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Bus401 wk 3 discussions

The strategic alternative plan also comprises of identification of the target market. The goals of an alternative strategic plan are important in the realization of greater revenue and efficiency.

Comptronix corporation essay sample

A am on of your former students, but if you do not mind, i would prefer to remain anymous.i think it is best for both us if i not reveal my name or my company to you.i am concerned that the senior executives of the company where i serve as >>>

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Integrating ethics into practice

Going concern perhaps this is the most significant of all FASB concepts because this meant the continuity of a business enterprise. Going concern keeps my eyes set on the ultimate goal as a professional to always keep the business functional and viable.

Principals of managerial finance in sports products inc

Question 1: The first and foremost goal of the management of Sports Products Inc.should be to maximize shareholders' value because the goal of every firm, and therefore of all employees and mangers, is to maximize the wealth of the owners for whom it is being operated. Question 5: Sports Products >>>

Church finances

The data were collected from five national denominations: the Assemblies of God the Southern Baptist Convention, the Roman Catholic Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Presbyterian Church. The Finances Of A Church.5.

Risk in the business world

A CFO's attempts should be directed at managing risk in the very order as mentioned here. Professionally, a CFO handles risk by trying to assess it in advance and informing the concerned authorities so that it can be managed in time and effectively, if encountered.

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Dealbook aetna agrees to buy rival in deal worth $5.7 billion by michael j. de la merced

The announcement of the deal brought some reaction in the stock exchange with Aetna's share going up by 5. The realizable benefits include Coventry adding over 5 million members to Aetna's plans, which include 4 million medical members and 1.

Code of professional ethics and conduct

David Beck of Lexington Kentucky was the subject of an investigation by the AICPA and the Kentucky Society of CPA's. The rule as when dealing with Beck was one of professional competence, in that he should not have engaged in the services knowing that he did not possess the expertise >>>

Capital projects recommendation 2

Cost of capital evaluates the cost of borrowing to pay for the project. Hence, if IRR is higher than the cost of capital, the project is making money.

Managing finance

Budgeting Process and Procedures The budgeting process and procedures of the Wal-Mart are focused lower business cost of capital for the company. Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector.

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Alimony The determination of alimony or spousal support differs significantly from one to another in the UnitedStates. In Mississippi, Maine, as well as Tennessee, alimony is granted in civil unions or marriages of one to two decades and the length is half the duration of the marriage barring explanatory circumstances.

Bonus #3

Bally was extremely concerned that Trump's further encroachment into their company's pool of stock would threaten the company at-large, and their positions in the leadership. Overall, Donald Trump was a good influence on Bally Manufacturing, but in the short-term it did come at an expense to that firm.

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Gators electronic essay sample

The practitioner's report on pro forma financial information should be dated as of the completion of the appropriate procedures. Improve the understanding of the pro-forma statement to identified errors in the valuation.

Discussion 1 week 2 sarbanes-oxley act (sox)

Running Head: assignment Sarbanes-Oxley Act of the of the of the The Sarbanes-Oxley ActRecommend how the SOX framework can ensure reliable and complete financial information and how accounting professionals have benefitted from its use. Inspired by the shocking case of Enron, Tyco and many more, SOX has been able to >>>

Questions for financial quiz

0 Depreciation 30.0 25. 0$ 610.0 1.

Direct and indirect cash flows essay sample

The direct method of the cash method will identify the main sources of cash and is made up of three areas which include operating, investing and financial activities. The direct method is easier to understand, it takes all the major classes of cash payments and receipts to determine the net >>>

Quality of income ratio

Accounting " Quality of Income Ratio" Analysis & Discussion By 16 May 16 May The ratio analysis of firms provides an explanation to the numbers present in the financial statements of the firm. The company shows good quality of earnings and although the ratio for 2009 is less than 2008 >>>

Financial accounting theory

The complexity of the information has made it difficult for ordinary investors to interpret the meaning of the reports. Although Finance and Accounting theories advocate for the usefulness of information by making financial statement easier to understand, that is not the case.

Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees

Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees Introduction The world has experienced a number of financial crisis and to name a few; the recent American financial crisis also popularly known as global financial crisis, which happened in the year 2008. Second the United >>>

Financial accounting and control system

The two companies under study are Dairy Crest and Associated British Foods plc. 0% In terms of the profit margin and the gross margin ratio, Associated British Foods has higher ratios comparative to Dairy Crest.

Fraud : tyco international ltd

The company allowed the management to set aggressive targets with the managers being able to receive substantial bonuses for providing reports that have results that exceed the set EBIT targets. Financial reports were inflated to include the bonuses that the managers were getting while painting false picture of the firm >>>

Investment analysis research paper

Through fiscal policy, the Fed introduced a quantitative easing program to stimulate the economy. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke believes the new quantitative easing program or QE3 will help stimulate the economy.

3-how could rbs avoid this failure reflecting on the best practices

The major mistake that was done by the RBS was that it lacked a board that oversaw the financial statutes of the institution in terms of borrowing and lending hence causing a lack of review for profit analysis. This is entwined in the need of board of governors and other >>>

How a friend change my life

The girls eventually dropped out of school and I was left trying to find people that would accept me. By becoming friends with someone I thought was on the right path, I, myself, can see a bright future ahead of me.

Analysis of earned income tax credit

Strengths: Responsible for a number of societal transformations: The main purpose of the chart book is the aspect of taking the best possible descriptive data based on the early childhood growth and the related social elements while making them accessible to all the low income earners. External Macro Intervention: External >>>

Horizontal analysis essay sample

Understanding Horizontal Analysis The goal is to compare the figures of the current period with that of the past period. The first column gives the difference between the past period and the current period, while the percentage column shows what percentage of the past figure is the figure denoting the >>>

Auditing and assurance (individual case study assignment)

Justify your evaluation based on the information provided.[350 words] Business risks identified in the memorandum seem to be potential problems, but that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of the problems that are wrong with this company. Therefore, it is recommended that whoever is the accountant be paid >>>

Taxi business

As qualified environmentalists, we have effectively addressed the waste management problems faced by local communities within our jurisdiction The market for this business is attracting quite a number of firms due to the available expansion opportunities. The remaining $ 13, 750, 000 will be met by the loan which the >>>

Comparison walmart and target essay sample

The annual reports of Wal-Mart and Target are provided free of charge via and 3 According to the Statement of Cash Flows, Wal-Mart and Target have produced significantly larger net cash flows from Operations than net income.

Book report on in fed we trust finance essay

Throughout the Great Panic the Federal Reserve tried to bail out big companies that were going under, and the Fed became known as the " lender of last resort". The Fed admitted to their mistake in overlooking the housing boom and lowered the discount rate and for the first time >>>

Student loan

A large amount of debt might be an acceptable situation in case a person is sure to have the resources to pay out the debt in a timely manner. In order to minimize the amount of debt to be taken, it might be a good solution to work while studying.

Internal auditing

Internal Auditing This case involves fraud that occurred as a result of a lapse in the internal control system within the organization. Corrective control in internal auditing assists in correcting irregularities and errors that have been spotted within the organization's financial data and operations.

Kate chopin, the awakening

With the summer being over and Edna going back to New Orleans with her husband, Edna gradually re-evaluate her priorities and takes a more active role in her ownhappiness, as she starts to withdraw from some of the duties traditionally associated with motherhood and as a house-wife. As he escapes >>>

Removal of exchange controls

Also, investors can get higher risk-adjusted rates of return by diversification With higher rates of return, people are encouraged to save more and hence invest more which eventually leads to the growth of the country Increases the output of the nation It generates greater efficiency by exposing the financial sector >>>


The consolidated financial statements of the Toyota give specific information regarding the financial affairs of the company. From the annual report 2011 of the Toyota, it is clear that company attained $214, 318 million in sales of products.

Risks of investing in bitcoins

Nowadays more and more people decide to invest in different digital currencies and Bitcoin is one of the leaders on the market. And if it vice versa and you are the seller, the moment you receive money on your account, you are the only owner.

Sage 50 construction accounting 2014

The latest and the best leading accounting software are Sage 50 Construction Accounting Software 2014. Sage accounting software also enables the company manage construction activities, manage accounting by use of invoicing, flexible bookkeeping tools and smoothly run the day to day activities.

The greek crisis: tragedy or opportunity

Financial Markets Market Sentiment of Greece Greece is going down, but it will not be alone, there are fears that the fall of Greece can hamper the entire global economic system. Analyzing Greece using CAMEL is a difficult task since it is one of the most volatile economies of the >>>

Accounting practices

The 'Pooling Method', used at present, imposes added costs to the users and prepares of the financial statements. Pooling method is not able to evaluate the current and subsequent performance of the investment, which is necessary for holding the management accountable for investments in business

Exchange rate risk

Exchange Rate Risk Question Exchange rate risk entails volatility of foreign currency exchange rate in the market that affects firms operating internationally. Question 3 One of the firms that employ hedging strategies to cushion exchange rate risk is Coca Cola Company to reduce translation exposure from its foreign subsidiaries.

Introduction to the business of investment banking

The country experienced a rise in the number of joint stock companies in the year 1975 due to the improvement in the economic prospects of the country. Products and Market The Tadawul All Share Index or the TASI is the index which indicates the performance of the stocks which are >>>

Corporate accounting

Acquisition Premium and Goodwill Acquisition Premium and Goodwill on Acquisition An acquisition premium is the variation between the real cost paid to own an organization and the approximated real value of the purchased business before the acquisition. Goodwill on acquisition, on the other hand, is the price the purchasing company >>>

Finance and banking program in xiamen university

As an international student, predominantly raised in China, I am privileged to be accorded the opportunity to complete a three-year study in Finance and Banking in Xiamen University and then pursue a one-year study in Business and Management in Hull University, as an exchange student. As a potential professional in >>>

The learning and growth perspective slp

Productivity expected = and Real productivity = Targets of the objectives a) The employees should be effective in their line of duty for the achievement of the organizational goals.b) Improvement of productivity through the development and nurturing of strategic skills.c) Efficiency to be attained in the organization through the use >>>

Case a- auditor liability

Because of the fact that there is no legal, cultural, and moral framework for assigning liability in the case of thefailureof investor decision, the question of whether or not investors may be able to blame or sue the false actions and problematic decisions as a result of auditor information failure >>>

Estate planning (australia)

Regardless of the joint tenancy CGT rules will apply to the asset the same way as in tenant in common. In case of Gary's death the property is inherited by Margaret as there is no will therefore his spouse that is Margaret becomes the sole beneficiary.

The organization of financial (debt, equity, foreign exchange, derivative) and commodity markets and their role in international trade and economic performance

The organization of financial and commodity markets and their role in international trade and economic performance Financial markets and commodity markets play a wide variety of roles in the international economic performance. These commodities are regulated by the commodity exchanges such as New York Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Management: income and return policy

The buyer has paid the seller, or the buyer is obligated to pay the seller and the obligation is not contingent on resale of the product. The buyer's obligation to the seller would not be changed in the event of theft or physical destruction or damage of the product.d.

Income statement for leak-stoppers llc for the year ended 31st december 2013

The acquiring of the lease is a good example that demonstrates the going concern concept that the business will learn for the foreseeable future of more than ten years. Matching principle The principle states that a company should report an expense on the income statement in the same period that >>>

Forecasting financial statements

The first step in the process of forecasting financial statements is to determine the overall period to be covered in the forecast and the end date. The second step is to spell out the details to be contained in the forecast, to determine if the figures should relate to weeks, >>>

Network security research

Full Paper Authentication Protocols The Challenge handshake authentication protocol is used to vali the identity of a computer, connection or a request on the network. The second step is to analyze any potential threats for the network.


4 50000 x 1/1. NPV= PV of Inflows- PV of outflow Assuming that the discount rate is 1.

Business math: government + loans + inflated home prices = government + loans + inflated higher education prices

23 October Educational Loans In the article en d Loans: Debt for Life, Coy indicates among other things that a student loan is the only debt that you can be delinquent on without losing anything. Coy also points out that in most cases borrowing a loan to obtain a college >>>

Measurement of intellectual capital

The paper is a graphical representation of the relationship of the coded data of the interview. The relationship of the financial gap between the business assets and the value of the business is difficult to understand because its measurement lacks standard.

Right to information essay

The Right to Information Act 2005 is an Act of the Parliament of India " to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens." The Act applies to all States and Union Territories of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Guide For the >>>

Introduction of market timing theory (capital structure)

The theory was proposed by Baker and Wugler and is imperative in creating an understanding of the capital structure in the economy. In a study conducted by Baker and Wugler on a sample of the US between 1968 and 1999, it was found that market timing and market valuations have >>>

Coursework example

Money serves the following three fundamental functions; it is a store of value, medium of exchange and a unit of account. In the third instance, money acts a store of value.

David l. miller

Miller 1 Miller fits the profile of an average fraud perpetrator because he does not make massive theft in the accounting firms he is employed. He, therefore, differs in terms of the magnitude of his offenses are lack a clear direction.

Call vs put options

Put Options I find call option quite beneficial to the stock owner who wishes to buy stock at a future It cushions them from any fluctuations in stock prices, as they will not be affected. Perhaps a major disadvantage of the two options is losing part of, or the whole >>>

Arguments against csr

He believes that only individuals can have social responsibilities and that the purpose of a corporation Is to provide the highest possible returns to shareholders while obeying all the laws and regulations. For the firm to have corporate social responsibility, this will mean that the firm will have to keep >>>

Shared practice evaluation methods part ii

Shared Practice Evaluation Methods Part II Lecturer: Shared Practice Evaluation Methods Part II Response to Maureen Hi Maureen, one thing that I particularly like about your alternatives with the decision making tools is how you focused not just on how much the company will be worth in the future but >>>

Marine corp essay sample

In the case, Chief Financial Officer of the company need to decide whether to pursue the old performance measurement or follows the order of the Chairman of SURIA group of companies. The GMs of Green Port Sdn Bhd and MarineCorp Sdn Bhd behaving in such manner due to the evaluation >>>

Analysis case: coca-cola company

Significant equity method investments entail investments in companies that Coca-Cola Company does not control and account for; at either the fair value or the cost method. The procedure for applying for equity method investments, by the Coca-Cola Company, entails equity investments at fair value.

Retail marketing. presentation (finance part)

Comparison between Whole Foods and Krogar Co SALES GROWTH It is quite evident that the performance of Whole Foods is better in terms of the sales growth. The growth in the total sales for Whole Foods increased from 1% in 2009 to 13.

Bed bath & beyond

Its control over AS expenses is partly due to the outsourcing of its distribution centers to a third party. How can Bed Bath & Beyond further increase the overall quality of its customer service? 4.

Financial challenge of ausbank

In order to create diversity at the workplace, it is vital to establish a diversity council which in turn will foster great initiative that aims in developing women and creating more opportunities for them. More so, in order to promote diversity, it significant that an organization treats all its members >>>

As a demand driven discipline essay sample

It can be concluded that the role of auditors during the period of 1840s-1920s was mainly on fraud detection and the proper portrayal of the company's solvency in the balance sheet. 1920s-1960 The growth of the US economy in the 1920s-1960s had caused a shift of auditing expansion from the >>>

Financial transparency and earning management

However, there has been indifference in the understanding between the current period studies and the prior studies on the understanding of the relationship between transparency in reporting and management of earnings. Method of investigation In the investigation regarding the relationship between transparency in reporting and earning management, this has been >>>

Aurora textile company

It was performed as a measure to minimize the manufacturing expenses and fit the textile company in the textile market that was becoming small. In order for Aurora Textile Company to survive in the competitive market, there is a need to modernize their operations and cut costs.

Federal tax memorandum

From the contract, customers of Peaceful Funeral Homes Inc, reserve the right to demand their money before the actual purchase of the services and goods offered by this firm. In the agreement between Mega Corps and Little, Inc.

Raymond case

Independent contractors are not paid any front money as they are given mostly an independent charge on the assets they manage and the products they buy and sell. The top producers of RAJA and RAJA are not right for Quasi as it affects these branches.


The rental income is an income that is subject to self employment taxes. Therefore, the rental income can only be subject to self-employment taxes if there is investment obtained.

Essential element to be a successful financial planner in hong kong

Explain the challenges of practicing ethical financial planning in Hong Kong and China." The financial climate is changing constantly with the changing of numerous influential factors. It appears to be tougher when considering the implementation of ethical financial planning since the nature of the industry is based on trust between >>>

Evan olsthoorn’s financial plan essay sample

3 Million.* I expect to live until I am 95 years old * I will need to be very disciplined in my retirement plan to meet the goals I have set out and constant reevaluations of this plan will be needed * I will need to have approximately $2. This >>>

Accounting ethics case

The error in turn made the company look more profitable by reducing the expenses in the income statement and increasing the assets in the balance sheets. Alternative Course of Action and Trade-offs The issue presented in the case of Troy Normand is one of the many ethical issues affecting employees >>>

Importance of international finance

Exchange rates and their effects An exchange rate is the expression of the value of one currency in terms of another amounts currency.[5] There are two ways of expressing this value: 1. The foreign exchange market is one of the largest in the world which facilitates the buying and selling >>>


5 Unbundling the cost of hospitalization Summary The costs related to hospital nursing and other medical services are very important for the insurance process. An important consideration is that behind the success of the project was the experience of nurses, who participated to the project.

Finance and business

A media kit is a packet of information about your business that is created for use by the press. Provide an advantage and a disadvantage of each of the three methods of getting into business.

Advanced cost analysis and systems

Assignment, Finance and Accounting al affiliation Sales return process Sales processcycle Cash receipt cycle The treasury cycle This cycle ensures that all processes are maintained in accordance to the processes of the bank. Cash receipt cycle This is the process involved with customer receipts paid as a means of goods >>>

1 page summary of the article

Five sources of ethical standards that can be used to identify and analyze ethics are: the utilitarian approach, rights approach, fairness or justice approach, common good approach, and the virtue approach. The utilitarian approach deals with bringing the greatest good to the maximum amount of people.

Budget planning

Budget Planning of Over Budget and Under Budget Although many people assume that running under budget only has positive effects and implications on organizations and individuals, it has numerous negative effects and insinuations as has over budget. That is, the same proportions of the budget and work may be covered >>>

Coping with financial and ethical risks at american international group essay sample

It became one of the companies that once the curtain was pulled back, the signs of imminent disaster were evident, and substantial. The corporate culture at AIG was one with a poor management structure, combined with a lack of regulatory oversight.led AIG to accumulate staggering amounts of risk, especially in >>>

Tightening the grip on insurance frauds finance essay

Insurance can be defined as a contract where insurer agrees, in consideration of money, called premium, paid to him by insured or policyholder, to indemnify the latter against loss resulting to him in the event of a certain happening or to pay a certain sum of money in the event >>>

The business aspect of the firm

The Firm Affiliation: The struggle by Amalgamated Manufacturing to make profit shows that the business aspect of the firm is not doing well. In expounding the business aspect, the firm may need to conduct consumer research in a bid to identify the loopholes characteristic of its products in the market.

Discussion topic

It can be said that the decision of Professional Golfers is a contravention of the laws which limits discrimination of persons on the basis of disability. Thus, it would be justified to say that Casey Martin should have been allowed to use the cart in the PGA tours but justice >>>

Project pitfall analysis

The completion of one project should lead to the substantial finding at the end of the concerned project but a lack of clarity can be witnessed in the concerned project instead. The focus of risk aversion should be mainly to take up a level of project whose risk can be >>>

Enron scandal

Ethics are values relating to human conduct, withrespectto the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions. Enron was a company on top on of the reason the fall was so drastic.

Accrual and modified accrual basis of accounting

Accrual and Modified Accrual Basis of Accounting Question Accrual Accounting Basis Accrual accounting, also known as full accrual accounting, emphasizes the recording of the financial effects on an organization such as transactions and other events and situations that possess cash consequences for a firm in the same periods of occurrence. >>>

Exam questions

On the other hand, combining company B's $250, 000 returns to company C's $100 return will be more beneficial to Company C, when compared to Company B benefitting from the portfolio. In terms of question 1b, the Capital Asset Pricing Model is used to determine the effect of the risks >>>

Investment opportunities in pakistan finance essay

Initially in Pakistan he should consider the following points that emphasis on the environment and economic condition of Pakistan Pakistan is located in the central Asia which is the heart of Asia and located in between many important countries, The Financial liquid Gulf state and developed eastern countries. We find >>>

International service2

Credit Ratings Credit ratings refer to the current and the latest opinion with relation to the relative creditworthiness of certain debt. Such information concerning the value of securities or bonds is often a subject to distortion and bias, but the rating portfolio chips in to alleviate the crises.

Fashionable company

Through the trunk shows clients will be shown a video and photos to inform customers of the company's mission. In conclusion, by adopting the technique of trunk shows, FashionABLE is guaranteed to sell a lot of products and receive a profit.

Financial statements & ethics

The use of external consultants to prevent fraud can increase the efficiency of a system. One of the cons of the use of external auditors and consultants is that they can very expensive.

Google lnc.-earnings announcements and information environment

Pro forma and GAAP analysis a) It is conventionally important to have an in-depth understanding of exactly how much assurance auditors offer with regard to financial statements, in addition to creating an understanding of opinions of the auditors. In January, 2003 SEC instituted a final rule through 401 the Sarbanes-Oxley >>>

Federal tax case

Consequently, your entitlement to the payment fully accrued during April of 1992, a month in which you served in a combat zone, and the payment therefore satisfies section 112. Consequently, your entitlement to the payment fully accrued during April of 1992, a month in which you served in a combat >>>