Handy Personal Experience Essay Examples

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The power of the number forty

The Jesus remained in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights. There is nothing strong enough to defy the power of forty.

My personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

I am a calm, friendly and open minded person that enjoy one-on -one meeting and relating with new people of like minds to share new, informative ideas and opinions that are of positive impact. Learning of new skills, training, ideas as the need arises to stay informed in order improve >>>

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Personal experiences as a student about inclusiveness education essay

I have studied in a SAP school for both primary and secondary school, the abilities of the pupils in these schools are about homogeneous, most of them were able to larn and understand the instruction at the same gait, there were highly rare instances of pupils with particular demands. In >>>

My own experience facing gender discrimination in religion

All I felt at this moment was the lump in the stomach. All I could do was sit on that cold hard pew and listen to the prayer requests.

Illustrating war horrors and experiences in michael herr’s dispatches

Despite the lack of continuity, the piece goes through the development of Herr's own character by creating a collective story of the war told from his raw observations and experiences as well as from the soldiers he encounters. In this way, Herr ties together with his war experience the drug >>>

Falling in love: my experience

I thought that I was living a happy, kind, exciting and fascinating life, but it's nothing when I compared with life when I was in love. The day I realized that my life was black and white and only love was embellishing it with striking colors.

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“reading, heroes, and me” reflection

Captain Majed was the main reason I chose soccer instead of any others sports to play. For the reason Captain Majed was my hero, I have always wanted to become a professional soccer player and make it as my only career in life.

Analysis of learning problems as a student based on my personal experience

In Fiji, formal schooling begins from the age of 6 years up to 18 years and children are placed in their respective classrooms for a fruitful journey of learning from primary to secondary in the presence of a teacher. As a student, I usually get distracted and to the extent >>>

How i learn english language

My teachers used to ask me questions and to demonstrate different stories in front of the class. This was the only way for me to learn English.

The benefits of mindful living

Once you begin to practice mindfulness and become more awake for your life, you will never be able to live as unconsciously as you did in the past. You will be more acutely aware of when you are thinking and behaving in ways that are not consistent with the person >>>

Diary of a wimpy kid: the third wheel

In the wake of discussing what his life resembled from before he was destined to his preschool years, Greg clarifies a portion of the new child-rearing techniques his mom has attempted on Manny and how Manny has been influenced by those strategies, which vary from those of Greg's. In the >>>

External and internal conflict in the minister’s black veil

The sin is not clarified by the author of the story but the minister tends to point out during his sermons the ambiguity of the secret sin and sorrow that everyone carries is why he believes that everyone wears a veil. The internal conflict is within the Reverend himself and >>>

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My personal experience essay

I passed through the kitchen avoiding the cupboard that I always seemed to knock into in the morning, sunlight shone through the window reflecting the brilliance of the kitchens woodwork, glasses lay shimmering in the light on the drying board beside the sink, I filled up the kettle to make >>>

Challenges that defined my professional life

In this essay I am going to present two challenges that defined my professional life and made me who I am as a person and as a teacher today. Additionally, and because reading is essential for maintaining languages and culture, I -with the help of fiends- organized the largest Arab >>>

Money is the root to all evils

Since it was my birthday tomorrow, I waited for my parents as I hoped that they will brings cake and presents for me. After a month in ICU, I was awake and saw both of my parents cried beside of me.

My life after high school

I want to be successful and in order to do that I know I need to attend college. I know that i might be in debt for a while but in the long run I will be able to pay it off with my salary.

My experience in volunteering

During my service, I have worked closely with senior in-patients by assisting nurses with their day-to-day care and overall operations of the facility. I demonstrated independence, strong leadership, and a relentless drive to be an agent of positive change in my community.

Impact of societal beliefs on individual values

The information provided by the mother to her daughter reveals the process of imparting societal values, with the aim of influencing individual values. According to scholars, the ability of Kincaid to use such as uncommon design in the prose poem, and still highlight major issues is one of the intriguing >>>

How little events became major memories

My life had revolved around Sunday dinners at my grandmother's house and now, as we waited for the doctor to deliver the test results, I realized that so much more of my life would change without her there. The solid door to the left of the receptionist desk opened and >>>

Steps to becoming a great composer

Send your music to studio and network execs and film music agents and be prepared to learn that no one will listen to you until you have something of quality to play or some accomplishment in the field, no matter how small, to share. Develop your Narrative Skills, Political Skills, >>>

Adult learning: my own experience

However, on a second thought, and with some of my accumulated experiences, I saved the draft and decided to go and meet the person. I will take the role of a coach and influence my team to practice.

Getting engaged narrative essay

Getting engaged is not as simple, it seems, as it used to be - the moment the question is posed, the hoped-for response stated, and the ring is revealed from a hidden pocket or jewelry store box, applied onto the left hand ring finger with somewhat unsteady hands, the veritable >>>

How my mother’s sickness changed my life

As the last born, I am closest to my mom and I talk to her regularly. My siblings and I rushed to the hospital to be on her side.

The impact of storytelling practices on my life

As I grew older, I applied this flexible approach to storytelling to real life scenarios; to get to the resolutions I wanted, I had to be willing to adjust how I approached problems in my life. While I could not control all variables just like I could not control the >>>

Societal and cultural expectations for young adults 

These expectations are put on individuals making them feel the pressure that they do not fit in with society. Many teens nowadays can relate to these passages because they are put with the same pressures and expectations.

Aerodynamics and flight dynamics of wrap around fins

In the first part, a project of analysing the aerodynamics of aerofoil NACA0012 by looking at the coefficient of pressure distribution on the aerofoil are accomplished using the same methods as the simulation of missiles with wrap-around-fins. In the second part, the geometry of missiles with wrap-around-fins is meshed into >>>

How a ghost perceives the world

This time I will be talking about how a highly requested subject and that's how a ghost perceives the world, like, how I interact with things, how I see things, stuff like that. You see, the reason why I am a ghost is because my spirit still lingers on.

The taste of cuisine of seychelles

The cuisine of this city has been the end product of the many cultures and influences that belong to the different countries of the global village. You would need to add the many spices in the shape of the garlic, eggplant and the most commonly ginger.

A letter to ishmael beah: how you changed my perspective on the world

But, in your Memoir "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier", you described the harsh reality of living in the 3rd world country Sierra Leone, in Northwestern Africa and how your point of view is much harsher and more real than many people in other countries. The elaborate >>>