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Sleep disorders

Many people have the misconception that they can skimp on sleep now and later pay off their "sleep debt" with extra long sleep sessions, however, this is an untrue statement. It has been found that people who are trained on certain tasks and have a restful night of sleep can >>>

The prevalence of sleep disorders in college students

Students have to understand that loss of sleep equals loss of performance in and outside of the classroom. The reasoning of the students to voluntarily participate in the study was merely extra credit for a psychology.

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Sleep disorders and their effects

Sleep disorders are medical disorders where the sleep patterns of a person is disrupted. Sleep disorders are a medical condition where the sleep pattern is disrupted.

Sleep disorder

A sleep disorder can be defined as a disturbance of the normal sleep pattern. Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which the affected individual has difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

Sleep deprivation, disorders, and drugs

When it comes to my experience conceded with the effect of sleep deprivation, I have to say that it does. According to the reading for this week I was completely what they would consider a text book case and still have moments where I have to deal with the lack >>>

Risk factors of sleep disorder after stroke:

Risk factors ofsleep disorderafter stroke: A Meta analysisRunning title:Risk factors of sleep disorder after strokeHighlights:Diabetes mellitus has a 41% increased risk of sleep disorder in stroke patientsAlcohol use has a 59% increased risk of sleep disorder in stroke patientsHabitual snoring has a 1377% increased risk of sleep disorder in stroke >>>

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Sleep disorders

A parasomnia is a disturbance in the sleep cycle that is characterized by physiological states and behaviors usually only presented in the waking state. Sleep disorders seem to have a strong relationship to stress and depression, each of which I suffer from.