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Othello is a man that is strong and respected for his abilities to fight and protect his land. The audience is more drawn to feel sympathetic for Hugo because he is a lonely teenager who needs to be heard.

Othello – iago

Iago demands the audience's complicity we cannot help being fascinated by him In Shakespeare's Othello, the character of Iago is constructed to demand the audience's complicity despite the corrupt nature of his Elizabethan audience may have responded in a negative fashion to Iago's manipulative behaviour but in contrast with >>>

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Natural powers

This fascinating idea is heavily explored in William Shakespeare's Othello, where the once joyous Othello is manipulated by his "friend Iago to the point where he murders his beloved wife Desdemona, and demotes his loyal lieutenant Cassio. Othello is overjoyed from seeing Desdemona again, and the imagery is able to >>>

Lago’s motiveless malignancy

He is considered as such because of the trust thatOthelloputs in him and which he betrays while maintaining his reputation of an honest and reliable man. Iago sees them as more noble, generous and in the case of Cassio, more handsome than he is.

Vivian bearing: a tragic heroine that triumph

Although her flaws are her intellect and wit that cause her an inability to connect emotionally with people around her, she becomes noble because she begins to express her emotions and accept kindness. Vivian is consumed with learning that she is unable to grasp with the reality that she has >>>

Women in shakespeare’s othello

Desdemona is a virtuous and noble character who makes her own verdicts; Bianca is a low class woman presented as a strumpet, and Emilia is a maid, a middle class woman who is vulnerable to manipulation from Iago. Bringing Desdemona to the modern society, she can be portrayed as a >>>

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Antigone tragic hero

Creon is the better tragic hero because he has more traits of a tragic hero than antigone has. He has greatness, apersonalityflaw, he makes a tragic mistake due to his personality and realizes it, he accepts death with honor and gets redeemed by the end of the play.

Characterization of christabel

The characterization of Christabel is explained through Christianity, "the fall of innocence" and purity, and "the transition from "innocence" to "experience"." Christianity plays a major role throughout the poem to characterize Christabel."Christabel herself personifies moral innocence. Christabel is "holy" until death tries to take over and take the purity out >>>

Othello – iago character analysis

In Iago's first soliloquy at the end of act 1, Iago says that Othello might have slept with his wife and even though this is a rumor, he says that he will believe it. Then in his second soliloquy at the end of act 2, scene 1, Iago reiterates and >>>

Comparative study of text and context, being different; othello and guess whos comming to dinner

The values and character traits present in these two texts are part of the context of the society in which they were composed in; therefore showing the relationship between values and context. The different values of the families in "Othello and "Guess who's coming to dinner resulted in their own >>>

The characters’ conformation to social restrictions in the stories the gilded six-bits and the waltz

And later he puts her in her place by denouncing the fact that she is hungry: " 'You am not hongry, sugar,' Joe contradicted her. This makes her more of a slave than a wife, because she is supposed to do these things as a wife, but once the intimacy >>>

What dreams and visions motivate the characters of of mice and men by john steinbeck?

Having lived and experienced this lifestyle, Steinbeck presents his views of society in the 1930s in the form of the characters of this book. The luxuries of "The Promised Land", the dream of being rescued of fear and loneliness and the desire to live a happy life are but visions >>>

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Compare the ways in which shakespeare show’s protagonists changing in act iii scene iii of ‘othello’ and act i scene vii of ‘macbeth

At the end of the play, again it is demonstrated of his change when in Act V Scene II he labels Desdemona as a 'whore' and 'like a liar gone to burning hell.' In Othello the key issue raised is that, it is based on reality and things that happen >>>

How does iago inspire fear and a looming sense of tragedy through his soliloquies?

The horrifying thing about Iago is that he is able to talk of carrying out such horrifying events such as sabotaging Othello and Desdemona's marriage, and the fact that he relishes the moment when he formulates his plan, truly shows his malicious nature, making the audience fear him. This makes >>>

Curiosity killed the othello

Iago is the protagonist in the Tragedy of Othello the Moor of Venice and he represents a dog chasing cars, a very clever dog, one that can sit, assess, and then act on the knowledge that he has gained, to work in his favor. Iago is a simple man, with >>>

Explain how iago manipulates the other characters in the play othello essay sample

It is important that he is able to get Othello under his influence with the utmost speed because if he were to linger, after he already told Othello about his suspicions of Cassio and Desdemona, and not provide further and more convincing evidence, Othello would begin to grow suspicious of >>>

Play othello by william shakespeare iago

But on the other hand the audience might sympathise with Iago because he had not been chosen to be the lieutenant and that his motive understandable but he will still not be seen as the hero but a character some people can relate with, especially in the context this play >>>

Character analysis of creon

Creon is persistent that he is doing the right thing and "an enemy is an enemy, even dead." Creon is a character with many traits, like his value of friendship, and his respect to the warriors defending his city. Other traits may not be the best but they make Creon >>>

The character og iago

If this is 'the force of evil', represented in the character of Iago, this gives him the most relevant role, the power to forward the entire course of the play in certain direction. He is 'above all thing, honest.' When he first gives Othello a hint of warning, he pretends >>>

Mina al azawi

This quote relates to the theme because Iago is believed to be noble by Othello, when in reality he is trying to cause the downfall of others for his own benefit. In all of Iago's asides, he reveals his evil schemes, intentions and motives to the reader.


Iago thinks he knows jealousy, having rehearsed it in his relationship with Emilia to the extent that Emilia believes jealousy is part of the personality of men, but Iago's jealously is a poor, weak thought compared to the storm of jealousy he stirs up in Othello. In order to survive >>>

Othello: an analysis

321 Brabantio ascribes her love to witchcraft because he cannot believe that she could otherwise overcome the horror of Othello's blackness-"and she, in spite of nature, / Of years, of country, credit, every thing, / To fall in love with what she fear would to look on!". Othello's admis-sion, "And >>>

Heat and dust (characters and summary)

Gopal, Karim and Kitty, Ritu, Inder Lal's mother Summary The narrator of the present went to India in order to find out her grandfather's first wife Olivia's story. Inder Lal's mother has chosen her to be his wife because of the compatibility of their families and her fair komplex.

Othello as tragic hero

Othello is also the name of the main character in the play, he is quite hard to understand. It is Othello's jealousy and Iago's malicious manipulation that led to the death of both of them, as well as Desdemona and Emilia.

Othello essay

The first three lines happily state the nature and foundation of the friendship between him and Iago, the purse, as also the contrast of Roderigo's intemperance of mind with Iago's coolness, the coolness of a preconceiving experimenter. Othello's speech: And my demerits May speak, unbonnetted The argument in Theobald's note, >>>

How does iago corrup othello in shakespear’s othello

Othello believes the base of the conversation will be about his wife Desdemona because it is what Iago told him he would do: interrogate Cassio about Desdemona. Othello in able to see that Iago is playing him; he is too deep in his own illusions to notice that he is >>>

Othello: characters bring about their own demise.

This is one of Othello's first actions in the play and also one of the most influential to his fate. Upon planting a seed of doubt in Othello's mind, Iago was able to manipulated Othello and the other characters to frame Desdamona's affair with Cassio.

Characters of zodiac signs

The zodiac is an annual cycle of twelve station or, along the ecliptic, path of the sun and across the heavens and recognized as the first known celestial coordinates system. For my birthday are 14 July, my zodiac sign is the cancer that is symbolized as the crab.

The characters are irresponsible dreamers – the great gatsby

Overall, it can be said that The Great Gatsby summarises the way in which society's definition of the American dream morphed from that of achievinghappinessto acquiring monetary effects. Daisy, in particular reflects the quintessential example of the American dream- she had inherited her wealth, is married to an equally wealthy >>>

Iago as the cunning villain of the play othello

Here Iago is saying that Othello is having sex with Desdemona, but notice the language he uses to shock all the people around him, and since his main goal in the play is to destroy Othello, these words aid him, by first disrespecting Othello, and reminding everyone he is a >>>

Theme of friendship in othello essay sample

All the anger and jealousy of betrayal that Othello feels, due to the mistrust between Othello and Cassio, leads Othello to plan the murder of lieutenant Cassio. The lack of trust in the relationship of Othello and Cassio leads to tragic and sorrowful events.


The two innocent maids are Desdemona and Hero, who both are the innocent victims of the manipulation as their partners stops trusting and believes they are unfaithful, which they are not! The heroes of the play, Othello and Claudios, are both important men in the military, they are both in >>>

Biff loman

Although he is a flawed character, he manages to succeed at one thing that Willy was not able to, which is acknowledging his failures, rather than dreaming of something he is not able to achieve. This gave an insight of Biff's honesty and his truepersonalitythat he is not able to >>>

Othello summary

Roderigo has paid Iago a considerable sum of money to spy on Othello for him, since he wishes to take Othello's girlfriend, Desdemona as his own. To regain Roderigo's trust, Iago and Roderigo inform Brabantio, Desdemona's father of her relationship with Othello, the "Moor" which enrages Brabantio into sending parties >>>

Azeem noor

Iago, in this quote, suggests that a rumor about Othello sleeping with his wife may not be true, but he will pretend it is in order to better his plot for revenge. Near the end of the play, Iago's plan has progressed as he had planned: Othello does not trust >>>

Character of iago in “othello”

Iago acts very sympathetically towards Othello and in doing this he creates the illusion that he knows what he is talking about. Iago acts very sympathetically towards Othello and in doing this he creates the illusion that he knows what he is talking about.

Iago’s character in othello

Since it is Othello's tragedy, even if it is Iago's play, "Iago" would be an inappropriate title, especially since it is not Iago's life that is ruined, and although he takes part in most if not all of the action in the play, it still revolves around Othello. It was >>>

Character of othello

"My lord is not my lord, nor should I know him were he in favor as in humor altered Throughout Shakespeare's play 'Othello' we observe Othello's identity and reputation fall to pieces, the way Othello sees himself and the way others perceive him is transformed completely. The rhythm of the >>>

Character analysis: the nun of monza

Gertrude grew up at a time when a woman had two choices in life: the first was to find a spouse and have children while the other option was to become a nun. The brain washed child grew up to having no choice but to move to a convent and >>>

Evil is iago

Stempel believes that "Iago embodies the mystery of the evil will and offers examples to justify why this may be the true origin of Iago's wickedness. Stempel's essay begins by clarifying a possible ambiguous interpretation of Iago's silence, recognizing that Iago's silence "is not the mere bravado of a "Sparton >>>

The main characters in the brother k english literature essay

Each of the major characters has their ain " secret plan ": Papa, Peter, Everett, Irwin, and the remainder of the household at the house. This is one of the few points in the narrative where he takes the brunt of the blow and shows some development as a character.

Othello review

Iago awakens Brabantio in the middle of the night to notify him of his daughter's elopement with Othello, much to everyone's surprise and disapproval. During a festive evening celebrating the nuptials of Desdemona and Othello, Iago sends Roderigo to stir Cassio.

The way shakespeare creates characters

This shows him as being stereotypical in a varied number of ways the first being he believes that Othello has used magic to make his daughter love him which shows the belief of the dark arts at this time but also the only reasons he believes Othello has used dark >>>

The last tea dorothy parker

The Last Tea By Dorothy Parker The story submitted to the consideration is called "The Last Tea" and is written by Dorothy Parker. The story begins with the description of the young man and the girl who are the main characters of the story.

Iago – the antagonist essay sample

Iago is a smart man who knows that he has to plan ahead in order to get to where he wants to be. When Othello enters, Iago changes his opinion and pretends to be loyal to Cassio, because he knows that Othello is aware of exactly what type of man >>>

Character of iago

The Machiavellian villain of Iago is constantly portrayed through the symbolism of hell or Satan throughout the play."Hell and night/Must bring this monstrous birth to the world's light. In the intertextual temptation scene, to that of the Garden of Eden, Iago is playing the traitorous and evil snake convincing Othello >>>

Othello is a victim who runs ahead of his tempter

Othello is a victim who runs ahead of his tempter Othello is a powerful and thought-provoking play because it demands its audience to contemplate the very nature of humanity. While Iago is the first to vocalize a suggestion of Desdemona's disloyalty, it often seems that Othello is in fact the >>>

Lily owens characterization

Ray, or her and T. Ray even in a silent ay and plans of leaving to make her own future.

Iago’s soliloquies are embarrassing and outdated

Iago's soliloquies feature throughout the playOthelloand allow the audience to see the true feelings he has for other characters and his motives for his evil actions throughout the play. Therefore, Iago's soliloquies may be perceived as outdated and embarrassing for an audience who see Iago's representation as a villain as >>>

The issue of time in othello

Shakespeare uses short time to heighten the intensity of the drama and to give us an impression of the reckless nature of the tragedy. To add plausibility to his play Shakespeare uses a longer time to establish and reinforce the idea that a sufficient period, of time has elapsed during >>>

Depiction of female characters in shakespeare’s othello

The treatment of women in the play and the assumptions made about them removes the curtains drawn and triggers the single question in the minds of the readers How true is the depiction of women in the play, and did Shakespeare's society treat women in the same manner? Another woman >>>

Synthesis and characterization of strontium ferrite environmental sciences essay

The magnetic ordination corresponding to the magnetoplumbite construction of hexangular Sr ferrite is good illustrated in Fig.1.3. The doping, or known as cation permutation, is aim to better the magnetic belongingss of Sr ferrite.

Interpersonal relationship analysis: characters of the film public enemies

The relationship Frechette and Dillinger carry out in the film perfectly displays the natural progression of an intimate relationship through the first five steps of the staircase in Knapp's Stage Model. Billie categorizes him by labeling him in her mind as "Not a hustler" and interprets that "he's holding something >>>

Tragic hero

Othello as a Tragic Hero William Shakespeare's famous tragedy Othello, the Moor of Venice is arguably one of the finest, if not the finest, tragedies in the literary history of Western civilization. Othello's confidence in himself, another of his positive attributes, is clearly portrayed as he defends himself and his >>>

Love and hate “shakespear”

As for Othello is a well honored man in the community, but he's also filled with jealousy and mistrust after he learns that his wife Desdemona has cheated on him. He believes that Othello had sex with his wife and Iago is mad that Classio was chosen to be Lieutenant >>>

Othello jealousy

Iago, being the villain of this tragedy, appeared to have a desire to reach out and destroy the loving, as well as the good in everything. Iago's presence tended to "mask" the insanity of Othello, and presented him as a man reacting logically in the face of accumulating evidence.

The tragedy of othello, the moor of venice

Also some of the people were jealous of Othello because of the fact that he was a moor and that Desdemona was in love with him. He tells the reader of his real plan at the end of Act I, by saying that he is not really helping Roderigo get >>>

Othello and his guilt

This false perception even deceives Othello into thinking he is solely to blame for Desdemona's death, when in fact Iago falsely proclaims her of infidelity to Othello. For example, the emotional collapse within Othello begins to develop when Iago informs Othello that the handkerchief in which Othello had given to >>>

Is iago to blame for the tragedy in othello?

He tells us he is 'not what [he appears to be]' and that "there are many events in the womb of time" which is a metaphor for the fate he attempts to write for himself-"hell and night must bring this monstrous birth to the worlds light." He plays on theracismof >>>

To what extent do you believe jealousy to be the tragic downfall in the play?

Shakespeare portrays her in this manner to show the predestined outcome of Othello's underlying opinions of himself; it was always the intention that Othello would be led by his jealousy and destroyed by his jealousy; it is the core of all problems. It is in this aspect of the narrative >>>