Full Essay Samples on Media

Today, media is one of the most important spheres in people’s lives all over the planet. Media culture has become an integral part of the life of modern society, providing people with many opportunities. Exploratory and persuasive essay samples are common in high school, college, and university. Even if your essay writing skills are high, you still may need some helpful tips that you can find here. The examples we provide will help you understand what an essay should look like, thus inspiring you.

Structure and Outline of the Essay on Media

The structure of the essay is determined by the requirements imposed on it:

  1. the thoughts of the author of the essay on the problem are presented in the form of short theses.
  2. the idea must be supported by evidence – therefore, the thesis is followed by arguments.

Arguments are facts, phenomena of public life, events, life situations and life experience, scientific evidence, references to the opinion of scientists, etc. Thus, the essay acquires a circular structure where the number of theses and arguments depends on the topic, the chosen plan, the logic of the development of thought. You should observe a synthesis between your own opinion and other studies. Nevertheless, your essay should be argumentative and informative, as it will give weight to your opinion.

Various Topics for Essays about Media

The topic of discussion is an essential component of any short essay, so you need to think carefully about this point. There are many topics related to media that can be explored and analyzed. It is possible to examine the narrative interviewing methods or the features of the critical theory of communication. A good topic for analysis would be the influence of a person’s general scholarship on his media perception or the public’s response to news about violence in the media. Moreover, you can explore the comparison of modern and classical media, traditional and electronic.

Our authors offer you several fascinating topics that can be developed into an excellent essay.

  1. Means of media manipulation of the audience’s consciousness.
  2. Democracy and censorship in the media.
  3. The influence of politics on the media in modern society.
  4. The influence of freedom of speech in the media on youth and its worldview.
  5. The history of the development of digital media.
  6. Opinion on the outline of compelling and convincing news.
  7. Introduction to the history of mass communications.
  8. Media bias in public policy.
  9. Modern media from the point of view of psychology.

Useful Tips

In the process of writing an essay, it is necessary to take into account some points. For example, the introduction and conclusion should focus in detail on the essence of the problem. The essence of the problem is defined in the introduction. In conclusion, it is necessary to display reflection and the author’s opinion. Do not forget to highlight paragraphs and about the logical connection of sections, this is what will help your work become holistic. Also, do not forget to ask the reader rhetorical questions.

Even if they aren’t masterpieces at first, a little regular practice will soon change that – and make you better prepared when it comes to the present. You can present and disclose the chosen topic in different ways, here are just some examples. Nevertheless, we suggest that you use the prepared essay examples available in Docx and PDF format on our website or order our writing services. We update the list of ready-made essay examples on a weekly basis.

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Free 475 Flawless Media Samples of Papers to Help You With Writing

To kill a mokingbird journals

And at the end of hat school day, scout meets the Cunningham and beats him up in attempt to get back at him for making her start off the school on the wrong foot. My father is the strongest man in the world and I respect him for being who >>>

Social media impact on society: social media and the news

The concept of news has also changed with the appearance of social media: journalists, as well as papers and channels, started using social media for spreading the news, for forming opinions and for initiating public discussions. This news is the future of the media but still, it is necessary to >>>

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What is cyber crime media essay

Moreover, in modern days, the economy is very poor and unemployment rate is higher; individuals are struggling to obtain a good job and it is quite miserable the fact that criminals try to take advantage of them by sending through e-mails regarding job offers to trick those into falling for >>>

A national regulatory authority media essay

Since the liberalization of the broadcast sector in Pakistan in 2002, the media landscape in the country has entirely changed[2]. A variety of issues have been hampering the capacity of the regulatory body, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, to promote an enabling environment for the development of such media.

Free sherlock holmes of the conan doyle and of the 21st century critical thinking sample

In the prior works of Conan, the Sherlock Holmes were written in texts and so the audience were to read and analyze the styles used, themes passed, and the character. The cameras become the narrators and assist the audience in understanding the scene and the characters.

Why watching tv is good

TVs have also helped us to learn about different cultures and places, considering that due to reasons of time and money most people are not in a position to travel to various places to appreciate different cultures and practices. People are now able to understand other people easily and appreciate >>>

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Manager, as a skillful mediator

The latter being one to succeed the former in about two years time, I consider it important to see that there is no interpersonal conflict between them and so plan to address the issue through a process of mediation. When I will have a stage that both the parties have >>>

Kill the media

Every day many girls strive to fit the mold the media has created. Everything one does is inspiration from the media and what society deems as " right".

Example of literature review on sport media

In Chapter 3: Print Media of the book Sports Media: Reporting, Producing, and Planning, the author Brad Schultz discusses the various forms of print media in the field of sports, as well as the various styles of sports writing. Overall, I think that the chapter presented a very comprehensive discussion >>>

Pakistan media

Following are the types of Mass Media: - Print Media Electronic Media Interactive Media 3. The realization in the people and Government about the role of media in society / economic development is there.

Evaluation of video briefing of susan rice

Indeed, there were attacks, she seems to understand the situation, and hence she is brief and clear in her response to sum up the whole story. She mentions that FBI agents are on the ground to carry out preliminary investigations and give substantive finds of what exactly led to the >>>

ethical dilemma paper essay sample

The FCC, a federal commission that works for the best interest of the television viewing public, or, the rightful owners of the airwaves, will not allow the public to hear what is being sdaid in these hearings. What this administration learned from the previous is, if the hearings are made >>>

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Analysis of breastfeeding baby advertisement

The image was originally used to advertise Oreo cookies but the attention was instead drawn to the baby and the mother's breast. Due to the powerful image showed during the awards gathering event, the ad was leaked to the public albeit it was never intended to be shown to the >>>

Xacc/280 wk2 assignment journalizing, posting, and preparing a trial balance

The steps I took in the recording process for this assignment were to first make journal entries to accurately depict all financial transactions for the fictitious company. The basic accounting equation is fully satisfied, and the financial information I was given is accurately reported.

Example of essay on laptop contrast and comparison

This makes people to study very much at the time of getting a new laptop and analyzing what is the best option given the price in most times. Nowadays, there are different brands of that offer laptops around this prices, and it looks like every day new one comes to >>>

Study of newspaper article

The loyalists are protestant members of the community who are loyal to the idea of Northern Ireland remaining a part of Great Britain. It was seen as an act of 'Catholic encroachment' or growth in a protestant area and so the loyalists want to close the entrance to the school >>>

The internet, freedom of expression, and terrorism

SUICIDE TERRORISM AND CYBER TERRORISM The Internet, Freedom of Expression, and Terrorism Female Suicide Bombers The threat of terrorism has not been adequately addressed by the authorities for a number of reasons, primarily being the issues and grievances of the terrorists were not given due course to be heard >>>

Journals of major robert rogers

4 He was six feet in statute, well proportioned, and one of the most athletic men of his time, well known in all the trials of strength and activity among the young men of his vicinity, and for several miles around. Gage hated Rogers because of hisfriendshipwith Amherst, and the >>>

The documentary film manufacturing consent media essay

It is the most noticeable fact that the media is interested in some news more than the other, and this is kind of pushed down in the minds of the people consuming that news. The choices of the daily news and presentation are a reflection of the public's perception about >>>

Battlefield 2

One of the cool features involved in Battlefield 2 is the more realistic responses of the game. Another cool feature of this game, though, is that you can decide whether you want to join a squad on the front lines or if you want to come in behind the scenes >>>

Industry analysis book publishing in united states essay sample

The threat of new entry into the market is inversely proportional to the entry barriers and directly proportional to the profitability of the market. The statistic shows that about 40% of the market is dependent on the " The Big Six" and 78% of the market depends on the 50 >>>

Media diary essay sample

Before doing the media diary I knew that I do not use media that much specially my phone but I discovered that I do, I use my phone to call, text message and instagram the most. I made a chart using the media diary to make it easier for me >>>

Example of eating disorders related with gymnastics research paper

In the case of gymnastics eating disorders are predetermined by biological and psychological factors. Fashion and media are the elements of today's culture that contribute most to the emergences of eating disorders.

The effects of media and what affects media

The media has been dubbed as the fourth estate in the branch of government separate from the executive, legislative and the judiciary. In everyday life, people are exposed to various media such as television, radio, newspapers and the internet and the content available in these channels of the media have >>>

The natural environment covers all living media essay

A great example of the media playing a role in this process is when television advertisements about global warming were timed to air prior to the release of " An Inconvenient Truth," a documentary film about global warming that features former vice president Al Gore presenting compelling scientific evidence verifying >>>

Critical analysis of independent media center (imc)

A global media organization brings together journalists, editors and news anchors from different regions of the world, in order to deliver to the public information about various events that occur across the globe as well as issues that are of concern to the global community. The Organization's Mission The Independent >>>

Media bias

That way misinformation and bias presented in the real-time report can be eliminated so the editorial will become a factual representation of the events as it happened and the relation of the abandoned child to the case. At the end of the day, it is the factual representation of the >>>

Media influence on stereotypes

In Harold and Kumar go to White Castle one of the main themes the movie is poking fun at is how stereotypes affect the lives of the two main characters one being of Korean decent and the other Indian. The scene gives the impression that the two white co-workers are >>>

Gcse coursework media – neutrogena foundation

The make of the product is Neutrogena and you know this because it is boldly and largely written and set out. The advert does not illustrate you the price, so you would have to go out and look for it, this could be a good and bad thing because.

Research paper on conflict between turkish and greek cypriots

The problems witnessed in the two countries are way beyond the character of the modern world, and the assertion developed in this essay is to draw the inadequacies and the negative role that the media and other stakeholders play in fueling the adversity between the two countries. The paper takes >>>

The media: misinterpretation of reality

The focus of the media is to present to the public the accusations made and the personalities involved. The nature of the media to sensationalize issues adheres to the argument that news has a tendency to obscure reality than presenting it as it is.

Media affects women in our society

Another wrong concept that the media tries to influence is that being thin and being beautiful are correlated." Being skinny" or having " a perfect body like a model" is not the same as being beautiful. In Shanghai, the thigh is broken down to extend the leg by 10 cm >>>

Impact of media on socio-cultural values and social institution in indian society

In an interdependent and globalized political world, the challenge of the media is to provide extensive coverage of global politics and to examine the impact of these influences in specific national contexts. With minimal impact to change the state of the nation, the barriers that come in the way of >>>

Media system dependency theory essay sample

It attempts to explain that the individual use of media is a goal oriented activity and the overall intensity of the dependency relationship between individual and media as a source of goal satisfaction. The individual's goal satisfaction mentioned in this theoretical perspective of Media System Dependency theory are the meeting >>>

The difference between moroccan and french media

Enhanced by the technological advancement, especially the rise of Internet, the link between mass media and the public opinion has begun to change to become similar around the world. Moroccan and French media systems are not different from the others as their similarities are displayed in the fact that they >>>

Literature review essay sample

Some of these factors that highly contributed to this transition are the continued technological development, the rise of the era of digitalization, the rising consumer demand for digital media, competition among media broadcasting companies, and the desire of media companies to focus on and benefit from the many advantages of >>>

15 and 17 inch multimedia lcd tvs: a comparison

In the case of comparing a 15 inch multimedia LCD TV system with that of a 17 inch one for the purposes of deciding product continuity, one of the most important factors to be considered is its appeal to the buying public. In this case, the scenario is such that >>>

Film analysis and reflection: lagaan

In the year 1893, the Britishsoldiers impose a wager upon the Indian villagers according to which, the villagers are required to play a cricket match with the Brits and defeat them. One can sense a very fragile and subtle sense of association between the British and the Indian villagers.

Media controls your mind

However, it is also influenced by the media and the media's portray of marijuana as a dangerous substance. 207-215.print.

Titanic the best film i have ever seen

THE BEST FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN I rate James Cameron's 1997 epic disaster " Titanic" as the best film I have ever seen due to its impressive and harmonious combination of a legendary tale, gripping love story, fabulous performances by cast members, extraordinary visual effects, impressive soundtrack and awe-inspiring >>>

What role has been played by the media in us political contests?

It traces the changing perceptions of the role of the journalist and media, from the theory of the fourth estate to the practise of agenda-setting within a partisan media organisation. Media Role In The Fourth Branch of Government, Cater described the role that reporters and the media play in the >>>

The reluctant security guard: blue mountain case study essay sample

The company's dismissal reflected their crude judgment of Tuff's moral character to address a problem that may arise because of their new policies. Tuff's Engagement with the Media At the same time, the security guard played a vital role in saving the lives of many on the highways.

Censorship and media

The citizens of a nation need to stay informed and thus come to trust the media that brings the news and information they desire without fear that it is a lie, an agency of an evil foreign power or in any other way not the closest to the truth possible. >>>

The china radio international media essay

The aim of the CRI is to promote understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and other countries. The purpose of the CRI is to promote understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and other countries.

Plastic surgery in south korea media essay

Based on the finding of the research, the paper draws the conclusion that plastic surgery technology has a lot of change and development which makes plastic surgery become cheaper and safer. Thus, this paper with the purpose of giving more knowledge about the history of plastic surgery of the Korean >>>

Choosing the media and strategies that best fit your brand

One of the best tactics for building your personal and business brand is writing a book. Regardless, presenting at a conference is the Good Housekeeping seal of approval from that organization to your personal or business brand.

Macromedia flash tutorial

N OT E 18 Basic Tasks: Create a Document Add graphics to the Stage To add library items to your document, you verify that you are adding the object to the correct layer, and then drag the item from the Library panel to the Stage.1. You will add the video >>>

Social and internet media essay sample

Social media is a growing form of communication; despite its many disadvantages, it has more advantages to the use of social media. Being aware of the different advantages and disadvantages of social media places a lot of responsibility on society as a whole; many people view social media in different >>>

Response on dana stevens thinking outside the idiot box

I could say, based from her arguments that what she had to say were no more valid than the position she was attacking if only for the fact that she offered no legitimate evidence to support her position. The issue was that: does TV makes the viewer dumber or smarter?

Video made everyone into a movie make media essay

This helps them to use print, music, dialogue, visual and moving images in their films in an intelligent way." The early twenty-first century is seeing new transformations and combinations of communicative modes in the Internet, the rapidly-changing screen-based technologies and the combinatorial possibilities of new digital formats for still image, >>>

Are video games sports media essay

Salen and Zimmerman understand that 'play' is a larger term that includes 'game' as a subset but that the reverse is true and 'game' is the bigger term, and includes 'play' within it They analyse both scenarios, in the first case, game being a subset of play: Playing Dodge Ball, >>>

The future of print media

Advertisers now are also eager to use electronic media than print media. Then there will raise a possibility of reinvention of print media or it will continue to co-exist with electronic media even in petty perspective with the help of enthusiastic patrons.

The american sociological association media essay

The measures of globalizations include the expansion of international financial markets, spread of the new technologies that have encourage the international communications and the development of multinational of production and consumption to developing economies. Besides that, the creator of first airplane, the Wright Brothers, is one of the major contributions >>>

Framing the humanitarian operation in sri lanka media essay

Even with the end of the cold war and presumable peace in the troubled area of the world, a large number of small wars continued in different part of the world. This study tries to look into the role played by the Western and the Eastern media after the elimination >>>

Research directions for ai in computer games media essay

What follows is a description of some of the more important genres of computer games on themarket today, and pointers to some of the interesting roles for the application of AI to these games. AI in strategy games needs to be applied both at the level of strategic opponents and >>>

The press: in the business of communication or developing a harmonious society? essay sample

Although it is well known that media are necessary to inform about what it is going on in the world, most people feel depressed when they get a newspaper. Consequently, they are not going to buy the newspaper anymore, watch the news on TV or visit the Internet.

The influence of media

Your full full December 31, The Influence of Media In today's world of technology, media has a strong influence on the life of almost every person. Similarly, marketing professionals make use of a variety of media technologies, such as, television and internet marketing to make people aware of new products >>>

Enhancing efl learners writing skill via journal writing education essay

White proposes that the advancement in scholarly authorship should non be achieved by agencies of authorship, but reading: Within academic authorship, the nexus between reading and composing is extremely of import. Another disagreement between the concluding behind the research and the existent results is that the challenge of developing the >>>

Newspaper register comparison

The number of function words was used in the first article compare to the second article. Verbs, nouns, pronouns, were used in high percentage by the author in order to describe the fatality and recovery of her father from an accident.

The adventures of tom sawyer: a literary and media comparison

Though the movie is preceded by the preface of the book " The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", in which Mark Twain talks about trying " to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves", it is obvious that he and Norman Taurog and David Selznick, the director and producer >>>

Essay about journal

Write a poem of three-line stanzas that follows this pattern: The first line consists of an abstraction, plus a verb, plus a place; the second line describes attire; and the third line of each Tanta summarizes an action. Quickly list as many clickd metaphors as you can think of: the >>>

A history of news

Both of these cases remained in the limelight of media for a very long time and despite the fact that such pieces of news were largely scandals they were exaggerated beyond proportion and now such atrocious incidents have become highly infused in the popular culture of the American society. The >>>

Comparison and contrast of two legal journals

I saw no advantages in one over the other, since they cover different subjects and both would most likely prove beneficial if in the possession of a Neither journal was intimidating, as I had perceived them to be in my imagination. In the case of Law Practice Management, one may >>>

Lost in gps: augmented spaces and drift research paper examples

In derive, playful and constructive behavior is heavily involved, and differentiates itself from the concept of the normal stroll or journey by the wanderer being fully aware of the psychological and geographical effects of the practice itself. To that end, the measurement of this electromagnetic radiation is an interesting pursuit >>>

Russel williams media

The amount of information provided to the public has caused a controversy as to what is appropriate and ethical to share in concern of the victims directly involved in the case. The information provided as well as the photos is a necessary approach in order to inform the public of >>>

New media study

I took up advertising in the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago where I was able to acquire a basic understanding of the meanings behind images and designs and their impact on the public. Through the program, I would like to achieve this goal and objective: to learn and improve >>>

Issues in researching and developing media projects

The writings of Horkeimer and Adorno do relate to broader ideological issues nonetheless, which is evident from the fact that the media and cultural productions are capable of changing individual perceptions of race. In Horkeimer and Adorno's text, it became apparent that popular culture is swayed by the production of >>>

Penn foster journal enteries

Modern medicinaltechnologyallows for the harvesting of organs from a corpse, and the successful implantation of that organ into a livinghuman being. I feel a lot of growth has happened as I have made my way through this Journey.

Game platforms and their limitations handheld media essay

On non-dedicated gaming handhelds rather than the game being the highest priority it is more important for the person using the device to know they have an incoming call or a text, so this will disturb the play session, the limitation of this is that if somebody is playing a >>>

Examine the use of stereotyping in the media and evaluate if they impact on people

Today, the media is so powerful that it can make or break an image of a person and also can change the views of the audience.' Gender refers to the cultural nature of the differences between the natural biological sexes of male and female' ). The representation of women on >>>

Summary of first four chapters of marshall mcluhan understanding media

Due to the fact that his ideas were based on the context of the rise of television as a technology, the message of any medium is always formal. The basic and best way to prevent the negative effects of electronic media consumption is avoidance.

In this 21st century media essay

Most businesses and advertisers try to offer the advertisements in the online social website to get the attention from the users and boost the company's sales. Advertisement through online social network sites is new for the marketers and it can be call as the revolution of advertising from the traditional >>>

Find an entrepreneur who successfully has applied media essay

Walter Elias Disney, founder of the Walt Disney Company, was a pioneer in the development of animation as an industry. The company is best known for the products of its film studio, the Walt Disney Studios, and today one of the largest and best-known studios in Hollywood.

An evaluation about tv dramas media essay

However, later, the expanse of newspapers and journals made them big capitalist firms' extensions, and the idea of public lost its both critical function and autonomy: The mass-communication tools became commercial metas and the preventors of emancipation. The viewer accepts the character of consumer by sitting in front of the >>>

Koreanovelas: now a better media than local teleseryes?

Cornflakes are undeniably one of the latest trends in our country, making us one of the places greatly hit by the throng current of the so-called Halley wave or Korean wave, that refers to the rapid spread of Korean entertainment in Asia. The said drama is greatly known through the >>>

The influence of advertising on the society

According to Jurgen, new materials or new ideas tend not to unlock some form of space, but instead, they tend to expand the often confused and uncomfortable connections within the global economy. For instance, the leather couch, or the professional player ought to act as some means of bridging the >>>

Ethics of mass media

This is evidenced in the article " Taking a Different Ethical Approach in the Media Coverage of Mass Shooters," retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2015/10/09/how-should-the-news-media-cover-mass-shooters/taking-a-different-ethical-approach-in-the-media-coverage-of-mass-shooters. Taking A Different Ethical Approach In The Media Coverage Of Mass Shooters - Nytimes.Com.N.p, 2015.Web.

The role media plays in the perception of women

From fashion magazines, advertisements, movies, and television shows; the images of the women in the spot light are young, attractive, and at a weight that is below the average " real-life" size. In the much of the world there is value in the idea that thinness in women is considered >>>

Jazz has started and been dominated media essay

She demonstrated wide vocal range and a good sense of rhythm and pitch in her singing, the ability to mimic sound of instruments and scat singing has heavily impacted generation of vocalists.[1]Instrumentalists were one of the role women highly sought after in jazz. Women's versatility and independency allowed them to >>>

Analyze the media essay

Eventually, the influence of the radio and television would come onto the national scene and usurp the influence that those mediums had on the 1920's but with most mediums which have such an important and resounding influence on the nation and its culture, it had to have a beginning and >>>

Demonstrating the ability to examine media essay

This chapter provides a brief introduction to the dissertation study and analyzes the research structure, study aims and objectives, describes the research question to clarify the research hypotheses and also evaluates the background and the value of the study. Chapter 1 Introduction: The first chapter of this study consists of >>>

Benefits of mass media argumentative essay samples

These include print media, television, the radio, and the social media. Handbook of Emotions and the Mass Media.

Pop culture in the media essay sample

These " heroes" are virtuous and will prove to be examples to others, who want to " save the world", as it is put in the series. American culture needs " heroes" to show us that we are safe and that we can model their behavior and promote the safety >>>

Classical sculpture of the greeks: a journal review.

The details of Agard's argument rest upon the structured guidelines he lays out in the beginning of his article; that to be classical, a Greek sculpture must have: The initial concept of a healthy human form. In any matter however, I believethat Agard compiled an excellent definition of what a >>>

Digital media

This paper would analyze and deconstruct the formation and content of the website www.confused.co.uk by using semiology in deconstructing visual texts and applying semiotic theories to analyze the images in the website. Colors were simple and concise as to the layout of the website.

Negotiation journal rachid

The entire point here is that it was crucial to understand what my mission in the negotiation was, the role I was supposed to play, and the position stood in. Even though that was a point of which took advantage of to balance the negotiation to my side, it was >>>

Music and its effect on the psychology media essay

Deeha [online]According to brainyquote.com [online], Music is defined as " The science and the art of tones i.e, sounds of higher or lower pitch, begotten of uniform and synchronous vibrations, as of a string at various degrees of tension; the science of harmonical tones which treats of the principles of >>>

American psychological association citation style media essay

One of the purposes of media policy, which works like a cultural policy, is to ensure the production of informational and quality media texts by the media industry. The purpose of media policy is to regulate the operations of the media industry and its production.

Introduction to death sentence media essay

Positive effects of media: Here are some of the positive effect of media on people's mind:-The media like television, radio and the Internet increase an overall awareness of the masses. Media contribute to a transformation in the cultural and social values in the people.

Media convergence worksheet essay sample

It has been proven that if a business continues to embrace the idea of media convergence that there is a wealth of opportunities that would be available to them. Educators in this field of media strive to address the balance between protections and empowerment.

Impact of media

Media contribute to a transformation in the cultural and social values of the masses. Media can bring about a change in the attitudes and beliefs of the common man.

Informative essay on media studies

Finally with the different media surrounding everyone's lives, the commercial factors do influence the media with the " teenager" topic with giving teenagers a bad image sometimes but however the commercial factors can give a positive look on teenagers. The commercials can either show a positive look on teenagers or >>>

Whiteness in the media

This concern leads to the promotion of white affluence in the media in opposition to blackness and difference, as well as a predominance of whiteness on the screen. The most prevailing example of the Republican party's dominance of the media can be seen in assessing the history of the Fox >>>

Free research paper about radio/entertainment

It is easier for many people to access the radio, the granting of licenses is done more freely and that the media has more freedom now in most countries than it had in the past. The radio is one of the numerous sources of information that is available to people.

The content review of the website – as you sow

Content Review of the Website - As You Sow The site under review is " As You Sow" with respect to its page on corporate social responsibility. The author first defines corporate social responsibility and then relates corporate social responsibility to sustainability.

Is personal interaction becoming extinct due to social media

Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks Investopedia.com defined it as Internet-based software and interfaces that allow individuals to interact with one another, exchanging details about their lives such as biographical data, >>>