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Patton-fuller sensitivity analysis essay sample

Currently the immediate need at Patton-Fuller is the 5:1 ratio of patient to nurse that indicates a shortage of nurses. These numbers show when the hospital needs to have more nurses available because of the influxes in the inpatient population at Patton-Fuller.

Exploring how members of the mdt worked together

The aim of this essay is to explore how members of the Multidisciplinary Team worked together and communicate with each other to achieve the best patients outcome. The second stage of Gibbs model of reflection is a discussion about my thoughts and feelings.

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Risk management in health care essay sample

The purpose of risk management is to discard any possibilities of misfortune due to lack of certain control measures. The behavior of a patient should be handled carefully to ensure safety.

Er nursing

Registered nurses, regardless of specialty or work setting, perform basic duties that include treating patients, educating patients and the public about various medical conditions, and providing advice and emotional support to patients' family members. RNs work to promote general health by educating the public on various warning signs and symptoms >>>

Medical assistant

She has always worker d and shown me and my sister the value of work. She married and the n struggled to provide for me and my father.

Implementation of epic at yale new haven hospital

There were few challenges faced during the implementation of EPIC like the Lisa Stump disagreed with the technical side getting up again is the easy part dealing with the organizational alignment, the standardization, and the behavior changes have been the more challenging component. Over 100 people have been recruited to >>>

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Capital purchase justification essay sample

An MRI scanner is considered a vital piece of equipment necessary in the Radiology Department because of the fact that it is an ideal investment for this hospital because of its technological benefits to our patients. The Optima MR450w also provides the functionality of radiation therapy planning which allows the >>>

Earplugs improve patients’ subjective experience of sleep in critical care laboure college

Earplugs improve patients' subjective experience of sleep in critical care Laboure College Nursing 202 March 8, 2013 The purpose of this study is to see if earplugs improve sleep in patients in critical care areas. This study was qualitative because it had the test subjects use subjective data about the >>>

Mountain view community hospital essay sample

At the same time, when the doctor is checking the file information on the patient, the nurse or other staff member can also access the information of the patient to know what is wrong with the patient exactly. Firstly, the database can hold information of the patients that cannot be >>>

Good massachusetts general hospital essay example

This work is a brief overview of the evolution of Massachusetts General Hospital and its seminal contributions in the field of medicine. The institutionalization of this social care imperative as part of health services was formalized in 1907 with the appointment of a registered nurse, Ida Cannon, as a social >>>

Gender differences in career development in hospitality industry

Moreover, the physical attributes of women such as good figure and beautiful face of women are factors why employment in hospitality industries is seen as "sex-typed occupations". One of the factors is those women'scommunicationskills; a skill that is very important in hospitality industries is better compared to men.

Healing hospital: a daring paradigm research paper sample

The environment concept in Healing Hospital does not only consider the patients care, but as well, the manner in which the staff in the healthcare interacts with patients and their families as care providers. The Healing Hospital ensures that there is provision of loving and compassionate health care to patients >>>

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Bed closures as a patient safety strategy article review examples

This will be done due to the reason that the institution will be responsible for the safety of patients. If the management opts for the first choice, then the patient, on which a particular nurse is assigned, will be neglected, as the nurse will have to float around the hospital >>>

Good example of essay on health news

The study compared the data obtained from Illinois Poison Center and data from the Illinois Hospital Association, and the results show that for every 10 patients treated in Poison centers there is a decrease in hospital charges by $2078 and the length of stay for poisoned patients was. With unpopularity >>>

Shouldice hospital

This allows the patients to recover sooner and to experience less discomfort or nausea that is often associated with the aftermath of general anesthetic, which thus lets the patients to be active sooner as well; also, the limited use ofgeneral anesthetic reduces the need to staff more anesthetists, who are >>>

Memorial hospital case studies examples

The first method in which the hospital should use to measure the quality of services it offers is by first undertaking a survey to determine if it is satisfying the needs of its staff and patients through addressing their complains,empowering the staffs and check whether it is giving patients the >>>

Akron’s children hospital (case study)

Moreover, the hospital is continuing to provide education to encourage and to make it easy on the process of lifelong learning for physicians and other children's care providers in the health care industry. The management-research question hierarchy for Akron Children's Hospital is that the hospital faces is how to raise >>>

Reflective journal nursing essay sample

I have to the opportunity to precept with Wayne Martin, who is currently the manager over the Emergency Department at Southeastern Health. The emergency department is required to go to this meeting because this is the initial part of patient care.

Renfrey memorial hospital: proposal essay sample

Premier, Inc, is a strategic alliance in U.S.healthcare, entirely owned by more than 200 of the nation's hospital and healthcare systems. The objective of the benchmarking process is to improve organizational performance and to make a firm more competitive.

Essay on healing hospital paradigm

A healing hospital refers to a hospital whereby the moral values and working conditions in health care are taken into consideration by increasing the availability of the staff and services required. It should place people and value of interpersonal relationship in the middle of the healing journey to benefit both >>>

My traumatic event

It was the first week Into my sophomore year; I thought I was going to have such a fun and careless time, I had just got out of a very bad relationship, and for the first time I felt free and In control of my own life. Once I was >>>

Free report on healthcare and the consumer: st jude children’s research hospital

The facility strives to be the world's frontrunner in administering the treatment and avoidance of catastrophic diseases in children. As a result, the hospital aims to cure and enhance the quality of life for the rising proportion of children who attend the facility.

Master’s-prepared nurse interview essay sample

V grew up in Hawaii and she worked as a patient care technician, she started in medical surgical floor in a community hospital and she worked 12 hour shift for two days and worked part time. As she had already completed her master's in education, and administration in 2011, she >>>

The nurse staffing standards for patient safety essay sample

American Federation of Government Employees and American Federation of Teacher C. American Organization of Nurse ExecutivesE.

Chapter 4: supply chain management at valley memorial hospital

The nurses, doctors, paramedics and supporting staff are all part of this supply chain, and their handling of all the resources of VMH in a co-coordinated, cost-effective fashion is critical to a successful SCM implementation.2. In the case of a complex organization like VMH, EDI could be put to good >>>

Does your age affect the care you revive in hospitals?

The quote below supports my own definition on what I think the difference between paediatric and adult care."Paediatric is the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children and adolescences"The difference between adult and paediatric care is firstly the obvious body size difference; the smaller body >>>

My future plan is being a doctor essay sample

If you have a patient that is trying to tell you what happened and you are not being patient then you wont have a response for your patient or you wont know what procedure you will have to take on the patient. I really need to focus on that because >>>

Jean watson’s caring theory essay sample

The Caring Theory of Nursing is a relational caring for self and others based on a moral, ethical, and philosophical foundation of love and values. The theory of human caring: Retrospective and prospective.

Organizational structure essay sample

The Board is comprised of business men and women of the community who are willing to spend their time and efforts to improve the quality of healthcare in the community. However, the shorter vertical structure of AMH is reflective of the size of the community and the size of hospital >>>

Charitable healthcare report examples

The hospital thus makes the effort of maintaining the confidentiality of the information provided by patients so as to preserve the dignity of the individuals who may want to seek healthcare charity. One of the strengths of the policy is that it is well defined such that members of the >>>

Little falls hospital

Bevins, who is her legal guardian, which also makes him the surrogate decision maker under the New York Health Care Proxy Law, has the legal right to make the decisions on her health care in her behalf. It is critical that the physician determines whether Lydia is incapacitated and that >>>

What do nurses really do? essay sample

The Quality and Safety Education in Nursing is a project with intentions to meet the difficulties of preparing nurses who have the overall knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to continuously enhance the quality and safety of the healthcare systems in which they work. One must have the knowledge to understand >>>

The role of a midwife essay

Identifying current commissariats by the professional identifying the resources required to run into individual's needs The Care program marks are made to be achieved and professional identifies an person that can back up and authorise the client by utilizing appropriate attention In a wellness and societal attention scenes.wellness attention professionals >>>

The physician assistant program

With this, I hereby accept the fact that the only way to achieve this and be competent in the position is submit myself into the formal education program for Physician Assistant. Therefore, I wish to achieve another milestone in my life as a qualified and ratified physician assistant under the >>>

Hospital acquired condition and ssi essay

Surgical site infection is one of the major contributors to HAC, accounting for a substantial number of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of death cases, and billions ofdollars of cost every year in the hospital. As the SSI requires specific process improvement parameters in place and also a linkage between different >>>

Becoming a scholar practitioner

A scholar practitioner is a professional who is committed to both study and explore the field that he/she is involved with and to be able to bring that learning and knowledge to his/her practice of her profession. I see now that if I want to pursue a life dedicated to >>>

Health care process essay sample

This is why it's important for the medical records to be updated on a weekly to monthly basis within the long term care department. Team A believes that having the medical records updated within the long term care department would be a great access and help.

Hand hygiene

It is very important as a nurse to understand the importance of good hand hygiene in order to keep patients and other staff members as safe as possible by limiting the amount of germs and infections passed around. After reading this article on hand hygiene I have learned that hand >>>

Health tourism and its impacts on host nation and hospitality industry

In India, health care is one of the largest sectors, in terms of revenue and employment, and this sector is expanding rapidly largely due to health and medical tourists. This increases the sale of medicines in a directly proportional manner such that, the number of surgeries or treatment conducted directly >>>

Responsibility and liability essay sample

The hospital may be liable if measures were not taken to reduce the risk of elopement by Mr. Nurses may also be liable if they failed to check on the activities of Mr.

Quality improvement assignment research paper examples

The rationale of the paper is to find out the leadership and management issues of quality improvement in nursing. Most importantly the system will improve the quality of service that is accorded to patients in the hospital.

Patient safety culture (psc) amongst the staff at the national district hospital (ndh)

The position of the patient and medical devices should be such where the pressure is evenly distributed and shear is alleviated. Nutrition is an important part of comprehensive care and the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Ineffective nurses role in pain management essay sample

Nurses play an important role to promote pain management practices for patients, a critical component of the nurse's role in pain management is pain assessment, medications administration, organizing and delivering patient care activities, advocating for patient rights, educating patients and contact with physicians regarding changes in patient conditions; these nursing >>>

Intro to hospitality case study #1

They would be to blame if they forced me to order it or forced me to eat it, but it would be my decision and not theirs to eat and order red meat. It is a good read for everyone to know what they are putting into their bodies and >>>

Promote peace in a personal or health crisis essay sample

Spirituality is more individual, and has to do with a sense of peace, purpose, and connection to others, and beliefs about the meaning of life. My brother always say" I am a strong believer in god and with him all thing are possible".

Shouldice hospital, ltd. case

Shouldice achieves outstanding results as a low price and at high profit because everything done by the hospital is designed to maximize the difference between perceived quality and the value of the service provided to the patients on one hand and the cost of providing the service on the other. >>>

The importance of confidentiality in hospitals

The nurse was a friend of the teenager's aunt, and apparently called the relative and told her about the girl. This girl had put her trust in the service of the nurse and the hospital.

Mysteries of the broadmoor prison hospital

They were moved to a new hospital in Southall in 2007, but before that, especially before the 2000's they would be forced to undress and bathe in front of staff, other patients and visitors. You then become angry with everyone because you still believe that you did the right thing >>>

Good example of leadership in healthcare: memorial regional south hospital essay

To achieve the objective, the discussion uses that case of Memorial Regional South hospital and identifiesa current even within the organization making recommendation of the suitable leadership theory that can be applied. The hospital has a mission to improve the wellbeing and health and quality of life for the people >>>

Jackson memorial hospital retention of emergency room nurses

In the workplace, it is important to know the customs, values, and beliefs of the people you work with. It makes a difference in the workplace, if you do not know the culture of the people, you work with.

Hospitality management

3 Describe job roles in the local area which are based in the hospitality industry Learners need to develop understanding of the levels of revenue and employment generated by the hospitality industry on a local and national basis. Learners need to be able to compare the importance of different hospitality >>>

Metabolic superstorm essay sample

In the above article, what is the "veritable metabolic storm" that the author refers to? The drug used to treat MH is Dantrolene, a skeletal muscle relaxant.

Shouldice hospital – case analysis essay sample

This constituted a major "value proposition" for the patients who themselves provided "word of mouth" publicity of the benefits and experience undergone by them at the hospital and contributed greatly towards the success of the Shouldice Hospital. We carried out the SWOT analysis for the Shouldice Hospital which reveals the >>>

The teaching hospital

To keep the suit and the doctor out of public eye in the hospital, the executive committee decided to move Dr. Uric out of the medical side of the hospital and promote him into a new position where he would focus more on medical researcher, keeping him isolated from the >>>

Perioperative nursing essay sample

I feel that the perioperative nurse has followed the dictations of the medical field with regard to the level of intervention and their defined role within the operating room. At the MercyAscot the perioperative nurse is expected to be able to perform the role of the instrument nurse, circulating nurse, >>>

the health insurance portability and accountability act essay sample

The goal of HIPAA is to protect patient's confidentiality of their health care information, help control administration costs and to make it accessible to keep health insurance. Patient's Protected Health Information is very private and should not be out in the open for anyone to be able to get a >>>

Frequency of urinary symptoms in women attending gynaecology clinic at shalamar hospital lahore

The worldwide predominance of urinary incontinence is around 49% for stretch urinary incontinence, 22% for ask urinary incontinence and 29% blended incontinence. A total of 140 women were found urinary incontinence, in which stress incontinence was found in 60 women, mixed incontinence 54 patients and urge incontinence in 26 patients.

My personal nursing philosophy essay sample

My philosophy of nursing is to provide holistic care meeting the physical, social, economic, cognitive, and spiritual health of a person. While theorists have differing concepts and definitions of nursing, the American Nurses Association, defines it as follows; "Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention >>>

Stomatitis possibly methotrexate related essay sample

She could swallow without difficulty, and her p.o.intake was adequate. Kato, treatment options were discussed with the patient, at this point she has elected to return to treatment with methotrexate bit of a lower dose with concurrent use folic acid.

Emergency medical health essay

The most common cause of the cardiac arrest is the heart attack where there is no blood flow to the heart muscles; this means that there is poor delivery of the oxygen to the body. The close relatedness of the cardiac arrest and unconsciousness is that when there is cardiac >>>

Ethical dilemmas in nursing essay sample

Maintaining the patient's trust in his doctor is essential and usually not difficult, but nurses are put in difficult situations when their beliefs or those of the patient himself are at variance with those of others in the medical and nursing team. Controversy over whether nurses can or should question >>>

Is nursing an art or science, or both? essay sample

The application of both science and art is required in keeping the care in nursing by means of scientific research, theoretical concepts, and conscientious dedication to the art of caring as nursing's identity, and purposive attempts to take in caring behaviors during all interactions between nurse and patient. E, I >>>

Hr functions of st. jude children’s research hospital

Jude was the first institution to develop a cure for sickle cell disease with a bone marrow transplant and has one of the largest pediatric sickle cell programs in the country.St. There has to be a shift in the orientation of the healthcare personnel.

Healthcare trends

With a multitude of social and health factors, older patients tend to be in the hospital longer, are unprepared for hospital discharges, and are most likely to return to the hospital. In addition, the patients that returned to a transition home care in their homes were found to provide higher >>>

Hospitality market

For instance, Hilary Billings initiated a new hotel brand, W Hotels, combining the modern style of a 'boutique' hotel with the amenities and services of the business brand. The idea behind W was to address the same void in the hotel business that had existed in the home furnishing business >>>

Research paper about daily activities of nurses in hospital

It is hoped that the chosen methodology will generate useful information through the collection and analysis of data on the attitude, knowledge and experiences of staff nurses on the effect of comfort measures in care of the dying patient in the acute hospital setting. It is hoped that this will >>>

Why we study torism and hospitality at university

So study Marketing at university is necessary for tourism and hospitality. Thus, students need to study Tourism and Hospitality at University and study it well.

professional roles and values essay sample

For example, the Texas State Board of Nursing is responsible for: issuing licenses to new nursing graduates, approving nursing schools to train new nurses, enforcing the nursing practice act and rules and regulations by setting minimal standards for both nursing practice and education, and lastly providing information regarding nursing practices, >>>

Organization & leadership analysis essay sample

Wilcox' relationships with her employees seem to give employees the idea that they are friends first and coworkers second.Ms. Wilcox creates boundaries with her employees so that they understand what is expected of them and are aware of the consequences if they fail to meet those expectations.

To what extent does medicine act as a social control mechanism

The medical profession is the recognised authority in the UK on illness and treatment and also has established a monopoly on the official identification of sickness and on the legitimate practise of healing. In the majority of cases other people do not label this as evidence of mental illness and >>>

Solving problems and making decisions

This part of the process will take up to 30 minutes per referral dependent on the complexity of the admission and medical history, if the medical notes can be located and if ward staff are to hand to discuss. It was decided to target the referral process, to include the >>>

Terminal illness essay sample

Once diagnosed with a terminal illness a patient undergoes their own process of coping with the illness and the poor prognosis. This act of coping is a response that changes cognitive and behavioural efforts of the patient.

New sinai mdi hospital

This three consist the contact number and person that the patient's may talk to, for the Health Care Services which is user determine what services and procedure that the hospital had and Patient's Guide which is under this is the list of the Room of Patient from Presidential which is >>>

Labor unions in hospitals

The American Nurses Association is the largest and oldest professional association of registered nurses in the USA. The ANA and state nurses associations are committed to the rights of registered nurses, the largest group ofhealthprofessionals.

I.t and e commerce of hospitality industry

IntroductionHere is an attempt to understand and explain the information systems which are been used and how they are useful to the company and what are the drawbacks of those systems, and also how they can try to solve those problems. By investing in the IT benefits the hotel by >>>

How an hr practitioner should ensure the services they provide are timely and effective

Telephone Communication The quickest way to contact someone is by phone, this way we are able to talk through various process and get quick confirmation from people.you would also get a sense of what the person is like. Would be able to keep a copy of the letter we send >>>

Children’s hospital initiatives

It does reflect that Children's Hospital has an attitude towards learning from errors; not hiding them and that eventually may lead to decrease in such errors. Those cumulative efforts may lead to a safer place in which the patients will find comfort, trust and safety.

Christine brooks v. cooke county hospital district essay sample

Given that the burden of proof was on Brooks', here is how she should analyze and start presenting her case:Given the sequence of events and the contents of section 18 of CCHD's personnel policy manual, it seems like Christine Brooks could claim a wrongful discharge against CCHD. Similarly, it was >>>

Medical assisting is an important part of the medical field

The role of the medical assistants varies depending upon the location of work, specialty of the practitioner and size of the hospital or clinic. The satisfaction and health of that patient should be the number one priority of a medical assistant.

The advantages and disadvantages of the country’s hospitality

The tourism in New Zealand is bringing in good inflow of foreign exchange to the country and is very helpful to the economy. The major advantage of New Zealand's tourism is to the country's financial background itself, and the major advantages of it can be assessed by the following:'Tourism is >>>