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Every student is interested in passing their GCSE, AP, and IB exams successfully. To do well on the exams or pursue AP English Literature courses or IB world, students should develop their writing skills. Teachers always require well-written papers. The essay on Literature analyzes and examines a work of literature to determine the author’s specific ideas. Here you will find the necessary tips, sources, and prompts on writing qualitative assignments. Our database offers you more than 100 plagiarism-free literature essay samples in various education levels: college, high school, middle school, university, and others. You can use them to get some inspiration and write qualitative academic work.

Types of Literature Essays

Whether you need to write a short essay, review, comparative paper, or argumentative statement, you should know some tips and advice to write a strong essay. Firstly, you need to determine the theme of your essay. Here are some examples of literature essays:

  • On modernism
  • On symbolism
  • On romanticism
  • On gothic

In general, the above-mentioned themes are based on novels, stories, or other literary works. To write them, you need to carefully get acquainted with the novel’s plot, main characters, and general idea. Depending on the topic and literary direction, you will also need to learn about the culture and customs of the country you are writing about. For instance, you may need to write an essay on European, British, Philippine, or even Chinese literature and culture.  Notice that all the above-mentioned samples you may find in pdf and doc format, properly structured and in adherence with all MLA rules. Secondly, according to the essay type, you will need to write a strong introduction, well-structured body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In some cases, when writing extended and advanced assignments, you will need to write an outline to determine the main points paper. Our writing service will provide you with all required samples so you can meet your teacher’s requirements.

Writing Reflective Papers and Expository Works

Sometimes, students get rather difficult and confusing assignments. In some cases, you may need to synthesis reports, reflective and expository papers, or even compare literary works and devices. Here are some of the possible themes of similar assignments:

  • On feminism
  • On holocaust
  • On evil
  • On schizophrenia
  • On African Americans
  • On candide
  • On morality
  • On beauty
  • On young adult or children’s relationships

It may be rather challenging not to hurt others’ beliefs when writing about death, morality, feminism, or betrayals, for instance. In such cases, you should write about diseases, political issues, and, what is more, give an adequate and constructive assessment of evidence that may be rather contradictory. To provide readers with relevant data, you need to search it within credible academic sources. It may require a good level of education and training, as well as a great amount of time. Therefore, completing these assignments may be hard for both school and university students. Fortunately, our writing service will help you to manage such troubling tasks.

Writing quality papers throughout the semester is the key to every student’s academic success. However, meeting all the requirements of teachers and dealing with different topics of literary essays’ significant number can be quite difficult. We are glad to assist you in the execution of such important tasks and provide you with high-quality essay samples. Feel free to check out our samples below! We thank you for choosing our services and guarantee you worthy assistance in completing your assignments.

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Looking at women by scott russell sanders

In the essay, Sanders describes the negative perceptions of men about women. Feminist writers appreciated the role of women in a society and tried to eradicate the negative concept of women from the minds of men.

Lamb to the slaughter written by roald dahl

Both of these stories belong to the genre of murder mystery.'The adventure of the speckled band' is a traditional, archetypal murder mystery; it is also easier for the reader to predict the ending of the story.'Lamb to the slaughter' is also in the genre of murder mystery, but it has >>>

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Answer 5 questions

The protagonist, usually a hero and a leader, falls from grace through a series of events triggered by his Achilles' heel, or fatal flaw." The Darker Face of the Earth" does not conform to the pattern of a classical Greek tragedy such as " Oedipus the King". The tragedy in >>>

Order #1273782: did jewish americans do all they could to help stop the genocide of european jews during the holocaust

In the end, their rescue efforts depended on the wartime policy of the U.S.the Jewry and their organization so it more sustainable to create a Jewish State where they would be independent. It was not in the priority of this policy to rescue the Jews making the American Jewish organizations >>>

Brief literature review

Number of questions used in the questionnaire was not distinctively discussed, though it was stated the questionnaire was administered twice, first prior to the program, then the second questionnaire was administered after 3 months. The number of questions utilized in the study was not specifically stated, though it a definite >>>

A doll’s house henrik ibsen- analysis

She is very neat, she acts as if she would be helpless without Torvald, and she is confined to the walls of the house. It is a rarity for Nora to venture out of the house and she certainly would not do so without her husband's approval.

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The topic that the couple is discussing is that the girl seems tired of the roaming and wants a settled life. It is evident from the man's statement that the girl should have the operation only leaves one option to draw a conclusion from in this case it only alludes >>>

The idea of love in the “sonnet 116”

The remaining lines of the third quatrain, reaffirm the perfect nature of love that is unshakeable throughout time and remains so " ev'n to the edge of doom", or death. In the final couplet, the poet declares that, if he is mistaken about the constant, unmovable nature of perfect love, >>>

Book review: heartland the darkest hour

She thinks that she is the best horse racer in the world, but that changes when a certain horse and a certain person came into her life and taught her about passion. At the end of this book, Amy is more kind and does not think to much about her >>>

Cultural practices and traditions in africa

I agree with the author that most articles about Africa touch on the topics that he enumerated. Although indirectly, I think that Binyavanga is implying that if a writer still creates an article about Africa the way he described it, then he may be considered insensitive and uncaring.

Muhsin al musawi and marin alsop in one thousand and one nights

Muhsin Al Musawi and Marin Alsop in One thousand and one Nights Muhsin Al Musawi has written many books on the ic Arabian book, The Thousand And One Nights and is a professor of Arabic literature in Columbia University. This video also has presented the tale, One Thousand And One >>>

Reasons and effects for just smiling

When you smile it breaks the ice of any situation.i." Smiling has a lot of benefits, not only to you but also to those around you. According to this class, 100% of you agreed that smiling does in fact make your day better; whether it may be a lot better, >>>

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The lovely bones by sebold alice

For example, he had seen three men attempting to rape his mother when he was seven years old, which was followed by his mother running them over with the family car. He had seen his father expelling his mother from his house, which turned him violent.

Negative aspects and myths essay

The qualities of a cowboy are important to America as a nation because they symbolize what most people believe are the traits of the true American spirit-? strength, independence, and self-reliance. While the idealization of the American cowboy began all the way back in the sass with dime novels and >>>

Literature persuasive essay

One recognizable difference would be in the fact that literature which remains in the time p since the turn of the century would in fact be the speed, the accessibility and the overall development of systems and the internet itself. For this purpose one of the latest texts should be >>>

Colonel brandon is the moral centre of sense and sensibility

Though initially called " Elinor and Marianne", Austen jettisoned both the title, the central characters and the epistolary mode in which it was originally written, but kept the essential theme: the necessity of finding a workable middle ground between " sense" and " sensibility", that is, passion and reason. The >>>

How shakespeare presents love in such variety

Although Viola loves Orsino she is loyal to him in that she still goes to Olivia and tells her of his love. This instance of love in the play is similar to Orsino's love for Olivia, it is infatuation.

King george vi: the real kings speech

King George VI faced many problems in his life and one that made a very large impact on people was the speech he had to make declaring was with Germany. He was delivering a devastating speech and the devastation is able to be heard in his voice.

How an individual felt after discovering a book

For Corliss, finding the book and eventually finding Harlan, might be the answer to finally get to understand herself, a quest that she has had for a while. The difference between Corliss finding Harlan Atwater's book and Keat's response when he found " Chapman's Homer" is the content they stumbled >>>

What associated with damaged stimuli. it’s your

Every human being reacts to pain differently, while some people have a very high tolerance for pain, some might not be able to bear even a slight discomfort and have a very low pain tolerance. Just steer your mind away from all the negativity, and you will witness a major >>>

What brought to the french revolution

The French Revolution had many causes which lead to the outbreak of the revolution such as heavy taxes, extremepovertyand the ideas of the Enlightenment. One Cause that brought of the French Revolution is the inequality of the levy and taxes on the among the 3 estates.

After reading a part(10pages) of mao’s children in the new china, answering 5questions about chai beihua

The new owners offered Chai Beihua the proposal of running the printing press acquired by them from ESHO on a profit sharing basis. Sadly, the printing venture to be started by ESHO got jeopardized and the new owners of the printing press offered Chai to run the press on a >>>

The curse and the red convertible

Lyman tells the story of how he and his brother acquired a red convertible together and went on road trips together on it before Henry was drafted into the US army. Lyman does his best to cheer Henry up and to keep him occupied, even busting up the red convertible >>>

Symbolisms in the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger

Essentially, " The Catcher in the Rye" is known for three symbolisms the wise use of the word " phony", the red hunting hat, and the ducks in the lagoon at Central Park. To do this, Salinger meaningfully allows Holden to confess important events of his life by using the >>>

Contemporary hero’s quest: harry potter

He enters a threshold-entrance to the wizarding world of his destination. He encounters a chase by the evil forces on his way back, but he quickly adapts to his new self and survives the chase crosses the threshold back to the new world.

Evelyn waugh humor

The aim is to identify linguistic means of expression humorous and satirical sense in the works of Evelyn Waugh. The sense of humor is the individual characteristic of the person.

Barangay problems essay

Problem No. Conclusion: With the survey have been conducted by our Group, we Conclude that not only about the Population Problem Increase is the common problem they encountered but also about the Community needs on a Particular Barangay.

A rose for emily and this land is your land

While reading the story, the thing that first confused me a little was that- who is this ' we' narrating the story? I came to the conclusion that the narrator of the story might be the people living around Emily, that is, the public.

The looming tower

The second interesting piece of information in the book is the highlighting of the impact and effect that the war against Israel and the consequent defeat of the Arab countries had on the future of Middle East. The third interesting piece of information according to me is the change in >>>

The field-mouse by gillian clarke, war photographer

In the " War Photographer" the conflict is between the majorities of people who do not care about the war, because it is somewhere in the opposite part of the world, but the war photographer was in Vietnam and Beirut and he saw all the horror of the war. In >>>

Numerical modelling of the effects of halite scaling biology essay

The upper and lower boundaries of the formation are close, imitating impermeable beds at the top and at the underside of the reservoir.geometric model_Chapter 6.jpgFigure 6. Salt precipitation induced by the CO2 injection procedure is monitored and quantified in the different parts of the formation analyzing the alterations of solid >>>

The scarlet letter – analysis of nature vs city essay

Hawthorne illustrates this juxtaposition through the absence of evil, characters' meetings In the forest, and contradictions with the Puritan society. The forest is the embodiment of freedom.

Cinderella’s different stories

A few modern studies of the Cinderella story though, take the interpretation of the story to a different level and raises it from the realm of a fairy tale to a metaphor for many modern ideas. In 2004 Hazleton and Hickey's research paper on the theme of neglect went so >>>

Death of a salesman by arthur miller

The composition of Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller's enlightened the tale of a man's confronting disappointment in the success-driven civilization of America and illustrates the tragic course which ultimately leads to his bereavement. Walked into a jungle, and comes out, the age of twenty-one, and he's rich!" the >>>

Love without boundaries

In the first chapter, the game is not finished which symbolizes the continuity of love that blossoms in the entire story. The short story though centered in vengeance depicts love with no boundary." Act of Vengeance" is a story about the daughter of a prominent congressman in the South American >>>

The red scare and “the crucible”

The Crucible" and The Red Scare had many similarities due to the fact that the author of " The Crucible" wrote the play to compare the Salem Witch Trials to the Red Scare. First of all, the Red Scare was a hunt for communists and " The Crucible" was written >>>

How candide killed the brother of his dear cunegonde: a response

" Reverend Father, all the quarterings in the world signify nothing; I rescued your sister from the arms of a Jew and of an Inquisitor; she has great obligations to me, she wishes to marry me; Master Pangloss always told me that all men are equal, and certainly I will >>>

Php brokerage house-a private company of bangladesh

The Soft landing of the market means slowing down the rate of growth of the stock market and therefore stabilizing the stock market. The stock market growth is definitely important for the growth of the economy and therefore the concerned regulators and government should take necessary steps to bring back >>>

The writer by richard wilbur

By extended metaphor, the course of analyzing the girl's journey in life as a writer-in-the-making leads a reader to figure out the points of analogy between writing and sailing, wherein Wilbur utilizes the terms " clamor", " stroke", and " silence" in the poem to depict the typewriter work of >>>

A&p by john updike

Updike has a reasonably great style of concealing the changes in feelings of his characters so well that the reader is forced to re-evaluate the disposition of a character as the story progresses. In conclusion, it can only be remarked that the story writing style of John Updikes is unique >>>

Compare short stories

Tessie makes her decisions with clarity despite the shackles placed on women by society while Georgiana succumbs to the restraints of society by letting her husband dominate her. Even with her execution, Tessie stands farm to transcend the shackles of societal intimidation.

Beyond black beauty: an analysis of the context

Moreover, it appears that even in the perspective of a horse, examples set by older people and the influences that they make in the child's experience still matters and affects one's total disposition in life. Later, " she learned to drive a horse-drawn carriage and took great pleasure in taking >>>

Literature in question

It is in this breath that the author of The Outsider perhaps wants the readers to believe that it is not always that we have emotions that we ought to have had. It is the choice of an individual to choose to believe in God or not; he has chosen >>>

Essay summary of book review

The little girl ' Totto-Chan' was waiting all the morning for street bands to walk by the school and call them over to play theirmusicwhich was considered as highly disruptive behaviour and aggravated, her teacher decided that the girl would be no more in the school. Here is a description >>>

O kill a mocking bird chapters 1 and 2

The story is set in a period of hardship, where money is tight and bankruptcy is an everyday threat.'There was no hurry, for there was nowhere to go, nothing to buy and no money to buy it with. The missionary circle is described as a normal activity, and must be >>>


In Homer's Iliad, she was sympathetic to Troy as she weeps when it was burned down in defeat in the hands of her husband Menelaus. Indeed Helen's character was enigmatic in the great works of Virgil, Odyssey and Iliad.

Power and purpose of words, stories, and storytelling

The paper focuses on three texts in analyzing the power and function of words, story and storytelling- Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, William Shakespeare's The Tempest, and Kathryn Stockett's The Help. The power and purpose of words, stories, and storytelling lie in expressing the truth >>>

Rhetorical modes essay sample

University of Phoenix Material Rhetorical Modes Quiz Complete the following chart to identify the purpose and structure of the various rhetorical modes used in academic writing. Process analysisTo explain chronological orderThe steps in order of the process of a goal.1.

”the three-inch golden lotus” by feng jicai essay sample

Binding one's feet involves the grotesque act of wrapping a three-to-five year olds feet with bindings, so as to bend the toes under, breaking the bones and forcing the front and back of the foot together. Feng's answer to the first question is in the case of foot binding, yes, >>>

Book review on the book virgin birth

In the book under consideration, that is Virgin Birth: The Real Story of Mary and Her Son Jesus, the author has discussed some of the previous stories of Christmas that are present in the New Testament, reforms the traditions that have been used in them and then moves on to >>>

The odyssey assignment

As Odysseus is on his way to Ithaca, with a ship, men to run the ship, food, and drink given to him by the Phaicians, Odysseus falls asleep and wakes up in what he does not know is Ithaca. Furious that someone has assisted Odysseus in his journey, Poseidon goes >>>

A taste of honey

My thesis will focus on the life of the women and their problems in the setting of the 1950s. From the opening of the play, the focus is on the women, their problems, and their attempts to cope with life.

The hobbit: character analysis of bilbo

Gandalf convinces Bilbo to be a thief for the dwarves and once Bilbo sets out, his adventure would change who he is and his life. He was content to be a hobbit, he did not want to go away from his home where he was safe.

An obstacle by c. p. gilman

The matters the storyteller has to achieve are not only for herself but also in the ability of all of these duties, which she plays. According to the speaker, this was a form of " prejudice".

Enduring love – chapter one synopsis essay sample

Ian McEwan uses first person narrative to open the piece, and we are immediately introduced to the narrator, Joe, one of the men struggling to hold down the balloon, this is only the beginning of the nightmare. In the latter part of the chapter, Joe describes the deterioration of John's >>>

The open boat by stephen crane. who is the most ethical character

It is possible to say that the most ethical person in the story is a correspondent, who is full of wisdom all the time and tries to be objective in all situations. In the story Crane rings up questions concerning moral health of people, and in spite of all the >>>

Assess the functionalist view that the family performs important functions in today’s society? essay

The functionalist view on the family is mainly based on the American sociology of the 1940s and 50's which says that the nuclear family is essential to the survival of society. There has been a lot of criticism of this functionalist view of the family, especially because they do not >>>

I want a wife

The quote from the essay clearly goes show the inability of men to take proper care of their children and how they excessively reply upon their wives to bring up their children. To conclude it is very fair to say that the essay presents some highly unreasonable wants of men >>>

Comparing lamb to the slaughter and the speckled band

In Lamb to the Slaughter, the wife Mrs Maloney hits her husband over the head with a leg of lamb because he's leaving her for another woman. In Lamb to the Slaughter, the wife, Mary Maloney, is the typical perfect wife but in the Speckled Band, the stepdad, Dr Grimesby >>>

Essay about literature review

The recent instance of economic downturn once again highlighted the need to raise the level of competency, and for that matter, appropriate training of the employees to meet the demand of their respective industries have become an extremely important issue to the employers. There is not much to oppose the >>>

Tennessee williams’ the glass menagerie analysis

The Glass Menagerie: Analysis The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams delves into the lives of Tom Wingfield and his mother and sister, Amanda andLaura. The characters, themes, and symbols in the final scenes of The Glass Menagerie reveal the significance of Tom's behavior on the emotional welfare of his family, >>>

Shopping mall and mother essay

After mother had hung up the phone, she instructed me to remain where I was and then ran like the wind towards the fire alarm and press the button. Shortly after, the shopping mall was filled with ringing of the fire alarm and the screaming of people as they scurried >>>

What was highly controversial about lessing’s text the education of the human race

In as much as this is true, the controversy comes from the fact that Lessings alludes that there is an element of divine intervention in the process of development of a human being. In summary, it is still very controversial to imply that there is a divine intervention in the >>>

Review of literature related to composite materials

The usage of glass in India is besides really high and is used largely in every edifice and with the addition in the commercial edifices like promenades and office edifices, the demand of glass increased manifolds. It is besides used as an infill in the doors and the Windowss.

Affirmative action in the workplace

In spite of the available legal remedies, discrimination is often under-reported due to reasons such as fear of retaliation, complexities of the legal system, difficulty in supplying the necessary proof, and the psychological and financial costs involved. The opponents argue: AA is no longer needed as we have largely solved >>>

Things fall apart by achebe chinua analysis

The clan elders, religious leaders and the men with titles were the leaders of the clan. The leaders and the oracle seem to have put in place systems that maintained the balance of the clan by assuring justice and avoiding war.

The meaning of a poem

Take the poem of Charles Bukowski, for instance, entitled " Let It Enfold You", the poem is a perfect example of a creatively thought of and selected choices of words that conveyed a specific meaning when taken as a unified literary work. To reiterate, the poem is actually a perfect >>>

Ode to a nightingale

In his Ode to a Nightingale, John Keats portrays understanding of the numerous literary techniques used in the poetry as he uses an assortment of styles and techniques thus creating the masterpiece celebrated to this day. In ensuring the dignified, objective and formal tone in the poem, the poet uses >>>

A good man is hard to find by flannery oconnor

The theme of " A Good Man is Hard to Find" is that of the idea behind a " good man". While she is trying to convince him that he is too good of a man to take the lives of her children, her grandchildren and herself, he agrees with >>>

Genre as social action

For the term genre to be meaningful in light of rhetorical theory, it has to have a classifying concept that is stable and of sound rhetorical meaning. Limiting the term genre to a certain kind of discourse classification that is sound in rhetoric, open and pragmatic defines as desired.

The inborn universal nature of human experience

DeSanto also undertakes to try and normalize some gruesome incidents in the story and describes how after Lord Invader had attacked and bit the ear of one of the neighborhood boys while he was busy playing a game of basketball, Dede had proceeded to beat him out there in the >>>

The personal attack: the logical fallacy of argumentum

The use of the ad hominem indicates that an argument is focusing not on the issue or cause, but on the issue's presenter, and it generally takes the form of a personal attack of the presenter's character. The logical counter to this fallacious argument would be to return the focus >>>

Anonymous hacker book report

While the Anon portions of the internet teemed with inappropriate Jokes and disgusting humor, there was an underlining sense of outrage that could be felt in the far corners of the deep net. Yes we did it for the lulls, but there was a sense of " moral" to all >>>

Comparing the women in wuthering heights and mrs. warren’s profession

In both pieces of writing it becomes apparent that women face oppression in the public sphere and also restriction in political and educational sphere, which prohibits women from having equal opportunity and access compared to men; this further oppresses women within the male dominating society. Nonetheless, in the piece written >>>

Humanities and western civilizations

The new idea that I encountered concerning the Judeo-Christian religion tradition is the similarity of the value system between the two religions. Both Islam and Judaism believe in one supreme God, not the Trinity of Christianity.

Problems of illiteracy and it effects

Despite the fact that there is high educational development in the United States of America, Illiteracy is still a problem in the United States of America and what are some of the programs being set up to combat the problem of illiteracy? So majority of the people in prison are >>>

How the theme of social progress is presented in ‘the time machine’

He had direct experience of the unfairness of the class system at the turn of the century. The pace in which the story happens is very fast; the story very quickly moves from the scene with the dinner guests to the year of the Morlocks and Eloi.

Sex and gender

If it happens that a person is born with a reproduction system that cannot be clearly defined as either being male or female, then that condition is referred to as intersex. She came to realize that she was born an intersex and surgery had been performed on her to reshape >>>

Speech class topic proposal

3 Indication Step: Capoeira is considered as a martial art discipline because it used for fighting, acrobatics, dancing, playing, and tradition.2. 3 Supporting detail: The roda is the center of Capoeira.

Reading reflection on story of an hour

Before I even started, I was thinking of the author as a complete feminist, although I am not sure why, and I was sure I was going to hate the story. I knew all I had to do was finish reading the story, though, and I would be done with >>>

Waiting for godot, samuel beckett

Throughout the whole play, the two characters just continue to wait and wait for someone who they have not met or known before but still wait, this makes a lot of people including myself want to see and reveal who Godot actually is. I find it very boring but interesting >>>


In the case of this narrative, The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife, the Doctor does not " steal" the wood because he logically reasoned out the possibility of a claim against those of the wood rotting. The representation of the self is a significant characteristic of modernism literature.

Hippolytus of euripides

The strength of character shown by Hippolytus is the basic requirement for the efficient running of a company in a highly pressurized, temptation a women infested environment. Therefore, the strengths of character, personality, and mind shown by Hippolytus are the requirements of the job of CEO of a present-day company.

Canterbury tales

Simple reflection of the notion of medieval chivalry, and Chaucer's depiction of chivalry in " The Knight's Tale" and " The Miller's Tale" reveals that Chaucer saw two very different sides to the issue of chivalry. The entirety of The Canterbury Tales - apart from " The Knight's Tale" - >>>

Martin luther

Martin Luther was a German of Theology whose radical ideas about the Church and papal had brought the wrath of the Pope and Church of Europe. The basic premise of Christianity was the supremacy of God and Bible as the Holy Scripture taught people to be God fearing and repent >>>

Where are you going, where have you been

Aside from Connie symbolizing the embodiment of a typical adolescent, she was also noted to have a keen and innate attraction to music, which lured her to various places and eventually enticed her to make a decision that seemed to be antithetical to the expected norm. Friend used the car >>>

Analysis of the epic of gilgamesh

This serves to establish that ancient Mesopotamians sensed that life was something to be cherished and conceived of in a positive light. This scene is the product of a male fantasy which allows any male to escape from reality and into the epic.

Peer response creative writing examples

I concur with the author of this post that affluenza is actually a disease that we need get rid of as a society. In corroborating with the views of the author of this post I concur that affluenza will almost always leave us in a situation where we are wasteful >>>

The advent of civilization: the colonization of black nations

The Advent Of Civilization: The Colonization Of Black Nations More often the dreams of blacks have been shattered by the virtue of their black skin, as a result of racial segregation. This issue as a matter of fact has been the trend for a long period of time way >>>

English speech about big world and on her knees

For example: In the short story, the event in which Biggie's father is described as a beater and that if Biggie were to return home his father " His father would beat the shit out of him..".which creates a sense of sympathy towards Biggie and a sense of antipathy towards >>>

Shakespeare’s sonnet 102

His allusion to the nightingale correlates perfectly with the paradox of his increasing love for a woman in conveying the sonnet's overall theme that silence is always preferable to just meaningless words. His love resembles the nightingale's singing in that it is always going to be there even if it >>>

Critical or formal approach

Due to long exposure to active warfare, he suffers from shell shock and uses the forest as a way of healing and forgetting atrocities he witnessed while at the warfront. The phrase, " There was no town, nothing but the rails and the burned-over country " symbolizes both burned and >>>

Nudity: from ancient to modern

Even in the modern era, primitive tribes still exist in remote areas of the Earth and subsist without clothing of any kind. The dress of both the upper and lower classes within Greek society was in accordance with the simplicity and forthrightness character of Greek philosophy; " that a draped >>>


When one thinks of the main character of the play, we find that she is a remarkably strong willed woman. In this play, we find the theme of actions and punishment as seen through the punishment that Creon receives for his order for Polyneices not to be buried.

Chronicle of a death foretold essay sample

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's word choice in Chronicle of a Death Foretold enhances the effect of this scene on the reader as it heightens the imagination. The murder scene answers all the questions the reader has had from the beginning of the novel.

Hills like white elephants by ernest hemingway

The frequent orders for beer and the beer itself also represent the use of a substance to obstruct smooth communication. These symbols make us involve intellectually into the story for, it is often difficult to understand them.