Handy Philosophers Essay Examples

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Rhetorical analysis on thoreau’s walden-chapter33

By using dichotomies, Thoreau differentiates himself from the townspeople, and then he strengthens his argument by deifying the work of great poets. Thoreau's studying of classical literature or his attempt to find the truths is prevalent in chapter "Reading", but his thoughts are especially well-presented in the first paragraph of >>>

By the end of the drama how does faustus seems to more resemble lear? essay

In the beginning of the play Faustus is shown as man with godly knowledge. Faustus ruled the world through his knowledge and power like Lear, who was the absolute King of a mighty kingdom.

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What the mind is and what it is not essay

Notwithstanding the countless studies made and linked to the mind, not to mention all the present-day discussions and goals of creating a healthy mind, the latter remains an enigma. Indeed, the interplay of various forces, ranging from biological to psychological, need to be considered to get a better grasp on >>>

Aquinas on conscience essay

The ground that this is of import is that one can non make the right thing if one does non cognize what the right thing is.So.if person has jobs with their scruples.it does non look appropriate to fault them. He besides believes that one has aresponsibilityto hold a grammatical scruples.one >>>

Analysing peter abelard’s heloise and letter of abelard

In conclusion, one can say that Heloise never forgot about Abelard because she was still in love with him and that's the reason she wrote to him after so many years. Heloise also went into a convent where she was not allowed to see anyone, and since she was left >>>

Explain what is meant by mythos and logos, and how these concepts contributed to the beginning of philosophy essay

Explain what is meant by Mythos and Logos, and how these concepts contributed to the beginning of philosophyWe must first define what these terms are in order to be able to connect them to how they were able to contribute to the beginning of philosophy. Myth looks back to the >>>

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Countries like libya and syria

We cannot just let them serve 20 years in prison and let them out on the streets again, that's why sentencing murderers to the death penalty is the best in mind. Cost of a case being charged with the death penalty is $1.

The prince’ by italian diplomat niccolo machiavelli

Therefore, he composed this book as the best thing he could give to a prince and he wrote this book as the guideline for the prince to rule a state best. By writing a book to give his best advice on what is the best means to rule to the >>>

Parts of the soul according to aristotle

The soul is the "cause" of the body "the source of motion, as what something is for, and as the substance of ensouled bodies". The soul is the cause of what something is for because the body is in fact an organ of the soul as an organ it will >>>

Critical response to the aristotle’s idea of nature of reality

One realm is called the Becoming, where everything in the world is taken in through our senses."This Becoming reality is taken in through our senses, and it is impossible to develop any genuine knowledge of it because we can merely describe its changing nature as it appears to us". The >>>

Analysis of the contrasting concepts of happiness of aristotle and epicurus

Epicurus supported the idea that pleasure and lack of pain can contribute to a complete happiness. Life is indeed pleasure-full when the mid is free from fears and the body is content with satisfactions according to Epicurus.

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Carl g. jung and stages of life

Individuation is the process of growth and development of personality through numerous experiences and dramas of life to the realization of maturity and completeness. The role of parents is to teach the child: the mother is in charge of eros, while the father's role is to help the child adapt >>>

Explain the strengths and weaknesses of aquinas’ cosmological argument

The cosmological argument is an a posteriori argument based on the question of the relation of the universe's existence and God's existence. Supporters of this argument claim that to fully comprehend the existence of the universe, one must rely on a theory of a God however critics would say that >>>

The real face of socrates

According to the Oxford dictionary the word Admirable means "Arousing or deserving respect and approval", following this definition of the word admirable, I believe that Socrates is most definitely an admirable character, however to say he can be an inspiration is much different scenario. An example of this is reading, >>>

The great philosopher – thomas hobbes

Since 13th century the parliament emerged as an opposition force to the monarch rule, the monarch of England tried to suppress it, but at the beginning of 17th century the struggle took form of a full-fledged civil war. Hobbes believes in a state where every human is equal, and the >>>

Descartes ; hume’s theory on knowledge

Knowledge is the things that one has taken into itself and made the decision to believe that it is true. So I do not agree with him saying there is no knowledge of things that he has the slightest doubt about.

True knowledge in plato’s allegory of the cave

The prisoners, in their turn, known only the walls and see just the shadows of the objects that are sneaked behind them. The whole tragedy of the situation lies in the fact that they are forced by the circumstances to give names to shadows only.

The biography of jean-jacques rousseau, a francophone genevan philosopher

It is due to the existence of private properties that governments had to ensure someone was protecting it, and during the process certain people sacrificed some of their rights in order for that government to be established and successful, with its private properties. One of the roles explained in this >>>

The role of albert camus in the philosophy of education

In his second essay, The World According to Meursault or A Critical Attempt to Understand the Absurdist Philosophy of the Protagonist of Albert Camus' The Stranger, Heffernan discusses his view that Meursault is a person that shows that atheism does not imply nihilism. During this section Heffernan states, " it >>>

Jeremy bentham’s view on morality

Bentham was a relativist; he believed that the morality of an action was relative to the situation in which the choice could take place, thus for Bentham, absolute rules could not provide an acceptable basis for morality. This rather mathematical-sounding process was intended to be just that: a means of >>>

Machiavelli: war and politics – study the issue

That so in the year of 1512, Piero Soderini was ousted of his royalty as he was overruled by a royal menage known as the Medici family, to which they accumulated all responsibility for Florence. About a year after their overruling, in spite that he was never seen as guilty >>>

Aristotle’s understanding of epic and tragedy

The representation of action is the plot of the tragedy. It is the tragic action that produces the emotions of pity and fear.

A study of the theme and plot in jacques derrida’s book discourse of the human sciences

For the paradox is that the metaphysical reduction of the sign needed the opposition it was reducing. And what we are saying here about the sign can be extended to all the concepts and all the sentences of metaphysics, in particular to the discourse on structure.

The in a different way. when we pull

When we pull the trigger in the gun the second time, the bullet will go halfway to the target, and then halfway of that, and halfway of that, and so on. In the paradox of "Achilles and the Tortoise" the turtle is given a five meter head start.

Cicero, aristotle, plato – just war theory

Plato, Aristotle and Cicero, the fathers of the Just War tradition, develop and enhance the concept of civic virtue and the necessity to uphold such morality during the most chaotic, violent and brutal of times war. Similarly, soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War referred to their enemies as animals, less >>>

Camus’ concept of the absurd in myth of sisyphus

Camus' conclusion and idea of the Absurd only works successfully on the true assumption of two premises: that our being is bound in nature to the search of meaning, and that the ultimate meaning does not exist. Therefore, in order to further elaborate on my thesis, I believe that it >>>

The views of plato, lao-tzu, and machiavelli on how different a government is

Lao-Tzu believed in the power of the state, in which he was for the people; "Lao-Tzu takes the question of the freedom of the individual into account by asserting that the wise leader will provide the people with what they need, but not annoy them with promises of what they >>>

Descartes’ dualism

The concept of Dualism or the theory that there is a division between the mind and the body is not a novel one. It is a reality that the mind is able to influence and affect the body.

The biography of john dewey: an introduction

In Education and Experience, Dewey tries to display similarities of the principles of traditional education and the ideas of progressive. This is the type of learning style that was taught in the earlier days and is now being modified by the new style, progressive education, which is a better form >>>

Hobbes vs. thoreau

The two main issues with Hobbes' reasoning in Leviathan regarding the sovereign authority stem from his explanations of the Laws of Nature and the power of the government. While Hobbes may be correct that some form of government is necessary to a level of order within the state, Thoreau's reasoning >>>

Thoreau’s views on simplicity

Robert Richardson, in his essay for the Smithsonian Magazine, wrote that "[in] his writings, and in Walden above all, Thoreau forged a thought-out way of life, aphilosophythat insists that the individual turn not to the state, not to the gods, not to society, or even to history for a guide >>>

The history of the greek theater

In some of his last plays Euripides wrote he utilized anagnorisis to be able to create a "tragedy" that actually ended happily because of the discovery of someone's true identity that completely flips the outcome of the play. The Oracle of Delphi was located in the religious heartland of ancient >>>

A rough background on aquinas

Although Aquinas' attempt at proving the existence of God has startling parallels to that of Anselm's Ontological Argument, the former claims that the argument of the latter thinker is unacceptable for the reason that man cannot explicitly demonstrate the existence of God whose nature is beyond the immediate knowledge of >>>

The prince and machiavelli’s favorite author of tyrants

Machiavelli wrote The Prince in hopes of influencing future princes on the ideal process of how to control a monarch successfully. Machiavelli's famous quote "It is better to be feared than loved", expresses this because he believed that the means used to hold the state by the prince were understandable >>>

What does it mean to own something

The main question is "What does it mean to own something? ' Many argue that ownership is not much of a great thing, it can be of different negative meanings, while others disagree and think that ownership helps develop character. The meaning of ownership is to have complete control over >>>

A study of bertrand russell’s philosophy value and the study of uncertainty

"The Value of Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell defines philosophy as a study of the uncertain because the questions asked in philosophy have no answers. It connects to the aforementioned idea that philosophy is a first step in invention, discovery of answers, and creation of other disciplines.

Aristotle introduced the three classical modes

The rationale behind such a choice is associated with the fact that Aristotle's works are widely believed to be among the most important texts from the history of rhetoric. While Aristotle acknowledges the importance of the aforementioned modes of persuasion, he strongly deems that Logos is the most important and >>>

Pythagoras’ biography and mathematical legacy

"Music is the harmonization of opposites, the unification of disparate things, and the conciliation of warring elements... As a rule it assumes the guise of harmony in the universe, of lawful government in a state, and of a sensible way of life in the home.

Life of antonio gramsci – italian marxist philosopher and communist politician

Gramsci explains that in such situation the Action Party seemed to have taken the position of a subaltern to the Moderates, identifying with the goals of the Moderates and adopting their values. The latter was not only related to the case in Bugerru, but it was a response to the >>>