Handy Alcoholism Essay Examples

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Expository essay

The change of climate of the planet's surface leads to the problem of greenhouse gases which "account for around 98% of the environmental pressure leading to climate change [1]. At the moment UNEP is trying to gather the data evaluating the water assessment on the planet in order to find >>>

Ethical dilemma critical thinking

Second, the father is the custodial parent while the mother is a non-custodial parent. On these grounds, the father is the custodial parent of the child.

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Drugs and alcohol abuse research paper examples

A continued abuse of prescription and OTC drugs also continued to rise, especially on the use stimulants and pain relievers. More people, seeing a reduced risk in the use of marijuana due to its establishment as a "legal" drug, were reported to have shifted from other drugs of abuse to >>>

Essay on 15 question test

He is given Ritalin because hyperactivity may be connected with immaturity of the central nervous system, and Ritalin stimulates the nervous system to exercise control over more primitive centers in the brain.5. The use of the drug Rohypnol is associated with impaired judgment and memory and date rape.13.

Impacts of alcohol on the middle school students of usa

General characteristics of this age group are taken into account and a clear and concise contrast between middle school students and the rest of the population of the United States of America is also discussed in brief terms. Characteristics of Middle School Students of USA The middle school students of >>>

Motivational interviewing literature and demonstration script literature review sample

Dart highlight that the approach is grounded on the client's experiences and point of view hence its effectiveness is dependent upon building a rapport and listening to the client reflectively in a bid to win the client's trust. Shulman stress that the true power of change is with the client >>>

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The legalization of marijuana argumentative essay sample

In the end, there emerges a social rift between the users of marijuana and the non users of the same. The solution to such social phenomena is to legalize marijuana because, that way, the consumers of the same will be seen as an integral part of the society.

Legalizing marijuana: medical and recreational research papers examples

One of the main challenges related to the debate on legalizing marijuana is the linkages between the use of alcohol and marijuana. This is because the legalization of this drug will lead to the closure of illegal drug cartels and suppliers of marijuana.

Satirical essay ion drinking and driving

Every day of your life, you will have all the time in the world to just sit around, drink, and do anything you want, since you are probably out of a job by now. So when you get to that point, you should try driving under the influence.

Example of social marketing essay

Social marketing is one of the most perspective and fast growing spheres of marketing. Not only is it developing and integrating into contemporary life with immense speed, it is also one of the best ways to try to influence people, to change their behavior and to make them listen to >>>

Time for change

The legal drinking age is an argument that is often debated and I believe that the legal drinking age should be lowered to eighteen years of age. Although, if the legal drinking age was changed to the age of eighteen, it could eliminate binge drinking and other unsafe drinking for >>>

Example of instances of alcohol addiction research paper

In this work, the dependent variables include the environmental and geographical location of a family, the family financial background, the biological background and genetic domination of the family, social environment, susceptibility to mental pressure and stress vulnerability. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate the objective of this research without factoring >>>

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Alcoholism final

Addiction dependency In such cases, the body is accustomed to always having alcohol present which translates to you becoming a slave of the substance. It is rapidly absorbed in the upper portion of the small intestine, where the alcohol laden blood then travels to the liver via the veins and >>>

Research paper on the dependent variables available through the nsduh include use measurements for

That is why my recommendation is to use student status and ethnicity as independent variables and explore their relationship with alcohol abuse.- Tobacco- Alcohol- Marijuana- Crack- Cocaine- Heroin- Hallucinogens- Inhalants- Pain relievers- Tranquilizers- Stimulants- SedativesSeveral measurements were taken for each of these variables, including: ever used,age of first use, time >>>

Free essay on persuasive speech

Drivers should be forbidden to use cell phones while driving because ittakes their attention off the road, it has the same effect as driving while intoxicated and it can lead to instant death". Drivers should be forbidden to use cell phones while behind the wheel of a movie vehicle.

Example of essay on halloween

It is a celebration of the changing of the seasons from summer to fall, and also leads up to the fall and winter holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Over the course of the night of Halloween, the whole neighborhood is encouraged to celebrate the ability to go out in costumes >>>

Free essay on prevalence does not always mean access for water

The water cycle is the movement of water from above the ground and below the surface. Water is not only one of the most prevalent natural resources in the world; it is the most important.

Free essay on argument analysis

In the reactions to the arguments made by Brooks, the authors of the letters in the article "Is legalizing marijuana a bad thing?" employ the ethos appeal. On the other hand, High Times offer a factual and solid argument for the legalization of the marijuana.

Good example of case study on understanding the scenario

It is a puzzling question to decide on what is more important, the civil rights, freedom and privacy of the employee, or the interests of the employers. Though, it is difficult to conclude the exact the reason for the abuse in Andy's case, but if it is, it might be >>>

Free legalization of marijuana research paper sample

The widespread use of marijuana among people of different ages and their positive attitude to marijuana as legal phenomena of American society make us argue in favor of its legalization. The history of the use of marijuana clearly showed how the status of marijuana varied from the majority's opinion.

Choice vs disease essay sample

This essay will look to outline the different arguments in that; addiction to a substance is a choice of one's free will, or is it a disease element in our bio chemical or physical make up? Conversely, this would indicate that addiction is a choice of the individual, as they >>>

Underage drinking

The problem is important enough that the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and other groups have undertaken studies of binge drinking. On campuses, campaigns to warn students about the dangers of binge drinking are common.

A clean well lighted place essay

The introduction to the story describes the scenery and the despair found in it. The old man is a symbol of despair in the story.

Relapse prevention research paper examples

For example, gambling is more of an addiction but some go to an extent of saying it is a disability since it is already in the brain while an addiction to caffeine is just an addiction. Cancer, which is a disability, causes a lot of pain in the body and >>>

Good example of political science research paper

It states, "The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed". In the second section of the 21st Amendment, it is mentioned that states have the right to regulate the distribution of intoxicated beverages within their boundaries.

The resolution is “the minimum legal drinking age should be age 25” definitions:

The mind has not fully formed its critical and rational thinking abilities.[1] Studies show that alcohol is deterrent to the process [2] Not only does alcohol consumption affect the brain, it also affects female maturation and reproduction abilities during adolescents [3]. Homicide suicide and accidents are the three leading causes >>>

Example of case study on leaving las vegas clinical assessment

Butso is abusive to Sera and an organized criminal grouping is after him and he therefore lets Sera off the hook, his dealings with Sera for fear of his life and shortly after, he is snatched of his life. His feelings of shame and guilt seem to be projected in >>>

Healthy environment essay

The vehicle increase and urbanization has allowed the worst of the gases to come out in the open. I would continue to assert the benefits of a healthier environment.

Alcoholism and addiction among indian communities essay sample

As per the federal report, about 12% deaths of American Indians are attributed to alcohol related issues and the percentage is three times higher than that of rest of the US population. The percentage of deaths among Indian communities due to alcohol is three times higher than the general US >>>

Drunk driving research paper

Expecting pleasurable experiences about alcohol can contribute to underage drinking; the teenagers may have the view that drinking alcohol is pleasurable and the effects of drinking alcohol are arousing and positive. This is where the teenager begins and continues drinking because alcohol is well accepted and popular in the society >>>

Good example of research paper on what are the sociological causes of drug use & abuse among college students

Normally, this predisposition arises because of:- Developmental traits of puberty and maturity, consisting of ongoing brain maturity through in the early 20s and the progress towards greater freedom and independence- Social and cultural standards of collegelife that encourage binge alcohol and substance use.- Personality traits and family background also may >>>

Theory report example

We can influence the reaction kinematics in the following ways:- The concentration of the reactant Ethanol should be at least 5 times the amount of NAD as it will tilt the reaction direction in or favor and help us determine the Ethanol amount. This standard curve will be used to >>>

Good term paper about health-impact assessment

For instance, it might have been deemed that the legalization of Marijuana to the young adults is to the benefit of the society. One of the questions that should form the basis of the policies is whether the policies are socially oriented.

Family-involved therapy in the treatment of alcoholism research proposal

The application of the two methods of treatment has produced different results, and the proposed research is intended to test the effectiveness of these methods in the treatment of alcoholism. Through the use of an experimental and control group, the researcher intends to subject the experimental group to both types >>>

Research essay examples

In the case above, for the simple task, the higher the dosage, the shorter the time to accomplish the task, while for the complex task, the higher the dosage, the longer the time to accomplish the task. In all of the cases, there is a regression towards the population mean >>>

Marys case case study examples

In a clinical point of view, there is no way that she will continue using the illegal substance and be pregnant at the same time because it would have a negative implication to the growth of baby inside her. In Mary"s case, she mentioned that the kind of high she >>>

Example of essay on strongly disagree

This is due to the fact that the client is under the influence of drugs and leads to him or her becoming anxious. It is therefore upon the instructor or the management of the program that is in place to see to it that.

An in-depth look at student-athlete perceptions retrieved from ebsco research paper examples

The major concerns that were associated with the popularization of the student athletes was the extreme commercialization of the sports organizations due to which the student athletes were being exploited to the core while also ruining their academic years which otherwise would have been stable as well as high yielding >>>

Example of research paper on teenage suicide- a study

The problem is not the consumption of alcohol but the fact that they become addicted and cannot handle it. The issues therefore are a huge concern for parents and thus in the first place it is important for them to ensure that their child does not suffer any kind of >>>

Free substance abuse in cultural groups case study example

As a result, counselors need to evaluate the psychological status of the patient as part of the counselling and guidance program. However, the excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful and it amounts to substance abuse.

Example of report on interaction rituals within certain settings

It involved observing the behavior of people in the club and the social interactions that took place in the club. I also observed the flow of people in and out of the club.

Example of essay on biology 140

Spring, 2014Overview The ultimate purpose of this activity is for you to evaluate the adequacy of your diet and improve your current dietary intake patterns. When you record your diet, you will need to write a brief description of the food/beverages as well as the amount you consumed.

Benefits when you stopdrinking

Money savingdrinking is expensive and it sneaks informed you.whether or not it is a brewage at the bar or a bottle of wine to require home it does not seem to be a lot of.however, as every bank check came in this month I noticed that I had more money >>>

Free essay about alcoholism a curse

The worst effect of alcoholism is that the moral sensibilities of people are deadened. The tragic curse of alcohol abuse.

Good example of saving private ryan essay

The quiet solace in his voice as he tells the men to leave lets the men know that he is serious. All he really cares about is getting home to his wife and getting away from the violence of war.

Alcohol in young teens case study sample

I chose the articles because of the issues that they address in relation to abuse of alcohol and the related effects. The article is relevant to the topic of study as it presents the importance of school-based alcohol teaching programs amongst the teenagers who take alcohol.

Research paper on the accommodation of pagan rituals into early christianity

Newman the author of Development of the Christian stated, "The use of temples, and these dedicated to particular saints, and ornamented on occasions with branches of trees; incense, lamps, and candles; votive offerings on recovery from illness; holy water; asylums; holy days and seasons, use of calendars, processions, blessings on >>>

Addiction and alcoholism term paper examples

In the treatment for alcohol addiction, the sub culture that a patient is from should be considered in the treatment process. An analysis of all the probable factors that may predispose a patient to alcoholism is supposed to be considered in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Visiting a rehab clinic

I talk to her for little while and she gets a hold of one of the group leaders to give me a breakdown of what the typical session is like. She leads me past the door to a small office, her office, and I begin the interview.

Research paper on teenage alcoholism

Published in 2011 by the Emerald Group Publishing Limited, the article is titled "Alcohol-Specific Parenting within a Cluster Randomized Effectiveness Trial of a Swedish Primary Prevention Program". IntroductionThe research was based on an ongoing trial of the effectiveness of a parental-based under-age drinking prevention program that underscores the role of >>>

Factors in favor of and against lowering the legal drinking age in the united states

Factors in Favor of and Against Lowering the Legal Drinking Age in the United States There are many different reasons, facts and opinions for and against the subject of whether or not the legal drinking age in the United States should be lowered. Six Reasons against lowering the drinking age >>>

William hogarth’s beer street and gin lane essay sample

He designed and published them as part of a campaign in support of the government's Gin Act, in an attempt to restrain the consumption of cheap gin. In these paintings, Hogarth compares the joys of beer drinking with the gin which caused the complete destruction of the people in town >>>

Free essay about health education on alcohol and substance abuse

In response to the worrying statistics, this project was designed to raise the awareness of people on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse, hoping for behavior, attitudes and change in practices. Prior to the commencement of the program, I performed a baseline evaluation of the participants in order to >>>

Free the temperance movement essay sample

At the start of the 1800s a number of people were concern with the high consumption of alcohol in the society. The unity of the Reformers from every aspect of the society came forward to support the women in the society as they fought for changes in the consumption of >>>

Free critical thinking about water and wastewater system sector specific plan

Water sector infrastructure consisting of water and waste water systems, has an extensive history of implementing policies and programs to provide safe and clean water, therefore, protecting and improving public health and environment across the nation. Response and recovery from an incident in the Water Sector is crucial to maintain >>>

Reasons for maintaining current drinking age

Excessive drinking has caused many students consequences that they would not have had to deal with if they were not under the influence of alcohol is another reason to maintain the current drinking age. The point of raising the age to what it currently is was to make our society >>>

Legal drinking age should not be lowered to 18

Family has to be in constant communication with their child, and explain the dangers of drinking alcohol. In United States drunk driving is still a major cause of highways fatalities, that is one of many reasons why lawmakers should not lower the age to 18 and over for legal drinking.

Statistics essay sample

If F ratio is significant, it shows there is significant difference between the groups, which shows that drinking warm water significantly affects weight loss. If F ratio is not significant, it shows that drinking hot water has no significant impact on weight loss and the theory does not hold water.

Good example of principles of ethics essay

The college instructor is devoid of professional ethics; she pursues a doctorate at the expense of her students. John Locke and the Ethics of Belief.

Drinking age

As a result, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed to the states that stated to raise the minimum drinking age to twenty-one or lose ten percent of their Federal Highway Funding. Since the increase in the legal drinking age, abusive drinking has elevated the amount of underage drinkers >>>

Essay on composition: writing and research

According to John McCardell, a former president of Middlebury College in Vermont who was the founder of the Amethyst Initiative, the law of excluding people below 21 years from the legal drinking population is unjust, unfair and discriminatory. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the advantages related to social networking far outweigh >>>

We all fall down(why tt was banned)

The book We All Fall Down was banned due to itsviolenceand vandalism; the occurring sexual content; and the alcoholic references and profanity that haunt its pages. The book is worthwhile because it has such a suspenseful plot; its advanced vocabulary is enough to be at a college level and it >>>

The glazed dynamic research paper examples

It is common knowledge in American society that driving under the influence of alcohol is a very dangerous thing to do for the driver and other people on the road. People who are intoxicated have a tendency to participate in very risky behavior that they would have no part of >>>

Henglish10: period 6

Holden is relating himself to the ducks, how he is lost and isolated from the world and does not know where to go. Alcohol is a symbol of Holden trying to find himself in the world and where he fits in.

Free essay on 21 as the legal drinking age

As part of the drive to prevent underage drinking, the government must create laws that will intensify the ban on the sale of alcohol to minors in order to limit their access to alcohol. Maintaining the age of 21 as the mandatory legal age is expected to decrease the rate >>>

To kill a mockingbird analytical essay

Dolphus Raymond, to the county folks, is a drunk, when he pretends to be drunk. He cannot help himself, that's why he lives the way he does.' Even though he may appear drunk to everyone, he is actually only lying so people think that he has a reason to be >>>

Ethical issue and core stakeholders case study example

The best philosophyto use for Harvey in this situation is the cost benefit analysis, which allows to compare the benefits and the potential costs of all the options, and to make a thought-through decision. That is why it is important to search for compromises and to explain the importance of >>>

Essay on biological theory

In this presentation, the biological and psychological paradigms will be discussed in line with the nature or nurture debate relating to alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The point of the project is to talk of alcoholism in line with the nature vs.nurture debate.

Research paper on alcoholism and women

In the USA women alcoholism mainly came into picture after the women received their emancipation following the feminist movement which caused a revolutionary change in the society with more and more women going out to work abreast with men and attending colleges. According to NIAAA, women suffering from alcoholism show >>>

Narcotics anonymous: twelve steps to recovery essay sample

For me to give you a mental image of what I experienced at the first meeting, you have to understand that I was very uncomfortable mainly because I had no idea what to expect. It made me feel like I did not belong there and that I would not be >>>

University students drinking habits

University Students Drinking: The Role of Motivational, Social and Environmental Factors Shwetank Powar Christ University Despite the increased efforts in raising awareness about alcohol abuse and its negative consequences, there seems to be very little improvement in the situation among university students. Glindenman, K, E, Geller, S, & Fortney, J; >>>

Example of book review on adult children of alcoholics

The book Adult Children of Alcoholics by Janet Woititz is one piece of writing that comprehensively touches the issue of many homes in the past decades. In giving a list of traits, she purposely leads the readers [adult children of alcoholics] to have an understanding of why they react the >>>

Free community health problems essay sample

Define substance abuse and how this health problem affects the communitySubstance abuse is the excessive use of chemical substances that increase the risk of problems and lack of the ability to control the substance. J: Humana Press.

Example of research paper on legalizing marijuana

This paper will address the pros and cons of legalizing the use of marijuana by separating cultural perceptions from the debate surrounding the drug. Before joining the debate concerning the legalization of marijuana, it is important to understand the health effects of marijuana use.

Why energy drinks are bad research paper examples

The use of energy drinks is believed to lead to health safety concerns owing to the anecdotal and casual relations between their consumption and acute cardiac events. The consumption of alcohol and energy drinks is considered risky.

Teenage alcoholism article review example

The research was based on an ongoing trial of the effectiveness of a parental-based under-age drinking prevention program that underscores the role of parents in teenagedrinking. The research by Cismaru, Lavack and Markewich falls under the topic of teenage alcoholism and aims at providing apt answers to questions relating to >>>

The effects of parental abuse of alcohol on children of alcoholics

Researchers have examined the many ways in which this disease impacts children's lives and if the life style or genetics of the addicted parent leads to a greater risk of dependency as the Child of the alcohol grows older. The Effects of Parental Abuse of Alcohol on Children of Alcoholics >>>

Children of alcoholics essay sample

Majority of alcoholics children are not at ease around family since they do not make out how to react or what to do. Most children living with alcoholic parents are afraid speaking or showing normal emotion or anger because they fear it can cause drinking binge of a parent.

Free essay about social history project

Scott's life was made miserable in the hands of his mother and because he lacked a father figure in his life, he had no one to turn to but to put up with the mistreatment from his mother. In his case not even his mother is close to him and >>>

Free the title of the paper essay example

Built up by Irish expatriates in Britain, the USA, and many other locations, the reputation of the Irish to be loud, drunken louts is one that has been widely accepted and taken as factual rather than the problem as it should be. As to Irishman's Curse, while it is indeed >>>

Free essay about written assignment 1: trace the scientific method in a primary scientific article

The scientific method includes the formulation of a particular question, then the posing of a hypothesis, followed by the design and carrying out of the appropriate experiment. The conclusion of this study is therefore that coffee drinking can help to reduce the risk of diabetes by lowering blood sugar and >>>

Qualitative: a literature review literature review sample

What are the perceptions of students in health-related undergraduate programs of the health behaviours of their peers? They argue that medical students overestimate the indulgence of the behaviour of their peers in unhealthy practices.

The importance of health education for students essay examples

Health is a crucial part of any person's life and it is obvious that education on this subject from an early age is paramount if one has to lead a good and healthy life. This is another facet of health education which is important and crucial as lung cancer which >>>

Essay on research analysis

This essay examines three research articles that discuss the effects of alcohol and drug use during andafter pregnancy, assessing the quality of the conducted research, the relevance of the used methodology and the article's contribution to the overall body of knowledge. Evaluation tools and measure techniquesAnalysis of strength and generalizability >>>

Cause and effect essay on drunk driving

Nevertheless, operating while intoxicated continues to be a serious problem, which can be overcome thorough examination of the relationship between its causes and effects and strict legal regulation meant to prevent drunk driving behavior. It usually happens that some people who are asked to attend a party, drive to the >>>

Example of creative writing on the writer will choose

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane explores a theme of naturalism in American literature. Maggie: A Girl of the Streets.

The effect of alcohol on the body report example

The present study discusses the consequences of alcohol consumption on the human body. In particular, the investigation focuses on the influence of the intoxicant on participants in the event industry.

Sociology research paper sample

Drug and alcohol abuse is a social problem because of the following reasons: it affects economy of the country because drug addicts are not able to perform their duties well, the health of individuals is also affected hence the costs for hospitalization become very hard to afford, the use of >>>

Carbon dioxide production during fermentation at different temperatures report examples

Fermentation process refers to the conversion of sugars such as glucose to alcohol, carbon dioxide and energy in the form of ATP. The fermentation process is catalyzed by the enzymes that are in the yeast and this makes yeast an appropriate organism in the production of beer and wine and >>>

Alcoholism addiction research papers examples

Alcoholism is a disease; it is a result of an addiction to alcohol, develops when one consumes it frequently and in excessive quantities. In this case, the addiction to alcohol is forced on a person by the society and its rules.

Sample case study on health education/promotion information sites

Correspondence concerning this paper should be addressed to Student Name,HEALTH EDUCATION 2A variety of health education facts and information would be beneficial to teens. The website provides a variety of health topics and is also available in Spanish.


The device produces a mist of alcohol inhaled through the mouth, allowing the alcohol to enter the bloodstream through the lungs and traveling straight to the brain. Unlike the stomach, "which can take a huge amount of insult, your lungs are not built for that".[5] The further danger is that >>>

Healthy people 2020- substance abuse research paper sample

Due to the implementation of the law enforcement, 28 percent of prisoners in Durham county jail, and 35 percent of the inmates in the entire Durham were convicted of drug abuse and offense. In the face of the continuous failure of the surveillance program in Durham substance abuse is continuously >>>