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Law of restitution

The law of restitution and the principle against unjust enrichment has developed to a great extent under common law alongside the law of contract and the law of tort. The principle of unjust enrichment requires: first, that the defendant has been 'enriched' by the receipt of a "benefit"; secondly, that >>>

Torts memo

The essential elements of an action for intentional infliction of emotional distress in North Carolina are 1) extreme and outrageous conduct by the defendant 2) which is intended to and does in fact cause 3) severe emotional distress. The courts ruled that the facts in Hogan did not meet the >>>

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Preliminary legal studies – basic concepts

Defending yourself if accused Procedural Fairness: The body or principles used to ensure the fairness and justice of the decision making procedures of courts Refers to 1. The right to a decision based on logically relevant evidence Rule of law: The principle that no one is above the law Includes >>>


In order to continue it is necessary to define recklessness and the current law on it. Statutes make provision for the presence of recklessness, but have yet to define it strictly, thus it falls on the hands of the judges to interpret what is meant by recklessness.

Judicial reforms

The judicial reforms started on 20th November 1864 when the Tsar signed the decree which enforced four regulations; the establishment of judicial settlements, the regulation of civil proceedings, the regulation of criminal proceedings and the regulation of punishment implored by justices of the peace. From the said above, we can >>>

Exclusionary rule

Contemporary Issues Paper: The Exclusionary Rule Jennifer Howell November 6, 2010 The Exclusionary Rule and Its Exceptions Introduction: The Exclusionary Rule The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement personnel. The Courts have provided three factors for Courts >>>

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Sleep stages and their description

Stage one is also the REM sleep stage and is where a persondreams. He believes that a dream is the cerebral cortex's way of taking all the random thoughts and making sense of them all.

Does the law and should the law depend on moral values

The law can be described as rules that have been established by the state or country that we as a society need to uphold and follow and if we do not then we will be punished with either imprisonment or by some other means of punishment. In conclusion, I think >>>

Adjudicators` jurisdiction and construction contracts

Examples of grounds on which jurisdictional challenges may be made are as follows:The contract is not a construction contract within the 1996 Act;The relevant activities are not construction operations within the ActThe contract is not in writing within the scope of the ActThe adjudicator was not properly appointed, for example, >>>

Lawnmower suit essay

Howard can argue is negligence on the part of Lawns Inc. In the defense of Lawns Inc, they can state that they are not responsible for Mr.

Prosecutorial discretion

This creates somewhat of a gray area in the American legal system when addressing the prosecutor's perception of the defendant and the specific crime he/she is being accused of and also the oath a lawyer takes to fight for justice according to the law regardless of personal opinion. In conclusion, >>>

Common law reasoning

You must also be prepared to answer a series of reflective questions on your research essay in the May/June Analyse the adequacy and relevancy of the crime control and due process models for understanding criminal justice, with reference to the jurisdiction you are in and/or England and Wales.'It is healthy >>>

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Mrs. meier

After being awarded the benefits the defendant in the case appealed the court's decision to give Mrs. Ultimately with the definition of "misconduct" take The issue in the case is that there is a back and forth story in what misconduct is and what happen the day Mrs.

Free comparative contract law term paper sample

Some of the general elements of contract in common law include:Consideration: After the evolution from forms of action based on covenants and debt, the trajectory towards the modern law of contact would be improved in the seventeenth century when the open-ended scope of assumpsit was brought into control by the >>>

Sources of malaysian law

Sources of Malaysian Law Weeks 3 & 4 - The sources of Malaysian Law mean the legal rules that make the laws in Malaysia, which can be classified into written and unwritten law. Federal Constitution Is the supreme law of the land by virtue of the case, Suderinder Singh v.

For other uses, see common law (disambiguation).

A "common law system" is a legal system that gives great precedential weight to common law,[2] on the principle that it is unfair to treat similar facts differently on different occasions.[3] The body of precedent is called "common law" and it binds future decisions. In cases where the parties disagree >>>

Abdominal aortic aneurysm health and social care essay

Diagnosis and intervention tracts will be followed; analysis and comparing to other tracts will be done to see which is the most effectual and accurate in the diagnosing and intervention of abdominal aortal aneurism. Mr X was referred to a vascular sawbones who recommended a CT scan to look into >>>

Addressing international legal and ethical issues simulation analysis

The importance of careful consideration of many options was emphasized in the simulation and the concerns of the CEO's of both companies as well as the legal counsel for the American company, CadMex, were expressed. Not only is it imperative that a company be compassionate to those that they serve, >>>

So what is actus reus?

Mens rea, a person's awareness of the fact that his or her conduct is criminal, is the mental element, and actus reus, the act itself, is the physical element. Sometimes a statute creates criminal liability for the commission or omission of a particular act without designating a mens rea.

China-complicated risks, big opportunities

In China, the political system does not carry the rule of law; rather, the rule of man triumphs over legal authority. China's laws are not founded on practicality, and justice has shown to be the matter of man rather than the province of a strict legal system.

Why we should obey the law

I think the laws against drunk driving are rational and I follow them. The laws that provide protection for the citizens are compassionate and I support them.

The recognised and to see whether their

Moreover there is no requirement to register copyright but only if the work isin a tangible form, and to be the owner of the work proving the originality ofthe work is essential. It must be imparted in circumstances of confidence; and, There must have been authorised use of it to >>>

Mothas day for big mae essay

He finally realized how good of a woman Mae had been to him and he knew that it was time for him to make a change. He had come to tell Berry that Mae was dead.

Are judges eroding unfair dismissal by not overstepping into managerial prerogative>

In evaluating an employer's decision to dismiss an employee for misconduct, an ET will consider the fairness of the investigation the employer conducted into the misconduct, the reasons the employer had for believing the employee had engaged in the alleged misconduct, the procedure the employer followed in dismissing the employee, >>>

5th and 6th amendment

In order to establish probable cause, the officer must establish that there is a fair probability that the area to be searched contains evidence or the person to be arrested has committed a crime; a mere possibility is insufficient. A search occurred if Bishop Short had a subjective expectation of >>>

Hammurabi’s code vs hebrew law

This shows that both the Hebrews and Hammurabi's people, the Babylonians, had a sense of equality in social class and other things. These are examples on how Hammurabi's Code of Law and the Hebrew Law are alike or different.

Ann siriwan baker 5280760

I believe that it is a direct issue because it is what ignited the whole problem when Proview Technology claimed Apple to be in violation of the 'iPad' trademark. Therefore the question is whether Proview Technology gave any authority to Proview Electronics to sell the 'iPad' trademark, or whether Proview >>>

Firm judicial policy

It is questionable whether the courts have always shown due respect for the intention of Parliament when applying this policy, yet as noted by Elliott and Thomas; "The courts role is to take Parliament's intention that decision-makers should respect the rule of law, and to work out what limitations or >>>

Notes for final paper

Which of the following is not an exception to the employment-at-will doctrine? A. Which of the following is not a contract condition related to that Job? A.

Canadian softwood lumber

Canadian Softwood Lumber The Canadian softwood lumber industry is one of Canada's largest exports, to the united states and many other countries around the world. The softwood lumber dispute and damages to the economy The softwood lumber dispute was a dispute between Canada and the United States of America, the >>>

The legal theory under restraint of trade

The legal theory under restraint of trade of common law is that all agreements are prima facie void unless it is shown that the restraint is reasonable in the interests of the parties and of the public. The court held that although the covenant was reasonably necessary for the protection >>>

Development of a proposed commercial building

Therefore, the procurance to be usage for building and methods is really of import as it affect the cost, quality and clip of bringing of the undertaking. Deliver the wellness and safety files to the client on completion of the undertaking.

Memorandum of agreement

WHEREAS, Land Bank of the Philippines in its concern to enhance the training and development of more and better professionals, has teamed up with WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY PHILIPPINES for an On-The-Job Training Program to provide training and support to the students of WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY PHILIPPINES, College of Business and Accountancy on >>>

Jaga vs. d

In this essay, I argue that the recent comments by the Constitutional Court about the case clearly show that the Gaga judgment Is no longer relevant to the Interpretation of statutes after the democratic transformation. It focuses on the grammar used In the text or In legislation rather than the >>>

Baker v. osborne legal review

The Fourth Appellate District of the California Court of Appeal answered both questions in its 2008 decision when it held that arbitration provisions in the HBW 2-10 warranty were "unenforceable," because they were "unconscionable" The warranty was unconscionable because the arbitration language was broad and did not "clearly and unmistakably" >>>

Statutory interpretation: meaning

The defendant had voted in the name of a person who had died, but was found not guilty of the offence of personating 'any person entitled to vote': a dead person is not entitled to vote." Another rule that governs statutory interpretation is the mischief rule, and according to the >>>

Ex post facto guarantee

Nor ought it to be presumed that the legislature meant to use a phrase in an unjustifiable sense,if by rules of construction it can be ever strained to what is just -Thomas Jefferson INTRODUCTION An ex-post-facto law is a law which imposes penalties retroactively, that is, upon acts already done, >>>

Arizona v. hicks

However, the act of moving the appliances in order to see the serial numbers is violative of the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure.2. The search and seizure of the stereo cannot be justified under the plain view doctrine.

Law421 week 2 assignment

Most overseas companies sign a contract to follow the business laws and customs of that country while working there. Both the simulation and the domestic legal issues show that two businesses need to understand each other's laws and customs before signing a contract.

Are judges the makers or discoverers of the law?:

The role of the judge in the process of adjudication as a law maker is the subject of disagreement and debate. In his Commentaries on the Law of England6 he claimed that the ancient customs and usages of England are the essence of the common law, and that judicial decisions >>>

Legal environment of business notes

Based on the idea that law is just one of many institutions in society and law is shaped by social forces and needs.i. Case Law and Common Law Doctrines The interpretation of constitutional provisions of statutes enacted by legislatures, ad of regulations created by admin.agencies.IV.

Bhl assessment

In regards to all of the clauses and what Bob is currently doing which is working for a competitor in his spare time he is already breaching one of the first common law duties which is the duty of faithful service, Emir states that "It is a breach of the >>>

How to read a legal opinion: a guide for law students

The Caption The first part of the case is the title of the case, known as the "caption. A citation tells you the name of the court that decided the case, the law book in which the opinion was published, and the year in which the court decided the case.