Handy Cooking Essay Examples

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Different types of sausages

The procedure of making this kind of sausage starts with the mincing of the meat in a very fine consistency. With the variety of sausages available to us, it is quite indiscernible as to how a sausage has been made.

Problem & solution with school lunches

Another way to keep the school lunches warm is if their is twenty minutes until the next class and the food only takes ten minutes to cook just wait to cook until the food needs to be. Of course the first step of making a school garden we would have >>>

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Charcuterie – a cooked meat

Charcuterie is known around the world and is considered to be the art andscienceof the pig. The decision of separation made by the government made the charcutiers very upset because the regulations kept the slaughtering of animals and fish away from meat markets and the charcutiers had to depend on >>>

Resort world sentosa

In western restaurant KT's Grill, the most important part is the table service "Table Service" is a restaurant industry term that can mean either the presentation of food to patrons by waiters, or the place settings present on each table. It is a huge challenge for me at first, I >>>

The delightful allure of indian spices

Turmeric is called the golden spice of India and is synonymous with the unique yellow colour which appears in rice and curries as it used as both a condiment for flavour and culinary dye. It is called as the 'queen of spices ' owing to its extremely pleasant aroma and >>>

Unforgettable experience

Except for basic duties that a waitress had to do including serving customers with tea,dishes and extra rice,cleaning up all the stuff in the restaurant,and doing accounts,I had to do delivering when the deliver man's hands were full. Every time when the restaurant was filled with customers,which I feared most,I >>>

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Howi to make ice-cream

If I can create an atmosphere that is both friendly and relaxing, my entertaining is off to a good start. One guaranteed way is checking to see if I have provided my guests with the three necessities I have mentioned: a relaxing atmosphere, plenty of food, and a variety of >>>

Gastronomic study

A gastronome looks at how fresh the food is, how it is prepared, which flavors are used, how it is presented, if the colors of the food blend on the plate, and what the overall message of the food appears to be. An apple pie is not simply just an >>>

Of kitchen tales that never get old essay examples

I hear the little chops of everything, fizzing and popping, hear the sound of the whistle, the hiss of smoke, the drip of honey and the whip of cream. The roll of dough under my fingers, the slippery beans, the slick slash of sharp metal as if the knife was >>>

How does salt affect the boiling point of water? essay sample

Adding salt to water actually increases the boiling point of water, a phenomena known as boiling point elevation. Salt and the boiling point of water.

Cooking competitions: pluses and minuses

Being in cooking competitions will help with working under pressure because of all of the people watching and that the food will be judged and tasted. Even though they will have a chef with them, the competitors will still be in a lot of stress because of all of the >>>

How to make eggrolls

In the end, all you have to do is boil some Vietnamese rice noodles, chop the vegetables you would like to eat with the eggrolls, and make the Vietnamese special sauce if you please. Then you would have to drizzle the sauce on top of the eggrolls, noodles, and vegetables.

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Free case study on out of the kitchen, onto the couch

This article is about the changing cooking behaviors. Consequently, this is an article about the cooking programs on TV and the two theories concerning it.

Food and beverage services

America Service or plated service - food is already prepared in the kitchen in individual plates with garnish and accompaniment and plate is served individually to guestsRussian service or platter service - food is arranged in a platter and waiter serve the food from the platter to the guests plate >>>

Home-style cookies essay sample

At the start of each shift, a list of the cookies to be made that day is indicates the ingredients needed for each type of cookie, and enters that information into the computer. The computer then determines the amount of each ingredient needed, according to the quantity of cookies ordered, >>>

Example of essay on how to make lasagna

The half of hour of boiling is enough for the sauce to absorb the aroma from the spices. Take the flour, and make a small hill of the table with the whole in the middle.

One day food intake

Due to this calculation I have not consumed the recommended DRI from each of the food groups, vitamins, and minerals. I think the first step to expand my field of choices would be to actually eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sociology of food essay

The realization that came to me while reading the chapters and also viewing the hunger planet photo essay, is that I am more a part of the convenience corner of the food triangle. As a first generation Salvadoran-American I have become accustomed to both my heritage foods but the food >>>

My passion

I get anxious as everything is finishing at once and my husband helps by draining and tossing the pasta with some olive oil to keep it from sticking. Their joy is the reason I love it so much.

Jollof rice and how to prepare it

The different West African countries have various names for the mealIn Senegal, the meal is known as "Benachin" or "Theiboudienn"In French speaking western region it is referred to as "Riz Au Gras"In Nigeria, it is referred to as the normal Jollof rice. Now you know the origin, ingredients needed and >>>

Comparision of korean japanese and chinese cuisine

About the cooking methods of Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine. Rice is the emphasis of Korean cuisine, meat and fresh vegetable also included.

Errol wynstan a. rodriguez

I almost did not close my eyes even in just a wink to unravel the truth behind the tempting smell as I watched with awe how my father put his magic touch in cooking salagubang. After washing, he boiled the beetles in approximately one-half cup of water and allowed them >>>

Choose a favorite food, and write a how-to essay explaining how to prepare it.

I never thought that could be thought of to make and the taste was really good that I still do it today sometimes when I cook for my family. Well that recipe was good and one I never would of that Alfredo would be in it.

My most special moments

She resembled the fervour of a conductor orchestrating a symphony, the grace and dexterity of a ballet choreographer and the incisive intuition of a surgeon- she was the master chef if you get my drift; especially if it was on a special occasion like Eid celebrations. This wide-eyed stare was >>>

Cooking at home and eating in a restaurant essay sample

Despite of cooking at home or eating out, we have to pay money for our food or spend our time to cook or to go to the restaurant to eat. However, eating at home is one of the best ways to enhance the relationship inside your family.

The used cooking oil essay sample

ObjectiveTo reuse the used cooking oil. To lessen the used cooking oil.

How to make a smoothie essay sample

To begin with you need to decide what kind of smoothie you are in the mood for and what fruits juices and vegies you have on hand. If using fresh fruit you will always want to add a few ice cubes in this process to make it thick and give >>>

Good meeting my grandmother for the first time essay example

This is my realization when I met my grandmother for the first time. I have met my grandmother for the first time.

Free essay on mathematical components in baking

Nevertheless, the concept of mathematics in baking is widely applied in the conversions of the baking temperatures of the oven. Moreover, mathematics is applied in estimating the cost of a certain dish to be baked.

The importance of cooking for the family communication and survival

The ability to navigate a culinary environment is one of the most important skills any individual, regardless of gender, can possess, because it nurtures an invaluable independence in the individual, ensuring their success as they leave the nest of their parents and enter the real world for the first time. >>>

Fish cheeks

And then they arrived the minister's family and all my relatives in a clamor of doorbells and rumpled Christmas packages. I was stunned into silence for the rest of the night.

Comparison and contrast essay examples

First of all, my friend Yogie and I considerably differ in our hobbies while he prefers more passive way of resting, I try to spend my free time as actively as possible. Needless to say, Yogie is a good incentive for me to learn how to cook one day I >>>

Refrigerator etiquette

The biggest problem to me is if you find that there is only a tiny bit more than a serving of anything left in the fridge do not just grab "a serving and leave barely enough for the next person to eat or drink, take the whole thing. First of >>>