Useful Linguistics Essay Examples

Although linguistics is one of the oldest scientific studies, it is constantly changing and developing. That is why college and university students often have to write essays on linguistics. It can be quite challenging, though, because there are many difficult topics and types of essays about linguistics. If your teacher asked you to write a paper on linguistics, but you feel lost and have no idea what to start with, donโ€™t worry! This website has many linguistics essay examples, so you will learn to write you own papers in no time. Best of all, the samples we offer are all free.

Types of Essays & structure

Essays can vary depending on their purpose, and essays on linguistics are no exception. These are the main types of the papers you may need to write:

  • Descriptive
  • Expository
  • Comparative
  • Persuasive
  • Argumentative

Our website is a free database of comparative, argumentative and other essay samples. Comparing and analyzing them, you will soon learn to see the differences between their structures and citation styles. Apart from writing assignments, you may need to prepare to some tests or exams. Whether it is a syntax test, a linguistic anthropology exam, or a project on computational linguistics, you are guaranteed to find the answers on our website.

While the types of essays vary depending on their purpose, the structures can be different according to the type of paper you are writing. Before you start writing, itโ€™s always better to create an outline of the main points you want to make. Putting some details aside, there is a common way to build a structure of any paper. The basic one consists of:

  • Introduction,
  • Body paragraphs,
  • Conclusion.

Sounds easy, right? It is still not always that simple, though. There are also different formats to use, citation styles, and plagiarism issues. Donโ€™t panic: practice does make perfect, and weโ€™ll give you as much of it as you need. Whether the assignment is to write a short essay on corpus linguistics or simply present personal reflections on the lecture, you will be able to improve all your writing skills.

Topics of linguistics essays

Because linguistics is a broad field of study, the topics you may have to discuss can be quite different. They can relate to the various branches within linguistics, such as:

  • computational linguistics;
  • anthropological linguistics;
  • historical linguistics;
  • comparative linguistics;
  • arbitrariness in linguistics;
  • syntax, semantics, morphology, etc.

Before you graduate, you will have to submit tens of papers for your AP English course, as well as for some of the subjects mentioned above. That is why it is better to always be ready to apply the skills you need. Using our website, you will learn to find and cite credible sources, avoid common misconceptions about writing, and create original ideas on any given topic within the field of linguistics.

To sum up, with our samples, you will have all you need to learn to write high-quality, well-organized papers and get the best marks for them. You will find all samples available in pdf and docx formats. Below are several examples of essays about linguistics, which will also give you an idea of the content on our website. We hope you will have fun learning, and thank you for using our website to help you on your way!

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Free 1260 Flawless Linguistics Samples of Papers to Help You With Writing

Problem posing paragraph – strong topic sentences

Strong Topic Sentences Does a strong topic sentence make a difference in the way readers will view your work? Not having a strong topic sentence could be problematic in the way of your reader not understanding your idea completely.' Learning how to write a strong topic sentence is not going >>>

When than we think too, because there

Many scientists studied languages acquisition and developed theories aboutvocabulary, discourse, and grammar acquisition which is not just applicableonly to the English language, but also to other languages too. The orthography system of the English has its downsides which cause somedifficulties that the child needs to overcome to have a good >>>

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In the eld curriculum frameworks chapter four, there

In the second grade, students will begin to use dictionaries and glossaries in order to determinethe precise meaning of words and opportunities to use new vocabulary. Students in the second grade uselanguage conventions to communicate effectively in speaking and writing.

Write an argumentative essay based on the following topic:

Review each other's essays and give a comment and score according to the following criteria." a e S 1.a e a c e ' c' cS" c"...e " e cS" e ' c' ' 2.' a a c" a c Se '...e " ' a c c" " c e >>>

Phonology similar to an adjacent sound, usually

Based on the recording: Prove that aspiration is present in EnglishLanguage He adds that " there are two typesof insertion: prothesis and epenthesis, the former refers to the insertion of a segment at the beginning while thelatter refers to the insertion inside a word. Phonology is a branch science oflinguistics, >>>

Supra phrasal unity

Any utterance from a stylistic point of view will serve to denote a certainspan of speech in which we may observe coherence, interdependence of the elements, one definite idea, and last but not least, the purport of the writer. The purport is the aim that the writer sets before himself, >>>

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October. 10, 2011

Print." The southpaw's secret semantics" article written by Shannon Brownlee, emphasize that there are different learning capabilities between the left-handers people and right-handers. Shan Shannon Brownlee's article, The Southpaw's Secret Semantics, emphasizes that there are differences in the learning capabilities between left-handed people and right-handed people.

Brain structures and functions essay

So we know that our senses trigger a switch in our brain that stimulates the need to learn. We first need to learn some parts of the brain to know how it functions.

Orientalism after world war

The orient is not only together to Europe but also the source of the greatest and oldest source of information, culture and language that involved the cou8ntry and the war. The ninth is on Maria conceptions and the book of dreams.

The misconceptions of distance learning education

The paper "The Misconceptions of Distance Learning Education" is an outstanding example of an essay on education. Group work concerning a number of undergraduates is also put up into the set of courses of a number of distance learning programs, and the undergraduates are graded on their group task.

367 sultan

2) Sitting near a workstation and required materials makes it easy to access and lift the materials for work, thus preventing probable arm or back injuries. 3) Lifting objects or materials while in the correct zone helps to minimize arm or back injuries because it ensures that the shoulder is >>>

Do we mistake inaccessibility for brilliance

Topic headings: Some writers use technical jargons because of lack of the necessary expertiseAuthors' Credentials:They are experiencedThey understands the requirements in writingStep 2Main thesis: Writers should use simple sentences in delivering a messageSupporting pointsWriters use a lot of time on words that does not deserve itStudents failed to understand a >>>

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Outline some of the difficulties for learners of english posed by the english verbs system, both in form and meaning. suggest steps to a teacher on how to overcome these difficulties

The English verb system poses certain difficulties to learners of English.a) Difficulties posed by English learners as a result of English verb systemOne of the difficulties experienced by the learners is the inability to determine the right verb to express a certain idea. The learners are unable to collect the >>>

Why americans should vote

Why Americans Should Vote Why Americans Should Vote For the common American, voting is the most effective way of getting their opinions heard and making sure that their voice matters. Therefore, it is essential that they have the support from a majority of that very authority in order to successfully >>>

The disadvantages and advantages for study outside your country

This paper presents an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad, experiences faced by a majority of students. The disadvantages associated with studying abroad include high standard of living, cultural shock, lack of personal assistance in-case of sickness as well as forgetting their culture.

Tuck everlasting by natalie babbitt

I as a normal human being I find the time too insufficient to fulfill all my dreams and goals. If I knowed how to climb back on the wheel, Id do it in a minute.

Reading responese 4

The essay was originally published in Gourmet, the culinary magazine, and was presented as the review of the Maine Lobster Festival. In short, the author of the essay under consideration touches upon the ethics of cooking, namely boiling a creature alive with the aim to please the consumer.

To increase employee morale to increase productivity

It is the liability of the managerial team to improve the morale of the workforce to augment productivity. The employer should be willing to listen to the grievances and suggestions of all employees.

New evidence for the benefits of never spanking

Followed by the introduction and brief summary of the research, Straus presents an account of the "Five New Landmark Studies" which overcame the defects in previous 45 years of research based on long-term effects of corporal punishment; suggesting spanking as a tool not to be used by parents for disciplining >>>

This paper has several strengths

The third and most important strength is a discourse analysis of the two kinds of scholarships and why need-based scholarships should replace merit-based scholarships. In the few paragraphs that lack topic sentences, there is a lack of coherence and flow of the paper whereby one finds it hard to connect >>>


The writer has tried to bring forth the difference in perspectives of men and women, the stereotypes both the genders are associated with, and the oppression that women have to suffer at the hands of men. Hale symbolizes the fact that women are trying to get into a conflict with >>>

Read the instruction (different hobbies)

When I was a child, my good hobby had striking contrast with the hobbies of my friends. Through this reflection, I have reached the conclusion that most of my hobbies are good and only a few can be classified as ill-natured.

Introduction to english grammar

We notice in the nouns above that in the cases of syllabus and octopus the word end in -es. In the cases of syllabus, fish, antenna, and hippopotamus, these words in the plural ends with -s or -I and the speaker is free to pick his choice.

Current home to your dream home

Finally, to achieve my dream, I can decide to remodel my current home to suit my wildest assumptions of how my dream home should be. Outdoors is the face of any beautiful house, my dream house should have a big deck and patio space.

Fables: give before you receive

The next day the donkey asked the monkey if they could take a walk. The donkey and the Monkey.2010.Web.


Sibling relationship and birth order Sibling rivalry is a common phenomenon among growing children as evident by the twoexamples of Andy and Jamie as well as that of Sandra and Sally. Being a firstborn is attached to a lot of expectations and responsibilities as opposed to other order of births.

Is the green movement sincere or just a popular fad

There seem to be a number of people who are not genuine in the green movement. It is true that the green movement is a fad.


I do not expect a refund, but I want to know if you are training your cashiers to push for add-on products so aggressively that you are already pressuring them to add unordered items to customers' receipts. These are all duties under Human Resources, and as its top officer, I >>>

Anlysising the hole in the wall story

The story, which makes the reader reflect on the month of August, says that the young couple had only planned to reside in Brooklyn for only a year. The Hole in the Wall.

Inquiry letter

What are the general characteristics of the Parma PDO Ham Sector in Italy? What characteristics place a firm in the SMEs category of the Parma PDO Ham Sector?

Arab spring

The writer believes that the most important reasons for the protest were the death of Bouazizi. Tunisian Man Sets Himself on Fire to Protest UnemploymentSummary:The authors of the article Tarek al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisian road seller who sets himself ablaze on 17 December 2010, in challenge of the appropriation >>>

Review of technical journal article

This is one of the prime principles embodied in the Old-Earth Creationism belief, asserting that while they believe in the ideas of creation, they insist that the Earth is very old as contradictory to the standpoints of the Young-Earth Creationism belief, believing that the Earth was created by God within >>>

Informal interview with immigrant from kenya

In the first situation, on the first day of my arrival, I extended my hand in greetings to all the people I interacted with at the airport. To my surprise, many of the people I extended hands to in greetings looked at me suspiciously and they did not shake my >>>

Summary of a book chapter

Summary Chapter 4 Summary Chapter 4 The of Chapter 4 is "Criminal or Crusaders?" and in this chapter the describes different kinds of terrorists and the terrorists that are operational in the 21st century. Terrorist even believe that they are elite members of the society and are victims and they >>>

Chapter 2 summary of understanding comic

The Vocabulary of Comics In this chapter the basically continues the idea of first chapter and put focus on some more ideas behind comics and what are the different ways to present different meanings. The writer starts the chapter "The Vocabulary of Comics" with an explanation and illustration of the >>>

Should schools help students think indiviually

The film also showed the differenttype of students and learning on how learning should go about, do we stick to the school curricula to ensure uniformity of learning or do we encourage independent thinking even different from what is thought in the school. The argument whether school's should teach uniformity >>>

University of san francisco application

I was so moved by their courage and strength that when I went back to Pittsburg and told my friends about it, they offered to do something for the children; we made a collection amounting to about $546 that I wired to the school. These resonate with my personal philosophy >>>


For instance, the first products to come out in the market usually set the name of their company to be recognized for those certain products. Due to this need to improve and maintain a good quality of products that would be competitive in the market, Colgate also employs chemists who >>>


The main parts of the story relate to the graduation of the 12-year old girl from eighth grade, when her pride and self-confidence come face to face with the stifling force of racism as represented in the white supremacist speech of Mr. This particular speech reverses the pride and confidence >>>

Causes of juvenile deliquency

Nowadays, young people may have the opportunity to connect to the internet anywhere at any time because of the presence of advanced communication gadgets and connectivity. In psychology, there are different perspectives that can be used in order to define or understand how much more of human behavior is caused >>>

The ‘undue weight’ of truth on wikipedia

The 'Undue Weight' of Truth on Wikipedia The famous events of the American Labor history still rings in the minds of most Americans and other people in the world. Messer-Kruse is still hopeful that other scholars should join him in his attempts to rectify the some of the publications in >>>

Personal statement

During this period, construction management was characterized by time constraints because as a result of poor time management, control techniques and planning. The current time driven construction environment is scheduled by superior planning, proper scheduling and control.

Good essay about self reflection

These skills are indeed one that I can build on in the hope that I can get to learn English in more fascinating ways as I continue to be more interested in reading, writing and thinking. The song is a source of my inspiration as it enables me to evaluate >>>

Research questions

As society advancesto the 21st century, the advent of technology has made a dramatic impact on the social aspects of people. Social media has become a huge source of creating an introverted generation in which stion remains- has the Internet produce a thinking and analysis in children?

Summary/critical response

There are a myriad of factors that affect the level of drop outs and it would be unfair to conclude that most of the kids that drop out of high school are the ones who work or have worked in fast food joints or other part time jobs for that >>>

Inductive reasoning in frankenstein

Morgan discusses the creature's description of his first experience of learning in her detailed paper; it is directly related to the works of Hume's and Bacon's discussions of inductive reasoning. Monique's citation of Hume's work may sound far-fetched, but the psychological application of his work is quite pertinent to the >>>

The impact of american dietetic english language essay

The dietary habit with high sugar and high heat leads to the problem of overweight which is challenging the formation of American cuisine and its characteristics and threatening the generations of American's health. I will analyze the background of America's unique culture and its influence on culinary art, formation of >>>

A description of your present living / communicating environment

Communication Communication is vital in human life so it is relevant to analyze my personal communicating environmentwith a purpose to understand how I communicate and why. I came to study at New Haven from Saudi Arabia; it is the reason why it is both challenging and interesting to communicate with >>>

Immigration in the united states

Much of the current legislation on immigration in the US is based on family unification and some of the rules that have been put in place to deal with illegal immigration include sanctions, fines and penalties for employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants, stricter border surveillance and enforcement and legalization >>>

One page reflection based on experience

The team always made it through to the championships because we valued teamwork. The healthy competition in basketball instilled a winning attitude in us besides discouraging us to be out of our comfort zones.

Crime as dark play

Kowalsky did not intend to gain the attention of the cops when he started his journey and a series of events made him a victim to the police. The mission of Max's life was to inflict pain and suffering to Max in as many ways he could.

Why english? essay sample

Maybe not everyone but can speak in English fluently but it is impossible for those people if they do not know the word 'sorry', 'thank you' and the word that even the dumbest person in the whole world would know and that is 'hello'. Learning English is not a waste >>>

The art of lying

The most common tell-tell signs of a liar are inability to maintain eye contact, speaking quickly and nervousness when required to give more details. There is also a co-relation between the symmetry of the face and the art of lying with psychologists citing that attractive people are easily trusted as >>>

The story of an hour what truly kills louise

Louise Mallard died because she was extremely displeased with the return of her husband and received a shock to realize that he was alive. Louise Mallard has a heart trouble, it would have been easier for the audience to believe that she truly loved her husband and wanted him very >>>

Critical thinking

This helps build out effective solutions and the reasoning of a critical thinker is put to use. For a critical thinker it is imperative to realize the significance of the matter.

Article example

Declaration of independence Question Jefferson refers to the free will of the people and the natural occurrences that have taken place during that period as the laws of nature. Question #2The function of the Government is to uphold human rights especially right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Us citizenship test rules english language essay

After the completion of English Test, applicant have to take civics test in which the questions related to the historical background of US country, questions related to governmental polices and certain laws were asked by immigration officer during the interview. Individual should be present in the U.S.for about 30 months >>>

The tempest

Prospero's experience and his ability to rule others is also part of his magic, his special technique. His experience and knowledge of human nature allow Prospero to be influential without magic.

Basketball requires as much skill, strength and effort as football

All the current games require a lot of energy, skill and effort from the players during the game. In common knowledge, football requires a lot of strength and skills from the players.

Global warming

The alarming effects of global warming made many writers to take up the cause to sound the alarm bell before it is too late. WWF, The impacts of global warming [accessed 28 April 2015].

I’m a survivor

I had to spend a few hours in the incubator because the doctor was afraid I would not be able to function properly. Perhaps it was because of the fact that I was the product of a relationship that she did not approve of.

Katharine brushs story birthday party

The story is quite short and does not contain prehistory either about the married couple or about the observer of the events. The fact that she was wearing a big hat does not seem to be important, but at the end of the story, Katherine clarifies that it was her >>>

Gay marriage laws in new york

The consequence of the legalization of gay marriages has resulted to a noticeable new perception of Gayism in the New York State. The move of the church to reform gay teenagers has received a lot of criticism from the New York Law that has consistently dictated that the people be >>>

A respond to the article on being a cripple by nancy mairs

of the of the English Topic: Write a respond essay to the article "On Being a Cripple" by Nancy Mairs Introduction: Nancy Mair is happy to be addressed as "crippled" instead of other names that find place in the area of philanthropy to describe her condition. In the beginning of >>>

Student interview

He told me I can just go ahead and sit in the class on the condition of not to attracting attention to myself because that will put him in trouble with his professor. The approach and method of teaching was also clear because I was able to understand it even >>>

Rhetorical appeals

Ethos refers to use of ethics and ethical reasoning used to convince the readers; pathos refers to use of emotional appeals and examples; and logos refers to the use of logic to support the arguments made. Rhetoric and the arts of design, Routledge Publication, Pp.

The legalization of marijuana for medical use

In this assertion, the legalization of marijuana should be enacted because it offers medical purposes, the cost effective principle, and the fact that it infringes on the rights of an individual. The first reason why marijuana should be legal is due to the fact that it has many medical purposes.

Analyzing literature with the method(e)

Step 4: Repetition: doll and dollhouseStrand: play/playing/playedContrasts; Play and bleeding- the narrator states that she is allowed to play after bleeding monthly for over 20 years yet the bleeding signifies amenstruation periods' growing up thus should not be playing with toys. The narrator states that she is allowed to play >>>

Comparative analysis of two teachers

She knew that our class could be boring because of all the text that we had to read and understand so she developed ways to keep us interested in her class. The one who unreasonably cut into the lunch time of the students and could not be bothered to accurately >>>

Response and analysis

However, at the beginning of the game she thought that he is a enemy for her, that she will have to kill him to live. We can consider Catone as a negative character to be one of the tributes, despite the fact,that he had the alliance with other experienced in >>>

How social class affect us who live in america

The social classes are in three namely; the upper, middle, and the lower class. Most of the first class people are the owners of factors of the production.

The future status of english as the global language is assured

The future status of English as the global language is assured English is firmly established as the most spoken language across the globe. The future status of English as the global language is assured due to its longevity and choice as language of communication in business.

A&p by john updike and james joyce araby

Sammy's character in John Updike's A&P demonstrates a rounded character as exhibited by the change in his personality from the beginning to the end of the story. Similarly, the young man in James Joyce's Araby is an example of a rounded character who exhibited a major shift in his character.

Does the law protect the weak

of the Unit The Nature of Protection of the US Law The law is a regulation put in place and enforced by the government. Circumstances on the ground are however different, and the continent in some cases serves the mighty at the cost of the poor.

What success mean

But the reality is; it takes much more than money to be successful. The final goal is to be happy and that is when one becomes successful.

The family in america

As a result, I strived to include the concept of the family as discussed by Hansen in the article in accordance to the paper's instructions. Thus, I did not consider the information presented by Braithwaite when discussing concepts of the family because this article has a divergent view to that >>>

Freedom of speech: can liberty be limited

Charles Lawrence, in "On Racist Speech", recognizes that in the spirit of civil liberty speech should probably be unregulated however, he goes on to point out that this is only a surface opinion."If the purpose of the First Amendment is to foster the greatest amount of speech, racial insults disserve >>>

Respond to classmate

I learned in the future if there are a lot of details that need to be discussed and you cannot make your statement concise, a better way of communication may be a written statement. I agree with the point that we need to be direct to the point while communicating, >>>

Post racial society

From the age of innocence to young adulthood, I have observed the strength of African Americans during moments of weakness, as well as when the anger and frustration becomes too great to bear. According to Cho, the election of President Obama and the creation of a post-racialism society, allows non-minorities >>>

I want to leave it up to the writer

This paper presents a summary of the different perception on the On the letter to Christian Artist the writer argues that talent should be used creatively. In this perspective the art has been used to advance the evil.

Th mark on the wall

The Mark on the Wall presents a pattern of how one would think about a certain mark which is bothering the author; she thinks it may be a keyhole only to conclude that it is a snail at the very end. Human mind may work differently in solitude; The Mark >>>

The iterated prisoners dilemma english language essay

Section 5shows the results of the experiment in the form of tables and graph with detailed analysisfor each of the experiments done. The player with the maximum payo_ at the end of the round robin tournament is the winnerof this game.

Week nine journal entry

Teacher Online es The of the intended research is to determine whether online can substitute face to face Online classes are those classes held using the internet where students can attend class right at the comfort of their home while face to face class are traditional classes where students have >>>

How eliezer’s relations with his father changes throughout the novel

How the Relationship between Wiesel and His Son Eliezer Changes through the Novel Night Earlier in the novel, the relationship between Wiesel and his son Eliezer experiences obstacles. As the situation gets worse, Elie feels strongly about not losing his father and upon the New Year, their relationship is completely >>>

Trust between a child and his caregiver

This paper aims to highlight that once the trust between a child and his caregiver is broken then it becomes difficult to earn that trust back. The case of Christopher from the text is a good example of this relationship between a child and his caregiver i.e.his father.

Ethical implications report

Sixth sense technology has the ability to deliver a report of whether the product in the store is compatible with the wearer's likes and dislikes as opposed to other technologies. As long as the user will be connected with this system, it will be possible for third parties to extrapolate >>>


I first exhibited trustworthiness of the firm by highlighting the past record of the firm, number of electric motors sold and providing testimonials of clients who have been satisfied with the motors. By doing this; the good sense of the listener was persuaded and I tried to make him do >>>

Three rivers tesol conference proposal

In today's era of information technology the teachers should have knowledge of the different ways and means of communication through the internet in order to facilitate and improve the learning of their students. The teachers of the ESL program have a clear objective of teaching English as a the second >>>

Scholarly vs. popular media focused articles

In popular articles different sub categories of an issue and the issue are tried to be explored in a limited amount of space and in case of scholarly articles, specific part of an issue or topic is discussed and in-depth information about that particular topic is provided, for example: the >>>

Reading response

The author clarifies this in his article by explaining that globalization does not necessarily mean that all other cultures will be wiped out as people around the world look to America as the primary culture. As one who served the country and worked with other nationalities, Nye encourages people to >>>

The cask of amontillado

The plot to which Montresor was able to lure Fortunato and implement his murderous scheme was exceptionally easy as he plays on the latter's caprices. The promise of Amontillado which Montresor offers to him as a sign of goodwill and an invitation to his expertise in wine because of his >>>

The meaning of july fourth for the negro

History is a Weapon The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro The fourth of July is a national holiday that spots the sovereignty of the United States of America from British colonial rule. The subject matter of the speech is about the forefathers of the nation and their determination >>>

Othello setting act5, scene 1 & 2

Setting and the setting effects about Othello, act 5 scene 2 The setting of Othello, Act V scene I is on the street where there is total darkness. As opposed to the setting full of darkness in Scene I, the setting in Scene II is one where the acts of >>>

Technology in our lives

A person travelling on a horse to go to their office is a rare sight now thanks to technology as people prefer faster modes of travel. We are so dependent on some of the technology that we use today that it is unimaginable to live without them.