Useful Law Essay Examples

A law essay focuses on uncovering the complexities of the law and using them to present a compelling argument. The purpose of writing such a paper is to learn to express your opinion on the issue and defend your stance, just like you would do in court. Law assignments will require you to demonstrate your evaluative and analytical skills rather than simply describe a certain law, case, or legal system. On this webpage, you will find free essay samples in the pdf and docx format for school, college, and university levels. You can use them to find inspiration and get ideas to write your paper.

How to Prepare for Writing a Law Essay?

The first step in completing a legal assignment is to understand the question. You can underline the key words in the question to identify different topics that should be addressed in your paper. After this, compose a plan for your essay, which should include all the themes in the question. Then, you can research cases, laws, academic articles, and other credible sources to support your opinion.

How to Start an Essay About Law?

You can begin your essay by providing a wider context to the issue. It will help you explain why the argument you are making is important. Further, an introduction should contain two significant elements: a thesis statement and a roadmap. Law essays are usually argumentative, so you should clearly state your argument in the thesis. For example, imagine that your assignment is about a police reform that restricts law enforcement officers’ use of guns. Your teacher will expect you to either support or oppose the reform by referring to relevant laws and legal cases.

After writing a thesis, you should signpost your paper so that the structure of your paper is clear to the reader. A law essay is not a novel in which the author keeps an intrigue until the end. In a good legal assignment, your stance and the organization of your paper should be known to the audience from the beginning.

How to Write the Body of a Law Essay?

In the body paragraphs, you should provide reasons for the argument you made in the introduction. Students are expected to cite laws and legal cases to back up their stance. The supporting evidence will depend on the fields of law that you study, for example:

  • family law;
  • tort law;
  • merger law;
  • criminal law;
  • business law;
  • intellectual property law;
  • contract law;
  • international law.

When citing specific cases, use only key facts, such as the judgments of Justice or the reasons for the difference in judicial opinions. Additionally, remember to review your lectures and class readings. As a rule, they contain the most important cases that you are expected to refer to in the paper. After you provide evidence to support your opinion, defend your thesis from possible counterarguments.

How to Conclude an Essay on Law?

In conclusion, restate your argument and summarize the main supporting points. A concluding part should not contain any new topics or evidence. Finally, proofread the whole paper to ensure that you used the most precise words to deliver your opinion. Carefully choosing expressions is very important for lawyers since the opposite party in the court may use their words to argue their own stance.

Law Essay Examples

Below are the essay samples of law essays examples written by our experts. You can use any of them as a template for writing a successful law paper. Studying at such famous law schools as Duke Law, Penn Law, Tulane Law, Stanford Law, Berkeley Law, or Yale can be difficult.

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Free 2872 Flawless Law Samples of Papers to Help You With Writing

D3 whistleblower

Whistleblower In 2001, Coleen Rowley who was a special agent with the FBI revealed that the Bureau made mistakes and inaction which may have allowed the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and even the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. All this is in a bid to improve the >>>

Tort law assignment

However in Lane v Holloway 196815 the court stated for someone to be voluntarily participating in a fight the force used by the defendant needs to be proportionate and in this case the defendants conduct was in excess of that of the claimant. In addition, Proximity between the defendant and >>>

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Memo on drugs

MEMO ON DRUGS al Affiliation) Recommendation for Case To begin with, Jones was charged with possession of cocaine in a state court previously; however, an agreement in regard to the " substantial assistance" law can assist by allowing Jones to proceed in the case. Recommendation for Thompson's Case In regard >>>

Intimate partner violence (ipv)

To be able to engage the family there should be a number of factors to consider, such as willingness of family members to be engaged. Jacques also needs to set the bar for her husband and make him promise not to be violent.

Laws that contradict

You will see 1 article on a situation of wen a state law contradicts a federal law and 2 view of what people think we should do each one of course different. In some states they have legalized it for people that havehealthproblems than again what's the point of having >>>

Magna carta essay sample

During the 100 Years War, King John lost many battles, and as the result of the lose, King John brought the economy England to the bottom. King John ignored the importance of his supporters and took their wealth away from them.

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Health care law

Maxx could be held liable for negligence because he removed the mole from the wrong arm, He failed to conduct a biopsy scan to ascertain if the lump was cancerous. Mentalis defense is that the wife was a Jehovah witness and based on her belief she would not want to >>>

14th amendment

Fourteenth Amendment and its Application Fourteenth Amendment and its Application The fourteenth amendment clearly s that every person should be considered innocent until and unless he or she is proven guilty in the light of compelling evidence or confession. The investigative process involves ethnic and racial profiling of suspects and >>>

Parole assignment

In July 2006, Olsen now 66, had the opportunity to present his case to the supreme court of justice, including a jury, of why he should be released on probation. He has not shown any significant remorse for any of his murders and did not prove to the jury that >>>

The law of succession law land property essay

For an instance, in the USA, a nuncupative will is the only exception to the North Carolina requirement that a will be in writing. The beneficieries to such will will have to bring a legal action to probate the nuncupative will and the witnesses will have to testify.

The consequence when there is a direct clash between eu law and national legislation.

Even if it is argued that the Olympic Games are for a short period and temporary in nature, the ' Freedom to Provide Services' would apply and enable it to carry on business." The provision of services applies in the case of a " temporary pursue of the activity". The >>>

2nd take home exam

Isabella and Cato understood the promise and thus it is legally binding for him to give her the money. She was sure that Cato would honour his promise and give her the money, and that is why she went to school without doubting Cato's promise.

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Crime investigation

The following items were obtained from the truck; 38 calibers blue steel revolver having a serial number of 78695, a 4-inch barrel, black rubber grips, Green money bag, top zipper of First National Bank of New York, a Blue ski cap having eye holes cut within the fabric, a pair >>>

Consumer compliance- discussion post 4

Consumer Compliance- Discussion Post 4 Consumer Compliance- Discussion Post 4 FTC and CFPB are agencies that work hand in coordination to protect consumers against exploitation by financial institutions. FTC and CFPB have a commitment to ensuring that consumers receive fair chances on auto finance by collecting and imparting information for >>>

Chapter 16 discussion

The contract between the Nine Mile Mine and Lewis involves rights to timber. The mine is the location of interest to Lewis.

Effectiveness of the criminal justice system assignment

The rights to fair trail, supported by strict rules of evidence and procedure is fundamental to the criminal Justice system and this balancing act. The VISE demonstrates the extent to which the law balances the sights of the victims and society during the investigation and sentencing process.

Implications of the supreme court ruling

The ruling which opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate and union spending in elections was a major victory for the groups which wanted to participate in the campaign process but had been barred from doing so by the laws. The contributions the groups make towards the campaigns should be regulated >>>

Juvenile justice chapter assignment

When delinquent gangs are established with a different set of values, norms, and levels, the type of delinquent gang that develops will depend on the neighborhood in which the youths live and whether they have access to illegitimate opportunity structures. Sutherland asserted that delinquent behavior is a function of learning >>>

Separation of powers in the u.s. constitution

Each government branch has the ability of monitoring the powers of other government branches. The separation of powers, as illustrated in the U.S.

The antiquity of the american concept of evidence

Even though the rules of evidence is deeply rooted in English ancient common law, current historical scholars have discovered that the growth of the firmly exclusionary attributes that distinguish contemporary evidence principle occurred alongside the development in the 18th century of the ' adversary mode of trial', instead of the >>>

Foundations of the criminal justice system assignment

A proper check between the Judicial along with the legislative government branches exist in the form of the Constitution belonging to the US. Exception in the form of Plain View If the police are located in the vicinity from where they can see the evidence, then no warrant is required >>>

Minnesota v. riff

Defense's Opening Statement The Defense's case is that the defendant, Ronald Riff, won over $900. The prosecution has failed to prove beyond doubt that the money was indeed stolen from Marquette's Market.

Bill of rights

Firearms are generally to fight crime and not for traditional practices according to the South Africas law In the United States imposing of heavy fines in the law courts, is forbidden by the law while, in South Africa, the law can impose any heavy fine on the offender according to >>>

Summary of currie and de waal assignment

The power of the provincial legislatures to enact legislation must be viewed within the context of the system of co-operative federalism established by the constitution. Exclusive Competence: A provincial legislature has the following exclusive powers: repeal its own laws; TO make and amend its own constitution; TO amend and; To >>>

Discrimination in applying the death penalty

The race of the victim and that of the defendant determines the judgment passed. This implies that the chances for getting a death penalty for murdering a white a high.

Rules of evidence

Therefore, one can understand the fact that principles such as materiality and relevance may be used interchangeably to refer to the relatability of a piece of evidence to the issues in a case. Some of the evidence that was admitted in the trial include: The 9-1-1 call that had been >>>

The position of privileged will in malaysia law equity essay

In the case of In the Estate of Stanley,[1]the court held that the nurse will be considered as the " soldier" and is allowed to make privileged will because the nurse is serving under contract to the War office on hospital ships. It can be shown in the case of >>>

Contract law free on board fob cif assignment

General picture of a FOB contract can be congregated from the case of Wimble & Sons v Rosenberg & Sons which describes it as a contract for the sale of goods where the seller which in this case is Patina who agrees to deliver the goods over the ship's rail >>>

Synopsis of women and criminal justice assignment

It is discussed within the article several reasons for the surge in the female population in remand, one theory that is discussed is that when a women is intended the reasons are set out that she is troubled' or troublesome' And whatever is perceived will then lead to incarceration or >>>

Disparate impact drug testing

It is important to understand that disparate impact does not necessarily have to be intentional on the part of the employer - although sometimes it is. Should a company be unable to prove the necessity of their practice, then they have unlawfully performed disparate impact discrimination, and they will be >>>

Meaning and concept of sustainable development law international essay

The notable Principles embodying the concept of Sustainable Development enunciated in the Declaration, though not binding to the signatories are that, man has the fundamental right to freedom, equality and adequate conditions of life in an environment of quality that permits a life of dignity and well-being and he bears >>>

Anti trust claims

Microsoft was not really making any profits from Internet Explorer, and its marriage with the operating system was due to consumer expectation to have a browser bundled with the operating system. According to Microsoft the merger of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer was the result of innovation and competition.

Analysis of the capstone vacco versus quill

Thus in suing Attorney Vacco, Quill and his colleagues argue that New York's ban on aiding suicide violates the application of the equal protection clause. The district court opinion argued that the New York law placed a burden on the physician's right to aid in committing suicide of terminally ill >>>

Explanations of such crime as robbery

Their frustration to acquire their necessities or wants is achieved through stealing thus Bethune further stated that stolen items could be a mixture of must have and desired items and not only in the form of money. Another interesting reason Bethune pointed out as a contributory factor to the robbery >>>

Work rules and regulations law employment essay

We must understand and except these terms of regulation, therefore to guide us and stand for the challenge to avoid the restriction and any certain cost that will affects for our business. The rules and regulations must contain at least the following information: Working days, regular working hours, and rest >>>

Philosophy of law ( movie review )

At the time when the leadership of Hitler was threaten by the rise of the Jews; he had swiftly acted under the umbrella of the Nazis to brutally expel this marginalized group. The Nazis seemed to have been targeting the religion, business, education and culture of the Jews.

Judicial conduct and disability act

Indeed, Article III, rather than being meant to insulate judges from internal oversight, was meant to safeguard the independence of the judiciary from the Congress and executive. If federal judges did not have tenure for life, it would be easy for them to become affected by various issues and crisis >>>

Criminal procedure ( 1)

Harris Kamran Law Case Studies 24 October Due process of law According to the U.S.constitution, the term due process of law can be defined as the nature of the law and the reason for its implementation. In the case of Brown v.

Willowbrook and its impact on history

Back in the 1930s there was a place called Willowbrook that was built and was a state run facility for individuals with developmental diabilities. In 1965 it was the biggest state run facility for individuals with developmental disibilites.

Diversion in the criminal justice system assignment

The work of Element discussed the effect of secondary evince of Juveniles that were processed through the Juvenile Justice system and contributed to the argument that the system, instead of helping, may actually contribute to further delinquent acts of Juveniles". This is an example of a diversion program, it explained >>>

Cyber law in india

Cyber law India is an organization that is dedicated to the passing of relevant and dynamic Cyber laws in India. Cyber Law Association is the common meeting point of legal professionals, scholars, jurists and other stakeholders who all are committed to the growth of cyber law and cyber legal jurisprudence.

Case study

As a sole proprietor, Megan is responsible for decisions of the business and therefore enjoys autonomy over her creativity plans. As a sole decision maker under sole proprietorship, Megan reserves the power to determine when the business goes public, and percentage of shares to offer, but any other form of >>>

Declaration of independence

The Declaration of Independence is divided into five parts: a) Introduction; b) Preamble; c) Indictment of George III, d) the Denunciation of the British People and e) the Conclusion. The United States Constitution The Articles of Confederation was once the supreme law of the land for the United States Government.

Comparative criminal justice system assignment

Many countries around the world have used capital punishment in the past, or continue to use it today; however, the numbers of countries that still use the death penalty are very few. The removal of the death penalty from this country shocked the world since Pretoria, a capital city in >>>

Criminal evidence

The main purpose of the law was to make sure that police officers were not given a window of opportunity to abuse their powers as law enforcers by conducting searches that are not sanctioned by the law. However, the Fourth Amendment allows police officers to conduct Stop and Frisk searches >>>

Introduction structure of the court of justice law european essay

The Court of Justice of the European Union, based in Luxembourg, is made up of three courts: the Court of Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal. The European Court of Justice has three main roles; Role 1: The Court reviews the legality of the acts of the >>>

Drunk drivers

Individuals who drive under influence including individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol are those individuals who have consumed alcohol more than the legal limit of alcohol that an individual should have in their blood at the time when they are driving any particular motor vehicle. They state that >>>


They are as follows: Enlargement of the Union This is in face value a really potential market booster, but under deep and critical thinking you will recognize that it hampers the main foundation of active takeover market-profitability. It is detrimental to largely expand a firm /union since the unit profit >>>

Dream act critical analysis

In the article " Undocumented & Unafraid: The DREAM Act 5 and the Public Disclosure of Undocumented Status as a Political Act" by Rene? Buenavista and Gonzales argues " Though it is projected that the passage of the DREAM Act would propel more youth to pursue college, the reality is >>>

Life sentence, cruel and unusual punishment?

According to the reports from the Equal Justice Initiatives, only 8 people in the world, all in the United States, are serving crimes they committed at 13. Putting a 13-year-old in jail and telling them they will be there for the rest of their lives is somewhat overwhelming.

Sam 386 unit 8

The precise terms of the contract and the timeline for delivery of the contract are important elements. The payment details is probably the most important element of a service contract.

Stop and frisk

The proposed study seeks to investigate effectiveness of stop and frisk policy on gun violence in the city through the following research question and this paper conceptualizes the proposed research. Concepts for measure Implementation of the stop and frisk policy and effects of the implementation are the concepts for measure.

Measurement of adr systems law commercial essay

We assume that if dispute resolution mechanisms are perceived as expensive then the perceived costs will mount as barriers to justice".[1] " Many studies have explored the effectiveness of ADR in reducing the costs of dispute resolution relative to litigation".[2]Estimates of cost savings vary substantially from study to study, depending >>>

The criminal justice system assignment

The patrol unit is tasked with maintaining law and order; the basic duty of the police. It is a basic manual that identifies and outlines the boundaries of the officers on and out of duty.

Ethics in criminal justice

Quality of the decision depends on the variety of ideas and the effectiveness of its execution depends on dedication and commitment on part of people involved to carry out the decision." Ethical decision making will be reserved for use in a group decision making context. It directly influences the ethical >>>

Gender as a victim

Gender as a Victim Factors Related to Gender that Might have Contributed to the Vulnerability of the Victim Vulnerability of victim is the of affair that makes the person prone to consequences of intentional or unintentional offense. Moreover, in the case of Emily the attitudes, perception and situations were the >>>

Cj summarize 10-1

The appellate courts are the highest courts in the state level and only handle appeals and review decisions of lower courts. Americas Courts and the Criminal Justice System.

Study on the balfour declaration history essay

It was the name of a Roman state, and in the 10th century, Arab geographers referred to " Filastin " as one of the states of Syria. Zionism aimed to make a Judaic fatherland in Palestine, and hence of its nature was unable to suit the demands and aspirations of >>>

For would eventually pull away to form phen-h+,

For the first reaction, the results of the experiment indicate that the rate lawisRate = 0. The reaction was first order, meaning that therate of the reaction was dependent on the concentration of ferroin, but zeroorder for the concentration of nitric acid, suggesting that the rate changedindependently of the concentration >>>

The right to privacy by robert bork.

The originalist view is that judges must strictly adhere to the language of the Constitution, thus people do not have a general right to privacy because it was never actually written into the Constitution. In this same manner Justice Douglas implements penumbras to arrive at a general right of privacy >>>

Foundation of criminal law

The Actus Reus of this offense exists in that there must be the property; the property belongs to another person and is damaged. Theft is taking of another person's property without the permission of that person with the intention of depriving that person the right to use the property.

Reservation in employment under article law constitutional administrative essay

Article 335 of the Constitution prescribes that in making appointments to services and posts under the Government, ' the claims of the members of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes will be taken into consideration consistently with the maintenance of efficiency of administration'. The concept of excluding the creamy layer >>>

Conventional home finance islamic home finance law land property essay

Murabaha is a form of asset finance that involves the lender purchasing the asset, back to back withA sale of the asset, to the borrower, at an increased price. Therefore, after taking possession of the asset under the agency agreement, the agent is bound to give intimation to the institution >>>

An unmanageable case-management quandary

The longer the time taken to dispose a case the longer the queue thus creation of a backlog. The court's current collection of statistical reports entails recording number of cases disposed in a month.

The tendency of crime rate in new orlean

Criminology According to Dunaway, Francis, Velmer and David, the city of New Orleans, Louisiana State, has the highest rate of crime compared to other cities in the United States. Furthermore, a combination of poverty and poor education in New Orleans is contributed to the high rate of crime.

The older american act 1965 health and social care essay

In 1965, Congress created the Older American Act, a federal and province bureau to turn to the societal service demands of the older grownup population. The end of the Older American Act is to assist the older population maintain independency in their places and their communities.

Adult crime, adult time narrative essay

Overall I agree with Collier's argument that Juveniles should be ride as adults and how the system is doing a poor Job because she establishes herself as an authority on the topic of how the number of Juvenile crimes increase, and why the Juvenile Justice laws should be revamped. Collier >>>

Laws of delict and defamation assignment

Elements of a delicate before a court will grant damages are: Act of conduct: The plaintiff must prove that the defendant made a false representation Wrongfulness: which he knew to be false Damage: the plaintiff must have suffered, or be likely to suffer loss Causality: because of the false representation >>>

Same sex marriage issue

According to the article, the denial of the exemption was in connection with the provided definition of marriage and spouse that excluded same-sex partners. In connection with this, the article claims that the government of the United States established a controversy that was sufficient for Article III jurisdiction by refusing >>>

Brief of u.s v. kozeny

Issues: Should the defendants be exempted of criminal liability under Article 171 of the Azerbaijan Criminal Code? Decisions: The Court held that it would not instruct the jury on giving the defendants exemptions to criminal liability under Article 171.

Inchoate crimes discussion

This is clearly the hardest part of this issue: proving the subjective intent to commit a crime that has not yet occurred. That is what puts this kind of crime in a separate category and makes the discussion of it so difficult.

Unit2crim discuss

In this case where the anti-abortion activist, Scott Roeder is accused of shooting the abortion doctor George Tiller, the trial judge considered the mitigating factor of imperfect self defense. Therefore, if this case happened in a state that did not have a fetal homicide statute, I believe that the trial >>>

The united kingdom are aimed in delivering justice law general essay

It is a unitary court but currently sites in around 92 centres throughout England and Wales.[2]Furthermore on appeal hearing, the crown court has the authority to confirm or reverse any part of the decision under appeal of the Supreme Court Act 1981).[3]Basically there are also appellate courts, which includes the >>>

First amendment rights-ingraham v. wright

S Constitution against cruel and unusual punishment did not apply to corporal punishment in the school system. Proponents of corporal punishment feel that it's a quick and immediate response to discipline and the students will be back in class learning again.

Degrees of homicide

The dad saw the kidnapper the next day in an interview and in a sudden rage, the dad grabbed a revolver from a nearby officer and killed the kidnapper. Comprising elements such as the killing of another human being was unintentional; the death occurred either during the commission of an >>>

A comparative study of moral and civil laws

Creon, the new ruler of Thebes by his relation, " Now, since they perishd.sullied by mutual fratricide, I, as you know, in right of kinship closest to the dead, possess the throne" has declared that Eteocles will be honored: " The foremost of our champions in the fray, they should >>>

The alma ata declaration health and social care essay

It is the first degree of contact of persons, the household and community with the national wellness system conveying wellness attention every bit near as possible to where people live and work, and constitutes the first component of a go oning wellness attention procedure." The Alma Ata Declaration brought about >>>

Court assignment

In proceedings of a family court that I attended, during the first hearing, the court made directions with regard to filing of the evidence, and statement of the case, with respective deadlines for each filling. The judge determined that the children should stand away from the presence of the court >>>


You need to note the direction in which the suspect fled, the mode of transportation he used, the make, color, and model of the vehicle he used as well as the license plates and an any other thing that may describe the vehicle like its condition. First, note the sex >>>

Intro to criminal justice paper assignment

The police arrest or provide a ticket with a court date which the offender has to attend, and from there the court determines whether or not that offender should be sentenced o jail or prison time or not. I believe a person should be assumed innocent until proven guilty not >>>

Employment legislation and its effect on payroll law employment essay

During the redundancy process, the company HR and Payroll ensure all termination of contracts is applied within the contract of employment and the Act. The payroll manager checks the employee is entitled to maternity pay before the payments are processed.

Bullying and depression

With today's emphasis on bullying and bullying prevention and zero tolerance in schools, there may have been a different outcome today to this tragedy, if there were some form of anti-bullying education, awareness, or school policies implemented at Columbine and grammar school, to prevent Harris and Klebold from reaching the >>>

Law breaking

From the article thus; we can clearly see the reaction of the Federal District, as being driven by the classical theory and, therefore, taking the action of prosecuting and deterring the offenders, as a means of correcting their antisocial behavior. In this article, thus, organized crime by the members of >>>

Constitutional law paper

Democracy is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state. There are rights, laws, and policies that reflect the will of the people, consent of the governed, and popular sovereignty.

Counter arguments to egosim essay

In this theory Hobbes introduces the idea of a hypothetical natural state of men or what he calls " the state of nature". Given these conditions, Hobbes concludes that in the state of nature every human being acts in a way to maximize their satisfaction over the long term.

Explanation on differences between public law law constitutional administrative essay

The drafting of the Constitution of theFederation of Malaya was the first step toward the formation of a new government after Britainagreed to concede independence to Malaya in 1956. Main features: Key elements of the Malaysian Constitution Sample of good assignmentArticle 4 state that the constitution is the supreme law >>>

The taxpayer involved in oil palm cultivation law equity essay

In the year of assessment 1997, the taxpayer was resident within the meaning of Section 7 of the Income Tax Act, 1967, despite the fact that the taxpayer was present in the United States of America for 302 days during YA97. The ArgumentsThe appeal was dismissed was due to the >>>

Business law – legal, ethical, global, and corporate environment

ABC can prove silent fraud since it can prove that, prior to the purchase, Zulu failed to disclose a material fact, Zulu had actual knowledge of the material fact and the failure by Zulu to disclose the material fact gave caused ABC Corporation to have a false impression and, therefore, >>>

Ethical scrapbook operkins assignment

In addition, Vigilantism becoming a part of the criminal justice system when it fails, along with the circumstances of which one may violate the law in regard to enforcing the law. Community Revenge Review The best possible decision of an individual in regard to community revenge, an arrest is the >>>

Analyze 4 real cases of directors liability and lessons learned

In this case, the director breached his duty of being honesty because the Korean Website company reported the computer game company, 9Korea, together with the company's director. Beran claimed that the director failed to follow the required rules in implementing the prices, thus discriminating the needs of minor shareholders in >>>

Company voluntary agreement versus administration law company business partnership essay

It grants an immediate moratorium period of up to 28 days, which would prevent creditors from taking and enforcing actions in the period leading up to the creditors meeting by seeking to promote an agreement between the company in difficulties and it's creditors, provided it is approved by 75% of >>>

Audit of licensing / secure and fair enforcement of mortgage licensing act

Secure and Fair Enforcement of Mortgage Licensing Act Background The SAFE Act which is the Secure and Fair Enforcement of Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 was executed to amass and enhance the flow of information between regulators, to provide an increase in accountability levels and improve tracking of residential mortgage >>>