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Family and friends are often a major part of our lives. From our childhood to adulthood, the importance of our closest circle cannot be understated. Whenever we are making new friends, it is vital to consider our background. And it is quite likely that, throughout our lives, we will write hundreds of essays about our lives. They might be for high school, college, job applications, or any other purpose. However, it might not always be the easiest task. If you are struggling with choosing the topic for your essay, or finding the right words, we are here to help. Our website offers hundreds of sample essays for inspiration and comparison.

Essay on Family

Family, or ‘ohana’, as Lilo and Stitch have taught us, affects the way we are. Being a member of a functioning and healthy family can have extremely beneficial effects. The people that we love have a big impact on our lives. The relationships that we have with our parents, siblings, grandparents, and others close to us are essential. However, these relationships might not always be ideal. Sometimes being surrounded by people similar to us, or very different, can lead to conflict. Although it does not always lead to family violence, it is still an experience.

Essay about Life

Furthermore, some of the essays talk about life in general. Our experiences shape us as people, and the past influences the future. It might be that you need a family tree set out to find your own identity. Alternatively, you might think “my path to being happy is through relating my experiences to my child or children.” Then, you might want to include your advice and pass on your values. The importance of culture and tradition in the modern and changing world of today cannot be undervalued. And relating our experience helps us with reflection on our own lives.

Essay Examples

Therefore, it is no surprise that there are thousands of subtopics about family. Whether you are a student or a prospect, there are essays in our databases for all kinds of purposes:

  • Motivation speech or letter
  • Reflection essay
  • Story for a common app essay
  • Memoir extracts
  • Short essay for a scholarship application
  • IELTs preparation
  • Sociology essays
  • Family History

Furthermore, the essays are of different lengths, with some of the available ones being:

  • 100 words
  • 250 words
  • 500 words

Depending on your requirements for the assignment. All essays are free to access and plagiarism-free.

Format and Style

As mentioned, we have a great variety of essays. Some of them might be reflective, and some narrative, or descriptive in nature. Others might be argumentative or persuasive. However, the structure of the essays is relatively uniform. All essays contain a specific title, an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion, and adhere to a word count. Furthermore, all essays adhere to specific citation rules, and use reliable sources when needed. If there is a need for a photo or diagram, those are also included. The samples are vast, and you are sure to find one that works for you.

Most things today are digitised, which is why our sample essays are all available in pdf and docx forms. However, the format of the samples allows for an easy paper print as well. By using our essays as inspiration, you will get a satisfactory grade for your assignment. The writing can also be used for writing speeches for reunions, or heartfelt cards. Furthermore, they are sure to help you get scholarships. Your opinion matters to us!

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Eulogy for grandfather

He was the beloved Grandfather to my cousin Rory, annie, & Michael, and to my late sister Elizabeth and I. I am going to miss my grandfather's jokes, his wisdom and love.

Coming of age in mississippi-book report

" Coming of Age in Mississippi" by Anne Moody is an autobiographical account of a black woman living in South struggling against the centuries old racialdiscriminationby the white. In her account, Anne Moody describes the adversities of living in the " south" where the black population had just started their >>>

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Generally accepted auditing standards

Generally Accepted Auditing Standards Introduction Generally accepted auditing standards refer to a set of standards through which the quality of audits is assessed. Elements of Generally Accepted Audit Standards In the United States, the generally accepted auditing standards were developed by the Auditing Standards Board of American Institute of Certified >>>

Analysis of attitudes to student housing

In peculiar, it investigates the first male and female inns built by the Physical Planning and Development Department of the Covenant University and the degree of satisfaction of pupils with the infinites provided within the halls.1. 4AIM AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this survey is to measure the station tenancy >>>

Cohesion policy good and bad practices

Lithuania has contracted projects for 87% of available funds as of November 2012 and paid out 54%to beneficiaries. Knowledge of available funds corruption and transparency.

Cancer diary of osteosarcoma

I am preparing more DNA and for that I am also synthesizing mRNA and important proteins. In near future I will have my own colony of cells and my own sarcoma tissues01//14/2014As usual I was preparing to divide but the proteins detected a damage in my DNA.

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Saturday night at the birthday party

Matthew demonstrated " stranger wariness; by the end of the first year the child becomes wary in the presence of an unfamiliar adult." He ran to his mother and father and hid his face in his mother's lap when someone approached him to try to engage him in a dance. >>>

What is the crisis in the british family a crisis about? how is the crisis gendered?

Quoting Wright and Jagger, according to them 'the turn of the century is marked by a growing crisis in the family, a crisis that may prove terminal unless decisive action is taken', and the crisis has been pointed out as the collapse of marriage and the 'family'. Resistance to this >>>

Example of report on heart soul the kurt warner story by gary ronberg and marc serota

His parents were a similar story; moving from Iowa to New York City, they found it difficult to make time for him in the hustle and bustle of city life, and so he was not able to successfully nurture a positive relationship with them. I heard about you trying to >>>

Lower the u.s. drinking age

Engs from Indiana University states " The legal drinking age should be lowered to about 18 or 19 and young adults allowed to drink in controlled environments such as restaurants, taverns, pubs and official school and university functions." I believethat the legal drinking age in the United States should be >>>

Compare & contrast – a daughter leaving home

The tone of " To a Daughter Leaving Home" differs from the tone in " At the San Francisco Airport". Winters' " At the San Francisco Airport" is a closed form poem that uses images and tone to convey the attempt of this father to keep his composure as he >>>

Guests of the sheik

Preparation of meals and the cleanliness of ones home are essential to how a woman is viewed in El Nahra. These feasts are very imperative to the reputation of a woman in El Nahra.

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Family law

However, in 2004, the Commonwealth Government reaffirmed the traditional concept of marriage in the Marriage Act 1961 as the union of man and woman, which automatically forces same-sex marriage to be void in Australia.* The exclusion of same-sex marriage within family law demonstrates that there are still changes needed to >>>

The diary of mrs danvers

I watched her face scornfully as I told her about the West Wing, how beautiful the room was, how expensive the furnishings were, and I compared it with the inferiority of this room. As she turned pale and awkwardly mumbled an excuse about closing the shutters, I saw that the >>>

Poetry analysis: barbie doll poem

And yet, the resolution of this stanza is the juxtaposition which tells of a woman who is apologetic for those features divergent from female idealization. She becomes the ' Barbie Doll' which invokes the standard image of beauty in ourculture, as attractive, plastic and inanimate as a child's play thing.

Knowledge management challenges managers face

The article uses thecase studyapproach with semi-structuredinterviewtechnique to analyse and find what roles team mangers perform in knowledge management and also the problems faced by them in social services sector where the 50% of workforce is transient. The authors have suggested the concept of redundancy for the organisation by referring >>>

Personal life and sports

Participating in team sports helps develop good character, it inspires us to pursue a healthy lifestyle and lastly It is proven that by having a regular social network through sports it will make you live longer. The next advantage of being a sports fan is that it inspires one to >>>

2 tech trends that will help you focus

Today's consumers crave unique and personalized products and services, and businesses like these are part of a massive new opportunity for small businesses to take on the big guys. According to a, this rising demand for niche products and services is one of the key trends small businesses can leverage >>>

Ground zero

The new tower is called as Ground Zero Supertower that has an underground museum that narrates the history of this tower. The tower symbolizes the continuation of the life of the city.

A picnic with family essay

Conclusion It was a day well spent with all the members of the family and with this we had a great opportunity to breathe in the fresh air. The Long-Awaited Picnic It was during the weekend of Christmas and we decided to utilize the vacation fully on the outskirts at >>>

The aging workforce

Compared with the past, older the number of older workers can be expected to grow disproportionately in the years to come. Organizations losing experienced employees that have skills and knowledge critical to the success of the organization make efforts to convince aging employees to remain with the organization, if only >>>

Trends and challenges in hrd

The importance of human resources management or HRM in achieving management objectives is reflected in the transformation of the personnel management function, which has changed its perspective from employee welfare to managing people to obtain the best and highest productivity possible, through methods that provide both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. >>>

The life and works of rudolfo a. anaya

Anaya 376) Anaya says that his inspiration for Bless Me, Ultima came when he had a vision of an elderly woman dressed in black standing in his room, and it was this vision that inspired him to start writing the novel. The PEN-West Fiction Award was awarded to Anaya in >>>

Msc reflective essay life long learning

One of the most important things that I learnt from there was learning through the professionalenvironmentand the development of the staff and students. As a result the effectiveness of the service collaboration and shared learning was stifled.

Bucket baby vs the climber

As the owner of a small tree service I have had to evaluate whether or not to purchase an aerial lift bucket truck to assist in the tree trimming and removal process or to stick to old methods such as climbing. By separating the climber from the tree and putting >>>

Push vs. precious essay sample

Although the book and movie are similar, the movie differs from the book in that it is not as specific when detailing the series of events that is happening in the book. She tries to do whatever she can to help Precious and to give her an opportunity to get >>>

Season descriptive essay

You need to write in a manner that will appeal to your readers. Show significance and meaning of your favorite season throughout your writing piece by providing a vision for your readers, using sentences that show rather than tell, and using details that evoke all of the senses.

Assess the advantage of living in an extended family

If every adults in the house is working and have a secure job, the possibility of their monthly income for the family in total will be much greater than the nuclear family have for their home maintenance and needs. The elderly can have the benefits of been taken care by >>>

Picnic transforms essay sample

The purpose of picnic is to make the best use of a day's holiday. As I inhaled the intoxicating aromas of nature that were surrounding me I thought, Today would be a great day for a picnic.

Leung tsang hung and lee wai yu the incorporated owners of kwok wing house

Any matter which might involve the threat to lives, safety, wellbeing, assets or comfort of the people or create hindrances in any legal rights of the people of the state is considered to be a public nuisance or by the approval of Lord Bingham of Cornhill in R v Rimmington >>>

Sexual harassment: the scarlet letter

In Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, the reoccurring image of a circle/sphere probes the thought that humanity is following a cycle of cruelty that has never been broken. The amazing ability of the townspeople to shun a completely innocent woman is the pattern of humanity.

A life in the day of… critical analysis

As I open the door, I hear the sound of the T. I look at my watch and realise that the bell is about to go so I get my bag and wait for the bell to go at the bottom of the stairs.

Lost in the kitchen

How are men going to be able to go to work and get paid if they cannot even wake up on time? My conclusion, then, is that now that women have asserted themselves in society more and now do a lot of tasks that men usually do, the men just >>>

Judging people by their looks and speech

I observe the speaking habits and skin color to observe the background of a person. I still believe that facial features and skin color help a lot in the correct identification of people's background.

Gender and family

Gender andFamilyBy: Sherrica Newburn CJS 230 Gender and Family As juvenile delinquency continues to be a growing problem in America, research and analysis have shown that gender and family can have a huge impact on juvenile delinquency. The cause of this is believed to be because males are taught and >>>

Family life course development

These changing roles and expectations for different stages of family are viewed as essential to an understanding of the family. Subsequently, for Family Life Course Development Theory, the family process dimension of time is critical to understanding and explaining family change because it provides the marker events for analyses.

How adultery is permissible

If the couple mutually agrees that those actions would be the best for each one of them and even the best for their immediatefamilythen I believe that adultery is morally permissible in this instance. However, if the reason a spouse commits adultery is to make the other spouse jealous or >>>

Minimum of two suggests that family can be both a blessing and a curse

Winton displays his interest in exploring the idea of family within each story differently, containing the positive and negative influence that family has on the actions and emotions of the Nilsam family and his alternative protagonists. In ' Distant Lands', he deals with the feeling of obligation towards and the >>>

Nuclear family vs joint family

In a joint family, if any one person in the house is facing any kind of problem, all the people will come together to help him and will try to find the solution for that problem and will solve it. While in a nuclear family we have to solve its >>>

Conceptual definition of family

In a family, members are able to compromise with the ones they love, in order to make the relationship work. Being the only person in a family that gets to do or get what they want makes the others in the family want to envy and rebel against that member.

Sibling rivalry

The fact that this is one of the first stories written in the Bible shows the great importance given to the problem of sibling rivalry. Siblings feel they are getting unequal amounts of the parent's attention, discipline, and responsiveness.

Afrotech inspires african-american millennials

11 and 12, hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the country descended on San Francisco to attend the inaugural AfroTech Conference sponsored by Blavity. One of the keynote speakers at AfroTech was Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest.

Challenges of bowhunting

Things like the draw weight which is the amount of weight require to pull the bow to " full draw' so it can be shot. Once a deer is picked and patterned, a stand has to be placed to give the hunter the best possible opportunity to harvest deer.

Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken

I did not appreciate how being held hostage by the beauty of the surface the beaches and cities blinded me to the absence of Puerto Rican natives on the streets of San Juan; I did not understand how the prevalence and familiarity of English conspired to veil the beauty of >>>

Real life reflection on success is counted sweetest essay sample

The poem Success is Counted Sweetest has been written by Emily Dickenson to account the idea of value of belongings to people who possess it and those who yearn to possess it. The only different between the two individuals is that the person winning would not be able to understand >>>

Global challenges in economics

I think you" ll be perfect for it; give it a shot!" Already an employee with the Department of Veterans Affairs and a retired United States Army officer, I didn" t give the Excellence in Government Fellow program was for me. Like me, many of these new leaders will have >>>

How does steinbeck present the life of an itinerant worker at the beginning of the novel?

Although, at the mercy of their bosses, itinerant workers were victims of exploitation of work such as being overworked and maltreated as seen in this quote " The boss gives him hell when he's mad". Readers get the opportunity to understand better the mentality of itinerant workers and how they >>>

The importance of extended family essay sample

Extended families play an important part in parenting and education of a child: They can assist with childcare needs on a limited or full-time basis; they can come to the rescue when parents cannot see solutions to problems that they are facing with their children; and finally the extended family >>>

Why is the golden age of policing’ such a potent myth in british society?

In order to examine this myth it is crucial to look at the police and their roles back in the 1940s and 50s and compare it to their roles today and also look at society and their view of the police. Society at the time was in a state of >>>

Essay summary of traffic troubles

When traffic demand is great enough that the interaction between vehicles slows the speed of the traffic stream, this results in some congestion. About half of U.S.traffic congestion is recurring, and is attributed to sheer weight of traffic; most of the rest is attributed to traffic incidents, road work and >>>

Being gay and elderly in toronto

Sprigg says that in order to have a marriage, there must be a union of a man and a woman, not a man and a man. Anthropologist Kingsley Davis says that marriage is " the unique trait of what is commonly called marriage is social recognition and approval...of a couple's >>>

Franz kafka life and style

The stories included in my analysis are " The Judgment " The Metamorphosis and " The Trial. After Georg tells the story of his friend's move to Russia, his father declares that he does indeed remember the friend.

Mariah gibson

The Oldest Child: The best thing about being the oldest child are they are typically the " boss of their younger siblings, hence why the oldest ended up always going first up the stairs on Christmas mornings and spoiling the surprise for everyone else. The Middle Child: The middle child >>>

Free literature review on human relationships in

What follows is an analysis of the relationship between the two couples, the meaning of the boots and the hat, and the role of the messenger who appears at the end of both acts. Didi is intrigued by the fact that only one of the four Evangelists in the gospels >>>

Ted hughes birthday letters

The three poems The Minotaur, Your Paris, and Red are an insight into Hughes justification of the death of Plath using a very subjective and emotive poetic form. Conclusion: This poem highlights the conflicting perspective of Hughes and his relationship with Plath, and gives reason that because of Plath's mental >>>

Materialism and the power of competition in darwin

The evolution of species and the progress of humanity, as described by these men, share a common source in the power of competition as an objective motivator for adaptation within the natural world and progress in human civilization. The impetus for the creation of this class was the expansion of >>>

Black boy by richard wright essay sample

For example when he worked in a store he would not act like the rest of the black people working there and that would frustrate his white boss since he had no reason to hit Richard. Crane, gave Richard a job and tried to show him the optical trade.

Between heracles and theseus essay examples

What makes a Greek hero a Hero is that we still remember him. The idea of " singing his praises" is a Greek Hero's preservation.

Trust science to help you build your personal brand

Translate all this neuroscience to the business world, and you will realize that your clients and potential customers are judging your personal brand's appearance, too. You will want to carry your brand's look offline, too, using it consistently in print collateral and campaigns.

Assignment 4-2

Decision Making and Problem Solving The process of decision making for solving a problem involves initially identifying exactly what the problem is; identifying and evaluating the alternative solution paths, and seclecting a particular solution path that seems to have the maximum chance of success. It seemed that the behaviour that >>>

Family heritage narrative

Familyis defined by the dictionary as a " fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children, sharing the samegoals, common ancestry and living under the same roof." In modern times a family might consist of one or two parents of the opposite sex >>>

I really enjoy family time.

One of the things I love the most from them is that they always remind me that I have to live life to the moment. That is one of the main reason I enjoy so much spending time with my daughters.

Family assessment

The author identifies two wellnessnursingdiagnoses based on the author's assessment of the family health patterns and the answers provided to the interview questions. This family has done exceptionally well coping with the recent health issues they have had to face.

Revenge in medea, by euripides, and the house of the spirits by isabel allende

In the novel, The House of the Spirits, by Isabel Allende, and the play, Medea, by Euripides, the characters from both works react intensely to get revenge on others. In The House of the Spirits, Allende's use of diction enhances the injustice that Esteban Garcia ll must confront, but also >>>

Adoption in louisiana

Adoption in Louisiana Adoption is a system where a certified person takes over the parenting role of another person, thus permanently transferring and assuming all the responsibilities and rights from the biological parents. The average age of adoption in Louisiana is approximately 5.

The life cycle assessment of a kettle

In drawing up the phases of the kettle's life cycle, the processes involved in its manufacture can include the molding of the plastic handle, the casting of the metal to be used for the kettle body, cover, and spout, the addition of other functionalities, and the final assembly of all >>>

Review questions

Insurance companies do not like to pay claims, by promoting a healthy lifestyle for employees, and conveying that ideal to the insurance company, the lower the premium will be for the company and by extension the lower the cost to the employee.2. Ultimately, the cost to the employer and employee >>>

Moroccan family values

The most common way to greet a person in Morocco is to either offer a handshake to a person of the same gender. You may find that the handshake in Morocco is gentler than in ' Western' countries it is not proper etiquette to firmly grip and enthusiastically shake another >>>

Benefits of affirmative action in higher education

Affirmative Action In Education Has Expanded Opportunities For Women And People Of Color But The Need Remains If we take a closer look, many of the nations finest educational institutions had the doors firmly closed to women and people of color. Schools carry a strongresponsibilityof preparing the future leaders of >>>

Preparation for life education is life itself education essay

Furthermore, apart from the schoolroom environment, the course of study, and the mode the schoolroom is managed are cardinal factors that contribute to the quality of instruction that a pupil receives. The values I want to convey to my pupils are that instruction is power and cognition is indispensable.

Family matters

While ost of the city's traffic was jammed trying to get onto the bridge, my family and I went to the penthouse of the hotel and locked ourselves in. The next day I was saddened that our trip had come to an end as I slowly packed my belongings.

Systems, processes, education and training: help for nurses to promote patient safety

Nurses must be well informed about nurse sensitive indicators, so that they can more effectively manage the bedside care, collaborate with the treatment team, make changes to the plan of care, monitor the effectiveness of the nursing interventions and evaluate the outcomes. Employees should be fully informed about the processes >>>

Most important person in your life

She had to raise me on her own while facing manyhealthissues and did whatever she had to do to give me what I needed. She has influenced me to become a better person and to always make the most out of what I have.

Valedictorian speech essay sample

We had to remind ourselves of the reasons why we came to RTU. Our parents had sacrificed much for us and the least we can do is to excel in our studies to the best of ability and do them proud.

Bird in the house

A Bird in the House tells a story about the life of Vanessa Macleod, the protagonist, and the rocky journey she endures throughout the process of growing up. When she wrote and developed ideas, Vanessa escapes any feelings of entrapment and helplessness; however, one of the hardest things Vanessa has >>>

Becoming an adult: overview

Enrolling at a dance class or being part of a community work can be some of illustrations of diverting attention to the self, instead of sharing a relationship with somebody. Idealism, another concept in the life of a young adult is probably one of the signs of cheap maturity.

Watch the video and express your opinion: are younger couples, say, in their 20s, likely to go such length to keep the company of ones spouse why is so

First and foremost, couples in their 20s are moreconcerned about their well-being. Hence it is clear that young couples are less reluctant to take this sacrifice because they lack the sincerity, comfort, and love in early stages of their relationship.

Calorie levels of preferred beverages

The organization aimed to alert Americans to the threats of high-calorie beverages since liquid calories are contributing to the epidemic in obesity. The study aims to assess the level of awareness among selected American beverage consumers on the calorie levels of their preferred beverages.

Rhetorical analysis: “mother tongue” essay sample

This is the only way that Amy knew she would get the respect her mother deserved, the respect that she did not get by speaking " broken" or " fractured" English. This is also an example of how Amy still switches roles with her mother by helping her out with >>>

Leisure time

The final thing I like to do in my leisure is play basketball. Another reason, I like to play it is because you can get in shape.

Is luxurious life an evil or blessing essay sample

Most of the luxuries and many of the so called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind. When people got indulge in the luxuries of their life then they do not care about their society and they do not even think >>>

analytic paragraph on “a devoted son” essay sample

Rakesh's father loved his son during the earlier part of the story as Rakesh was not challenging his authority and instead contributed to making his father a respected man in society. The father loved his son at this point in the story because the latter had brought him respect and >>>

Answer all questions

The only thing, which is similar in the music of Latin American countries, is the use of Spanish and Portuguese languages. The only way for the Latin American countries to progress rapidly is through catching up with the advanced countries of America and Europe.

Sociology in understanding a family

According to Randall and Scott, an individual or a family would want to identify with the cultural situations that they think they are in, to understand what the other families or individuals in the same social situations go through. Therefore, a family or an individual in a family might explore >>>

Bigotry in sitcoms: all in the family

Oppositional Readings Dominant and The character of Archie Bunker is represented as a conservative, super patriotic, working class American who is a bigot. Archie Bunker's Attitude Archie shows he is definitely without a bout racist through his verbal comments and physical expressions In the video clip, " Hollywood Knows the >>>

Throwing a surprise birthday party

In this event everyone is aware of it except for the person the surprise party is being thrown for. You have to know where its going to be held, have everyone on the same page, and that it's a party afterwards.

Free essay on the golem and reason

Both, " The Golem" written by Davidson in 1955 and " Reason" written by Asimov in 1941 share similar themes and details of the plot, although the settings and the development of the stories are very different. As the robot starts moving, the old man causally gives orders to it >>>

An inconvenient truth summary 3

The entire film is presented in the context of a lecture hall in a university, which gives the audience a sense of seriousness. Gore makes a profusion of projections which startle the audience with the effect of alerting them to the crisis.

Facts and inferences

The other day, one of my family members mentioned that they love all their family members and they cannot stand to go another year being without them. Inferences will be that they think their better than everyone else and naming it the Johnson's Family Reunion.

Benjamin franklin essay sample

He took up the trade of a soap and candle maker By the time his father's older brother Benjamin came from England in 1715 and joined the household, most of young Benjamin's brothers and sisters had married and moved out. Young Benjamin liked to read books and was bright and >>>

House of obedience

She is taken away by a police officer, a soldier and a woman and is brought to the House of Obedience where her husband awaits her. Her husband comes with police to look for Nabila and makes her return to the House of Obedience.

Family responsibilities

Information from the survey will enable the relevant bodies to create a program that enables the employees who, in this case, are the parents to take care of family matters and have family time. Also, the productivity of employees can be a good method to evaluate the programs.

My dream

I am also different in the essence that I do not believe that there is only one perfect college for someone and that " he or she will just know that the college is the one for them. Although I am unsure about what I want to do when I >>>

Mountains: volcano and mid-ocean ridges

Some of the largest volcanic mountains are found along divergent boundaries, which form the mid-ocean ridges. Folded mountains Folded mountains make up some of the highest mountains in the world.

Unemployment causes and solutions in nigeria

Progress towards the fulfilment of many of the Millennium DevelopmentGoalshas been slow, and the country ranked 153 out of 186 countries in the 2013 United Nations Human Development Index." According to the World Bank, " job creation in Nigeria has been inadequate to keep pace with the expanding working age >>>

Respond to the following questions from the perspective of a saudi arabian representative from the cabinet of ibn saud, circa 19

The last 20-30 years is an important part of the history of my country; this period stood witness to different events that lead to the founding of our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By 1916, at the onset of World War 1 and with support from the allies, most >>>