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What are memory-perception interactions for? implications for action

Jeannerod has for example demonstrated that the magnitude of the grip aperture, a component of the grasping movement, is function to the visual size of objects. Separate visual representations in the planning and control of action.

Music lessons and cognitive abilities in children: how far transfer could be possible

All in all, I would summarize the field of music research by assuming that there are some small but interesting transfer effects of music lessons and cognitive abilities and that it is important to understand how they work in order to broaden our knowledge about them. The five OPERA factors >>>

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Ritual in therapy for prolonged grief: a scoping review of ritual elements in evidence-informed grief interventions

Grief comprises emotional pain related to the death of a loved one, feelings of yearning and longing, and preoccupation with the deceased person or the circumstances of the death. The included 22 studies are summarized in Appendix 1 describing the name of the intervention, the reference that reported the >>>

Editorial: metabolic disturbances in mental illness: neuropathogenetic mechanisms and therapeutic implications

They also proposed a model to explain the potential central and peripheral signaling pathways and molecules linking the pathophysiology of schizophrenia and development of metabolic dysfunction, and antipsychotic-induced exacerbation of the pre-existing metabolic problems. In summary, studies published in this Research Topic provided a picture of complex bidirectional interactions between >>>

Introduction to the research topic on standard brain atlases

The concept of the identified neuron is a powerful guide in the understanding of neural function in invertebrates requiring the identification, localization, and characterization of each neuron in the respective ganglion and brain. As pointed out in the article by Kei Ito the maintenance of the large data sets of >>>

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Drug store drugstore and pharmacy history

RUNNING HEADER: The Dangers of Patent Medicine The Dangers of Patent Medicine BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE The Dangers of Patent Medicine During the 1800s, it was common for various elixirs, potions, and herbal remedies to be sold to mass market consumers which contained formulas and ingredients that >>>

Strategies for pharmacological organoprotection during extracorporeal circulation targeting ischemia-reperfusion injury

The authors could demonstrate that PARP-inhibition resulted in a significant decrease in cytokine levels and as a consequence a reduction of ROS, which in turn led to less apoptosis of cardiomyocytes and to improved contractile function of the hearts. The MMPs are zinc-dependent endoproteinases involved in the degradation of extracellular >>>

Passion and pacing in endurance performance

In this perspective, we will address athletes' exercise behavior and pacing by examining the impact of passion on the regulation of exercise intensity and exercise behavior from a psychological and a physiological angle. The nature of athletes' passion, and thus of their drive to exercise, might represent one of the >>>

Corrigendum: shortlasting, unilateral, neuralgiform, headache attacks with conjunctival injection, tearing, sweating and rhinorrhea: the term and new view points

00262 The title of the original article was changed from Shortlasting Unilateral Neuralgiform Conjunctival Injection and Tearing Syndrome: The Term and New View Points to Shortlasting, Unilateral, Neuralgiform, Headache Attacks With Conjunctival Injection, Tearing, Sweating and Rhinorrhea: The Term and New View Points. In addition, a correction has been made >>>

Autism spectrum disorder: why do we know so little?

As a matter of fact, the study of ASD that comes along with some genetic conditions the " syndromic ASD" is beginning to shed a new light on the pathophysiology of the disorder. 10: 19.doi: 10.

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Editorial: electrocatalysis on shape-controlled nanoparticles

Editorial on the Research Topic Electrocatalysis on Shape-Controlled Nanoparticles The incorporation of shape-controlled metal nanoparticles in electrocatalysis is improving the activity, selectivity, and stability of many different electrocatalytic reactions of interest. The modification of the surface of the shaped nanoparticles with some adatoms is also an interesting approach to enhance >>>

Adaptive locomotion control of a hexapod robot via bio-inspired learning

In the work of Sun et al, the inverse kinematics of an 18-degree-of-freedom hexapod robot is calculated to control the dynamicly alternating tripod locomotion of the robot. Therefore, inspired from biological control systems, a two-layer CPG motion control system is firstly proposed in this paper to generate locomotion for the >>>

Emerging trends in health care

Additionally, an evaluation of the implication of one of these trends on the delivery of health care from the perspective of doctors, nurses, and patients is outlined in this paper, as well as how this trend might impact the quality of care. In essence, the use of technology has made >>>

Drivers of natural variation in water-use efficiency under fluctuating light are promising targets for improvement in sorghum

Steady-state A, g s, and iWUE were also obtained for each PPFD in the steady-state PPFD response curve, as the average over the last 40 s of each PPFD. There was significant variation in the undershoot of steady-state by A, g s, and iWUE after each decrease in PPFD.

Risk assessment to evaluate if crayons complying with the consumer product safety improvement act of 2008 for lead, also comply with california proposition 65

The purpose of the legislation of the California Proposition 65, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, was to protect the citizens and the drinking water of California state and to inform citizens about chemicals, which are associated with reproductive disorders, birth defects, >>>

trichoderma reesei isolated from austrian soil with high potential for biotechnological application

Consequently, we explored the prerequisites for that and found solid support for the strains belonging to the species T.reesei: Using mating type specific primers for T.reesei, we found that of the 12 new isolates, eleven strains comprised the MAT1-1 idiomorph and one strain was of MAT1-2. While the majority of >>>

Intracolonic mustard oil induces visceral pain in mice by trpa1-dependent and -independent mechanisms: role of tissue injury and p2x receptors

Second, we tested the effects of the purinergic antagonist TNP-ATP on the behavioral alterations induced by low and high doses of mustard oil, and compared them with those induced by the pharmacological antagonism of TRPA1 by AP18. The mice were handled in accordance with international standards, and the procedures were >>>

Influence of a polyherbal mixture in dairy calves: growth performance and gene expression

The experimental procedures were performed in accordance with the recommendations of the CIOMS, observing the standards for ethics, biosafety, and animal well-being approved by the institutional committee. Calves were weighted and measured at the beginning and at the end of the experiment.

Covid-19 and acute coronary syndromes: current data and future implications

However, acute coronary syndromes management during this emergency period is gaining growing interest, yielding many scientific researches as well as national and international societies consensus documents, stimulated by four major concerns:- an increase in short-term risk of myocardial injury and infarction has been reported, particularly for patients with underlying CAD >>>

Expanding the knowledge regarding acos

These are hospitals, doctors and other health care providers who join efforts to offer quality health care to Medicare patients. Doctors together with other providers in the same ACO talk to the beneficiaries of this program on health issues.

It’s not just dinner: meal delivery kits as food media for food citizens

The sense of food consumption as an opportunity to engage people in an ethos, if not the direct language of citizenship, is most visible in the way in which food brings people together in community-based endeavors: " Food, and specifically making food together, thus serves as a site for community >>>

Editorial: sex and gender aspects in diabetes

Reports of sex differences in response to therapies and in the incidence of unwanted side effects or overt toxicity are accumulating. Overall, the current collection gives a small glimpse of the breadth of topics and the clinical relevance of sex and gender differences in diabetes research.

Existential transformational game design: harnessing the “psychomagic” of symbolic enactment

Yet, a basic principle of psychology is that the experience of an authentic life depends on the alignment of all parts of ourselves, both the feeling and thinking self, or as it is more commonly referred to the conscious and unconscious mind. This corresponds to the view of Campbell on >>>

Linezolid resistance in enterococcus faecalis associated with urinary tract infections of patients in a tertiary hospitals in china: resistance mechanisms, virulence, and risk factors

TABLE 2 The distribution of the antimicrobial resistance genes and virulence genes in linezolid-Intermediate/Resistant E.faecalis. The relationship of ST genotype with linezolid susceptibility, the carriage of several virulence factors and resistance genes in E.faecalis UTI isolates was shown in Table 4 and Supplementary Table 5.

Editorial: systems biology and bioinformatics in gastroenterology and hepatology

The multi-scale and multi-stage complexity of NAFLD and NASH, and the necessity to perform one or more liver biopsies to stage and monitor the disease, form a considerable obstacle in the development and application of targeted precision medicine. J, and Kellner, A.

Commentary: teacher candidates’ responses to examining personal privilege: nuanced understandings of the discourse of individualism in critical multicultural education

The first aspect is the definition of meritocracy and the principles that sustain its concept. Then, the essence of meritocracy is the value of merit, and productivity is one way to attribute value to something hence produced and, for extension, to someone.

Creating an evaluation plan: pt 1: logic model & development of questions

As a Public Health evaluation analyst for the county of Bowe, my main duties include directing data evaluation and statistical analysis tasks as demanded from the manager. I would recommend that, to evaluate the immunization impact on adults in Bowe County, the type of data collected should be accurate and >>>

Thalamo-cortical cross-frequency coupling detected with meg

The best studied form is phase-amplitude coupling, in which the amplitude of higher frequency activity is modulated with the phase of activity in a lower frequency band. The paper of Roux et al.represents a step toward this, and suggests that MEG can play a useful role in characterizing cross-frequency coupling >>>

Commentary: fungal lifestyle reflected in serine protease repertoire

From the perspective of the secreted enzyme repertoire, a recent noteworthy article titled " Fungal lifestyle reflected in serine protease repertoire" exhibited a phylogenetic distribution of serine peptidases represented in the fungal kingdom. The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the presence of the different serine peptidases families in a >>>

Editorial: mechanisms by which acute and chronic exercise promote cardiometabolic health

Editorial on the Research Topic Mechanisms by Which Acute and Chronic Exercise Promote Cardiometabolic Health Exercise promotes cardiometabolic wellness and is effective in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity-related conditions. We begin our compilation with a comprehensive review of the cardiovascular effects and benefits of exercise >>>

Anomalous behavior of highly active helical swimmers

Typically, this is a driven system where the sense and the plane of rotation of the magnetic field determines the direction of propulsion depending on the chirality of the helix [ 22 ]. As a result, the orientation of the propellers are independent of the external field, and they undergo >>>

Erlotinib resistance in lung cancer: current progress and future perspectives

For example, recent studies have shown that the manner in which patients are treated with erlotinib affects the efficacy and longevity of the therapy. HDAC inhibitors are anti-cancer agents with the potential to enhance treatment of human cancers and TSA is a specific inhibitor of HDAC that can result in >>>

Intracellular biomineralization in bacteria

The objective of this research topic is to highlight the latest advances in our understanding of intracellular biomineralization in bacteria, with a focus on the magnetotactic bacteria, a group of phylogenetically diverse microbes synthesizing magnetic minerals of magnetite and/or greigite magnetosomes in cells. This research topic provides a selection of >>>

Editorial: motor control of gait and the underlying neural network in pediatric neurology

Editorial on the Research Topic Motor Control of Gait and the Underlying Neural Network in Pediatric Neurology Researchers around the world strive toward better understanding of the complexity and causes of movement disorders due to nervous system disease. Two included studies examined the link between brain lesions and motor control >>>

Editorial: environment and health

In particular, the Declaration of the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health includes a commitment to " prevent and eliminate adverse effects on the environment and health, costs and inequalities relating to waste management and contaminated sites, progressing toward the elimination of the disposal and trafficking of uncontrolled and >>>

Single-molecule, super-resolution, and functional analysis of g protein-coupled receptor behavior within the t cell immunological synapse

The recognition of cognate peptide-MHC by TCR leads to activation of the T cell and formation of a large interface with the APC; in either the form of a stable immunological synapse or a motile kinapse. Actin-enrichment is restricted to the periphery of the synapse, away from the major accumulations >>>

Establishing a correct dose of beta-blocker medication for older women after myocardial infarction and ruling out ties between physical activity and cardiac risk factors

This is to establish a standard dose of beta-blocker medication for older women after myocardial infarction and to rule out the relationship between physical activity and cardiac risk factors. Thus, the results of the study will lead to the conclusion that demographic variables have a correlation with cardiac disparities in >>>

Editorial: leptin resistance in metabolic disorders: possible mechanisms and treatments

A seminal finding to the understanding of the mechanisms leading to body weight dysregulation and the onset of obesity was the discovery of leptin, from the Greek term leptos, identified by Friedman and collaborators at The Rockefeller University in 1994. Science 7: 856 8.doi: 10.

Editorial: the parallel march of asthma and allergy in childhood: a multi-perspective approach

Editorial on the Research Topic The Parallel March of Asthma and Allergy in Childhood: a Multi-Perspective Approach Asthma is often associated with atopy and it can be elicited by allergens in some individuals. Recently, occurrence of atopy and asthma have been linked to changes in the microbiome.

Shared strategies for behavioral switching: understanding how locomotor patterns are turned on and off

The two forms of motion also differ in the pattern of bend propagation: bends propagate at uniform velocity for crawling, but " whip" to the back of the body after characteristic pauses when the whole-body of the worm is bent into a C-shaped posture during swimming.In C.elegans and the leech, >>>

Theoretical principles of multiscale spatiotemporal control of neuronal networks: a complex systems perspective

This interpretation lays out both the need for attention to the dynamic nature of computation and the functional robustness in the light of structure variability that illustrate the multiscale information processing nature of neuronal networks. Recognition of the implication of the Substantia Nigra's damaged cells in Parkinson's disease, better understanding >>>

Development and evaluation of a therapist training program for psilocybin therapy for treatment-resistant depression in clinical research

To address the need for participant safety and consistency in the delivery of the psychological support, we have created and implemented a therapist training program for the phase IIb clinical trial of psilocybin therapy for TRD. The principles of psychological support in the current trial, to be outlined in a >>>

A novel real-time pcr assay for the rapid detection of virulent streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus —an emerging pathogen of swine

Therefore, in light of previous genome analysis reports and our findings with the PA isolates, SzM was selected as the target for the development of a probe-based real-time PCR diagnostic assay for the detection of virulent S.zooepidemicus isolates. The gene SzM was conserved among the two isolates and was earlier >>>

Editorial: smarter farming: new approaches for improved monitoring, measurement and management of agricultural production and farming systems

Editorial on the Research Topic Smarter Farming: New Approaches for Improved Monitoring, Measurement and Management of Agricultural Production and Farming Systems There is considerable interest and investment in the information that can be derived from new technologies and data to support enhanced monitoring, measurement and management of farming systems for >>>

Horizontal gene exchange in environmental microbiota

The understanding of the fundamentals of the structure-and-function of MGEs allowed us to adapt these mechanisms to serve our needs, in the form of genetic engineering technology, in a number of applications in science, biotechnology, and everyday life. While exploring the wealth of data collected by environmental genomics/metagenomics we may >>>

Theory of mind: a new perspective on the puzzle of belief ascription

The importance attributed to the false belief task with respect to the development of ToM has been criticized in the past. This work nicely fits in with the standpoint that the implicit and explicit false belief tests tap two different cognitive mechanisms and that perspective tracking is a process that >>>

Case report: untreatable headache in a child with ventriculoperitoneal shunt managed by use of new non-invasive intracranial pressure waveform

Secondary obstructive hydrocephalus is a common cause of the high ICP in the cases, due to the compression of the 3rd ventricle and obstruction of the interventricular foramina or the cerebral aqueduct resulting from the growth of the craniopharyngioma. The hypothesis was that the patient's shunt was allowing too much >>>

Screening and identification of key common and specific genes and their prognostic roles in different molecular subtypes of breast cancer

The Basal-like, Her2, LumA, LumB, and Normal-like molecular subtypes were compared, and common and specific DEGs in the subtypes were screened. There was one pathway for co-enrichment of the DEGs in the basal-like, LumA and LumB subtypes: " protein digestion and absorption".

Rejuvenating procholinergic treatments for cognition enhancement in ad: current challenges and future prospects

Because of the documented role of the BF cholinergic system in learning and memory, the " cholinergic hypothesis" of AD was established and has been the primary directive for drug development and treatment in AD for almost three decades. The most significant obstacle in bolstering cholinergic and cognitive function in >>>

Did insecure attachment styles evolve for the benefit of the group?

The solution to the " paradoxical" persistence of insecure attachment styles, according to Ein-Dor et al, is that across evolutionary time, the costs of insecure attachment styles to individuals were exceeded by benefits at the group-level. 32, 1 67.

Editorial: ecological consequences of biodiversity and biotechnology in agriculture and forestry

The Editorial on the Research Topic Ecological Consequences of Biodiversity and Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry With the increasing recognition of world population feeding and health, global climate change and biodiversity loss, and limited energy resources with fossil fuels calling for alternatives such as biomass crops, the relevance of agriculture, >>>

Commentary: physical exercise as personalized medicine for dementia prevention?

Hence, the individualization of physical interventions relies on the modification of exercise prescription in order to account for the influence of non-modifiable factors and modifiable non-exercise-related factors, including sleep, nutrition, and social and cognitive activities or stress; these are also crucial factors in adaptive responses and dementia prevention. Neurophysiological and >>>

Repurposing and revival of the drugs: a new approach to combat the drug resistant tuberculosis

Gupta et al.also reported that efflux inhibition with verapamil tremendously decreases the MIC of bedaquiline and CZM to M.tuberculosis and suggested the synergistic effects of verapamil and bedaquiline in an animal model of TB infection. Tasneen et al.suggested CZM was the best third drug in combination with bedaquiline and pyrazinamide >>>

Chloroplast genomes of two species of cypripedium : expanded genome size and proliferation of at-biased repeat sequences

The sequenced chloroplast genomes showed that the genome sizes of the three species are larger than those of most other species of angiosperms, with relatively low GC contents, and that the expansion of the genome size correlated with the expansion of the LSC region. We sequenced, assembled, and annotated the >>>


Topic: Aspiration Lecturer: The anatomy of the human body is structured in such a way that each organ of the body is assigned to a special duty or role to play. Because of how regularized the functioning of the various parts of the human anatomy is, any change in roles >>>

Egyption medicine

It was noticed that the organs In the body would not remain preserved so they removed them before the burial. This was crucial to medicine, as it was the first thought of practical cures for illness.

Jakartans’ perceptions of health care services

The public health provider is the Indonesian government; in this case, the Ministry of Health at the national level, provincial governments at the provincial level, and the district/municipality governments for district level. In the invitation letter, we again explained the purpose of the FGD, the procedures of the FGD, the >>>

Combining uranium, boron, and strontium isotope ratios ( sr) to trace and quantify salinity contributions to rio grande river in southwestern united states

Therefore, it has been a pressing issue to understand the origins of the elevated salinity in the semi-arid portions of the Rio Grande. The Rio Grande is the fifth longest river in the U.S.and among the top twenty of the world.

Effects of non-pharmacological or pharmacological interventions on cognition and brain plasticity of aging individuals

These technical advancements, along with the notion that the aging brain retains the capacity to reorganize its morphological and functional architecture, have promoted strong interest and leaps forward in the knowledge of the physiology of the aging brain and aging-related cognitive processes as well as in the exploration of strategies >>>

Editorial: from genes to species: novel insights from metagenomics

This Research Topic aims to showcase the utility of metagenomics to gain insights on the microbial and genomic diversity in different environments by revealing the breadth of novelty that was in the past, largely untapped. A review by Coughlan et an overview of metagenomics and focuses on the utility >>>

Assessment of the efficacy of reogo-j robotic training against other rehabilitation therapies for upper-limb hemiplegia after stroke: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

In addition, another objective of the study is to verify the degree of superiority of combination training including both robotic therapy and CIMT over training with robotic therapy alone in these patients. The patients will be randomized to one of the three treatment groups using dynamic allocation by the minimization >>>

The impact of complexity on methods and findings in psychological science

The attitude of many researchers in the " hard" sciences is understandable, given the vast differences in the achievements of fields. However, we believe that the primary contributor to disciplinary differences in the scientific enterprise is the variability in the complexity of the topics that are studied.


Through the family of the major character in Emhoff Beth, the plot of the movie is developed to explain the effects of a major outbreak of a deadly viral infection and its implication to the public. This paper analyzes the events of the movie, Contagion to address its teaching on >>>

Stable and variable affordances are both automatic and flexible

While Gibson's perspective is fully externalist and anti-representational, recent authors contributing to the spread of the notion of affordances in psychology and neuroscience have considered affordances as the product of the conjunction, in the brain, of visual and motor experiences. Different motor schemas would be activated: a circuit pertaining the >>>

Modeling pancreatic endocrine cell adaptation and diabetes in the zebrafish

By appropriately secreting glucagon and insulin into the circulation to regulate the production and uptake of blood glucose, respectively, the pancreatic - and -cells play a central role in glucose homeostasis. Consistent with overnutrition as the trigger for the compensatory response, the expansion of the -cells has been found to >>>

The neuropharmacology of the age-old sedative/hypnotic, ethanol

A commentary on Ethanol activation of protein kinase A regulates GABA A receptor subunit expression in the cerebral cortex and contributes to ethanol-induced hypnosis by Kumar, S, Ren, Q, Beckley, J. Ethanol activation of protein kinase A regulates GABA receptor subunit expression in the cerebral cortex and contributes to ethanol-induced >>>

Corrigendum: inhibition of vegfr2 activation and its downstream signaling to erk1/2 and calcium by thrombospondin-1 (tsp1): in silico investigation

The authors apologize for this error and state that this does not change the scientific conclusions of the article in any way". The authors apologize for this error and state that this does not change the scientific conclusions of the article in any way.

Editorial: gut microbiome modulation in ruminants: enhancing advantages and minimizing drawbacks

This Research Topic aimed to propose nutritional and other rumen manipulation strategies and other insights to enhance the advantages, and to minimize the drawbacks, of the ruminant digestive physiology by modifications of the gut microbiome and its functionality. Short-and long-term effects of conventional and artificial rearing strategies on the health >>>

Unsupervised eeg artifact detection and correction

Manual annotation of artifacts in EEG data is problematic because it is time-consuming and may even be untenable if the specific profiles of artifacts in the EEG data vary as a function of the task, the subject, or the experimental trial within a given task for a given subject, as >>>

The power of many

The Power of Many The Power of Many The process of social change begins with discovery, innovation, and diffusion. The other approach, traditional politics, is the ordinary method of community organization that I deem practical and relevant to me.

Modeling and estimation of multivariate discrete and continuous time stationary processes

In the case of continuous time, the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process X given by the Langevin equation d X t =- X t d t + d B t, t , where > 0 and B is a two-sided Brownian motion, can be seen as the analog of the discrete time AR >>>

Public health: back to the future

The chapter by Wyatt, Brady, and Maynard is a succinct summary of best practices in establishing and maximizing the power of partnerships in public health. Holsinger, Scutchfield, Mays, Costich, Ingram and Wyatt are my colleagues in the University of Kentucky, College of Public Health.

Plant acclimation to environmental stress: a critical appraisal

Interestingly, compared to crop plants, weeds exhibit their higher tolerance to abiotic/biotic stresses, and can be an alternate and potential source of genes for the production of transgenic plants. A range of sustainable agriculture practices can be good assets to the crop plant genetic engineering research and help in achieving >>>

Editorial: “role of ribonucleoprotein complexes in neurodevelopment and in the physiopathology of neurological diseases”

Editorial on the Research Topic Role of Ribonucleoprotein Complexes in Neurodevelopment and in the Physiopathology of Neurological Diseases The topic " Role of Ribonucleoprotein Complexes in Neurodevelopment and in the Physiopathology of Neurological Diseases" is organized in six reviews and two original researches and overall highlights the links existing among >>>

The co-evolution of honesty and strategic vigilance

Often, when we say that someone is honest, we do not mean that she is rational and aware of the risk of punishment for misbehaving; rather, we mean that she accepts to pay the opportunity cost for the sake of complying to a certain rule of behavior that regulates social >>>

Multi-person brain-to-brain interfaces: ethical issues

While the authors of the study do not reflect on the opportunities and risks of possible future uses of multi-person non-invasive direct BBIs, it is essential to widen the perspective beyond purely technical aspects to also consider possible future applications of this research and the ethical and social implications. 7 >>>

Corrigendum: core neuropsychological measures for obesity and diabetes trials: initial report

A correction has been made to Acknowledgments to read as follows: We would like to thank the executive committee members for assistance with organization and planning the activities that led to this report and the executive committee and workshop participants for contributing content expertise, writing, and edits to the report. >>>

Resilience improves the sleep quality in disabled elders: the role of perceived stress

In general, the current research aims to prove the impact of resilience on sleep quality and to investigate the mediating function of perceived stress in the paths from resilience to sleep quality among the disabled elders who resided in nursing house in China. 0 and PROCESS program for SPSS were >>>

Live with ashtma

LIVING ND COPING WITH CHRONIC DISS CN B MOTIONLLY ND PHYSICLLY CHLLNGING FOR PRSON WITH STHM Th incidnc of sthm is incrsing round th world, prticulrly mong childrn. In childhood it is thr tims mor common nd mor svr in mls, but ftr pubrty th incidnc in th sxs is >>>

Functional connectivity studies of patients with auditory verbal hallucinations

M, and Hoffman, R.E." Functional brain imaging of auditory hallucinations: from self-monitoring deficits to co-opted neural resources," in The Neuroscience of Hallucinations, eds R. Elevated functional connectivity along a corticostriatal loop and the mechanism of auditory/verbal hallucinations in patients with schizophrenia.Biol.

Commentary: short body height and pre-pregnancy overweight for increased risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: a population-based cohort study

A Commentary on Short Body Height and Pre-pregnancy Overweight for Increased Risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Population-Based Cohort Li J, Wang P, Zhang C, Leng J, Li N, Wang L, et al. 00349 Li J et al.conduct a sufficiently large cohort study and show that the risk of >>>

Editorial: characterizing modern microbialites and the geobiological processes underlying their formation

In this collection of research articles, experts investigate and discuss the formation of modern microbialites and the interactions between microbes and the environment. Additionally, several of the articles begin to characterize and close the genomes of some of the more abundant taxa within freshwater microbialites derived from Pavilion Lake in >>>

Editorial: age-related changes in body composition: mechanisms, clinical implications and possible treatments

The matter is further complicated by the heterogeneity of the clinical phenotypes, the complex pathophysiology, and the lack of standardized biomarkers. The ultimate consequences of such an impasse are the lack of incorporation of sarcopenia in everyday clinical practice and the absence of pharmacological treatments against the condition.