to >>>

Business process re-engineering

The purpose of this paper is to examine and classify the current BPR literature into four deferent streams and to suggest research areas that need to be addressed, under each of these streams, In the future. This process helped reduce the number of articles from 201 to 133.

Petroleum engineering has had on our country and globally

The rising impact Petroleum Engineering has had on our country and globally has been cause by the vast need for oil, the global desire for more efficient ways of fueling, and the need for advancements in technology. The final reason that natural gas will grow due to the high demand >>>

Solar enegry issues

The procedure by which a semi-conductor solar goes through to make energy and photosynthesis are some of the ways since energy is created to sustain lives. Similarities between Photosynthesis and semiconductors Photosynthesis and semi-conductors are the same in the sense that they aim to trap solar energy.

3d projet 5500x firmy 3d systems

The difference in texture and appearance is as a result of the diverse materials that are mixed to make the products. However, the new 3D printing technology is of a higher processing speed when compared to other printers.

Construction safety

The contractors need to demand to know the construction safety record of fellow contractors so as to ensure that the safety of their workers is not to be compromised. Contractors need to ensure that their individual employees are well qualified to offer the highest possible service in regards to environmental >>>

Environmental management in europe engineering essay

The temperatures in the 21stcentury are among the 13highest since the beginning of records in 1880. At this I will summarize the current and future greenhouse gas emissions, the Kyoto protocol, targets and measures, the European economy as wellas the position of the EU in international climate change negotiations.2.

Asce infrastructure report card

In order to build an infrastructure to serve the desires of the new century, there must be bold leadership and a convincing vision. From the above assertions, I believe that the consent is supposed to spotlight on four goals for the surface transportation: Maximizing infrastructure efficiency Promoting infrastructure delivery Increasing >>>

Aim and objectives of exxon mobil corporation engineering essay

The ExxonMobil Corporation, or ExxonMobil, an American multinational oil and gas corporation with their headquarters located in Irving, Texas, is one of the wealthiest private companies in the world formed on November 30, 1999 by the merger of Exxon and Mobil." This merger will enhance our ability to be an >>>

Quality control

Considering this, the corporate QA/QC methods executed in the project's construction is the enhancement of safety through the use of the app. This is because of the app's capacity to conduct safety audit and increase productivity.

A generalized thermodynamic correlation based on three-parameter corresponding states

The main objectives of the paper are the development of the analytical correlations basing on the stated three parameter corresponding state principle. In the paper, there is the description of the methodologies that can be efficiently used in the in the representation of the thermodynamic functions and volumetric functions.

The directionof incoming wind engineering essay

The solar panel can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications. The output of a photovoltaic array is a product of the area, the efficiency, and the insolation.

Value engineering

Emissions generated in every step of the process or any activity will always be significantly observed and considered in designing and improving the process without sacrificing the value of the overall output through keen understanding of the positive and negative emissions in value engineering. The first concerns the use of >>>

Hydrogen as a fuel 3122

For instance, the advantages a fuel cell has over a conventional battery are that a fuel cell does not need electrical recharging, has a greater range, and the electrodes in a fuel cell do not change, whereas the electrodes in a battery can be used up. The advantages over a >>>

Drive train, motor, control systems ( help in writing some pages on these parts and relate them to my simple design )

The Controller System The control system as will be used in this project would be one that be used in monitoring the accelerative and braking system of the board, in relation to the designing of the footpads. This means that the same will be connected to the board's circuit so >>>

Dc motor servomechanism

The operating point of the compensated system bears a similar damping ration as the uncompensated system. The peak times, damping ratio, as well as the settling times of the compensated system, is lower than that of the uncompensated system.

Optimal voltage regulator placement engineering essay

The increase in voltage in turn causes the reduction in losses in the lines beyond the location of AVB. In this section, the analytical method named as Back Tracking Algorithm is explained to find the optimal number and location of voltage regulators in radial distribution system using Figs.6.

Gratings fbgs and long period gratings engineering essay

To understand the principle behind the working of an optical fibre, consider that the fibre is two layers of mirror which traps the light in and the light is being reflected from both layers with a forward propagation mode as shown in figure 1.1. Total internal reflection is the main >>>

Impact on power system economy engineering essay

As already mentioned, there is a stator winding of high voltage cables in the powerformer. By the use of high-voltage cables as a generator stator winding, it is possible to highly increase the generated voltage.

Solution development for heating, ventilation, & air conditioning replacement

The efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the electric energy consumptions of these air conditioners, are to be monitored. The project will use five air conditioners that will be left to operate for a period of five months after making the necessary adjustments.

Genetic engineering 7 10212

Genetic engineering is the directed alteration of genetic material by intervention in the genetic process. People around the world are coming to the realization that genetic engineering is taking over every aspect of their daily lives, their supermarkets and even local hospitals.

Sop: why columbia?

I know that I will never have to stop seeking new mental experiments the way I did when I was a kid. When I learned that the byproducts of the combustion of methane are water, carbon oxide, and energy, I went straight to my chemistry teacher and asked why communities >>>

User adaptive system research paper samples

Adaptive systems should adopt a user-centered approach, as the users are usually the main source of information, with the main target being that of the application. This is to control dynamic behavior and that of individual systems, its state and of the environment.


Engineering and Construction Engineering and construction career involves the work of directing a construction project. According to Harrison, entry-level education for construction engineers is a bachelor's degree in construction management, civil engineering, or construction science.


The height of a beam is inversely proportional to the deflection of the beam; the longer the height, the smaller the defection. Thus, the deflection of the flat beam is highest because its height is lower compared to the RHS beam.

Controlling – function of engineering management

Current ratio = current assets / current liabilities Acid-test ratio - this is a measure of the firm's ability to pay off short - term obligations with the use of current assets and without relying on the sale of inventories. Debt to total assets ratio = total debt / total >>>

Job share memo essay sample

Virginia Daniel, Manager of Process Engineering, concerning the introduction of a new line of radiation tubes and several proposed changes in the manufacturing process of the Nuclear Tube Assembly Room.Mr. Purpose: The purpose of this memorandum is twofold: to propose a plan for start up of the assembly process required >>>

Marking machine / fluid power – lab report example

Figure 3: displacement time diagram Switch 2 is used as the actuating start condition of the system. Conclusion From the analysis of the circuit diagram and the displacement diagram, it is clear that the time delay valves are very necessary for the delay of the output signal.

Methods for genetically engineering a plant 13190

At Step 3a, the bacterium attaches to the plant cells, liberating the plasmid inside. The new DNA migrates to the plant's chromosome where the gene for the new trait is permanently integrated.

Angelo kotsis the dolphin torch essay sample

The aim of the design was to have the rugged look of the product, and to retain the practical and functional aspects of the product but to give a more modern theme to it, a bit more water-like because it is a waterproof flashlight". Angelo was happy with the design >>>

Research paper on hybrid cars in the us engineering essay

The concept of hybrid vehicles first originated in 1905 when an American engineer filed for a patent on a car that would use an electric motor to boost the power of the traditional gasoline engine. Hybrid electric vehicles combine the internal combustion engine of a gas emission vehicle with the >>>

Is genetic engineering ethically right?

The possibilities of genetic engineering are unlimited which is why it is the subject of so much debate. For example, where there is a story of a genetic condition such as Cystic Fibrosis, the embryos are screened to ensure that the disease has not passed on to their unborn baby.

Thomas edison

The invention of the phonograph was the invention that made him famous. There was the use of the phonograph prior to the use of tape decks and CD players respectively.

Health appetite

The purpose of this paper is to define teamwork and highlight three key points why teamwork is important at the workplace. Whoever wishes to impress teamwork at the workplace must understand the important of teamwork from three varied viewpoints: increased speed of work workload distribution, and faster learning.

End of oil

The paper explores the likely scenario due to oil shortage and its impact on the economy and future development in the coming years. It is a fact that oil scarcity may put the world transportation and commuting needs in jeopardy as nothing can replace oil to drive transportation sector across >>>

Essay on mechanical engineering

An episode of the show 'How It's made' featured the process used to create a machine. As I conclude this essay, I believe that I have placed my coin and rotated the handle of the great machine of life.

Methods available to increase the power output of an automobile engine

By increasing the amount of air an engine takes in the cleaner the combustion becomes and the maximum the power output of the engine is derived. The benefit of using this method in optimizing the power output of an automobile engine is that it reduces emissions and increases the fuel >>>

Work placement

Second, I wanted to gain adequate knowledge about the actual responsibilities of a production engineer, which is what I am destined to be. I also learnt how organizations operate and the challenges they face as well as some of the strategies they use to overcome production problems.

A study on electric cars engineering essay

Further on, as the torque of the electric motor is not reliant on its rotational speed, the output power of the motor is the product of both the torque and the rotational speed, which implies that more power becomes lost in proportion to the output power when the electric motor >>>

Genetic engineering 10548

This is absolutely the main argument of people that are pro genetic engineering, and they are right because it would be extremely beneficial to the world. It is nice and all that we have been able to get this deep into science but at what costs, we will be able >>>

Glbp or gateway load balancing protocol engineering essay

5, 00: 17: 10, FastEthernet0/1[90/307200] via 192.168.1. 227: GLBP: Fa0/0 4 Active router IP is unknown, was 192.168.1.

Critical infrastructure: american subway

This would cause a fatal accident for the passengers and the people adjacent the train at the time of the explosion. The attack on the subway in the form of explosive devices placed on the train may cause it to derail and fall apart.

Genetic engineering is ethically justified

Kant would not be interested in the benefits of genetic engineering, but in the sorts of actions that genetic engineering Involved. The embryo is never intended to grow into a baby, and would not be considered a person.

Self-declared engineering specialty: motorbike repair engineer

One of the greatest achievements in the field of aeronautical engineering is the creation of the X-47B future drone. Yet another disadvantage of taking mechatronics engineering is the risks associated with creating and working with dangerous machines.

Major aerospace engineering 10207

Watching the launch once again reminded me of my desire to one-day join in the exploration of space. I have recently joined the US Navy and I plan to use the ROTC program scholarship to pursue my goal.

Paper 3

Therefore, the actions that I will most likely take are based on placing at heart the issue of quality control and in accordance to the context of the engineer's code of conduct. For instance, according to the ASCE code of standards, engineers are supposed to take actions based on the >>>

Companies with limited liabilities

Next, the key to understanding an organization is to first understand its vision and mission. Mission refers to the purpose and values of the organization.

Product use for a resendential application

Vinyl Flooring When it comes to flooring, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. The flooring cuts down on the level of noises in the room and also gives a lot of comfort underfoot.

Oil and gas industry

Effect of the Oil and Gas Industry on the Environment The oil and gas sector is one of the leading industries across theglobe. To that effect, the paper will discuss the impact of the oil and gas industry on the environment.

Comparison of wet and dry oxidation of silicon dioxide engineering essay

The thickness of the oxide mainly depends on the temperature and the time. Figure 7 Capacitance per unit length Vs Number of cycles for dry oxidationFigure8 Capacitance per unit length Vs Number of cycles for wet oxidation The oxide growth is simulated for dry and wet processes.

Aviation maintenance

At the same time, there is increased acceleration and deceleration speed which is of the essence in the military planes more so for the fact that the aircraft at some point may be subjected to sudden landing and taking off for the security purposes. The new innovative ways of production >>>

Basic chemical engineering 10201

It is the chemical engineer alone who uses the vast and powerful science of chemistry to solve a world of problems. The depth of scientific and technical knowledge used in the profession has caused some to describe the chemical engineer as the universal engineer.

Lighting design

Ground Floor 18 luminaires Lamps Lumen output = 3600lm Lamps total power= 52W Lamps overall lumen output= 7200lm Overall efficacy= 0. 1 First floor 20 luminaires Lamps lumen output = 2600lm Lamps total power= 72W Lamps overall lumen output= 2600lm Overall efficacy= 0.

Engineering in an economically challenged society

As a forensic engineer, I would help the community in Investigating materials, structures, and products which do not or fail to function or provide services as in intended. I would help the community in determining the origin and cause of the failure.

A tesla turbine for household usage engineering essay

The purpose of the theoretical calculation is to use the calculated theoretical value as a guideline to start the process of optimization using computational fluid dynamic. After the design of the Tesla turbine is optimized, the 3rd stage can proceed to fabricate the Tesla Turbine.

Optimal conductor selection using fuzzy logic engineering essay

The size of the feeder is determined based upon the current carrying capacity and the size of the distributor is determined based upon the permissible voltage drop. The objective is to select the optimal size of the conductor in each branch of the system, and suitable type of conductor which >>>

Financial planning in an engineering business

The Sales Forecast Sales are the most important financial activity therefore; the Sales Forecast is made first in order to estimate sales. One way to estimate and forecast certain account balances is tit the Percent of Sales Method.

Conclusion – lab report example

In addition, the Poisson's Ratio and the modulus of Elasticity of a material were utilized in the cantilever beam. They were from the strain measurements on the beam surface.

Argumentative – engineering food for all

A close examination of genetic engineering of food reveals the fact that this dangerous technology poses serious risks to the environment, human health and the overarching economy. Genetic engineering of food involves the inclusion of the genes of organisms that are not part of the human food chain.

Overview of experience to gain professional membership

4 Being a leader, my main objective is to ensure incessant progress to the strategic and response to the organization. 2 As a new member, for registration I am required to display proof in the form of action plans for my commitment to the CPD.

Engineering management

I hope to complete my graduation in Dec 2014, after which I am willing to continue my education in the field of Engineering Management at a reputable university. I am of the opinion that learning is a lifelong process and the only way of bringing improvement in one's life.

Interventions 13187

Objectives: The students will be able to:-evaluate the change of a certain invention from the past to the future;-demonstrate persuasive speaking;-work as a group to complete a task or assignment. Most of the elements were addressed in the commercial that were asked, and all the students participated.

Sop for electrical engineering

Engineering as my major in my bachelor program and now with sufficient knowledge of fundamentals in Electronics, I am applying for an admission in one of the most prestigious universities, which is Bradley University in United States of America. With abundance of excitement, enthusiasm and passion, I enrolled myself for >>>

An introduction to aviation engineering essay

The modern age of aviation started with the Montgolfier brothers who designed the first untethered human lighter-than-air flight but the most widely accepted date of flying is December, 1903 by the Wright brothers as they were the first to fly in a powered and controlled aircraft. Secondly it is military >>>

Mechanical engineering

It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools.[l] It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. Similar systems are also present in South Africa and are overseen by the >>>

Drilling mud manual by engr. ifeanyi drilling

Usethe wash bottle to wash remaining sand content to ensure all the mixture in themeasuring tube gets into the mesh.5. Usethe wash bottle to wash remaining sand content to ensure all the mixture in themeasuring tube gets into the mesh.5.

Reduction of harmonics constant dc engineering essay

The term " Power Quality" has been used to describe the variation of the voltage, current and frequency on the power system beyond a limit. The maximum value of a rectified voltage is equal to the maximum value of the input time-varying voltage minus the forward voltage drop across each >>>


The prime concern regarding human population is growth vis-a-vis the availability of resources like water, food, the fresh air to breathe, space and available housing to accommodate the humans. In order to reduce the effects of rapid population growth, there is a need to formulate a comprehensive strategy for sustainability >>>

Construction law cases

In the remodeling phase, the client orally requested for the work and later refused to pay the contractor after execution of work. Case 5: Scope of Work The client gave instruction to the contractor to cut and " remove" a tree.

Engineering and construction issues that surrounded the three gorges project

Engineering and Construction Issues that Surrounded the Three Gorges Project Overview of the Project A project whose construction decision received an approval in 1948, the Three Gorges Dam Project, replaced the Great Wall as the largest project. Discussion of the Issues The most damning yet unthinkable reality is the >>>

Magnetostatic analysis of magnetostrictive engineering essay

The output displacement and force of the Terfenol-D linear actuator is mainly decided by the distribution of the magnetic field in Terfenol-D rod. A uniform axial magnetic flux density distribution in the actuator with and without Terfenol D is found to be 0.

Fire tube boilers water tube boilers engineering essay

This large amount of energy is sufficient to fulfill the needs of the entire global population, and also to supply light and heat energy for the growth and living of fauna and flora too. For example, wheat, where the straw can be burned in order to produce heat or energy >>>

Constant volume centralized all air system engineering essay

The diagram below illustrates this systemSource: The constant volume centralized all-air system can also use the dual duct system, which is in some ways similar to the four-pipe system in the fan-coil unit system. This is the system to use when the intent is to provide full air-conditioning.

Hazards associated with ordinary construction

Such situations include fire outbreak and death of people because of the absence of safety escape passages in a building. Because of the absence of safety escape passages, the lives of people in a building can be endangered.

Abstract— position of peaks was not affected by

1 mL of solution ' C' was added to solution B and restof the procedure is same as above. 2 The results showed the band gap of Titanium dioxide was narroweddue to metal doping which improves thephoto reactivity of TiO2.

Sash sliding windows

Its top end is fixed to the jamb and the inner spiral remains attached to the bottom of the sash. Wood filler is used to plug the holes, as grooves are cut according to the specifications of the manufacturer to fit the stales of each sash to accommodate the balances.

Designing a solar driven two bed silica engineering essay

Ossama Al-Samni The adsorption systems are classified in the literature based on the application and the source of heat needed for desorption. Flat plate collectors could easily produce hot water to regenerate the adsorbent of the chiller at these levels of temperature difference of 20 C between the ambient outside >>>

Magnetic particle testing and inspection engineering essay

Material reaction to the field of magnetismWhen materials are placed in the field of magnetism, the material forces of magnetism are affected. In regard to material interaction with the field of magnetism, material may be grouped as: Diamagnetic materials- they have a weak negative susceptibility to the fields of magnetism >>>

Airbags 3357

Car makers and the government are looking at ways to make airbags safer. THE BOTTOM LINE IS: ALWAYS BUCKLE UP, DON'T SIT TO CLOSE TO THE DASHBOARD, AND KIDS IN THE FRONT SEAT AND AIRBAGS DON'T MIX!