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Should smoking be banned in public places essay sample

It is obvious that smoking not only affects the health of smokers, but also harms other people who are not smoking. If the government bans the smoking in public places, means that government deprives the right of the people who are smoker.

Xmatt harrison

Instead of adverts to quit smoking, steer the smokers to a healthier solution such as e-cigarettes. This being said, electronic cigarettes are not only useful to help smokers quit, they can reduce the risk of ETS or passive smoking.

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The purpose of this study

Many people find the Internet to be the ideal place to socialize with others because of it's faceless medium and effortless ways to find others with similar interests; through the many ways ofcommunicationover the Internet, the common prejudices of life are not evident. On the other hand, the answers based >>>

Tobacco prevention report examples

The first one is the tobacco smoking prevalence rates where the county recorded a 26% level of tobacco smoking in the county level, 21% in the Indiana state research and recorded 17% at the national rank. The tobacco abuse in the Marion County is one of the health concerns of >>>

Cigarette smoking

As a result of the health and economic consequences of cigarette smoking, states are establishing and maintaining comprehensive tobacco-control programs to reduce tobacco use among youth. Approximately 60% of the direct health cares costs in the United States are used to treat tobacco related illnesses and 20% or 1 in >>>

Free chronic obstructive pulmonary disease essay example

Other risk factors for COPD may include;- Exposure of the person to certain fumes or gases in the workplace,- Exposure of the person to large amounts of smoke from other smokers or from pollution, or- Regular use of cooking fire without any appropriate ventilation In COPD, there is chronic inflammation >>>

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Substance misusers

Base is a strong version of the powder form and is white or yellowish in color and is usually swallowed or injected. Form and how taken: Cocaine - white powder that is snorted up the nose, dabbed on gums, swallowed and sometimes dissolved and injected.

Public education to prevent long-term treatment costs associated with essay samples

Lung Cancer in Canada Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canada, not counting non-melanoma skin cancers. Once a patient in Canada is diagnosed with lung cancer, the person is set up for treatment based on policy and availability of services.

A personal view on the self-help meetings’ process efficiency after attending narcotic anonymous

In addition, he explained the process of anonymous sharing,meaning every guest should respect the anonymity of all of the members, and that people who attend the meetings not talk about whom the members are or what they share in meetings. In addition the group had a treasurer who at some >>>

Chapter i

The researchers will test the possibility that the smoking cessation program will eliminate and control the usage of smoking materials by the Filipinos. Through the data that will be gather upon the respondents and the information from the related literature, the researchers will be able to analyze the possible effects >>>

Pollution from oil wells fire reports examples

Fire in oil wells of Kuwait did not affect the economy of Kuwait in a considerable manner but it affected the environment in the most negative way. The oil fire of Kuwait affected the health of human beings and other creatures in a subtle way.


What are the effects of cigarette smoking to their body? The earlier you stop smoking, the less likely your teen is to become a smoker.

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My life: my story: a series of mysteries, discoveries and adventures essay

After school I spent most of time in the playground with other kids because I was the only kid in my family and could not play some childish games with my parents: I needed that child filled environment with the noise and all sorts of games. My curiosity was however >>>

Good example of report on methodology

This is a lab report that examines an empirical study of the role of caffeine in the human body and impact and reason for continuous consumption of caffeine. Owing to the fact that caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks are of the same components but different structures, it is apparent that there >>>

Attraction to violence in the media reports examples

The evolution of this definition engendered many theories, seeking to explain the effects and outcomes of media violence, which tried to ascertain the types of violent representation, which are particularly persuasive for the viewers. Moreover, the true era of violence proliferation in the media coincided with the development of television >>>

Free report about some of the electron carriers, including cytochromes, are similar both in chloroplast

The electrons play the role of linking glycolysis and the citric acid cycle to the oxidative phosphorylation, which uses the energy released by the electron transport chain to form the ATP - 30 or 32ATP are produced from one molecule of glucose. In oxidative phosphorylation, mitochondria use chemiosmosis to transfer >>>

Smoking ban: good or bad?

To begin, the argument for allowing smoking in bars and restaurants is that many people go to bars and restaurants to relax and socialize. Conclusion To conclude, the arguments for allowing smoking in bars and restaurants rest on the assumptions of the past, that smoking is a social activity and >>>

Free smoking cessation campaign essay example

In order to sensitize the public on such, this paper presents that the recent deaths and the associated complications from smoking are justification enough for a smoking cessation campaign. From these findings, the best target audience for the smoking cessation campaign is the age group between 18 and 24 years.

Skateboarding vs snowboarding essay sample

One of the most obvious similarities is how the sports are being done and the equipment that is used. The first difference between snowboarding and skateboarding is the place and season that the sports can be done.

Vaporizers for awesome people

No matter what kind of vape enthusiast you are, you will find something that you love at Vapaura. Someone will steer you in the direction that suits you best, and you will be happily on your way with a vaporizer that's perfect for you!

Eng 111

Such as people who are sitting near the smokers who are breathing the smoke, the baby of the smoker pregnant woman and the pregnant woman who are not smoking. There are many researches which can help us to know what are the smoking effects on the smokers and nonsmokers and >>>

Tobacco control act

Waxman, the author and champion of the Food and Drug Administration-tobacco bill, said that the FDA is the only agency equipped to limit and reduce the damage that tobacco use does to the nation's health, and stem the recruitment of new smokers among the nation's youth. The Impact of the >>>

Case study on cystic fibrosis

The normal CFTR is a regulator of chloride channels, which can lead to the regulation of chloride and sodium channels on the surface of the cell. Cystic Fibrosis: Overview of the treatment of lung disease.

Alcohol and drug addiction

RApersp.wps The Historical Realities of Alcoholism in theMexicanAmerican Community and the Social Implications: This 8 page paper considers the historical realities of alcohol abuse in the Mexican American community and the implications of this problem. The Relationship Between Alcohol and Sex / Physical,Psychological, Social: A 5 page research paper that >>>

Tween and teen health

Tween and teen health Teen smoking: 10 ways to keep teens smoke-free Want to prevent teen smoking? Explain to your teen how unhappy you are with your smoking, how difficult it is to quit and that you will keep trying until you stop smoking for good.2.

Research paper on the bad effects of smoking

Needless to say, smoking also brings a whole range of diseases that are harmful to both the smokers and the people around smokers. The research conducted on smoking parents and best friend independent and combined effects on adolescent smoking and intention to initiate and quit smoking indicated that they have >>>

Free the pros and cons of internet and its impact on children research paper example

Many internet enthusiasts support the use of internet in household, but there are also some internet alarmists who think that internet is not good for the cognitive, social, and psychological development of children. As the sea contains many types of fishes, some of them very little, some very big, and >>>

Social media & computer addiction

People who are addicted to social media compare every aspect of their life with a random user on the internet and become self-conscious. In addition to this, he listens to music while performing daily tasks instead of talking to the people around him.

Shisha smoking and its hazards

One of the main reasons for a drastic increase in Shisha consumption is that people have a false assumption that Shisha is environmental friendly and is less harmful than cigarette whereas in a research it has been proven that Shisha is far more dangerous for one's health as compare to >>>

Example of h = participant harold case study

It took all I had in me not to throw up the first few days when I did it.[Shakes head back and forth, saying 'no'] The one kid I was with did, and we all teased him for it all summer. I also smoke when I need to wait, when >>>

Example of essay on emphysema and chronic bronchitis

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a condition where the airflow in and out of the lungs is obstructed. Emphysema, chronic bronchitis and chronic asthmatic bronchitis are all associated with blockage of the outflow of air through the bronchioles.

Banning smoking in public places

Nonsmokers will be able to go where they please, without the worry of breathing in toxic smoke that is harmful to their health. If smoking was banned in all public areas, I think it would save a lot of lives and better those who choose to make the right decision.

Smoking ban

Smoking Ban Cons: In spite of the numerous pros that the smoking ban has, a large number of people choose to opt against the policy and argue in favor of smoking. The smoking ban is here and here to stay.

Reaction paper to chapter 6: sedative-hypnotics: the other depressants

What was learned In reading this chapter I learned which drugs are included in the category of those that produce sedative-hypnotic effects. Because many sedative-hypnotic drugs are used and abused by people to produce sleep, this chapter taught me alternatives that are healthier for getting to sleep that do not >>>

Free sociological imagination essay sample

The concept of sociological imagination was described by Henslin from the work of Mills, as: "an awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society". The behavioral changes would be most challenging to the spouse, children, or even to the parents of the individual who got to be >>>

Tackling the drug abuse problem among students

Hence, people will try to retain the feeling of euphoria by taking the drugs again and again and causes them hard to control themselves to stay away from drugs, said to be addiction. As a person keep taking drugs, the brain will adapt to the abundance of dopamine by reducing >>>

Smoking cause cancer

In 2000-2004, CDC reported the number of deaths and the diagnosis of its disease as a result of smoking. Based on evidence that is supported by the CDC, it would be difficult to argue against their claim that smoking causes many diseases and affecting the health of smokers in general.

Moba game addiction

Ever since the day the computer was first made, different inventors have been creating their own computers with different functions, they also improved the inventions of others. Graphics of computer games was the notable characteristic of a game evolving.

Good research paper about short title-addiction of young people to mobile phones

The downsides of usage of mobile phones are addictivebehaviors, exposure to harmful radiation from the phones and social separation due to excessive connectivity. Various ways the mobile phones impact the young generation can be summarized in a point wise manner.- Mobile phones and entertainment- This comprises of myriads of online >>>

Tobacco and nicotine addictive properties

Since most of the nicotine is destroyed by the heat of burning the actual concentration of nicotine in smoke is low. Nicotine is absorbed through the skin, lining of the mouth and nose, or by inhalation in the lungs.

Analysis of the mishandling of senior adults

Being dependent to others is a key issue, which results to the abuse of the older adults since they are considered burdens in the family. Older adults tend to have serious health issues and thus the focus on providing healthcare to the elderly has been strategically developed to create a >>>

The impact of smoking on health care costs research paper example

Those who do not smoke face the possibility of spending more money for health care in later stages of their life, although such could meet a viable counterbalance in the form of under-utilization of health care since the healthier non-smokers could be, the lesser the chances that they have to >>>

Sample essay on what is the impact of smoking on chest?

Chest pain as a result of smoking is different from that of angina. Effects of smoking on chest expansion, lung function, and respiratory muscle strength of youths.

Sample research paper on smartphones and society

The use and dependency of Smartphone have gone to the level of addiction. In case of Smartphone, the use of Smartphones and social media is the reward.

Teen smoke

This has to be one of the more effective ways to keep people from smoking due to the respect given to the Surgeon General from the public. Since the main purpose of this study was to determine the effect of smoking in the health condition and the academic and clinical >>>

Good report on objectives

The main objective of this experiment was to measure the temperature difference across a heat pipe and a solid conductor of the same material and size and under the same thermal conditions. This is very important in comparative analysis of heat transfer between the heat pipe and solid copper wire.

Methadone maintenance treatment vs. rapid opiod detox method essay sample

While the argument persists that MMT programs are allowing the addict to trade one substance for another, the means of this justifies the end, and offers the addict a way out. This is the drug that is placed in the abdomen to stop the effects of opiates.

Drugs and substance abuse in kenya essay sample

In every sense of the statement, this institution is the lieutenant on the frontline in this battle against drug abuse in Kenya. Also, the law requires that the institution empowers other non-governmental organizations and the civil society organizations which are established at the grassroots in the society and in touch >>>

The american dream: do capitalism and drug abuse have a part to play?

Materialism and the illusion of equality, two factors that ultimately stem from a capitalist ideology, underlie the American Dream myth and are strongly linked to the presence of drug abuse in the United States. Drug use becomes drug addiction when the use of the drug becomes compulsory and the user >>>

Should the university be a smoke free campus essay examples

Perhaps a fraction of what makes people smoke is the pleasure that smoking gives yet what is arguably the main reason for people being hooked with cigarette smoking is because of addiction. Despite the marketing propagandas of cigarette manufacturers that cigarette smoking is a choice, there is no much choice >>>

Value objectivity paper essay sample

When a therapist does not agree with a client's values, it is important that the therapist does not portray personal beliefs and values onto clients. An example of this would be if a therapist does not believe in trying to work out a long term relationship where adultery has occurred, >>>

Ode to the no smoking campaign

It would be like trying narcotics just for the heck of satisfying curiosity, and the next thing you know is that you are already hooked you would not be able to live without it for long...then you will notice changes on and within yourself. These might be enough to scare >>>

Study guide to pharmacology

Pharmacotherapy: application of drugs for the purpose of disease prevention and the treatment of suffering. Identify the role of the FDA in U.S.drug regulations and drug approval process.a.

Causes of computer addiction (cause and effect essay)

Computer can cause teenagers to be physically, and mentally ill, and the more the child spends more time on computer, the more he/she loses time to focus on academics, and to talk to their family. They spend most of their time figuring out another way to win the battle inside >>>

Cause and effects of cigarettes

The fear of dying is what leads a lot of people to stop smoking cigarettes. The Cause and effect of smoking cigarettes is that people smoke them to relive themselves of all the stress from the day.

Opioid use disorder: symptoms & treatment

Symptoms of the disorder mainly include cravings which are not controllable in nature and an in ability to control the usage of opioids. Buprenorphine-Naloxone is the most common medication in regard to this form of treatment.

Why you should stay away essay example

If you are considering taking up the habit of smoking, or worse yet, if you are already a smoker, I urge you to consider the realities about smoking and the powerful addictive effects of nicotine before yourr health is irreversibly affected. The younger you are when you start smoking, the >>>

Honors economics

Honors Economics 8 October 2012 Cigarette Taxes The interest in cigarette taxes and their effects have been a hot topic in relation to the economy for the past 20 years. Another shocking effect taxes had on cigarette consumption was in 1985 where the tax increase had more of an effect >>>

The reasons of people using mdma (ecstasy)

The substance abuser could be blind to the actual or negative effects of a substance or they may continue using because of the rewarding effects elicited in the brain. Also the perceptions that Molly is a safer version of ecstasy pills and a more pure form of MDMA has made >>>

Spontaneous recovery: reflections of a smoker

Now even though I had not smoked in over a year the craving came back, which was the spontaneous recovery. I had not smoked In over a year and found myself understressand quickly went back to the habit of smoking again and have been doing so for the last year.

Free research paper on role of natural killer cells in anti-tumour immunotherapy in cancer patients

The natural killer or NK cells play a crucial role in cancer patients and developing an understanding of the mechanisms through which their activity is inhibited or enhanced in the case of cancer patients, will contribute a great deal in finding the most suitable and effective treatment of cancer patients >>>


Cannabis Illegal drugs Illegal drugs are controlled under the Misuse of drugs act in 1971, they are place into categories depending on the effect they have on the individual and the society. This is to control the misuse of drugs and ensure a safe environment for the rest of society

The tobacco smoke effect on epipremnum aureum essay sample

The cause of the change in color is the disease called chlorosis that affected the production of starch in the plant. IntroductionPeople have studied about the effects of tobacco smoke on plants; they noticed huge effects like the paleness of the plant and the natural negative geotropism of the plant.

Amber o’brien

I have heard about the new electronic cigarettes so I wanted to see the pros and cons of each. But there are also cons to smoking the electronic cigarette.

Halfway houses

If they do not have the people to meet the needs of that particular inmate, they might refer him/her to come back at a different time, or refer the inmate to a different halfway house that can meet their particular needs. Another benefit of federal halfway houses is to make >>>

Hugs not drugs an essay about types of drug use and abuse essay sample

The focus of this essay will be on the kinds of drugs, types of drug abuse, and the thin red line between good and bad drugs that has made its appearance more prevalent over the past years. Now, the differences between good and bad drugs have become harder to identify.

Analysis of child smoking

What we do not realism is that bysmoking, we do not Just deteriorate our ownhealthbut also of the passive smokers- that is the people who inhale the cigarette smoke. Smoking, for many of us becomes a substitute for our early habit of following the whims of the moment; it becomes >>>

Philip morris and mission statement

The second point is to basically understand the concerns of the society and try to meet the demands relevant to their company. The third point is to create innovative products which will satisfy the demands of the adult portion of the public better.

Recreational use of cannabis

When a person burns marijuana and starts to inhale the smoke, the THC in the plant quickly passes from their lungs into their bloodstream, which transports the chemical to the brain and other organs throughout the body. The list of reasons why marijuana should remain illegal is a long, but >>>

Gadget addiction essay

The ground for this state of affairs is video games provide a window to another universe, where the individual playing the games holds all the power and decides the destiny of all the practical lives. The young person are attracted to the sound, artworks, images, lifes and besides how the >>>

Smoking in public places

For the safety of humans it is necessary to ban smoking in public and office buildings. For a good and healthy generation, ban on smoking in public places and office building is also necessary.


Tobacco Jon Olson 3 Black Tobacco Tobacco to me is a horrible thing. There are many uses of the tobacco leaf.

Research on the state of addiction

Addiction is a state of periodic or chronic intoxication, produced by the repeated consumption of a drug, which is harmful to the individual and to the society. Sobriety needs to happen out of your own will and determination because in the end, you are the one that is going to >>>

Dangers of marijuana use

Many even just say that the habit is not damaging to them since they are just recreational or social users, and the frequency by which they consume the drug is far below what they call addictive levels. If the individual persists with the habit even with an incremental increase in >>>

Compulsive behaviors critical thinking example

Media tells people that the only way to become successful in life is to become rich and beautiful. If the government impose rules and regulations on the media then patients suffering from compulsive behaviors are likely to reduce.

Main topic: smoking – research on smoking

Some of the smokers were not ready for smoking openly in public places because of the fear of facing public criticism. Such behaviour of the smokers of being afraid to smoke in the public place highlights the fact that how smoking is perceived as bad practice by the general public.

Rosalee ramer – the youngest female monster-truck driver in america

She is the driver for the WildFlower monster truck and she even says that some people try to give her a hard time because of her age and because she is a female, but she does not let it get to her. Her first time actually driving one was when >>>

Good movie review about drugs and despair in requiem for a dream

Darren Aronofsky's 2000 movie Requiem for a Dream is perhaps one of the most harrowing depictions of the cycle of drug abuse ever put on film. Fitting the oppressive, Greek tragedy-based atmosphere of the film, the main theme of Requiem for a Dream is a harsh, minor-key riff that builds >>>

Smoking should be made illegal

Cigarette smoking has seriously negative effects and it should be banned completely because it is hazardous for smokers and non-smoker's health, it costs a large amount ofmoney, and also it tends to influence people around us. The reasons why smoking should be banned is because it is dangerous for smoker's >>>

Book review on narcotics and prescription opioids

According to the text, most narcotic addicts fall victim to use of the drug due to close association with other addicts and personal curiosity. Use of narcotics and prescription drugs severely affects the economic lives of the users.

Free research paper on theory and ideological critique

The film Trainspotting, which was based on the book of the same name, was about a group of drug addicts in the depressed areas of Edinburgh. He went through a difficult struggle in life, and although he was the main character in the story, he was not the leader of >>>

A behavioral study on drug addicts during recovery at hill narcotics anonymous

The meeting was then called to order by the chairperson and they all recite the prayer of serenity. He stated that, "he was robbed and shot five times, two shots to the head, two to the torso and one to the leg".

Smoking essay sample

Smoking is one of the major enemies in the society, health, environment and people. Smoking therefore is an enemy to the society since it has deteriorated the morality of the young people in the society who could be the leaders of tomorrow.

The negative impact smoking has on the human mouth

However, quitting the habit reduces the chances of the illnesses. The ability of the body to return to normal methylation after quitting the habit explains the higher chances of survival in cancer patients who stop the practice.

The problem of elderly substance abusers

Incidence and PervasivenessMeta-examination of research on liquor abuse among the elderly exhibited huge variety in the measure of substance abuse among the elderly. A Canadian report did by the Senior Citizen's Bureau in 1983 uncovered that 2 % to 1 0% of the mobile elderly, 6% to 20% of those >>>

Influence of computer games

Among the educational facilities of the computer games there are simplification of the methods of training, cognition of the new world, the filling of the free time and even helping in the diseases treatment. Role-playing games are the games, in which the player assumes the role of the computer character, >>>

Steven levitt

In this essay, I will be focusing on how incentives are the cornerstones of modern life, conventional wisdom is often wrong, and how "experts" often use their informational advantage to serve their own agenda."An incentive is always a tiny object with astonishing power to change a situation." All incentives can >>>

Na meeting paper

Before I attended the NA meeting, I had felt more than a little apprehensive; I really was not quite sure what to expect from the meeting and that made me very nervous. I feel that I have learned a lot and I am very glad that I had the opportunity >>>

Example of report on fire prevention

The guests had to taketo the streets and the people on the road had to take alternate routes as the streets were closed in the surrounding area. In fact the highway was kept closed at one point because of the bush fire.

Argumenting a personal opinion on drug testing those benefiting of welfare previous to receiving money

Welfare recipients in the United States should be required to pass a random drug test to qualify for welfare and other cash benefits from the state. By requiring drug random drug tests, we could provide help to the people who are abusing drugs, and raise their chances/opportunities of getting a >>>


Computer Games as a Part of Children's Culture The cultural and pedagogical relevance of electronic games Interactive video and computer games belong to the new multimedia culture that is based on the digital computer technology. On the whole video and computer games seem to be a matter-of-course for most of >>>

Lester montejo

We need to let the world know that illegal drugs are dangerous. The title of the movie is also good cause for me it means we need to push ourselves harder so we can overcome this addiction, same as what Tikboy did after he knew that drugs just ruined his >>>

Essay on the affect of media on youth

According to the University of Illinois' journal, The Gateway, teenagers can spend anything between 6 to 8 hours in a day on the use of media. With television shows filled with acts of violence and tobacco companies using the media to promote smoking among youth, the influences of media on >>>

Essay smoke

Deaths in non-smokers 1 The Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes: How Smoking Effects Your Health and Others According to the American Heart Association there are an estimated 50 million Americans who smoke. Furthermore, the hazardous ingredients in cigarette tobacco has many dangerous effects on your health and the health of others.