Full Essay Samples on People & Society

Essays on society are a staple assignment in many college majors, especially those concerning sociology, history, and politics. Students in these areas regularly find themselves involved in advocacy, policy-making, and public speaking. Being capable of writing and structuring one’s own thoughts, as well as researching the subjects, are important skills to learn. Good writing is necessary not only for university success, but also in real-life work.

Many academic assignments, including exam writings, typically feature 5-paragraph essays on people, the society, and the problems surrounding them. In this article, you will find information on some of the most common samples of essays used in IELTS education, including examples of essays on society and people alike. You will also find instructions on different formats of papers you may encounter during your learning experience.

Types of Essays

Some of the most common types of essays on society a student will be asked to write include narrative, argumentative, descriptive, compare-contrast, and opinion essays. Their contents are summarized as follows:

  • Narrative essays: Talks about a specific event from a singular perspective, helping us understand the experiences of the past or today;
  • Argumentative: Often requiring database research, this type of essay involves studying and presenting conclusions on a subject;
  • Descriptive: Provides descriptions of people, places, and events in an objective manner;
  • Compare-contrast: This type of essay is frequently used in policy-making or evaluation of historic sources. It allows for disseminating the truth, highlight changes in the interpretation of certain events, and cooperatively building tolerance and awareness of one’s own biases.
  • Opinion essays: Allows for expressing one’s own opinion on people, society, old problems, or any other related subject.

Popular Essay Subjects

Essays on society usually touch upon a variety of subjects, such as power politics, famous individuals in history, human rights, inequality, the relationship between the rich and the poor in America and around the world, among others. U.S in particular is a popular object of study due to its diverse population, a multitude of bad or problematic habits, and a history of violence against blacks, natives, Spanish, and other minorities.

Other papers may focus on national honors or benefits and disadvantages of political systems. It often involves comparing democratic societies with some of the more dystopian governments, or examining utopian propositions of specific ideologies. Observing the actions of national elites, and how they bring about harmony and prosperity or result in a more oppressive and controlling environment, allows for understanding the different forces that shape politics. Finally, the NHS is a popular subject no matter the country of interest, as it connects to people and societies, and is increasingly politicized.

The subject of interaction between people, history, and the society is an extremely fascinating one. Writing about contemporary politics, the dynamics of sex and race in the U.S and around the world, history and development of humanity, or other subjects can be enlightening and rewarding at the same time. We hope that this text was of use to you!

Examples of essays on societies, essays on famous people, policies, and other familiar issues can be found and downloaded below. You may use them as sources of inspiration for your writing class, or to inform your research. Make sure to check your paper for plagiarism before turning it in! Happy writing!

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Free 886 Flawless People & Society Samples of Papers to Help You With Writing

Discuss the powers and constraints on the power of the prime minister

This essay will outline some of the powers at the disposal of the PM as well as some of the constraints that can limit the PMs freedom of action. In this sense a good relationship between the Pm and his or her party is crucial in allowing the freedom of >>>

Attitudes toward mental illness 18th and 19th century england essay sample

These mixed views on the appropriate way to address the population of insane people in England would affect the treatment of them throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. It would seem that the popular view of the mentally ill in England during this time was one of resentment and hate.

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Napoleon: tyrant, or hero?

Although Napoleon seized power, he strived to strengthen his country, and gain a majority of the support, understanding that there aint no power like the power of the people. He soon had a group of lawyers write up a code of laws that governed the entirety of France, making a >>>

Why we use stereotypes

The effect that stereotypes take is that it eliminates the challenges of us getting to know and understand people who are different from us. They give us a general overview of whole groups of people so we know what to expect and how to act when they are seen.

Should the celebrity scandals in the press be banned?

Many people think that the tabloids should not write about the private life of the film andmusicstars. I do not believe that is good about the youth the future of our world.

Gender project

Clearly the toys on the right side of the store were meant for girls, and the left side toys were meant for boys. Toys are a constant in the development of children and thus play a large role in their colonization.

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Diabetes screening young people uae health and social care essay

Obstacles to the publicity of the diabetes testing procedure demand to be removed and the manner cleared to implement the program easy. The Ecological Approach in Planing a wellness undertaking for the Screening for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetic Conditions for immature people in the UAE: In the design of the proposed >>>

Uk post-war welfare settlements

In the United Kingdom, after the destruction weathered by the British populace during World War II and the subsequentpovertyweathered by so many of the British peoples, the argument for the right of universal public services or the creation of an all-encompassing welfare state became popular. Selective services sometimes fail to >>>

The enduring vision- a history of the american people assignment

The rise of corporate America was in perfect timing by coinciding this period with new inventions, specialty productions and innovations and marketing paving the way to colossal growth of the United States economy. Although this attitude is not exclusive in American cities, as there are also " ghettos" and " >>>

Why young people should be encouraging to develop a personal action plan

The duty of care could conflict with children's rights to have experiences which facilitate their development and learning. When a practitioner seeks to ' wrap the children in cotton wool' that is not letting them discover and taking risks with a limit, then the practitioner is carrying her duty of >>>

Social movements

The contributors are " the participants who get involved in the movement and tend to invest in the ideas that have been presented by the movers and leaders within the movement. Those who believe in the movement and join would be the people who sympathize with the movement." They are >>>

Reflection essay on julius caesar essay

Brutes here says that he did not kill Caesar because he did not like him, but he put Rome before Caesar in importance and thus killed Caesar for the better of Or me. All the conspirators want to kill Caesar for the good of Rome, and Cassias wanted pep arsenal >>>

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Greatest soldier of all time: a look into the life of alexander the great

Alexander the Great honed his skills and enriched his intellect through the guidance of a respected great thinker in the name of Aristotle. This, undoubtedly, was the start of the rise of one of the greatest leader in history.

Why do people fail to mature

If you rush ahead in knowing things, you must not know, and hastening the chances of being an adult immediately will get you stacked in an adolescent body with a child's mind. You are not yet ready.

Free article review on cultural studies

Precisely, the article tries to answer the question; what decisions people make and the factors that lead to the decisions. That is, there is lack of sense in the reasoning and decision making of people.

Education and gender equality

The given table of education presents the percentage ratios of variables like; literacy rates, participation to pre-primary, primary and secondaryschool participation in between male and female and access to internet and mobile phones per hundred population, in different countries and regions. And I have discussed it in one of group-mate >>>

Summary of the seven habits of highly effective people

In the case of Prophet Muhammad, his final destination and the ultimate goal was to effectively spread the religion, Islam and to gain Allah's acceptance and blessings in the process. He had developed a sense of feeling for the suffering of his people and left the confines of his palace >>>

A tragedy revealed: a heroines last days

Anne is confidant in many ways, she is confident because when things go wrong or people start to think negative Anne stays strong, and positive. While Anne is away at the concentration camp she is kind of happy to be there because she gets to feel the cool breeze, smell >>>

Learned helplessness: dimensions and causes literature review samples

Some of the researchers have also tried to research the concept of learned helplessness in the context of passivity that leads women to stay in violent relationship. It is indicative of the fact that they would also believe themselves to be in the state of learned helplessness.

The two heroes of industrialization

After the founding of his company, he sold oil for low prices in order to drive out his Since these industrialists had large companies, they needed workers to run them. The laborers at this point were unsatisfied, and had to stand up for themselves.

Poetry assignment lord of the flies essay sample

Honestly, if I did not find this poem randomly on the computer, I would think that someone wrote it specifically for that book because the savagery is clearly Jack and the civilization part is Ralph. Just like in the poem, it shows he has morals, and hopes for "...life to >>>

Do we live in a sustainable society

There are many ways to define sustainability and to answer the question of whether we live in a sustainable society you should first define the question. The reality of what we are faced with here is not a change that everyone does not want to make; it is more of >>>

Stereotype and term crooked politician

Furthermore, the aspect of this stereotype that is most regrettable is that unlike the other groups that were discussed such as politicians, feminists, and tattooed persons, being elderly is not a choice; everyone comes to that stage in life. However, it is not viable to put all individuals who share >>>

Stereotypes in society and how to stop it

If someone were to ask what is a women supposed to do when they grow up, is the typical response still to get married, be a stay at home wife and mother, while the father figure of thefamilygoes to work to support the family? Stereotypes are present in everyday life, >>>

Introduction to psycholog

Four theories of human development will be taken into consideration and they are Freud's psychosexual stages, Erikson's psychosocial stages, Piaget's Cognitive stages, and Vygotsky's sociocultural stages. These theories by famed psychologists Freud, Erikson, Piaget and Vygotsky, have made their unique places in the understanding of human development.

Air jordan ad analysis essay

This is the image of the advertisement that is for the promotion of Air Jordan basketball sneakers, aiming to sell shoes in Chinese market. A strong point of the advertisement is the reputation of the Air Jordan shoes brand, which comes from the well known name of Nike and Michael >>>

“the scarlet letter” persuasive essay essay sample

In " The Scarlet Letter", Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays the hypocrisy of the Puritan society of the seventeenth century with the story of the downfall and redemption of Hester Prynne. Through the tale of Hester Prynne, Hawthorne's moral is that the sin is not in adultery, but in the persecution of >>>

Man vs. society

The overthrow of the government of Libya, the civil uprisings in Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen, and the major protests in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, and Oman are allowing Islamic extremists to gain power, and this is very worrisome for many Christians. In Sudan, it is not extremist groups that >>>

Sustaining engagement in adolescents before disengagements

The communication channel should not only he seen as formal and vertical but also open and horizontal. Be honest, interactive as much as possible and open to new ideas.

My super hero

If I were a superhero, my powers would be flying, strength, laser eyes, invisibility, super strength, and super speed because then I could get places faster, be stronger, melt things with my eyes, and secretly place without anyone else knowing. If I was a superhero and my name was The >>>

Female gender stereotypes in color: what they are, how they came about and what they mean

A possible reason for this characterization could be due to how the perception of color is different for females than it is for males.females have a wider range of color perception than males.(females can more easily percieve more subtle shades of color than males can.because of this refinement these kinds >>>

Stereotyping and its effects

This class system, made up of migrants and affluent people, is present due to the fact that many of the affluent people stereotype the migrants as poor, uneducated, and easily agitated human beings. Often in Grapes of Wrath, the affluent people stereotype the migrants as poor and penniless.

A dangerous double standard

Women are generally smaller and physically weaker than men, so a female can be said to be a potential victim for a male. A flirtatious woman may not be in control of the advances of the men she is flirting with.

Albert camus and “the stranger”

Camus was born in 1913 in Algeria in afamilyof a French settler and a Spanish woman. However in 1923 Camus was accepted into the lycee and afterwards managed to gain entrance to the University of Algiers.

The conqueror and king: alexander the great

Alexander the Great, as his name connotes is probably one of the greatest military leaders and conquerors in the history of the world. The Achievements of Alexander the Great The birth of Alexander the Great on the twentieth of July to Philip II of Macedonia and his fourth wife Olympias >>>

Satan as the hero of paradise lost

Another work which provides relevant information on the history of the devil is Jeffrey Burton Russel's Lucifer: The Devil in the Middle Ages, which gives an elaborate analysis of the position of the devil in society and literature. In a letter to Benedetto Buonmattei, the leading Dante-expert of the day, >>>

A white heron

A White Heron - Alternate Ending " The tree seemed to lengthen itself out as she went up, and to reach farther and farther upward." Her pale face glimmered in the new sunlight that appeared Just over the horizon. Sylvia knew she was getting close to arriving back home to >>>

Do people travel further to buy comparison goods rather than convenience goods?

Nearby places outside the district include Hatfield to the east, Welwyn Garden City to the north-east, Luton and Dunstable to the north-west, Hemel Hempstead to the west, Watford to the south-west and Borehamwood to the south. The larger the settlement, the greater the number and variety of shops and services >>>

Charles bukowski’s diction

Charles Bukowski's style is reportedly one of the most imitated in the world due to its simplicity, and has influenced numerous writers in the realism movement, which does not mean that this style is an easy choice, mostly because his writing was, among other peculiarities, heavily influenced by the geography >>>

Celebrities blame paparazzi

Some celebrities do not want personal information about them to be found by the paparazzi but they call the paparazzi to take photos orinterviewthem about their lives. Celebrities go to places they know ahead of time that the paparazzi will be there.

Wendell berry’s- the art of a common place thesis statements examples

He further goes on to explain the source of his wonder and authenticity to be the relationship with the land. Berry uses this to his favor to assert that the American settlers during that time never learnt how to be part of the land, and they misused the available resources.

A mystery of heroism by stephen crane

As a conclusion to this, Crane depicts the story of human heroism. It showed that being a soldier is not just a simple job but a passionateresponsibilityto whole nation and they need to survive to be the armor of salvation.

Bureaucratization of my life

Lastly, a person who is overspecialized in the performance of their duties may not be able to see the implications of their decisions on the overall organization. The second characteristic of a bureaucratic system is written rules and regulations.

Chicana role in society

Rincon explains that Chicana women are ".xpected to be submissive, faithful, devoted, and respectful to her husband and to take the majorresponsibilityfor rearing the children". The wife's role in the family is to take care of the kids and the household chores.

What impressions do we get from captain wentworth, austen’s hero, from chapters 7 to 9?

However Anne's reaction to Wentworth and his avoidance of breakfast at the cottage the day after is one of understanding, this is due to the fact that only she knows that he does not want to see her and is avoiding her. In chapter eight we see much more of >>>

Free research paper on crucible

The analysis of this play is to present you with a portrait of the historical context in which the play was written as well as the meaning underlying its plot in relation to its author's profile. The need for looking into the way to find one's real needs and fill >>>

Impact of bollywod on society

He corruption In the government and higher authorities, the cover up of the companies not to let the public know about the inferior quality of their products or how they pollute theenvironmentand the autocratic nature of the landlords. Some movies also bring out the evils ofterrorism, how a nation should >>>

King of macedonia alexander

The young Alexander, leader of the Greeks, and the pharaoh of Egypt became known as the great king of Persia at the youthful the age of 25. His Death Alexander the Great was thought to have died of Malaria in Babylon on June 323BC.

The most famous man of india mahatma gandhi

One of the greatest men in the history of India is unarguably Mahatma Gandhi. This movement was more active than the non cooperation movement and brought about a revolution of sorts.

Stan albrecht, a president of utah state university

The paper " Stan Albrecht, a President of Utah State University " is a perfect example of a research paper on people. With the current economic recession, Albrecht's goal to double the $200 million has encountered a massive hurdle but this does not stop him and his followers from believing >>>

Muslim people post 9/11

Muslim people in American post 9/11 Since the 9/11 attacks, many Americans have labeled Muslims in the United States as a threat to our country due to the fact that they share their religion with the extremists responsible for worldwideterrorism. Due to the recent conflicts between the US and Muslim, >>>

Field observation report

FieldObservationReport of Introduction to Public Speaking On the basis of my ambition to one day become a political figure in the United States government, I was obliged to observe Introduction to Public Speaking, COM 110.Dr. According to the course syllabus, the main goal of this class is to educate students >>>

Ethos, mission statement, aims and values

The ethos, mission statement, aims and values of a school will highlight the areas they feel are important in school life and theirgoalsfor what they want the pupils and the school to achieve. The ETI inspection of my setting quoted " The school has an inclusive and welcoming ethos, with >>>

Narrative of the life of frederick douglass, an american slave

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave Fredrick Douglas was an American slave just as the title of the book indicates and he lived in Maryland. As with every other race story and accounts in the different literature books such as Handlin's or even Daniel's, the >>>

The noble brutus

Brutus has the best characteristics of a ruler for the Roman Empire. In my opinion Brutus is the best ruler for the Roman Empire.

Essay on american society

Board of Education: Caste, Culture, and the Constitution. Literacy and Racial Justice: The Politics of Learning after Brown v.

Heroism redifined: lord of the rings

Though he actually fails at the very last moment of his mission he yields to the temptation and wants to posses the Ring for his own- the quest is still completed and Frodo returns covered in glory. It is Frodo and his devoted servant Sam who become true heroes of >>>

Review of mass man by derek walcott

The slave owners, like the peacock were proud, believed themselves superior, and exercised control over the slaves, much like the costume is getting the better of the man. Walcott, continues his comparison of the slave owners to a proud peacock with " a fan, flaunting its oval, jewelled eyes." By >>>

Nick adams as code hero of in our time

His first contained only three short stories and ten poems and had little to do with the Code Hero, making In Our Time the first time Hemingway revealed the Code Hero to the rest of the world. In this way he faces the death of his free will and individualism >>>

The boy in the striped pajamas: before the dark hour

A quote from the boy in the striped pyjamas " Childhoodis measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows." This quote states that when you are a kid you do not know much about reason or understand sarcasm and things like that and >>>

The american colonization society essay sample

However, Garrison had advocated for the urgent end to slavery and to encourage rights and freedom for all slaves in the United States. This law was to enforce the capture and return of runaway slaves.

Paparazzi policy speech

Then we will find out the causes of the problem, and what effects they have had on the public, such as the laws that are currently in use but not working, and the injuries that innocent bystanders are getting because of the crazy paparazzi. Now that we have found out >>>

Council of graduate students

of the of the Concerned English 9 June Council of Graduate Since I joined the college, I have been a member of the Council of Graduate Students, a student group dedicated to helping and guiding the new students at the college. The purpose of this group is to offer informed >>>

An utopian society

In a socialist society, everyone is taken care of, given a job, and the government handles the " business end" of things. The opportunity is there for you to achieve in a capitalistic society.

Celebrities: perfection and individuals

Fans are mostly interested in the good and the bad actions of a celebrity. Individuals, whom are not fans of a specific celebrity, are more likely to pay attention to this celebrity when they are spotted on the headline of the tabloids for doing something wrong.

John proctor

John Proctor BY charited7575 The famous philosopher Aristotle defines a tragic hero as " The change in the hero's fortunes be not from misery tohappiness, but on the contrary, from happiness to misery, and the cause of it must not lie in any depravity but in some great error on >>>

Avenida ninos heroes

Now, a mural was decorated on the ceiling of the castle showing the patriotism of the six soldiers particularly Ecuita and the Mexican flag, there is also a monument in Chapultepec Park honoring their valor. And to pay tribute to this distinct heroism, the opening lyrics of the official US >>>

Sociological imagination essay sample

We are socialized by our parents, media and the people around us to become comfortable with the people we trust. To see Mill's belief, I broke a reliable norm of invading personal space by talking to two people, one I knew and another I did not, by leaning in and >>>

Julius caesar on honour

There was a large use of the word honor, especially in the scene here Antonym was addressing the audience, but the word was overused and sarcastic." For Brutes is an honorable man, So are they all, all honorable men" Antonym stated that all the conspirators were honorable and by this >>>


Problem at hand: The increasing visibility of the vagrants is negative impact on outlook of the community and thereby distracting the investors and overall process of attracting tourists. Similarly the outlook in terms of the temporary resorts and tent houses occupied by the vagrants also reflect upon the overall stability >>>

Powerful people can make others powerless

Now in this modern day and age there is no escape, even when you are situated at home, as the internet provides a gateway to your private life to the world. If we were to harness the power In a positive way and combine as one, we could potentially surpass >>>

Art – vincent van gogh

He aspired to become a minister and after a year of diligently studying, he refused to take the exams in what he called Latin, the " dead language of poor people." He was denied entrance. The Climax of his life In April 1881, van Gogh moved in with his parent's >>>

Making a difference through charity works

These will make us think that we should be very thankful that we can eat at least three times a day, that we can afford to go to school and to get the besteducationthat we deserve, and that we can sleep comfortably on our own home. Charity is a global >>>

Plot summary of play boy of the western world

The widow Quinn a local woman who is supposed to have murdered her husband arrives and tries to get Christy to stay the night in her hut. Christy is a hero in the eyes of the villagers and they beg him to participate in their local games.

How to conquer the barriers to intercultural dialogue

The first question would seek to understand the personal background of the respondent. Answers to the question would involve the respondent student's mentioning of any interesting idea.

Background checks: give people a second chance

This can be a problem for a person who has made mistakes in their life but has changed their behaviors and is looking for honest employment, and this is why the practice of running full background checks is basically set up to continually punish those who have made mistakes in >>>

Theory observation distinction

This disagreement / confusion as to the very terrain, layout of the questions of the debate, arises because there is the ordinary language question of how do we naturally apply the terms ' observed' and ' observation', as well as the question of whether a principled O/T distinction can or >>>

A & p: a study of society’s norms

The above paragraph is the best portrayal of the girls' effect on the supermarket's patrons." Queenie," as Sammy calls the prettiest of the three girls, has the most effect. Comparing the arrival of the girls to an explosion signifies the impact, and also the rarity of girls, or anyone for >>>

Osama bin laden and qaeda terror group

Some of the reasons the listed for the attacks were: Us support of Israel, because of attacks against Muslims in Russia, Somalia, and the Middle East, and against the US troops in Saudi Arabia, and the US sanctions against Iraq. It was the cause of 2996 deaths including the hijackers.

What is most valued in modern day society?

We can tell Americans care about conformity more than being their own person because of the present day products. Products are not the only thing that proves that modern day Americans care more about conformity more than being an individual based on their actions.

Walt disney and paramount pictures

The storyteller is also the one who is responsible in unveiling the different facts and settings that should be incorporated in the minds of the receiver in order to fully appreciate the whole story. It also shows that the great sorcerer have used Galen in order to destroy the Dragon >>>

“one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” (individual vs society) essay sample

Kesey uses the explicit setting of an imaginary, machine-like mental asylum to correspond to the non-specific realities of the real world; he uses the surroundings of the mental asylum to demonstrate just how hypocritical society can be, and by creating McMurphy to break these rules, the readers can sympathize with >>>

The end of osama bin laden

Ever since the twin towers of World Trade Center collapsed in New York on September 11, 2001, United States of America was hot on the heels of Osama bin Laden, the founder and main source of inspiration of al-Qaida, the organization accused of carrying out that heinous attack. But on >>>

How should we interpret links between regional personality variables and social article review

The effect of individualistic fallacy or reverse ecological fallacy on research findings is usually very negligible and as such does not affect the research conclusions especially in a case where the parameters of measuring the findings are similar. In case of their presence, it is appropriate for the researcher to >>>

Puppy vs. dog

I think you should buy a puppy instead of buying an older dog. To me, it will be easier to buy a new puppy versus buying an older dog.

A modern day transcendentalist

Thoreau writes " I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life." Chris McCandless fits this idea because he goes into the woods to find inner peace after college along with other adventures in the desert and Denali National Park. >>>

A modern day sir thomas more essay sample

Your assignment is to pretend you are a modern Sir Thomas More in the United States of America. Just as Sir Thomas More highlighted problems with European societies in Book I of Utopia, you are to discuss current problems with American society today.

Ethos, pathos and logos in shakespeare’s julius caesar

Antony shows the audience that he was authority by using this technique. Another time that Antony conveys emotion to the crowd was when he shows the people Caesar's wounds and the stab marks.

Migrant workers are a blessing, not a burden to our society

The migrants come over to this country, as they believe that they will have a better chance at life and they believe that over here they can have a better life than what they could have in their own countries. The amount of migrants in one are can make people >>>

Alternative suggestion

Except for this little drawback, the chapter is quite comprehensive but as an alternative, some sort of activity should be designed which would send a clear message to the children that these are the words or phrases that have to be used while indulging in a conversation regarding time. The >>>

Jewish philosophy: social work and loneliness research papers examples

As a social worker, I have to come up of activities that will help my client overcome both his addiction and his loneliness. All in all, helping a client who has the possibility of being lonely is something that I want and love to do.

Gandhi and nehru

The other duo was that of Mahatma Gandhi and Charlatan Nehru who were instrumental in laying the base of a modern Indian state and giving shape to ideas in the realm ofeducation, cultureand democracy. The Mahatma was the leader and Nehru was the most devoted disciple of the Mahatma.

Media portrayal of blacks in an ever-changing society

Tolerance is the 21st century answer to this issue, UT that was not always the case, even In the media, an establishment Intended to entertain the public as a whole. One of the most famous ways blacks were portrayed in the media In the nineteenth and twentieth century was the >>>

Highly assimilated cherokee

No, his position is not out of the history of the Cherokee, but of the history of the White inflicting their laws on the Cherokee. To what extent does his opinion of the prospects for Cherokee and whites living together coincide with Jackson's?

Ba420 power and politics

In the case of executives at Disney, they perceived the presence of Lasseter as a threat to their existence. Because of this the executives reacted in a way as to preserve their perks and other benefits.