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Reflective blogs: nurses and technology

Nursing and technology Nursing and technology Technology has the potential to lessen the burden on individuals in the medical field, as well as reduce the occurrence of medical errors. Technology provides a temporary solution for the issue as it can be implemented in this field to lessen the strain and >>>

The australian health care system nursing essay

Paramedics incorporate their knowledge and clinical expertise with the outcomes of evidence-based practice in order to make appropriate judgements and decisions for patients. Clinical Judgement and Decisions based on Evidence-Based PracticeClinical judgement and decisions are fundamentals of the paramedic profession and form part of the everyday routine.

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The history of dietary strategy nursing essay

When considering the therapeutic approach the stages of change model is important to consider, if a client does not want to change then it will be difficult to persuade them to make the relevant changes and a therapeutic approach can also be used in order to prevent relapse having taken >>>

Henrietta lacks

They are still alive up to today and have helped scientists in the study of cancer, development of vaccines, study of HIV AIDS and even research on aging. The story of Henrietta Lacks brings up the question of consent and whether a patient should be told when his or her >>>

Agress a

Thus, it is not mandatory to possessall the information, but knowledge of where and how to get the information is the best strategy. It is imperative to acknowledge the increased number of patients served, quality of services in hospitals and the clear reference of patients' medical records.

Degree level in nursing versus the baccalaureate

The associate-degree and the baccalaureate-degree levels of nursing both provide contributions towards the contemporaryhealthcare system, advancement of the nursing profession, and promotion of a profession dedicated to lifelong learning. Transitioning to the Baccalaureate-Degree Level of Nursing The movement to increase the number of baccalaureate-prepared nurses in the workforce is accelerating >>>

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Healthcare systems around the globe

In this paper, I will be comparing the health the health care system of the United States of America with that of Portugal. In Portugal, the department in charge of health policy is the Ministry of Health.

Nursing theory critique

Nursing Theory Critique Patient-Centered Approaches Theory Faye Glenn Abdellah is the pioneer researcher who developed this theory with an intention of transforming nursing theory, nursing care and nursing education. The major concepts in this theory are the achievement of health, the total health needs and the healthy state of body >>>

Health care reform

Health Care Reform Health Care Reform Recent changes in the US health care reform significantly affect not only the general population but also the advanced nursing and managerial roles of the members of the health care team. Changes on the new coverage of health care reform act affect both the >>>

United states healthcare system versus italy healthcare system compare and contrasting

The essence of this essay is to compare and contrast the health care system in the US and Italy. Health Statistics and Cost The cost of a health care facility in a country is a matter of concern in a country as it determines the affordability of health care facility >>>

History of my nursing practice

The value of decision-making autonomy and working with patients under intensive care have shaped my understanding of person-centered care and its relevance to nursing, as a profession and a practice. In the course of my practice, I try to comprehend and share into the perspectives, current situation and feelings of >>>

Free essay on evaluating practice through theories and models

Absence of self-care is occasioned by the inability of an individual to meet his/her self-care needs and as such the need of external support. As such the role of a nurse is to act as a bridge between the environment and patient's self-care needs.

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Hitech legislation

The passage and enactment of the HITECH Act along with the Medicaid EHR and Medicare incentive programs act as incentives to healthcare providers with regards to improving the efficiency, quality and confidentiality of healthcare information and service delivery. The 2011 study on the use of EHR in respiratory care revealed >>>

Free essay on study of martha rogers nursing theory

The theory addresses the focus of nursing and knowledge needed to develop the science of nursing. It is an art in the sense that it is involves the creative application of the science of nursing for human betterment.

Non infectious diarrhea or hemorroids

The article evaluates the effectiveness of the Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialization as a surgical procedure for treating hemorrhoids. The patients underwent the Distal Doppler-guided dearterization with an enema and anesthetic with propofol given as a painkiller in every patient before the procedure.

Image of nursing

According to Morteza et al, analysis of nursing image forms the basis of understanding the nature in which the media, the public and nurses view the profession of nursing. The unsatisfactory image of nursing has been a leading factor in low staff recruitment, shortage in nurses, and lack of public >>>

The symptoms of mrsa nursing essay

MRSA outbreaks have growing since the 1960s up until the 2000s, in the USA the MRSA death toll exceeds the death of AIDS, hepatitis B and tuberculosis. MRSA Screening is another way to stop MRSA from spreading on you and for others, this is when many people have MRSA on >>>

Human services research paper example

Shriner then goes on to state that the second primary dimension of care for the terminally ill is the psychological care. In this dimension, it is imperative that the people taking care of the terminally ill should be ready to listen and must empathize with the patient.

Roles of the arnp and the need for evidence base nursing

Roles of the ARNP and the Need for Evidence Base Nursing Research al Affiliation Need For Evidence Based Research Advancedpractice registered nurses are the professional nurses in the practice who have a minimum of master-level nursing education. In addition, research-based practice increases the availability of knowledge and development of the >>>

Example one and two

There was no specific point,argument or evidence referenced in the context of idea presented in the paraphrase. The paraphrase, if it was about the overall argument of the Lords essay, should have cited the "student as consumer" business model as the reason for the changes to instruction instead of professor >>>

The acid base disturbance

This is because the body may try to return such an imbalance to normalcy but the level of bicarbonate and carbon dioxide will remain destabilized. In addition, elimination of too much carbon dioxide by the lungs lead to development of respiratory alkalosis and it is most significant in increased rate >>>

Cushing’s syndrome

The other thing is to measure the amount of cortisol in the body. The first thing is to determine whether the syndrome is as a result of increased amount of adrenocorticotropin hormone in the blood.

Presidential commission in 1991 and the uniform determination of death act

The Commission of the President and the Uniform Determination of Death Act, incorporated two concepts related to the definition of death. On the other hand, the second whole-brain definition of death points out that the functioning of the entire brain is the hallmark of existence.

An important role of nurses accountability nursing essay

HMSO states in prescribed situations, nurses owe a responsibility to act in the best interest of their clients and the public; and this duty may take priority over the duty of confidentiality of the patient. Hendrick, states if a person is incapable, due to a lack of decision making capacity, >>>

Creating a teaching learning environment

Three of the nine comprehensive guidelines of American Association of Colleges of Nursing's The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice are the highlights of this report. The aging baby boomers, cultural diversity brought by influx of global migration, nursing staff shortage, the prevalence of chronic illnesses, the advancement >>>

Define the major flora of the different regions of the human body and discuss the methods employed in preventing both exogenous and endogenous wound contamination

Major Flora of the Human Body Major Flora of the Human Body The human body is covered with skin, which amazingly has millions of microorganisms that reside in it. Exogenous and endogenous infections occur as a result of the presence of these microorganisms.

The transplant learning center indices nursing essay

Aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of nonadherence in a cohort of RTRs using specific questionnaires, and to evaluate prospectively whether a greater clinical surveillance and the reduction in pill number, through the adoption of once-daily Tacrolimus, may enhance adherence to ISA. The recent introduction in the >>>

Psychological disorder (you have to choose only one) essay examples

The patients present a variety of ethical and clinical problems to the practitioner due to the fact that suicidal behavior is a hallmark of diagnosis. Psychiatrists have feared that the stigma associated with the diagnosis would impair the relationship and give a sense of abandonment to the patient However, today, >>>

Critique the plan

The implementation of the initiative has mostly taken the form of school based campaign where a number of inter-school seminars are held for young people on how they can identify good and quality food and select these as compared to unwholesome food. For example statistics available to the Philadelphia Urban >>>

Challenges using the aqhr reseac paradigm at an outpatient va menral health

Challenges using AHRQ Research Paradigm at an outpatient VA Mental Health Your al affiliationThe agency for health research and quality mission is to support and conduct research to improve the safety and quality of health care. Lack of enough infrastructure and staff is another challenge and strengthening of the existing >>>

Future of nursing: leading change, advancing health

The future of nursing affiliation The future of nursing The future of healthcare provision depends on the future of an effective healthcare workforce. The future of nurses is greatly influenced the quality of training and education the nurses get.

Roles of regulatory, and accreditation agencies

The agencies provide education to the people and especially the target population about the health concerns in question helping them understand everything about it and help them make the right choices. The organizations and agencies use the politicians to gather large crowds of people in the target area especially the >>>


The main objectives of burn care are for the restoration of the functionality, form, and feeling to the patient. As the nurse in-charge of providing care to a patient with 70% of body burnt, there is certain knowledge that is required for the administration of effective care, one of which >>>

Qualitative methods

Grounded theory, a form of content analysis, involves the process of continually reviewing the data gathered, improving the research questions, and re-assessing the changes that were applied, in order to derive a substantive theory. Case and Grounded Theory As Qualitative Research Methods.


Evidence for interventions What is the rationale for using the highest level of evidence for interventions in the clinical setting? When the nurses or doctors use the highest level of evidence, they get to be on the top or at par with the rest of the people when it comes >>>

Principles of nursing practice

The nursing staff undertakes steps to promote the delivery of safe, and appropriate ethical care to patients. The nursing team engages in compassionate care through their speech and physical response in an effort to realize and care for the needs of the patients.

Completing a synopsis appraisal of a qualitative research study

The main findings generated by the research were able to explain the barriers as well as the enabling situations in the implementation of the PARIHS framework based on context of usage, current work culture experienced by the participants, leadership within the work place, and of evaluating the performance of the >>>

Current trends in nursing practice

Accountable Care Organizations al Affiliation) Accountable care organizations comprises of a group of doctors, hospitals and health care providers who come together voluntarily in order to give coordinated high quality care to their Medicare patients with an aim of ensuring that chronically ill patients receive the right care and treatment >>>


Regardless of the healthcare experts' interest with what is good for Ida as well as ensuring that her quality of life is improved, they also have to consider that she is suffering from heart failure and at this stage of her life, she thinks that the tour she was planning >>>

Team and team processes

Team and Team ProcessesIn the case of Nurse A, the Nurse was about to make an error which might have been costly to the institution but from the help of a colleague she corrected her actions to the right one. In the work complied by Marshall, the act of >>>

Cholestral panel

Cholesterol Panel Lecturer's The difference between Total Cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL & LDL cholesterol levels and the significance of each in atheroma formation. Increased levels of triglycerides in the body is associated with increased risk or atheroma formation and is often as a result obesity and overweight, cigarette smoking and excessive >>>

The effects of clinical instructors on nursing students

The effective clinical instructor is a role model for the clinical student. The student, observing this role model, will identify with the instructor and work to imitate the skills exhibited.

Essay on impact of technology on health

In the last thirty years, the impacts of technology in the sector stretch to all departments as work done in the sector eases with time. Most of the doctors and health practitioners want to keep track of patients with the view of giving them the best Medicare.

Health policy issue on lack of preventive health care in the uninsured

Health policy issue on lack of preventive health care amongst the uninsured Task: Health policy issue on lack of preventive health care amongst the uninsuredBackgroundAttributable to the lack of medical insurance, many individuals die every year in the United States. According to the health policy regarding the insurance coverage, the >>>

Review of litterature

Review of the Literature Review of the Literature Qualitative Article Review The concepts to be studied are well identified in the background and described to give the reader an understanding of the aims of the article. The research was completed within the ethical requirements owing to the approval of Human >>>

Human growth and developement 4

The permissive parent indulges the child in what he or she likes or wants and gives in to the child's desires, impulses and acts. Policies are explained and enforce rules as a parent but recognize the individuality of a child.

Maternity leave and family pregnancy

Your full April 7, Maternity Leave According to the American Pregnancy Association, "Maternity leave refers to the period of time that a new mother takes off from work following the birth of her baby". The FMLA leave applies both to the mother and the father, who can utilize this leave >>>

Knowledge of needs of patients with long-term conditions – resume/cv example

However, this would be useful to identify the limits of professional and personal knowledge and competencies in order to use appropriate techniques and strategies to meet the needs of the patients. What are the future goals and objectives?

My personal philosophy

The intrigue in pursuing nursing is the fact that one has the feeling of care, remorse and the need to help people in need. In the medical field nursing forms the most important group of all the practitioners.

Roles of nursing in improving the patients health literacy

Patients should ensure the information they use have identifiable author and source. The patients should clearly understand the information contained in them with the help of nurses.

Introduction to the practicum experience

Introduction to the Practicum Experience The practicum experiences are vital in integration of the theories and practices encountered by the student throughout the learning process. To develop the skills of problem-solving by the end of the practicum period.

Personal statement example

There is a lot more that I can do for the patients provided that I am willing to take the time to retrain and develop my other work related abilties. It will not be difficult for me to achieve the success that I have in mind for my nurse practitioner >>>

Nursing knowledge resource paper

One benefit of Sigma Theta Tau in regards to research and evidence based practice is that the honor society supports numerous education and research conferences one of which is a research meeting that presents the latest nursing research from around the world. One benefit of The Joanna Briggs Institute in >>>

Advantages and challenges of a blended family nursing essay

This case study will discuss the main issues faced by Katya and her family including the immediate challenges, strength and weaknesses of the family coping with their stressors, the advantages and challenges of a blended family and the areas which could impact on the families ability to access health care. >>>

Principles of scholarly communication

Principles Of Scholarly Communication Principles Of Scholarly Communication Scholarly articles can be located in various scholarlydatabases and journals such as the article titled "Family presence preference when patients are receiving resuscitation in an accident and emergency department" that was published in the academic journal called Journal of Advanced Nursing and >>>

Nutrition recommendation of a caregiver to the patient

Nutrition Recommendation of a Caregiver to the Patient Nutrition Recommendation of a Caregiver to the Patient Through the feeding process to the patient, a caregiver has to offer total attention to the patient. There should be a friendly rapport between the two parties, the patient and the caregiver for the >>>

Maslow hierarchy essay sample

In order to deliver and excellent care to the patient nurses should be competent to prioritize the needs of patient by assessing the most important and necessary care to the patient. The aim of this paper is to identify the technique and method of prioritizing in order to deliver good >>>

Assignment example

The secondary intervention is to hold public prevention campaigns to create awareness to people on the causes of the disease and how they can live a healthy lifestyle. The other role is to participate in the public awareness campaigns and demonstrate to people on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Community /public health nursing

Although it is impossible to attain the state of complete health, community health is an aspect of health care that strives to maintain the normal state of health, as well as prevention of infections in the community. Provision of care to a community that does not meet the standards of >>>

Importance of test, procedures, and diagnosis code section in spring charts critical thinking examples

A spring chart is an analysis of a patient's records that is used for the treatment of that patient. The function of the test, procedures, and diagnosis code section of Spring Charts is a necessary component for the electronic health records because it will provide the basic information that could >>>

Partner/ risk reduction with nursing diagnosis

The recommendations are based on the general health of people that can be altered through the change of lifestyles and medical checkups. In analyzing the real age test in partner health promotion, the results from the test is a great determinant on how to adhere to the recommendations.

History of the therapeutic relationship nursing essay

It is therefore the role of the nurse to be an advocate to patients and their families, ensure health and to promote wellness in the nation as a whole. It is the role of the nurse to know the importance of equality and diversity and to respect and treat patients >>>

Identifying the problem, question, and hypothesis

Problem Statement: Identifying the role of music in the control of anxiety and pain in post-surgical patients. Problem Statement: The impact of tele-health monitoring on the improvement of CHF patients in the home settingResearch Questions:1.

Obesity in children and adolescents

Problem statement and purpose of the studyThe study focuses to establish the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and secondary hyperparathyroidism among obese children. Obesity in children has significantly increased within the last 20 years; this has led to an increase in utilization of health care services in the country.

Exploring the literature and finding studies

Exploring the Literature and Finding Studies Exploring the Literature and Finding Studies A literature review is a critical description of the information relevant to a certain field or topic of interest. PubMed and beyond: A survey of web tools for searching biomedical literature.

Nurses attitudes towards evidence-based practice

It is observed that the utilization of evidence is frequently suggested in context to healthcare improvement, modification, and development. It is believed that evidence-based nursing is more than utilizing research findings as it is an assimilation of investigations and explorations carried out while performing the research besides patient predilections, the >>>

Liability insurance

The employer's malpractice insurance only covers when one is in the position as an employee and this is the instance a person can be responsible when he or she makes a decision beyond employment scope. It is of importance to have own malpractice insurance that covers those times of the >>>

The center for disease control and prevention website evaluation

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention Website Evaluation The Center for Disease Control and Prevention WebsiteEvaluation The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is one of the most effective and reliable website that should be recommended for patients. As much as the website focus of health education to patients, >>>

Intercultural – international faux pas

INTERNATIONAL FAUX PAS International faux pas According to research, a faux pas is a publicly uncooperative or insensitive action, particularly one that infringes accepted social standards, principles, traditions, or the guidelines of good manners. In almost all cultures, it is not proper to attempting to carry out business even before >>>

Leadership in health care organizations practicum

She said that I was returning the favor she did to me when she introduced me to the roles of a nurse in the hospital and that the roles she gave me would help me become a better nurse especially the fact that I was young. It would have guided >>>

Patients undergoing one-lung ventilation article review examples

The aim of the study was to explore the correlation between decreases in cerebral oxygen saturation that occurs in patients undergoing one-lung ventilation and decreased cardiac output. Because the relationship between heart rate and cerebral oxygen saturation was the only statistically significant relationship, it is not possible to conclude that >>>

Nursing expertise self-report scale and reflection

I also find thatcommunicationis essential to all aspect nursing care because it allow the patient to feel connected to the staff as well as understand his/her plan of care. This exercise help me realize that I need to communicate with my patient more often to help them understand their care >>>

The history of computed tomography nursing essay

Hence, this coursework will also illustrates how I could contribute to the inter-professional team in reaching the ultimate goal of creating a healthcare system with high quality patient centered careTo protect the confidentiality of the patient, hospital and healthcare professionals involved in the incident, the identifiers will not be disclosed >>>

Social determinants of health

Social Determinants of Health 'Social determinants of health' refer to the various conditions in which, an individual survives wherein these determinants impose a strong effect on the health of public in general. Correspondingly, the social factors of health include the place, where an individual is born, lives and performs his/her >>>

The history of qualitative critique nursing essay

The title of the study is clearly defining the purpose of the study. Moreover, Coughian says that it is good for the researcher to give their qualifications so that the readers must emphasize the expertise and command of the authors in the relevant field but unfortunately the description related to >>>

Time management and personal audit nursing essay

A person must be able to audit to know the limitation and opportunity of his life. According to National Staff Development Council, Through the personality a man can audit his skill.


I want to be a nurse one day so I can help ill people with care and affection and looking after them will also make me happy as I believe that it will give me peace and satisfaction and life to me is helping others and becoming a nurse will >>>

Concept analysis: mentoring nurse managers

The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of mentoring and the key role it plays in the development of nurse managers. Mentoring nurse managers is crucial to the success and survival of nurses.

Interest in becoming a nurse practitioner

When I was first exposed to the field of nursing I realized that this is the field in which I can satisfy my desire and need to help people who are experiencing problems in their lives. While pursuing my education as a BSN my aim of becoming a nurse and >>>

Components of ethics

Components of Ethics Ethics is a term that refers to the distinction between good and evil, the wrong and the right or virtue and vice in any human action. The action of not interfering is not the baseline for the functionality of autonomy.

Application of the nursing process to delivery culturally competent care

Delivery of Culturally Competent Care Application of the Nursing Process to Delivery Culturally Competent Care As a professional, I believe in the diversities of the society. So, in my plan of action, I would dedicate my time to understand much about the cultural diversities of the Hispanics.

Example of role of the therapist research paper

One of the goals of narrative therapy was to leave the division of the roles of the professional therapist and patient to a form of consulting which required initiative from the client, no longer referred to as the patient. Another way in which the model of narrative therapy has changed >>>

Nursing informatic systems

A broad base of benefits come with nursing informatics, both in terms of direct and individual job performance and in terms of benefits to the nursing profession overall. These suggested uses and benefits all indicate that nursing informatics are becoming an integral part of the profession as a whole.

Controversial issue in nursing

Opponents of the nursing controversial issue claim that an increase in the figure of nurses will be unfair to the hospitals as it will burden the hospital budget. ConclusionConclusively, controversial issues in nursing refer to the publicly debated issues affecting individual and personal practices of nurses.

Nursing diagnosis for mr. katter

Intervention: listen to heart sounds while noting heart rhythm, tachycardia, crackles, and lung sounds; observe for chest pain and discomfort; observe for confusion and agitation; place on cardiac monitor.2. Disturbed sensory perception, related to cognitive orientation characterized by dizziness and disorientation.

Research summary research papers example

The main purpose of this study is to research on the factors, of both organizational and personal nature, contributing to medication error incidence especially in the field of clinical nursing. This study is of great importance to nursing practice because, nurses being the actual administrators of medication to patients, are >>>


In the case of the care of frail, dependent member rumps, need to be established in homes to ensure mobility. There are significant factors to note in the recruitment of a nurse.

Hormone replacement therapy

The hormonal Replacement Therapy has been implied on treatment of cancer; for instance hormonal therapy for cancer and androgen deprivation therapy on prostate cancer, the treatment can also be done on aging for example hormone replacement therapy, testosterone replacement in males with low levels due to disease or aging. As >>>

Ebp proposal: literature support

The congestive heart failure usually occurs in situations when the heart is pump insufficient blood that cannot meet all the demands of the body. Notably, this easy will incorporate three different research works that have been conducted in relation to the management of the congestive heart failure.

How can management make nurses feel they are respected and needed when money is managements main concern

Nurses should not always be the group to take instructions, but need to be allowed to speak for themselves to management. In conclusion, management can use other motivational methods apart from money to make their nurses feel like significant members of the team and encourage them to work their best.

Nurse leader interview essay sample

When she was ten years old her family moved to the United States to escape the poverty and ill treatment T.E.T.E.was able to overcome the abuse she suffered as a child. She also develops and implements wound care services according to the directives of the medical staff and the policies >>>

Erectile dysfunction

Pelvic surgery can cause damage to the nerve supply to the penis as a result of the injury accrued to the cavernous nerves during transurethral resection of the prostate hence leading to erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction DrugsOne of the best methods to treat erectile dysfunction is by the administration of >>>

Psychiatric nursing

Section/# Journal Article Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing "The Role of Intrusive and Other Recent Life Events on Symptomatology in Relapses of Schizophrenia: A Community Nursing Investigation"This study focuses on the effects of "life events" on the relapse of psychotic symptoms in individuals that have been previously diagnosed >>>

The american academy of nurse practitioners

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners is one of the most prestigious nursing organizations that is committed to harness the growth of its students through professional development, knowledge and resources. The function of the organization is to create a solid foundation of networking for students.

How the practice of nursing is expected to grow and shift

How the practice of nursing is expected to grow and shift al Affiliation How the practice of nursing is expected to grow and shiftQuality health care is the desire of every person and every government. One of the changes expected in the future is an increase in the number of >>>

The difference between licensing and credentialing

The Pennsylvanian state requirements for licensing an advance nurse practice include; one must have completed an approved nursing program for advance nurse, one might be required to have a master degree in nursing. The doctor of nursing practice essentials: A new model for advanced practice nursing.