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Overall, studying philosophy can be tricky and exhausting, but we offer our free essay examples to help you. Our goal is to help you in writing papers on complicated philosophical issues. You will find various reflective works about depression, suffering, free will, death, and life. Additionally, there are analytical criticism samples on Plato, Kant, Chinese, and Ancient Greek philosophers.

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Fallacy spotting

An appeal to pity or fear makes the human being emotionally low and in this situation, the arguer wants to win the situation and make the opponent to agree with its assumption by demonstrating pity or fear. Fear of God and fear of terrorism generates appeal to pity or fear >>>

Traditional views of nature

Pantheism is the idea that everything is a part of the divine and that all things are extensions of the divine. For pantheism, everything in this world is an integral and unified extension of the divine in the cosmos.

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Trovan of Pfizer, an unapproved drug, was administered in children at the hospital of Kano in 1996, which came to the public attention only in December 2000. As per the settlement agreement Pfizer Inc.agreed to compensate the damages of participants in the Trovan clinical study of 1996.

Socrates and meletus reagrading socrate’s trial

Discussion During the Socrate's trial, one of the people commented that, the estates belonging to one of the Athenian aristocrats were confiscated by the oligarchy. The Trial of the Socrates.2002.

A beautiful mind a film by ron howard (2001)

" A Beautiful Mind" a film by Ron Howard The movie has its basing in 1947, at Princeton The main character is Nash John, and his main rival, Hansen Martin. After treatment, Nash is able to deal more effectively with his hallucination, and is eventually offered a teaching position by >>>

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Essay about my philosophy of education

Personally, I think of the relationship between the teacher and the student as a bow and arrow, with the teacher [bow] gently steadying and providing the stable structure to guide the student [arrow] along on its path, gracefully arcing through the air. I would like for the parents to be >>>

Daphne scholinski the last time i wore a dress

Daphne wanted to be tough; when she hung out on the streets with her gang she needed everyone around her to see her toughness. They wanted her to tell the truth but she was and this caused a major conflict for Daphne.

The role of priests essay sample

0 Priests in the Ancient Greek Religion Before the roles of the priests and holy men in Ancient Greek religion could be discussed, the details of the religion itself should first be established so as to provide a background upon which the priests could be perceived to perform their roles.2. >>>

Questions on the , the manticore by robertson davies

Questions on the Book, The Manticore by Robertson Davies Sigmund Freud's interesting suggestion that the human self is divided into three parts; the Id, Ego and Super ego can be used to assist sexually depressed females come to the realization that they need to listen to their egos more >>>

Joy by zadie smith

This is evidenced in the way Smith presented the ideas in the essay using her experiences to explain the difference between joy and pleasure. The projection made in the essays creates the impression that the author is a good listener and took the comments of her husband.

Transcendentalim and walden

Afterthought This section restates the concept of transcendentalism, the elements that exemplify it, and the values that Thoreau seeks to teach his audience. The lessons to be learnt from Thoreau's Walden are the concepts of free thought, individualism, self-reliance, and self-awareness and non-conformity in a bid to search for the >>>

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Response for vygotsky

In children, the zone of proximal development is the potential of actual development. The zone of proximal development is the abilities the child can be taught.

Attribute dualism

According to Stent, the mind and the body are basically different substances or matter, which results in the problem of lack of an underlying link between the body and the mind. The most challenging part of this concept is how to separate the mind and the brain.

Definition of courage according to laches essay sample

In this regard, Laches agree that the battle field is the only place which can be used to judge the courage of a man since the more man can endure in the battle field, the more courageous he is. He agrees with Laches that courage is usually displayed in the >>>

Error described by socrates, menos paradox

Question 1 Explain the error described by Socrates and provide an example of the error which is depicted in the modern-day world. Question 2: Explain on Socrates argument in regard to the logical structure of the text and the argument that can be identified.

Kant case study example

According to Kant, the human brain plays a substantial role in the construction of knowledge by the human being. In other words, Kant lays the foundation for the consideration of the human brain.

Asian philosphy

As I read through the course syllabus, I am excited to learn that we will be discussing some of the many Chinese and Indian traditions that have been around for generations, yet of which I have little background knowledge of. By opening my eyes and truly deciding to grasp that >>>

Critical summaries

In addition, the style of writing the article entails provision of a flashback of an incident that involved the author. It seems that the major part of the article contains original information Ariely himself; it presents information on the experiments conducted in Berkeley College among bright students in order to >>>


He shows that the choice of an action lying between good and bad is itself a bad action since it is not possible to do a bad thing in the right way. The reasons given are plausible because the fact that a bad action is being undertaken, it remains to >>>

Rhetorical analysis: allegory of the cave

Behind them and the small wall there is a fire and between the fire and the small wall there is a path where some people are carrying figures of animals and people, in order to reflect the figures in the big wall, so that the prisioners see them. Plato understands >>>

The different forms and styles of essay writing

Classification and division Classification is the categorization of objects into a larger whole while division is the breaking of a larger whole into smaller parts Compare and contrast Compare and contrast essays are characterized by a basis for comparison, points of comparison, and analogies. Understanding how the movement of thought >>>

The philosophies influencing latin america

These philosophies were deeply set in the supernatural world, and the natives focused on learning ways of appeasing the spirits. Political chaos hindered the widening of the academic philosophy at the start of the 19th century, but later, positivism was well established in majority of the Latin American countries.

Social contract theory

Chapter One highlights the Subject Of The Book, Chapter Two talks about the First Societies and Chapter Three puts forth the idea of the Right Of The Strongest. Therefore, the formation fo a society is attributed to the voluntary surrender of the individual will of the free man, to lead >>>

Case analysis on on time package delivery

The second category of the sales force of the company is the Key Account Managers. Jacobson found out that the stagnation of the sales of the Boston branch is mainly due to the unreasonable demands of their client.

Strengths of reason as way of knowing philosophy essay

It can be said that reason is supported by the faith and it can be stated as the strength of reasoning as one of the basic component of life is to keep faith in reality of life. Deductive reasoning can be used as a means to support the argument that >>>

The knowledge argument

However, the Knowledge Argument goes beyond the idea of physicalism as it has been perceived that there is more knowledge in the world than just having an idea of the physical objects around us. And thus, with the help of this particular example, the philosopher has argued that physicalism is >>>

Discussing the front piece of the leviathan

All the people of that state are looking up to him in the image as to express their submission and acceptance of the social contract to be ruled. Here, one can assume that what Hobbes meant by the leviathan holding a crosier is that the absolute sovereign of the state >>>

The absurd

The Absurd Thomas Nagel is a well known philosopher and extremely popular for this exceptional evaluation on the reductionist description of the mind. Nagel in his essay of the absurd criticized the Camus's perspective of the absurd.

Read instruction below;

Which of the following is not a proper principle or " human good" according to Natural Law theory? A.the nurturing of family and social bonds B.human flourishing and the fulfillment of one's human and spiritual excellence C.the cultivation and embodiment of virtue, including love.D.dishonesty, including dishonest and adulterous relationships 5.___ >>>

Insight of plato’s gorgias

The difference between Callicles and Socrates on pleasure and the good is that Callicles thinks the structures of the pleasures one pursues or the pains one avoids is futile whereas Socrates puts extra attention to these structures. Socrates' no doubt tries to prove Callicles wrong and in this case, he >>>

Communing with nature or wilderness

Nature is not as beautiful without the humans communing with it because we are part of the intervening forces that makes nature alive. Our children in the future will owe it to us if we take care of nature.

Phylosophy case essay sample

The greatest influence of Descartes demonstrated in this work in the introduction of the method of teaching both the important branch of logic. However, the problems of this reflection and the essence of philosophy of science are understood differently.a) Some authors define it as a kind of philosophy, which is >>>

Philosophers united: three quotes

The quotes were used in order to see that a life of a philosopher is not that easy. The central idea of the three was that being a philosopher or a teacher of philosophy partake you to express ideas that are different from the norms and orthodox and that it >>>

Denying god’s existence

Because of this person's situation, the person decides upon the essence of the item that needs to be created. Because we must choose how we are going to be, this lack of a basis makes existence all the more difficult.

Existentialism in philosophy

Knowledge gives us the basic facts of the realities of the world. For the " I", therefore, to exist, a world must also exist to accommodate the existence of " I".

On philosophy

One can observe that throughout the stretch of the time that encompassed the early stages of philosophy up to the time of the industrial revolution and the onset of the age ofglobalization, men have dominated the field of philosophy. Thisobservationleads us to the assumption that, because of these deterring factors >>>

The nature of absolute truth

Thereby the fact that this pet is a cat is an absolute truth. The thing that this person has a pet that is a cat is the absolute truth.

It is up to you

Moral Relativism Relativism is the concept that all opinions or points of view are equally valid and is a to one's perception and consideration. Cultural relativism and moral relativism share a lot of similarities and it is widely believed that after World War II, following the popularization of the principle >>>

Analytical and critical questions

What are the important implications of the author's position? Are the arguments adequate to support the claims?

The lives and opinions

It is pretty easy to win arguments against ethical relativists by talking about things like the Holocaust since no one believes this was anything but a terrible event. However, a relativist might just say that the event was bad or immoral in relation to their own moral framework, and not >>>

Assignment 2

The Qualia Problem by Frank Jackson At the centre of Frank Jackson's articulation of the Qualia Problem is the claim that " one can have all the physical information without having all the information there is to have". In the case of sensory experience, for example, while all sorts of >>>

How might a utilitarian assess the moral of the ford motor companys decision

The fundamental determinant of the appropriatenessof an action that is undertaken by any party, according to the principle of Utilitarianism, is based on the fact that an action is good, if it gives an individual happiness. Therefore, while assessing whether an action undertaken by an individual is right, the vital >>>


The power of women and sex, in this play, is also demonstrated when Gilgamesh turns down goddess Ishtar's offer to sleep with her. In the attempt to end shame and acquire immortality, Gilgamesh again is helped by a woman, Utanapishtim's wife.

I am bored assignment

The reasons for many students who are bored can be doing assignments that are uninteresting to them and having lectures or being taught lessons that also lack interest to them. Not all students dislike reading, but for others it can be difficult to read a book that they have no >>>

Philosophy of science

In the philosophy of science there are situations in which evidence is needed to know a belief and a theory which holds and underdetermination therefore comes in to contexts in such situations1. Despite the fact that underdetermination is known to pose a threat to the rationality of scientific enterprise, Laudan >>>

Peer review suggestions

The Nature of the World around Us The holy Bible stipulates that God created the world and everything in it. The Christian concept right is entrenched in the teachings of the Bible, and the do's and donts in the Bible.

What words have to do with the human body or the universe

211343 12 March 2008 Unit 3 - Argument Essay The power of words is easier to understand when one thinks about the human body or the universe. That is, the essay has to present the positives and negatives, the pros and cons, the advantages and the disadvantages.

Marx long ago wrote that philosophers

And in present times, the distribution of wealth and equal opportunities is of major concern. Egalitarianism and the Generation of Inequality: Oxford University Press, USA.[1] Henry, B.P.

Aristotle’s moral values

Aristotle implies that every person should carefully analyze the circumstances of each situation and apply this advice, seek an even solution. Aristotle suggests that circumstances dictate and sometimes even stand as an excuse for our behavior, but passion should not influence the core values of courage or boldness, depending on >>>

The effects of a supported employment program on psychosocial indicators for persons with severe mental illness assignment

The second measure was developed explicitly for this study and was designed to measure the Employment Self Esteem of a person with SMI. At the end of that period, each participant was assigned to a job site at the agency sheltered workshop for those in the control condition, and to >>>

What are some guidelines that would help one achieve individuality

Guidelines to achieving individuality Institute Individuality is against blind to the traditions and expectations of the society. If a person hurt them in the past, they may decide to be kind and warm towards them instead of angry.

Voltaire: on the government

The letter is written in a style of comparison; Voltaire compares the government of England that existed historically with the form of Government that exists presently, evidently siding with the present form of government and presenting its benefits and superiority as compared to the historical form6. Similarly, he does not >>>

Unequal resources

What do we mean by high-status people? Persuasion is the action or fact of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something.5.

Malcolm x

He compares the fight of American blacks to that of minorities in other nations. He believes that the political and economic problems of African Americans are the same globally as compared to those of America's other groups.

Are objects just collections of properties philosophy essay

This essay aims to outline and evaluate the various theories concerning the nature of objects before concluding whether objects are simply a collection of the properties that make them, or whether there is an underlying concept which contains all the properties of an object. Descartes states that the mind is >>>

The marx-engels reader

The idea that individuals entirely dominated by the oppressive will of the capitalist class would enter into a rational bargaining position with the rest of society is completely absurd to Marx. The question becomes, 'Is it wrong for society to emphasize the importance of personal property, if the result is >>>

Utilitarianism and kant′s theory

Through the use of this theory, one is able to make the right decisions. The other advantage of this theory is the fact that it is universal.


In both the cases, the individual and the society will be benefitted if a person decides to stay away from such activities. An enlightened civilization will never engage in such activities in the name of religion or belief.


Teleology Teleology Teleology refers to the explanation of occurrences of some phenomenon by the rationale and appeal to the goal orend to which it attributes. A literal combination of the two implies that the end matters in the determination of occurrences that people encounter.

The problem of evil cannot be solved philosophy essay

Evil is a problem, not because there is evil in the world or that there is so much of it in the world. Theodicy is the term used to describe the area of theology which seeks to defend God's justice and righteousness in light of the presence of evil in >>>

Good example of other, theology essay

They used the thoughts of Plato to explain and defend the tradition of the Church and the teachings of the Bible.St. The goal of Plato in establishing the academy was to change the thoughts and perceptions of his students and of the entire humankind to the unchanging and external truths >>>

Comparing both immanuel kant and john stuart mill’s philosophical positions

In his ethical theory that takes on a deontological approach, Kant placed an emphasis on the " Good Will" of actions as opposed to the consequences. However, one major assumption of Kant's theory is ignorance of the consequences of actions based on good will.

Seneca, on the shortness of time

Due to the fast movement of time, many people have been mistaken by thinking that it is very easy to postpone the preparations for the coming old age. In contrary, the wise time users are ever willing to march towards the end of their life.

The republic by plato: book iv

The Republic: Book IV Book IV of Plato's The Republic outlines conversations that Socrates had with Adeimantus concerning the state and the happiness of the state as a whole. From the conversations, it is interesting to note that Socrates is a strong believer in the happiness of the whole >>>

Descartes’ doubt

Descartes asserts that senses are illusionary and hinder the knowledge of the truth. In the second meditation, Descartes explores the truth about the of nature of human mind and body.

Plato’s republic

Review of the Plato's Republic The book, the republic was written by Plato and translated by Alan Bloom. This according to Plato came from the incentives of the governed not to submit to the opinions of the governors.


This interview will assess the ethics in Human Resource Administration by interviewing a Human Resource Manager on the ethical issues they deal with in their job, how they resolve these issues and their perception on fair handling of the cases. I asked Malcolm how he would handle contradictory values that >>>

Cheaup assignment

The school of behaviorism confines itself to the study of behavior because behavior is observable and measurable and, therefore, objective and scientific. I would say that almost everything I do in my life is influenced by the behaviorism theory and my Keirsey Temperament Sorter results.

Discussion of socrates about the importance of thinking philosophically in his work the apology

However, Socrates was only half correct in supposing that an examination of life is what makes worth living- " living" and experiencing the truthful life is what makes it worth living. The disparity between " what is" and " what ought" has long caused debate because ideas may be easy >>>

Phenomenal consciousness

Access consciousness, that involves accessing information from different kinds of mental processes; Monitoring consciousness which is a form of consciousness that allows us to reflect on our own activities and mental states and Self consciousness that involves a concept of self and its use in thinking and reflecting on oneself. >>>

My opinion about a.a.milne’s a word for autumn

Every year we say farewell to summer and always think of it as the end of the world, to tell the truth, me, too. The air is cool, crisp and the sky looks darker and more boundless in the's autumn and nothing can be done till the next June.

Images of the human

An example that could be stated favoring his opinion would be the question of whether the sun will rise tomorrow. In conclusion, it can be said that all the theories are based on the cause and effect relationship.

The ethical view of utilitarianism

Utilitarianism is the ethical view that every action is either right/wrong on the basis of the impact that it will create, more specifically if it will produce the greatest good for the greatest number of people. In Engineer Bill's case, from deontologist's point of view, Sarah should be saved even >>>

The natural philosophy of chu hsi

Therefore, the effort of the leaders restoring and redefining the Confucian ways helps in establishing the Ch'eng school. The school has remained to be one of the alternatives in the 11th century as a Confuniacism mainstream.

Amelie rorty on the historicity of psychological attitudes

Amelie Rorty on the Histori of Psychological Attitudes A constant unyielding love is a kind of love that stands the test of time and is consistent and persistent. It accommodates changes in a partner's traits for the sake of securing the friendship unlike constant love that is very rigid and >>>

Forensic psychology: fitness for duty evaluation assignment

The nature of fitness-for-duty evaluations is different from other psychological services in that they involve a mandatory referral to the psychologist and fitness Information Is communicated to the department Thus, specific issues of psychologist training and knowledge are crucial. Lastly, a medical examination is frequently recommended to establish or rule >>>


The personalities I can think of in history that is appropriate to be called a gadfly are Luther Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Gadfly is a critique of the status quo and works to change it for the better.

An outpost of progress: ideology and action

The short story " An Outpost of Progress," written by Joseph Conrad, speaks about the Individual and the crowd: " the courage, the composure, the confidence; the emotions and the principles; every great and every Insignificant thought belongs not to the Individual but to the crowd: to the crowd that >>>

Dare to be yourself

Like most people, they believe that being authentic as a person has many benefits not only to the person but also to society. These people do things to themselves because they feel that this particular act or thing will make them authentic and will make them the person they believe >>>

Free allegory of the cave essay example

Their perception of the world is the shadows they see reflected by the fire. The journey upwards is the ascent of the soul to the intellectual world.

Does god exists

God told Cain and Abel that these sacrifice reflect the time of Jesus becoming a man and die as the Lamb of God for the sins of the world. In this regard, it can be stated that God is the one who can be attributed for perfect functioning of this >>>

Montaigne’s argument of conflicting appearances and ). reconstruct and critically evaluate the reasoning of the three competing views (heraclitus/pythagoras, democritus, pyrrhonians)

Montaigne's Argument of Conflicting Appearances, Reconstruction and Critical Evaluation of Three Competing Views Table of Contents Three Competing Views to Montaigne's Argument from Conflicting Appearances3 Works Cited6 Three Competing Views to Montaigne's Argument from Conflicting Appearances Montaigne cites the metaphysics of the Pyrrhonians, for whom the spiritual goal is to >>>

Exercise and good life

A good life is supposed to have a purpose and meaning quite similar to an activity class. A good life is something which motivates us to do better things for ourselves and society.

Continuity and chang over time essay: trans saharan trade

This Trans-Saharan trade system underwent changes that included design developments in the camel saddle and increased trade with India, while at the same time the inhabitants of the area remained a polytheistic people ruled by regional kingdoms. E, the trade saddle was greatly modified placing the rider in front of >>>

Re: motivation and memory assignment

Correct Answer control Response Feedback Excellent Question 4 2 out of 2 points Both the researchers and the participants In a memory study are ignorant about which participants have received a drug that is supposed to improve memory and which have received a placebo. This investigation involves the use factored >>>

Human nature

With all the concepts constituting human nature, I believe there are several flaws in the determination of the core of all human beings. The sole characteristics of what I tend to believe in the consists of human nature; I personally believe are part of what is making it improbable to >>>

Self-proclaimed philosopher charlotte perkins gilman

After years of debating whether to marry or not to marry, she consented and to the best of her abilities carried on the traditional roles of wife and mother, only to suffer a nervous breakdown. In Gilman's journal called the Forerunner, she said the goal of education was to teach >>>

Satre nietzsche & human nature

Sartre and Nietzsche on Human Nature A controversial issue of human nature is discussed on the basis of philosophy of Jean Paul Sartre and Nietzschefurther on. In the modern context, the philosophy of Nietzsche is more appropriate and relevant to the modern people of the global world.

Individuals with different learning styles and personality types assignment

Just like learning styles, personality traits are equally important when it comes to a group environment and being understanding of each member's personality will help a group better understand not only oneself but others in the group as well. Based on the personality spectrum having a good idea of what >>>

Science versus pseudo- science

A suitable example of the former is astronomy: it operates with a data which can obtained by different probes and can be collected by people without any special equipment which can may everyone a researcher; people in different countries were able to come to same conclusions regarding astronomical phenomena; finally, >>>

Oral questions

On the other hand, Aristotle claimed that recognizing the right thing was not enough, and one should act in a good manner so as to develop a routine of doing good. Platos Allegory of the Cave In the allegory of the cave, Plato likens individuals inexperienced in the form's theory >>>

Defining behavior assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate understanding and application of basic concepts of behavior analysis. Choose any 3 of the following: Expected Content Points Earned Possible Points Greeting behavior How would you operationally define the behavior?

12 angry men: analysis assignment

He was the one to see the relatedness between ideas and helped stimulate new approaches to the rest of the group. He had a key role early on in the proceedings that introduced the notion the eyewitness was making up his testimony because he enjoyed the attention he got and >>>

No exit by jean-paul sartre essay sample

The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre.[ 18 ]. The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre.[ 25 ].