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Learning activity 7 essay sample

The rising cost in trying to secure the supply chain is of importance as it ensures safe and secure movement of goodsfrom the producer to the consumer. The use of religion by the Saudi is aimed at keeping in check the business groups and the society towards moral doing.

Good response paper essay example

The second amendment to the first amendment it accepts that the God-given natural right of the people, and allows the government not to interfere with the exercise of power thus there is nowhere the constitution grants the public to arm themselves. Burger had several reasons for against the position of >>>

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Free suitability of materials essay example

The one thing that is critical to the achievement of all these factors is the choice of materials used in the construction of the prospective product. Additionally, and since the material under consideration will be used to make the steps and the walking platform component of the structure, it is >>>

Homeland security research paper examples

The Department of Homeland Security is directed by the Secretary of Homeland Security, the President of the USA appoints him when getting the consent of the United States Senate. The Secretary is responsible for the management of the Department and is assisted by the Deputy Secretary, certain Under Secretaries, and >>>

Checklist case study sample

Anyone who plans to enter the most secure part of the data center should be authenticated at least three times; first at the general entrance, then at the entrance to the employee area and finally to the entrance of the central point of the data center. Physical security controls inhibit >>>

Ethical reponses essay examples

The article relates to the growing interest among various countries such as the US, Russia, Canada, Sweden and the Nordic countries in the Arctic region. The ethical issue that arises from this article is the conflict between exploiting energy reserves in the Arctic region and the effect on global climate.

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The morey unit hostage incident essay sample

The male and female correctional officers on duty in the tower were the only two present in the tower. There should be surveillance on the tower from another area in order to ensure the safety of the guards and the prison.

Example of essay on put into operation and assess strategies to get better quality of care for people

Among the key factors are:-Devise and realize new care processes which will enable patients to take steps as co-managers of their health care, predominantly for chronic illnesses. Patient participation is more and more accepted as a solution factor in the do over of health care processes.

Organic chemistry essay examples

The functional group in the compound is the esther group that joins the ethyl part with the butyl part. Chemspider.

Free report about water shortage in gcc countries

The government must tackle the problem of water wastages in GCC countries as a survey showed that individual spending of water is double that of an individual in the United States. The strategies results to curbing water shortages in GCC countries and should be applied to other countries facing cases >>>

Research paper on legal and ethical implications for classroom management

In law,the safety of students is considered to be a legal right; hence, it should be at the top of the list of the priorities of teachers. According to this law, it is the duty or rather the responsibility of the instructor to protect the students in the classroom.

Free research paper about changes in foreign aid during the last ten years

Despite the debates in the effectiveness of uplifting the living conditions of the beneficiaries of foreign assistance, questions still remains whether or not the international foreign assistance program has changed for the good or has remained stagnant during the last 10 years. Among the subject of debate on the issue >>>

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Purpose of classification in the prison system essay examples

It is in the interest of both the state and the inmates for non-custodial approaches to be applied. It is in the interest of the state that inmates are only reformed and not hardened.

Linux distribution evaluation report examples

The liberty accorded to the distribution of Linux operating system has created a situation where the users have developed their own versions of the operating system. It is even easier to install and use the Linux operating system than the use of Windows operating system or MacOs.

Security issues in the cloud computing

Cloud computing can spare an association's opportunity and cash, however confiding in the framework is more essential in light of the fact that the genuine resource of any association is the information which they share in the cloud to utilize the required administrations by putting it either specifically in the >>>

Career change creative writing sample

He had told me about this before and how it could really make his life easier for many reasons but he hesitated because he had the security of his present job and a family that he was responsible for. The security of his present job would definitely keep he and >>>

Good example of 9-11 changed united states essay

On psychological front, itled to the fears in the minds of the American citizens. The divide between the Muslims from across the world and native Americans came to forth as a result of the September 11th attacks.

Notes safety management

It would be better to try to control the hazards that lead to accident than try to minimize, the damage done once and accident occurs. In turn, the middle manager, will delegate responsibility for safety and accident prevention to the supervisor.

Free essay about border security

The issue of border security has been a polarizing political and international relation issue with conflicting arguments for and against its imposition and the manner of imposition of the regulations. This argument will recognize the integrated labor market in Latin America, which can help in countering the increasing labor demands >>>

National security agency spies on american citizens essay sample

Indeed, it has been observed with regret that the 9/11 attacks in the United States of America was partly due to the inaction and inability of the security agencies of the nation. However, the scope of this paper is limited to the issue of spying on the citizenry by the >>>

Scada and industrial control systems research paper

Baker refers to STUXNET as the "SCADA security game changer", while noting that the very nature of SCADA systems makes it difficult for cyber attacks. How?Usually, control systems are incorporated in the building systems with the aim of conserving energy.

Identify the different stages of a fire

Fire group knows about the phases of flame improvementFinding the best putting out firesLimit the dangers of flame warriorsForesee the movement of the fireTo limit the hazard to the working amid a fire in our Fire insurance administrations Check out. The underlying flame can be characterized by the accompanying componentsFire >>>

Essay on point of view of the government

Through this effort, secrets that have been kept under the wraps come to the light, and at the end of the effort, the society on which the movie is based is changed for the better, with more rights to the working class maids and the whites bring to an end >>>


The main reason why we have the need for safety and legislation standards for fire safety is so we all know how to handle a fire in he most safe and effective way. Special dry powder* extinguishing agents are required for this class of fire, and must be tailored to >>>

Sample report on mobile pki (public key infrastructure) security

A number of papers have shown that the functionality of mobile PKI in mobile phones is sufficient for security authentication to facilitate the adaptation of mobiles in e-commerce environments. It is to act as a third party for authentication of the mobile client and key exchange with the service provider.

The great depression dbq essay sample

In order for America to get out of this economic disaster, the Federal Government rightly overstepped it's constitutional bound to adopt the role of a "care taker" and establish a basic minimum of living for the American people. The government was attempting to pump money back into the economy in >>>

Good essay on gibbs model of reflective practice

Because the team members were not in agreement with regards to many aspects concerning the implementation of the community garden and because the discussions deviated from the meeting's purpose,the meeting ended with nothing being resolved. With regards to Luke's feelings regarding the situation, it was clear based on his facial >>>

How internet affects security and individuality

Data transmitted by websites is a sign of danger, which is a problem for the world to worry. According to Phillip and Mthulisi, the personal information and activities which people add on their social media site is seen by friends and society, which is easy for a person to use >>>

Good essay on mass media law

Journalists Should Not Be Forced To Reveal Their SourcesThis is a debate that has gone on since the beginning of time. Should a reporter be allowed to conceal the sources used in the writing of their journalistic materials?

Course work on technology

Because of such problems, the developer can only be held responsibly to a very limited extent and the rest is upon the user to take other measures to ensure the safety of such sensitive data.4. Through this, the public can use the key, encrypt a text and send it to >>>

Essay on concealed gun carry in the united states

There are many states whereby carrying of concealed fire arms has been legalized and therefore people are allowed to carry concealed fire arms. However, there are many arguments against legalizing the carrying of the concealed fire arm.

Competency goal #1

The purpose of fire/tornado drills is to let the children know where and what to do in case of and emergency situation. The room is set up in a manner that my Para's and I are able to supervise the children at all times.

Dates essay samples

IIinois is the latest state to come up with a bill that proposes an increment in the speed limit to about 70 mph on certain parts of its roads. Generally, he is of the view that 70 mph is more practical and people are likely to adhere to it.

Definition of the dos attack and its functions

Denial of Service attackIn basic words, A denial-of-service is any kind of assault were the attackers endeavor to keep authentic clients from getting into the administration. DoS Functions:Blackmail by means of a risk of a DoS assault: The assailant may intend to specifically benefit from his apparent capacity to disturb >>>

Relationship between private and public police

Relationship between Private and Public Police G00fydad CJS/250 March 10, 2013 John Doe Relationship between Private and Public Police The police in our society carry with them a deep sense of tradition and honor that stems from generations of serving and protecting the public. This image of private security officers >>>

Fundamentals of information system security essay sample

We all know that the user is the weakest link in security which are vulnerable to threats and may cause risk in the future. Which application is used for Step 2 in the hacking process to perform a vulnerability assessment scan?

The five pillars of today’s security techniques

Information system security can be enhanced through the following:Protection:Firewalls employ selective rules to grant or deny access to data traffic in to the intranet. They have to be configured carefully for purposes of sending the correct information to the security personnel.

Good example of research paper on computer security

The interception in case of computer systems is the illegal access to data communication or breaking into the private directory of the personal computer's file system. The modification involves unauthorized tampering of data or a service on a computer system.

Free essay about edward snowden and ethics

Readily accessible information over the internet and the curiosity to know more has instigated the sense of accountability in people which has led to many whistle blowers being born. It is apparent that Snowden breached the law and the Code of Ethics when he took that life-altering step, but the >>>

Information systems security essay sample

Choose two technical controls and discuss how they are used to protect the CIA of information systems: Confidentiality, integrity and availability Information security is a practice that aims at defending and protecting the CIA properties or values of information. Information security policies and procedures are applicable in diverse ways that >>>

Securing the nations cyber infrastructure research paper sample

The DHS has created the National Cyber Security Division ten years ago as a lead national center to address cyber security issues and to coordinate the implementation of the cyber security strategy in the United States. The mandate of the U.S.government is to enable the industry to have the said >>>

Security engineering – ms admission essay

I would like to apply for a place on the MSc Security Engineering course at your institution as I am passionate about pursuing a career in this field. I aim to graduate with a MSc in Security Engineering and then progress to use my acquired skills in the workplace.

Free essay on phone

Due to this, there was a reduction in the gene pool of the population of seals. For instance, the population of predators and prey in an ecosystem is balance according to the feeding relationship of the two.

Example of the effects and consequences of the arab spring argumentative essay

The recent transition from authoritarianism to democracy by Muslim nations in the Middle East and North Africa has caused a lot of changes in the political, social and economic strata of these nations. The transition from authoritarianism to democracy has led to the more protection of human rights in that >>>


DOD is made to protect the freedom, privacy, and the free flow of information that we put on the cyberwaves. The FBI worked with Internet service providers to identify and notify the owners of the infected software.

Web privacy term paper sample

Besides the general internet users, the web service providers, the people associated withe-commerce, online social-networking businesses and users are all influenced as well influence the role of web Some of the most significant website policies include the following.- Accessibility Policy- Linking Policy- Browser Policy- Security Protocols to Protect Information- Information >>>

Example of organizational safety and health essay

Discuss the potential benefits of utilizing leading indicators in a safety program, including specific examples of how they are could be applied to a process of your choice. Describe for your supervisor what ABET accreditation actually is, and the benefits of hiring a graduate from an ABET accredited safety program.

Social responsibility and ngos in japan essay example

In the context of Japan, the concept of corporate social responsibility may be described in various terms. Deductively, Japanese NGOs by extension have the social responsibility of preventing the occurrence of corruption in its contexts.

Free paper essay sample

Mabel Berezin' article The Normalization of the Right in Post-Security Europe argues that the global financial crisis in Europe from the year 2008 has regenerated an increasing interest amongst Europeans for right wing parties. The victory of right wing partiesin Germany, United Kingdom, and France is a demonstration of the >>>

Risk assessment and vulnerability assessment research paper sample

In particular, while I agree that risk assessment involves the details needed in determining the requirements for recovering from an attack, risk assessment mainly involves the assessment or evaluation of a situation that involves a system's exposure to danger. In other words, I think that risk assessment refers to the >>>

Hacker culture and motivation research paper sample

With a brief discussion on how the sensitive information of NASA was compromised when it was attacked by a hacking group, this essay will look into various aspects of the hacking process, highlighting the needful measures to be taken by an organization to reduce vulnerabilities of its IT systems. For >>>

Wells fargo bank research paper example

The United States economy needs to be protected from the high-risk gambles in the securities/banking, a basis of the economy. The mission of United States Securities and Exchange Commission is essentially to protect the investors, maintain orderly, efficient, and fair markets, in addition to facilitating the capital formation.

Preventing systems intrusions report

The overall security assessment risk rating denotes the tools that are used by security experts, system administrators as well as internal auditors, to check on security updates that have been omitted. The risk factor reported should be weighed alongside the role of the computer to determine the level of priority >>>

Creating a culture of healthcare quality using the institute of medicines six essay examples

Due to the severity of the problem, the need to reduce healthcare errors is essential.wrong perception about healthcare errors, the general pattern of "name" and "blame' culture, inadequate error-reporting systems and fear of litigation on reported errors. Every organization should establish a culture of safety that fosters knowledge and responsibility >>>

Domestic and global security threats

In 2009, before the US announced its abandonment of a missile defense system in the Czech Republic, "a national security document released by Moscow describe[d] the US and NATO as major threats to the security of the world and Russia". Building stronger relationships with Russia without compromising NATO's domestic and >>>

Client care vrq assessment

When the treatment is completed I will ask the client if they would like to book another appointment and will take the opportunity to ask If they would like to try any of the additional treatments that they have shown an Interest In over the course of today's retirement. Understanding >>>

Counselor confidentiality and disclosure

Some of the more practical solutions in maintaining confidentiality of the client's background by the counselor are the following: I.) Limiting Personal Information from Client's FilesRespecting a client's rights to privacy includes the maintenance of a confidential relationship within which the client is free to reveal important personal information as >>>

Free the evolution of homeland security essay sample

Given the endless possibilities of threats to the US soil, the concept of homeland security aims to secure the homeland and its borders against terrorism acts and disasters that might happen in the future. Upon the passage of the Homeland Security Act in 2002, the Department of Homeland Security was >>>

Example of environmental policy of the european union research paper

Similar to the sentiments of their governments and that of the European Community, Europeans themselves are also seeing the gravity of environmental issues and thereby fostering their support to any campaign to protect the environment. According to Hey, the attitude of the European public and its younger generation became active >>>

Prison privatization essay examples

In summary, after analyzing the different abilities of private and state run prisons to conduct an efficient and effective rehabilitation program, I believe that the privatization of prisons should be encouraged. This is because private prisons are in a better position of being more successful in running prisons as compared >>>

Improving track safety design with passive external airbags engineering essay

Each airbag merely a inactive bag, which are pre hyperbolic bag of air and are of peculiar lengths, so that any combination of bags can be used every bit long as the path length, and can be easy transported or shifted from one path to another as all the paths >>>

Free essay about practice of military psychology

According to the APA, the responsibility of the military psychologists at interrogation sites is to directly work for the detainees, independent human rights parties, and giving treatment to military officers. In conclusion, there seems to be a discrepancy between what the requirements of the APA and the DOD with regard >>>

Free essay on mobile code

Malicious Mobile Code or MMC as it is popularly known is a malicious worm or virus that attacks the system of the user and claims accessto the user's personal information and data stored on the effected system. There are many ways that help ensure that the system is protected from >>>

Potential security vulnerability report

For this reason, it is vital for premise owners to put in place some measures to ensure the security of their property. For this reason, the protection measures should address the points most likely to be used by burglars, such as the ones discussed below.

Research paper on current and future needs

The fact has gone beyond that class of thought of beneficiaries being just the government employees as some people who receive and are entitled to the pension benefit plan in Czech Republic include those with disabilities of some sort, the spouses and children of a social security beneficiary as well >>>

Wireless lan and network security architecture essay

It gives an overview on Firewalls and their importance in the field of computer network security for maintaining a secure environment. It discusses the components of RBAC and how network users are given equal rights to access the network.

Creature comforts

Physical resources are resources that can you can see and touch physically such as buildings and technological resources are those that use technology such as patents. Greg Simpson would need to think about technological resources such as: Intellectual property Accumulated Experience and skills Greg would need to think about these >>>

Security assessments essay sample

The entire objective of a security risk assessment is to recognize the areas that are the most susceptible to fraud and building a remediation process to prevent fraud from occurring. Risk categorization or commonly referred to as Risk modeling is one of the most complex and cumbersome parts of a >>>

Building on prior success essay

Efficiency and effectiveness to the end users and network administrators is also a major factor to be considered in choosing a network operating system. It interconnects independent networks, such that a user of one network is given access to another, available in the VPN.

Good nato. its formation and current status research paper example

The main purpose of NATO was and is up to date is to ensure the freedom and security of all members by political and military means in accordance with the principles of the UN. The military structure of NATO is composed of the military committees, of the Permanent Military Committee >>>

Implementing auditing: abc incorporation report examples

The implementation of the above actions was on the basis of Information Systems department, which installed the system. The results obtained were reduced attacks from virus, increased access of relevant information, and effective monitoring and resolving of security issues within the firm.

Argumentative essay on peacekeeping

The term "Revolution in Military Affairs" is used to refer to a major shift in the nature of fighting which is as a result of the application of new technologies which adjusts the nature and accomplishment of military actions, when these technologies are pooled with organizational and operational concepts as >>>

Free essay about advantages

The main disadvantage of symmetric cryptography is the means of sharing the key information. Both Wireshark and NMap are network security tools used for scanning and checking the status of the network.

Argumentative essay example

Argumentative Essay: Terrorist Vis-a-vis Freedom FighterIntroductionThe looming threat of terrorism has triggered the emergence of the labels "terrorist" and "freedom fighter". A terrorist and a freedom fighter is not the same as one another.

Spartan plastic limited essay sample

The main problem for the company is to facing the high scrap rate and quality of the product. Angove should concerns more about the issues of just-in-time manufacturing and process planning for small batch manufacturing to increase the quality of the product and the profit of the company.

Essay on criminal justice, security goals and challenges

Despite the fact that all the law enforcing agencies in the United States has a common objective of ensuring the security and safety of people within the boundaries of America, the main objectives of these agencies have a slight difference. The main objective of federal law enforcement agency is to >>>

Research paper on brief discussion of the tuskegee syphilis study

The real purpose of this study was not revealed to the subjects; their true health status regarding contracting syphilis was never disclosed to them and the researchers did not treat their signs/symptoms neither the disease condition. Prior to commencement of the study these 600 subjects were told that they would >>>

Good essay on domain models

The use of this domain model was not the best choice for the design of the modelthat would ensure that there is security. One way in which this is possible is that there will be the use of multiple domain models.

American red cross: home fire campaign grant proposal

This research and outreach will culminate in one major canvassing event in each of the targeted zip codes, with a total goal of installing 1,000 smoke alarms, reaching 400 individuals, and engaging a minimum of 100 volunteers recruited from the target communities. We will achieve these objectives through the training >>>

Detecting and mitigating attacks on applications

It is advisable that the implementation of the patches be made simple to reduce complexity in their testing and management which are some of the problematic areas in using patches. By providing flexibility, the patches ensure a system that can be used in implementing information security and developing strategies that >>>

Cooperative security research paper examples

The end of the Cold War, which followed the fall of the USSR brought about new security strategies that recognized changing global realities, furthermore, the emergence of a hyper-power in the form of a post Cold War US removed the need for doctrines such as MAD and brought about the >>>

Free term paper on health information system securityname

Utilizing computers, medical technology, and communications infrastructure the goal of the field is the advancement of health care and the better delivery of health care services. Privacy and security of patient data in the pathologyHajrahimi, N, Dehaghani, S.M.

Research a fire event or situation and summarize that event report examples

This is especially the case when the item is not used appropriately or is old or damaged. At the beginning of this month of February, 2012, a malfunctioningelectric blanket caused a house fire in St.

Airlines in america concentrated

Airlines in America concentrated to uplift their air markets with the subsidization of the government sector through advanced technology of security system and e-marketing strategies that preferred by customers consequential to the emergence of low cost airlines. According to Hirschey and Pappas, the greater the number of market participants, the >>>

Essay on invention

For instance, the information about all the patients and staff in a given hospital should not be accessed by the unauthorized individuals since when this takes place; the medical ethical standards are violated. Electronic Medical Software Security Plan is an exceptional invention whose objective is essentially to improve the protection >>>

Free classification of corrections essay sample

In common with similar approaches in other states, California's Department of Corrections uses such a system in the interest of increasing the efficiency of utilization of available incarceration facilities. Following a review of all the new inmate's case factors, he or she will be awarded a classification score, and through >>>

Podcast report

DuQu worm is the latest security threat and is well described in this podcast. First of all there's the question of the kernel problems which is dealt with in substantial detail and which covers an extensive section of the podcast.


Unless you see signs or marks on the child that shows they are in danger, then you have to inform your super visor of your concerns. For example, if you discover someone being abused at home and you tell this information to everyone instead of going straight to your super >>>

Security issues in iiot and its countermeasures

Industrial systems are using the potential of IoT to reduce the unnecessary operational cost and increase the usability and reliability of the industrial assets which can subsequently contribute to return on investment. In this paper we discuss the potential security threats to the Industries adapting to IIoT and study the >>>

Free research paper on court

The meaning of events of 9/11 was not only in assertion of terrorism threat to the security of the American citizens and country in general, it also imposed threat for every Middle-Easterner in the Western world. Thus, 9/11 had practically institutionalised and legitimised racism and new type of segregation in >>>

Chemistry research paper

However, the levels that are found in products are very minute and may not be responsible for this activity. Many preservative that are used in manufacturing may be a hazard to the ecosystem.

Utilizing of an intrusion detection sensor

To take out the current downside and ad lib the current innovation, we have utilized an Intrusion Detection Sensor which recognizes an Intrusion when there is development in the Cabin of an Automotive. The developed sensor consists of a transmitter and receiver it recognizes the movement inside the zone of >>>

What god has designed me to do essays examples

In future, I intend to be a police officer or to work in a security company. To be successful as a police officer or security official, I have to optimize my strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Security council

The United Nations Security Council is the organ of the United Nations charged with maintaining peace and security among nations. VerbekeRepublic of the Congo: Amb.

Return on investment and security investment research paper samples

The method also calculates the cost of cyber security technology and the level to which the risk of the attack is decreased because of such mitigation. Introduction to Return on Security Investment: Helping CERT's Assessing the Cost of Security.