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Analysis of article concerning self-management for people with diabetes

The chosen article for this assignment is " The efficacy of a self-management programme for people with diabetes, after a special training programme for healthcare workers in Taiwan: a quasi-experimental design" written by Wu, Liang, Liang, Lee, Yu & Kao. The article is based on a study that focused on >>>

Organization of fertility clinics

Fertility clinics are run and managed by doctors and help couples have their own child by in vitro fertilization or if the man has a low sperm count then the couple may consider a sperm donor and introduce the sperm in the woman body by artificial ejaculation. Nature has set >>>

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Commentary: seeing the conflict: an attentional account of reasoning errors

By and large, the results of their studies support the claim that correct responders attend more to conflict than no-conflict items, and they allocate more attentional resources to the critical components of the tricky conflict items. We entered the average fixation time and number of revisits on the critical problem >>>

Editorial: new approaches in forensic analytical chemistry

The above-cited observation of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences is an explicit reminder of the fact that forensic science even if increasingly enhanced with powerful computational methods is largely a " human construct," especially at the culmination of the examination process, which involves the interpretation and communication of findings. >>>

Cultural differences in the workplace as a healthcare professional

Book Review Delivering Patient- Centered Care In The Midst Of the Cultural Conflict: the Role of Cultural Competence The articlethat I reviewed was about Delivering Patient- Centered Care In The Midst Of the Cultural Conflict: the Role of Cultural Competence. The organization will equally benefit to improve the relationship between >>>

Genomics for ruminants in developing countries: from principles to practice

Environmental constraints, at present and expected to occur with climate change, are particularly severe in developing countries and require a new balance between adaptation and productivity, as compared to breeding programs in temperate countries where environment is usually better controlled Consequently, the two main features to consider for animal breeding >>>

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Novel targets of sars-cov-2 spike protein in human fetal brain development suggest early pregnancy vulnerability

To study the vulnerability of human fetal brain to SARS-CoV-2 infection, we analyzed the expression of these genes in the fetal brain RNA sequencing dataset downloaded from BrainSpan Atlas of the Developing Human Brain. To conclude, we have analyzed the expression of known and novel S protein interactors of SARS-CoV-2 >>>

A phenomic perspective on factors influencing breast cancer treatment: integrating aging and lifestyle in blood and tissue biomarker profiling

Sensitivity refers to the ability of the biomarker to correctly identify patients with a disease from the whole population, and specificity refers to the ability of the biomarker to correctly identify people without the disease. The increasing relevance of biomarkers in the management of cancer has led to the development >>>

Phytoradiotherapy: an integrative approach to cancer treatment by combining radiotherapy with phytomedicines

With an increasing number of publications supporting the effectiveness of phytomedicines in oncology and their antioxidant potential, it is hypothesized that combining them with radiotherapy can significantly impact the overall survival of cancer patients, and their quality of life. The high cost of such drugs is just one reason the >>>

The role played by public universities in mitigating the coronavirus catastrophe in brazil: solidarity, research and support to local governments facing the health crisis

The social crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has posed a major challenge to world leaders, whose models of response to the health crisis have resulted, in some cases, in the strengthening and cohesion of national politics and, in others, in the political weakening of heads of state and >>>

Editorial: the claustrum: charting a way forward for the brain’s most mysterious nucleus

However, striking differences in claustral organization and the anatomy of the region surrounding the claustrum across various species led to confusion regarding the boundaries of the claustrum. In the current collection of papers, intended as a survey of the claustrum, only the Smith and Alloway contribution and that of Remedios >>>

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Editorial: extracellular matrix dynamics in biology, bioengineering, and pathology

The review by Scott et al.contributes to this poorly understood aspect of EMT by discussing evidence for the involvement of mechanochemical signaling of the ECM in EMT. The importance of utilizing tissue engineering applications in the clinical setting with a clear understanding of the potential for ECM dynamics to shape/influence >>>

Detection of mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis in cultures from fecal and tissue samples using voc analysis and machine learning tools

Cultures of native diagnostic samples from MAP infected and non-suspect cattle and goats were examined to elucidate the effects of the sample matrix and of the animal species on VOC emissions during cultivation. The duration of culture incubation was defined depending on the expected growth characteristics of the MAP isolates >>>

Commentary: ineffectiveness of commercial weight-loss programs for achieving modest but meaningful weight loss: systematic review and meta-analysis

The NICE guidelines stated that, for people who are overweight or obese, " the more weight people lose, the greater the health benefits, particularly if someone loses more than 5% of their body weight and maintains this for life" and " weight management programmes can be commissioned if they are >>>

Genesis of the heroin-induced addictive process: articulation between psychodynamic and neurobiological theories

Accordingly, it is in the historical constitution of narcissism, or its double, the self, that it is undoubtedly necessary to look for one of the causes of the recourse to this behavioral solution taking in place to protect oneself from the psychic traumas previously undergone. Moreover, Grunberger and Winnicott emphasize >>>

Maternal distress and offspring neurodevelopment: challenges and opportunities for pre-clinical research models

The strength of these opportunistic, observational studies is the relative uncoupling of the exposure to the relevant event from the circumstances and conditions of the individual families and outcome measures, avoiding issues of reverse causality and supporting conclusions of cause effect relations. The second stream includes longitudinal, epidemiological studies of >>>


In this stage, the antibody " bumps" into the red blood cell at the corresponding site of the antigen. On the other hand, the chemical forces include the unlike ions that the antigen and the antibody possess.

Active training for amblyopia in adult rodents

MD performed during the CP decreases the presence of binocular neurons in V1, reduces the number of neurons responding more vigorously to the deprived than to the non deprived eye, resulting in an increase of neurons dominated by the open eye; behaviorally, a loss of binocular vision and a strong >>>

Commentary: down with retirement: implications of embodied cognition for healthy aging

While adults now acquire the skills of typing, working with touch-screens and communicating in social nets after prolonged engagement in and interaction with the physical world, children get engaged in parallel with it. Embodied language: a review of the role of the motor system in language comprehension.Q.J.Exp.

Assessing panic: bridging the gap between fundamental mechanisms and daily life experience

Previously, the amygdala was proposed as center of the network involved in PD, and in determining fear behavior to CO 2 in animal work. In further support, we provided evidence that the variant is also associated with a differential response to CO 2 in patients and healthy individuals.

Phenotypic variation in an asexual-sexual fish system: visual lateralization

Of particular interest are the forms of asexual reproduction gynogenesis and hybridogenesis that require the asexual and sexual species to coexist along much of their range. A camera attached to the center of an aquarium light was positioned above each tank using a desk clamp mount; the clamp mount was >>>

Analysis of health worker motivation in africa by mathauer and imhoff

The article titled Health worker motivation in Africa: the role of non-financial incentives and human resource management tool suggests that the motivation level within workers of health care system needs to be enhanced. The result of the study was that health care professionals act in a professional manner because of >>>

Health problems on campus

The caterers may not give much importance to the hygienic conditions inside the dining hall and hence the germs can easily attack the students who are taking food from there." The need for strict adherence to sanitation and grooming regulations is extremely important in food service. The best way to >>>

Towards a cross-modal perspective of emotional perception in social anxiety: review and future directions

The lack of studies examining attention to prosodic information in the general population as well as in socially anxious samples is surprising, since the exploration of these processes could contribute to new insights into the attentional processing of emotional information. The lack of studies on emotional prosody in SA is >>>

Cell-based interventions in utero : time to reconsider

204, in Subpart B, requires prior " scientifically appropriate preclinical and clinical studies" and permits only trials in which "[t]he risk to the fetus is caused solely by interventions or procedures that hold out the prospect of direct benefit for the woman or the fetus; or, if there is no >>>

Careers in hhs

The workers ensure that those who have mental illnesses and a drug abuse disorder and HIV or risk contracting the disease get access to behavioral health services. These services include preventing the spread of HIV and treating drug addicts and HIV infected individuals.

Malaria drives t cells to exhaustion

It was shown that PD-1 mediated a reduction in the capacity of parasite-specific CD4 + T cells to proliferate and secrete IFN- and TNF- during the chronic phase of malaria indicating exhaustion of these cells. Critically, PD-1 was recently shown to mediate a 95% loss in the numbers and functional >>>

Partnered dancing to improve mobility for people with parkinson’s disease

To date, dopamine-replacement therapy is the first choice of treatment to lessen the impact of motor and non-motor symptoms, however DRT does not prevent progressive disabilities and does not change the course of the disease. The structure of music may aid in synchronization with the rhythm compared to the isochronous >>>

Intracellular events regulating cross-presentation

A major focus has been on the role of this process in delivering the components necessary for translocation of antigenic proteins into the cytosol, but in fact most or all of the components necessary for cross-presentation, including MHC-I and the peptide loading complex, as well as ER-derived retrotranslocation machinery, are >>>

Interleukin-1 receptor blockade rescues myocarditis-associated end-stage heart failure

Recent studies indicate that the pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin -1 is central to the development of cardiac inflammation in the pathogenesis of a broad spectrum of conditions. Interleukin-1 in the pathogenesis and treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Home remedy and complementary medications

And I have been forced several times to adapt the home remedy treatment for these instead of medication by my family. For constipation I am made to go for the eatables containing fiber such as; a handful of soaked raisins are to be eaten at the morning in empty stomach, >>>

Editorial: best practices on advanced condition monitoring of rail infrastructure systems

This special topic is particularly interested in understanding the role of advanced condition monitoring for transportation assets and operations and the connections between multi hazards, infrastructure capacity, and real-time evaluation of measures to monitor the vulnerability, risks, uncertainties, resilience, and robustness of rail infrastructure systems and networks. This Research Topic >>>

Case report: herceptin as a potentially valuable adjuvant therapy for a patient with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

This suggests that the effect of Herceptin treatment is likely similar in HER2-positive patients with ESCC and those with adenocarcinoma. However, the response rate of Herceptin treatment in all patients with HER2-positive ESCC remains unknown and needs to be determined in a large population.

Sar and uti and serodiagnosis

Community-acquired UTIs account for 70% of overall infections and is linked to Escherichia coli from the bowels of the patients. The collection of acute and convalescent serum specimens for serologic diagnosis of infection differs in amount and period with respect to the infection under scrutiny.

Neuronal mechanisms of epileptogenesis

K channelepsy: progress in the neurobiology of potassium channels and epilepsy. Role of hormones and neurosteroids in epileptogenesis.

Editorial: ionotropic glutamate receptors trafficking in health and disease

The Editorial on the Research Topic Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors Trafficking in Health and Disease Because of their fundamental role in excitatory synaptic function in health and disease, ionotropic glutamate receptors continue to be the focus of wide-spread research efforts within the neuroscience community. The contributors to this special issue " >>>

Editorial: personalized medicine and neurosurgery

In this e-Book collection provided by Frontiers in Surgery: Neurosurgery, we present a collection of 13 articles by leaders in the field of neurosurgery that highlight domains using a personalized approach for the treatment of patients or avenues when personalization is possible and when it will likely alter the care >>>

Commentary: theileria parasites secrete a prolyl isomerase to maintain host leukocyte transformation

The atypical overexpression of Pin1 is observed in a number of malignancies, which is linked with tumor cell proliferation, migration, and invasion. Clonorchis sinensis adult in biliary ducts has been shown to release C.sinensis cyclophilin A, a protein with PPIase activity, into the liver and play a role in inflammation >>>

The ethics of contentious hard forks in blockchain networks with fixed features

The primary difference between the Ethereum mining process and the Bitcoin mining process is the nature of the cryptographic puzzle that miners must solve. To mine a block of Ethereum, a miner once again creates a string out of the block of data to be added, the existing metadata from >>>

Human zona pellucida glycoproteins: binding characteristics with human spermatozoa and induction of acrosome reaction

ZP glycoproteins play a critical role in ' oogenesis,' taxon-specific binding of the spermatozoa to the oocyte and induction of acrosome reaction in the spermatozoa bound to the ZP thereby facilitating accomplishment of fertilization. Ultrastructural cytochemical findings further suggested that the porous region of the human ZP is limited to >>>

Brief interventions for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption in accident and emergency departments

The aim of this paper was to summarize the available evidence on the effectiveness of BI in A&E departments, as well as the effectiveness of specific BI implementation strategies that have been used in this setting. As shown above, the emergency setting seems to be an appropriate place to introduce >>>

Editorial: learning a non-native language in a naturalistic environment: insights from behavioral and neuroimaging research

The present E-Book is a collection of recent studies that demonstrate the effects of immersive L2 learning in lexical, phonological and morpho-syntactic processing, while at the same time discusses the potential effects of immersive non-native acquisition on the structure of the bilingual brain. In an acceptability judgment task, Parafita Couto >>>

Editorial: medicine and society

Improving the quality of healthcare starts with improving the quality of health information made available to the public. This issue's study by Al-Jefri et al, based on a survey, attempts to define the dimensions and categories of health information quality, in particular, examining the perspective of consumers.

Editorial: sensor systems for energy-efficient buildings, cities, and transportation (buildsys 2019)

We re-invited the TPC members as reviewers for the extended papers in order to ensure the consistency and technical rigor of the reviews while maintaining the timeliness of the publication process. FAIM contributes to the theme of this Research Topic by addressing the challenges present in the integration of networked >>>

Commentary on henrik walter’s “the third wave of biological psychiatry”

I think there are at least two points that justify further critical examination points that Walter belabors extensively: the role of the mind and the role of the medical model of mental disorders in biological psychiatry. The third wave of biological psychiatry.

Obesity and mortality among patients diagnosed with covid-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis

The objectives of the current comprehensive and rigorous meta-analysis were to investigate relevant epidemiological studies for evaluating the association between obesity and mortality of COVID-19 patients. All the selected studies were then finally reviewed to extract potential information regarding obesity and mortality of patients with COVID-19 and associated risk factors.

Closedness type regularity conditions in convex optimization and beyond

By x *, x = x * we denote the value at x X of the linear continuous functional x * X *. The projection function of X is Pr X: X Y X, defined by Pr X = x for X Y, the identity function of X is id: >>>

Intersections of forced migration and gender in physical education

The main social structures and collective discourses of the sports system are also reflected in physical education in schools the first and sometimes the only organizational framework of sports with which children in general and young people from refugee backgrounds in particular come into contact. Against the background of the >>>

Strategic planning: emmanuel medical center – dissertation example

Strategic Planning: Emmanuel Medical Center Affiliation Strategic Planning: Emmanuel Medical Center The Emmanuel Medical Center is a community based hospital. In regards to medical neighborhood strategies, diversification is required to increase the ability of a medical institutions to improve its service delivery to the community.

Book review: the revolting self: perspectives on the psychological, social, and clinical implications of self-directed disgust

A Book Review on The Revolting Self: Perspectives on the Psychological, Social, and Clinical Implications of Self-directed Disgust Paul G. This book was titled as The Revolting Self to emphasize the disgust associated with low self-esteem and poor perception of body image.

Fetal and infant outcomes in the offspring of parents with perinatal mental disorders: earliest influences

Depression in parents with these adverse childhood experiences increases the risk of child maltreatment, and infants' postnatal exposure to maternal depression and maltreatment, in turn, multiplies the risk of psychopathology in the offspring. Along with the studies focusing on the prevalence of mental illness during the pregnancy and postnatal period >>>

Motor skill depends on knowledge of facts

It is quite natural to read much of the literature on the cognitive psychology and neuroscience of skill as mirroring much of the philosophical literature's repudiation of the view that skilled motor behavior is the application of knowledge. In such cases, it is clear that part of having the skill >>>

Corrigendum: a p-tert -butyldihomooxacalix[4]arene based soft gel for sustained drug release in water

In the original article, the following reference was not cited in the article: Liu, Y, Zhao, L.-L, Sun, J, and Yan, C.-G. The citation has now been inserted in Materials and Methods, in section Synthesis of p-tert-Butyldihomooxacalix[4]-Arene 1, in the first paragraph which should read: P -tert-butyldihomooxacalix[4]arene4, Cl-alkoxy substituted salicylaldehyde, >>>

Deadly mass shootings, mental health, and policies and regulations: what we are obligated to do!

Most likely, the impetus behind the shootings cannot be found in a singular cause but is instead an intersection of many issues: mental health problems, a culture of violence, gun regulations, the consequences of poverty, etc. Mental health is a topic that necessitates more attention considering that prevention should be >>>

Vicarious ostracism

H, and Eisenberger, N.I. D, Bagg, D, and Williams, K.D." I feel your pain": the effects of observing ostracism on the ostracism detection system.J.Exp.Soc.

Sex differences in behavioral circadian rhythms in laboratory rodents

Variability in activity onset is considerably greater in females than in males, and this variability is closely tied to the phase of the estrous cycle in mice, hamsters, and rats. The idea that the underlying clock in the SCN shifts a little on each day of the estrous cycle under >>>

Medical and psychosocial aspects of chronic illness and disability

The stress of her diagnosis and anxiety about future changes are likely to have a psychological impact on Tracey. Vocational: Tracey will meet with a vocational counselor and her boss to talk about the effects of multiple sclerosis on job performance.

Editorial: new insights and updates on the molecular epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance of mrsa in humans in the whole-genome sequencing era

The research topic consists of seven original research articles and two descriptive reviews which focus on up-to-date perspectives in the areas of molecular epidemiology and spread of MRSA and highlights how WGS has revolutionized the epidemiological and phylogenetic investigation of specific MRSA clones in different parts of the world. Two >>>

Antithrombotic/antiplatelet treatment in transcatheter structural cardiac interventions—pfo/asd/laa occluder and interatrial shunt devices

Sherman et al.pointed out higher risk of thrombosis in atrial fibrillation and suggested reconsideration of the safety of the procedure and lifelong use of oral anticoagulation in this particular group of patients. The left atrial appendage has a thrombogenic potential, particularly in the setting of atrial fibrillation, and may be >>>

The legacy of sickness behaviors

This unrealistic state of affairs began to collapse in the late 1970s as a consequence of the purification, cloning and expression of the first cytokine, human interferon- , in 1978. Hans Selye advanced the concept of stress by showing that a variety of discomforting challenges in rats cause hypertrophy of >>>

Uncertain about uncertainty: how qualitative expressions of forecaster confidence impact decision-making with uncertainty visualizations

The viewer can count the number of dots in a given range to determine the probability of the nightly low temperature falling within that range. The goal of the current work is to examine the strategies that people use when reasoning with direct and indirect uncertainty to provide scientists with >>>

The merit of synesthesia for consciousness research

We first review the research on the dynamic and rapidly growing field of the studies of synesthesia to inform the reader of the current state of affairs. We then propose that the interplay between semantics and sensory input in synesthesia can be helpful for the studies of the neural correlates >>>

Commentary: gray matter structural alterations in social anxiety disorder: a voxel-based meta-analysis

The authors repeatedly miss the chance to summarize the details of the studies included in the meta-analysis in an insightful and correct way. On the basis of the present meta-analysis, it is premature to conclude that SAD is associated with increased cortical and decreased subcortical GMVs.

Influencing factors of psychological well-being of the non-designated hospital staff in china during the covid-19 pandemic

It is important to investigate the potential risk factors so that appropriate health and safety measures could be implemented to improve the psychological health of the NDH staff. The sum of self-affirmation, depression, and anxiety subscores is the GHQ total score, ranging from 20 to 80, the higher the GHQ >>>

Sodium channels in dental pulp health and social care essay

1 Normal excitation in lasting and primary tooth mush Pulpodentin composite in both lasting and primary dentitions is highly rich in excitations, as shown in the survey of Rodd and Boissonade, which influence the defence reactions in the connective tissue of the mush. The centripetal nervus fibres are the major >>>

Transcranial stimulation of the developing brain: a plea for extreme caution

A recent review by Vicario and Nitsche identified a number of opportunities and challenges for the use of brain stimulation in children. We have seen how incomplete knowledge of the effects of brain stimulation in adults and in children may entail risks when applied to children, and have seen that >>>

Minimalism in the light of biology: what to retain and what to discard?

This volume, and in general this moment in the history of science, is calling for us linguists, and especially those of us who have worked in Minimalism, to characterize what it is that our approach has discovered, that we want to embrace and move forward with, and what it is >>>

Domestic dogs and wild foxes interactions in a wildlife-domestic interface of north-central chile: implications for multi-host pathogen transmission

In this study, we used camera traps to describe the activity patterns and habitat use of dogs, chilla and culpeo foxes and identify the local-scale factors that may affect the frequency of dog-fox interactions trough a wildlife-domestic interface of the Coquimbo region. First, we estimated the detection rates of dogs >>>

Autophagy for better or worse during infectious diseases

Dengjel and coworkers will summarize the regulation of macroautophagy by influenza A virus and how this changes macroautophagic flux. Furthermore, Villadangos and colleague highlight the role of macroautophagy in innate and adaptive immunity, covering its role in antigen processing, as well as in T and B cell physiology.

Corrigendum: experts bodies, experts minds: how physical and mental training shape the brain

The review uses the material of the article by Yarrow et three parts, specifically in the section: The neurocognitive basis of motor skill learning. Deliberate practice and the modifiability of body and mind: toward a science of the structure and acquisition of expert and elite performance.Int.J.

Caffeine does elicit

Caffeine-containing soft drinks are very popular." Caffeine taken in beverage form begins to reach all tissues of the body within five minutes. Caffeine increases blood pressure and stimulates the brain and behavior.

Editorial: brain-metabolic crossroads in severe mental disorders—focus on metabolic syndrome

Considering the role of these metabolic pathways on the functioning of the brain, it is not surprising that metabolic syndrome, which is highly prevalent in patients with bipolar disorders and schizophrenia and tends to increase over time, contributes to cognitive decline and brain ageing in schizophrenia and even interferes with >>>

Occupational safety and health

Maslow's Hierarchy of Need The theory of needs produced by Maslow states that individuals are motivated to fulfill their needs and they have different levels of needs. The theory even states that some individuals have a higher degree of desire to fulfill the need for power than other needs.

Elements of psychocardiology in the psychosocial handling of adults with congenital heart disease

The authors highlight the fact that each groups had different expectations about the management of the physical needs and about the way the patients and the patients' families behaved and that this caused interpersonal conflict, distrust, anxiety, and dissatisfaction with the healthcare provided. Many different instruments were utilized to measure >>>

Computational model of motion sickness describing the effects of learning exogenous motion dynamics

The pioneering work on the computational model of the SVC hypothesis calculated the motion sickness incidence defined as the percentage of the people who would vomit with given motion stimuli for the vertical motion acceleration of the head. The purpose of the present study is to propose a computational model >>>

Rheumatic heart valve disease pathophysiology and underlying mechanisms

Although more than five decades passed after the pioneering studies on the pathogenesis of RHVD, little progress has been made in respect of the cellular and molecular aspects, which lead to the destruction of the valve tissue. The effector function and therefore the contribution of these cells in the pathogenesis >>>

Balancing individual rights and the needs of the society

Balancing Individual Rights and the Needs of the Society From the issues discussed in the text, the most interesting one is the issue concerning balancing individual rights and the needs of the society. The best example is the issue of driving permits, where the right of an individual to have >>>

Ginsenosides improve nonalcoholic fatty liver disease integrated regulation of gut microbiota, inflammation and energy homeostasis

However, the above-described research mainly focused on the activities and mechanisms of a single component, and the synergetic and comprehensive effects of multiple components remain unclear. The supernatant was then dried under a steady stream of nitrogen gas at 35 C, and the residues were dissolved in 100 L of >>>

Modulation of immune responses by particle size and shape

Phagocytosis mediated by the Fc-receptor triggers a so-called zipper model of uptake, characterized by a close-fitting zipper-like advance of membrane and the branched actin cytoskeleton over the particle surface; the efficiency of this process depends on the particle rigidity, size, the density of antibodies on the particle surface and the >>>

Grounding clinical and cognitive scientists in an interdisciplinary discussion

One of the approaches that is presently attracting the attention of researchers and professionals by claiming a full integration between the bodily and the psychological aspects is the Mindfulness approach. The state of the art in empirical research and evidence-based practice: a clinical perspective.

Editorial: inter-cellular electrical signals in plant adaptation and communication

One of the most successful mechanisms to coordinate the activities of distally located cells, tissues, and organs is the electrical impulse, which was first studied in frogs in the 1790s by Galvani and Volta. The result is this volume, which contains a diversity of review and original research articles that >>>

Editorial: cardioimmunology: inflammation and immunity in cardiovascular disease

Editorial on the Research Topic Cardioimmunology: Inflammation and Immunity in Cardiovascular Disease Despite great advances in the diagnosis and treatment witnessed in the last decades, cardiovascular disease remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in Western Countries. Indeed, after the demonstration that atherosclerosis is primarily a chronic >>>

Land use and agriculture: pitfalls and precautions on the road to net zero

As such, our agriculture and land use sectors face a fiendishly difficult balancing act of ensuring sufficient quantity and quality of food, lower emissions, increased sequestration, protection of natural ecosystems, soil, water, and air quality, and all in the context of a climate that is already changing. The prime strategy >>>

Intranasal administration of pacap is an efficient delivery route to reduce infarct volume and promote functional recovery after transient and permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion

In 85% of the cases, stroke is of ischemic origin due to a permanent or temporary occlusion of a cerebral artery, which in one third of the patients concerns the middle cerebral artery. To monitor the occlusion, a laser-Doppler flowmeter probe was positioned and glued on the right parietal bone, >>>

Preventing sars-cov-2 in-hospital infections in cardiovascular patients and medical staff: an observational study from the german heart center berlin

The University Hospital Charite and the state senate of Berlin established a 3-level model to ensure the distribution and care of COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients. As there is a lack of data on the prevention of in-hospital infections with SARS-CoV-2 in patients and HCWs, the purpose of this report is >>>