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How can philip larkin’s poetry be used to address the marginal or neglected? essay sample

Philip Larkin is renowned for his use of the colloquial in his poetry, and he renews the importance of everyday language and words, that have been neglected and marginalised in forms of expression. Through this use of language, he reflects on the loss of identity and to the neglected state >>>

Poetry analysis soil, by roger mcgough

It is conversational poem in which the narrator talks to the soil and the impact on his life. The beginning of the poem summarises the narrator? s attitude towards the soil one of fear.

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Wilfred owen poetry comparison chart

Both portray Owen's bitterness towards the war, and this is shown in both the first few lines of the poems. Underlines the physiological trauma of the war and the poor treatment soldiers receive.

Memorable idea in kenneth slessor’s poetry

This is done through the thematic concerns of the poems, along with the use of poetic techniques."Out of time" portrays memorable ideas to the audience through its theme. The following quote shows the inevitability of time and that it has major effects on everything in the world.

Buddhism and the poetry of jac essay

Kerouac, while wandering the country in freight cars and the backs of pick-up trucks, saw himself as a modern day sage or bodhisatva, discovering the essence of 'the void'; and using his literature as a record of these discoveries. As for the object of this love, Kerouac saw the Buddhist >>>

The enduring relevance of t.s. eliot’s poetry

Adopting a nihilistic approach to memory instead of the nostalgia preferred in the Romantic tradition, structural fragmentation in 'Rhapsody' highlights the emptiness of the urban lifestyle. While Eliot's depiction of modern immorality thus relies upon the subversion of Romantic tropes in 'Rhapsody', the typically joyful nature of the Nativity scene >>>

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Romantic poetry and transcendentalism

The philosophy that there is a fundamental bond between the self and the world that Wordsworth voices in "Tintern Abbey" parallels the later teachings of transcendentalist philosophers. In Emerson's writings, the ideas and projects of the European Romantics "the feeling intellect," the "marriage of self and world," the human mind >>>

Poetry of escape in freneau, bryant, and poe poems

Freneau uses fancy and imagination to describe the power of escape, Bryant utilizes nature as a means of escape as harmony and stillness can be found among it, and Poe focuses on dreaming as a way to escape the harshness of one's daily existence. The capacity of one to engage >>>

Rage in dylan thomas’s poetry

Thomas' speaker finds it is a necessity to stress to his father the importance to "Rage, rage against the dying of the light". The speaker alternates the repetition of "Rage, rage against the dying of the light" with "Do not go gentle into that good night".

Comparing the french poets

Except, in his third sentence he says 'ours' meaning that he is not alone, his desire was to be alone with someone to be left by the world so that he can exist in a world of two. Rimbaud's poem goes on to state something about the world and the >>>

Ancient poetry analysis explicatory essay

The title of the poem depicts a situation when the exploited are unlikely to fight for their desires. He is a round character because he contributed to the overall plot of the poem.

Classical chinese poetry, literature

In "The Sovereign of the East: The One", the worshippers are depicted to have altogether prepared in times of feast for which they anticipate the ultimate end of being joined by their Lord in cheer. In a similar manner, the reader may observe that in each song, orchids are signified >>>

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Movie review. dead poets’ society essay

John Keating is a teacher who believes in more then just teaching about what is in the book, he believes in teaching about life, to live each day to your fullest and to follow your dreams. The spirit of poetry is in their souls, it is the spirit of carpe >>>

The poetry of realist emily dickinson english literature essay

She chooses to make death a traveler with the speaker in order to allow the reader to examine death from a more comfortable vantage point rather than taking the path Bierce opts for within Chickamauga. Instead of this child's innocence allowing the reader to see a profound truth that experience >>>

Compare and contrast how the poets convey their attitudes to war essay

Although Tennyson's subject of the story is patriotism and the poem's tone is exciting and inspiring, it heavily describes the horror of war, "Cannon to the left of them, cannon to the right of them, cannon in front of them, volley would and thunder would". On the other hand 'The >>>

Tennessee williams’ poetic language

Tennessee Williams influenced literature through the use of language, the use of personal experiences, and the use of real-life situations. The unique poetic language of today's plays are modeled by the convincing characters of the old theater, including those belonging to Tennessee Williams.

Robert frost’s poetry essay

Thus, in the poem "Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening," the main character stops next to the woods in "the darkest evening of the year," As Steven Monte notes in this critical essay dedicated to the poem, "by calling the evening "darkest," the man suggests that he has >>>

How did poets in the early essay

World War 1 was the first major war to affect Britain's people and the urgency of recruitment for the war created influence for many poets who were opinionated about the war; the result was extreme propaganda poetry. Poems like 'Who's for the Game? ' and 'The Soldier' make the patriotism >>>

War poetry conflict essay sample

There language is shocking and gruesome as it is the truth about war not all sweet and how brave and honourable it is.'trudge' is a onomatopoeia to emphasise how the pace was slow as the men have very little strength wouldrunk with fatigue' the pace of the men links in >>>

Contrast the poetry at the beginning of the first world war flashcard

Most of the poems written at the beginning of the war seem to have been written in order to mount pressure on those who were of recruiting age. In the first couple of lines' of the poem, we read,- "...what will you lack When the girls line up the street," >>>

Regarding his career embodies his style and poetic

Accordingly, a song from the pinnacle of his career embodies his style and poetic capabilities, acting as a reference point of the music it followed and the music that was to come. To fully understand the influence of Bob Dylan on the American folk revolution and his importance in the >>>

How the views of poets on war and patriotism have changed since the 1900s essay

The British battalion are just about to give up and surrender when all of a sudden they hear the voice of a schoolboy who is quoting the line used earlier on in the poem, "play up! play up! and play the game! ", this was a common phrase used by >>>

Poetry elements come to life

In Thomas Gray's poem, "Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes," he shares a story about a cat named Selima while also teaching a lesson to readers. Rather than acting as a bystander of the scene, Gray forces the readers to share >>>

Explore this view of betjeman’s poetry in at least two of his poems flashcard

The deaf man in this poem is John Betjeman's father and this poem was written after his death. This shows us that although parts of the poem are comical and not seriously written, Betjeman has incorporated real emotion in his poems.

Reading “to a daughter leaving home” and “death of a young son by drowning”: poetry comparisons through imagery and symbolism

In To a Daughter Leaving Home, the author uses the memory of the first time her daughter rode a bike alone to symbolize her and her daughter having to go their separate ways. In Death of a Young Son by Drowning, Atwood uses imagery to showcase the mother's personal experience >>>

Class inversion in kipling’s poetry

He has: the drink he gives the narrator, who survives only as a direct result of Gunga Din's actions, is the drink the narrator describes as the sweetest and best he ever drank, despite the poor water quality. Kipling establishes the narrator's class and heritage through his patterns of speech, >>>

Expressions of emotions in poetry

In the poems "to his coy mistress "and "to the virgins, to make much time "communicate the different stages of a regular human being life, the poems are basically based on interpretation of love, it involves the themes like: love, time, and the pursuit of pleasure in life. It mostly >>>

Epitaph on a tyrant essay sample

One of Auden's best known poems and written, interestingly when Adolf Hitler was at the peak of his power in Europe, is a short, six line piece entitled- "Epitaph on a Tyrant" The poem talks about a man- an anonymous "he"- a perfectionist whose poetry was understandable and who, himself, >>>

Dead poets society ch assignment

The students resurrect a secret organization called The Dead Poets Society', where they can be whoever they want to be, without any influences from the school or their parents. They go up to him and ask him about the Dead Poets Society.

Pound, ginsberg and olson: techniques of modern and postmodern poetry

In short, the speaker of this poem uses deliberate ambiguity to disguise the 'true' meaning, allowing for significant variation in interpretation, and a lot of it is prompted simply by the use of a single word". The speaker in this poem is a contentious issue, as not all of the >>>

Drum taps and battle pieces: the civil war poetry of walt whitman and herman melville

While the speaker in "A March in the Ranks Hard-Prest, and the Road Unknown" surveys the carnage of both dead and living men and stays with one soldier as he passes from one to another, the speaker in "Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night" stays with his >>>

Elizabethan poetry

George Puttenham's The Arte of English Poesie and Sir Philip Sidney's The Defense of Poesie: early attempts to think about English poetry as a distinct national tradition. The courtly lyric/ Petrarchan love sonnet introduced to English by Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey: not the only poetic >>>

Middle passage: voyaging on an irony of fate essay sample

In order to take the notion of irony a step further, I suggest that the poem in whole consists of an irony of fate; particularly with regard to the slavers. There are the voices of the traders, of the hymn-singers, and perhaps even of the dead.

Dead poet’s society essay

The director uses the low and high angle shots to show that Neil's father is the dominant character. The camera goes to Neil's father's vision again and dramatic music is added.

Death in the poetry of edgar allan poe english literature essay

Edgar Allan Poe uses the rhythmic beat and repetition of poetry to suggest the inevitability of death; it may also be said that the allegoric quality of poetry allows him to mention at "dark things" without his work becoming incoherent. The following paper will look at the theme of death >>>

Yeats’ early poetry essay

In the poem I get a sense of just how in love with Maude he really is, as he is willing to risk his precious dreams for a chance of happiness with his love Maude. He probably picked here to be the setting of his poem because it is a >>>

introduction to poetry essay sample

POETRY REQUIRES:Poetry requires creativityPoetry requires emotionPoetry requires an artistic qualityPoetry requires logic*Rhyme-the repetition of sounds*Rhythm- the beat*Dactylic *Monosyllabic*Anapestic *Spondaic*Trochaic*Iambic*Accentual*Meter-length of a line of poetry, based on what type of rhythm is used.*Monometer*Dimeter*Trimeter*Tetrameter*Pentameter*Hexameter*Heptameter*Octameter*Alliteration-repetition of the or more initial letter or sound in two or more words in a line. She Walks >>>

Literary devices used in poetry

A sense of one's own death could be considered an abstract image Metaphor: A common figure of speech which a direct comparison or identification is made between two unlike objects: "Juliet is the sun"; "Thumb: an odd friendless boy raised by four aunts." Metonymy: A figure of speech in which >>>

Poetry and the world consumerism

The second aspect of the advertisement which grasps the attention of the target market is the use of colour. This links with the first and last line of the poem, this is the stage of the child experiencing the world through the eyes of a child in the car.

Dead poets society and individualism

On the other hand the triumph of the individual thoughts and beliefs may sometimes have a positive outcome like in the case of Knox Overstreet. Though he lost everything in the process, suicide was the only way for Neil to stand up to his father and live life to the >>>

Poetry explication living in sin w/works cited

The lines, "Meanwhile, he, with a yawn, sounded a dozen notes upon the keyboard, declared it out of tune, shrugged at the mirror, rubbed at his beard, went out for cigarettes;" and "pulled back the sheets and made the bed and found a towel to dust the table-top, and let >>>

Expression of violence in indian english poetry

SYNOPSISExpression of Violence in the Poetry of Ranjeet Hoskote, Tabish Khair, Imtiaz Dharker, and Aga Shahid AliIntroductionIn the 20th-century literary world, violence, shifting from the destruction of extensive communal violence to individual crimes of murder, rape and abuse. The academics, the critics and even the department's students in the universities >>>

How grace nichols’ poetry uses figurative language to achieve her purpose essay sample

These techniques are prevalent in the poems, "Of Course When They Ask for Poems About the Realities of Black Women" and "The Fat Black Woman Goes Shopping". The two titles, "Of Course When They Ask for Poems About the Realities of Black Women" and "The Fat Black Woman Goes Shopping" >>>

Form, structure, and love in duffy’s and rossetti’s poetry

While reflecting upon their relationship, the speaker uses a lexical field of passion: 'body, touch, bed, scent, taste.' This usage could convey the arduous side of their relationship and enables the reader to visualize this aspect of the speaker's love. Rossetti uses a metaphor and this softens the bleakness of >>>

Romantic poetry anthology

The term 'Romanticism' is related to a period of European history during the end of the 18th Century and the beginning of the 19th Century. Also 'In which the heavy and the weary weight Of all is unintelligible world is lighten would', The memory of the scene offers him access >>>

Dead poets society analysis

The organizational style of the boarding school is very traditional, reflecting one of the most significant principles of the school, namely tradition. The values and beliefs in any society is the instrument that shapes individual in that society according to the movie, students are expected to be guided by the >>>

Analysis of edgar allan poe’s poetry

Grip one of the characters in the story of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe was a loquacious Raven that Dickens admired In one of his stories. Fate is also a big part in the works of Dickens and Poe.

Introduction to poetry analysis flashcard

Through imagery and a appeal to the senses, Collins is able to convey the main idea, or thematic message, of the p mom which is that reading poetry should be done in a manner of exploration. Poetry should be seen as an a art and therefore analyzed as art; exploring >>>

The human experience in bruce dawe’s poetry

Through his poems Bedroom Conversations, Up The Wall, and Enter Without So Much As Knocking, Dawe presents his intricate view of the human experience in an interesting light, one that illuminates both the paradoxes and the cynicism of our world. Bruce Dawe explores the human experience as a paradoxical cycle >>>

Pre-1914 poetry william shakespeare (1562-1616) sonnet 29, and sonnet 130

In Sonnet 29, Shakespeare is expressing his admiration of a loved one. Shakespeare commences Sonnet 130 by subverting the convention of love poems; the poet does not pay compliments to his mistress.

The voices of the voiceless: comparing the poetry of langston hughes and countee cullen

A final commonality shared between the works of Hughes and Cullen is the recurring complexity and development of the narrator. Both Hughes and Cullen seek to be relatable to the black community, and yet two vastly differing approach are taken in pursuit of this goal.

Coleridge: a poet after conrad’s own heart of darkness

According to Debbie Lee, in her convincing article "Yellow Fever and the Slave Trade: Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," Coleridge "was thoroughly engaged in social and political issues of the day, from the latest theories of epidemic disease to the debates on abolition and slavery". Having established that >>>

Neruda and impure poetry

Neruda, Walcott and Atwood: Poets of the Americas.Ed. Neruda, Walcott and Atwood: Poets of the Americas.Ed.

Representations of romantic love in poetry across the periods flashcard

The discourse of masculinity positioned the man as the hunter in pursuit of the unattainable. Poets privileged the physical and the aesthetic in representations of romantic love, and thereby failed to recognise the mind and intellect of the woman.

Blindness in the poetry of john milton and jorge luis borges

Milton ponders the role he is meant to play in life after the loss of his sight and wonders as to how he can serve God. He detaches himself with his choice of diction, choosing to say "the face in the mirror" instead of referring to the face as his >>>

Authority against individualism: dead poets society and the rabbits

Furthermore, John Marsden and Shaun Tan's The Rabbits expresses how the overbearing and powerful authority coerces the individual to adhere to the contradictory beliefs of the authority. Moreover, the submissive and controlling temperament of the authoritarian entity incites the provocation of incessant communal values, creating widespread conflict, with the authority's >>>

The role of compulsory heterosexuality and male power in the poetry of sylvia plath and adrienne rich

Rich's essay explores the darkest parts of patriarchal influence, including the characteristics of male power and various methods and patterns in the reinforcement of heterosexuality on women, and each of these poets addresses and rejects them in their work. Another example of forcing male sexuality on women that Rich lists >>>

The romanticism of wordsworth and shelley: a poetry of the “happiest moments?”

Shelley claims that poetry is the arecord of the best and happiest moments', whereas Wordsworth asserts that 'poetry [is] passion'. The world around Wordsworth is 'purifying [...] The elements of feeling and thought [...] both pain and fear, until we recognise/ A grandeur in the beatings of the heart.' For >>>

Poetics and the great greek tragedy: oedipus rex

The use of recognition is clearly noted when a messenger comes to Oedipus to deliver the news of Polybus' death. A sense of pathos adds to the sense of tragedy in the play.

Vision through voice: the poetry of basho in the english language

With "The temple bell sunk / to the bottom of the sea," Bash makes it clear that the story is alive in his consciousness, running through his mind when he composes the haiku, and the question he writes in the first line, "Where's the moon?", parallels his feelings about the >>>

Uphill: poetry and traveler flashcard

Because of the prominent religious influence on many of Rossetti's poems it is very likely the guide or leader in this poem is God himself encouraging the traveler's progression on a "road" to heaven. The traveler expresses an uncertainty as to the transition and what will be found in the >>>

War poetry essay sample

The poem prompts the audience to think about how they would feel in the future if they did not join the war "and when your neighbours talk of the fight will you slink away." The poem portrays a life where the people who know you are embarrassed to be around >>>

Chaucer’s dream poetry in context

In Chaucer's three dream poems, "The Book of the Duchess", "The Parliament of Fowles" and the unfinished "House of Fame", universal issues such as love are explored by a narrator recounting a dream. Indeed, in the closing lines of the "Parliament of Fowles" Chaucer reinforces the fact that what he >>>

Analysis of poetry by pablo neruda flashcard

Basically, the entire poem is telling us about how the persona realized that he is starting to like poetry and how it "touched" him, and what happened during the first time that he started writing poems. The first line of the first stanza tells us directly what the poem is >>>

A legendary poet shakespear

The British Library also stated that that first night of the tempest gave them a sense of the condition in Shakespeare owns day and the future performance of his plays for years to come. He was a director that came with a clear view of what he wanted everyone to >>>

Komunyakaa’s “untitled blues”: confronting racial injustice through poetry

He expresses this issue through the structure of the poem, which literally imitates the actions of the majority of people in society. Nowhere in the poem does the speaker mention an action that confronts the racism we encountered at the beginning of the poem.

Metaphysical poets and the idea of nothingness

Death is a recurrent 'nothingness' throughout the works of metaphysical poets, and is the most obvious way in which this concept of 'nothing' is approached.it is John Donne who in particular has a fascination with death in his work, or as Ramie Targoff suggests, was 'gripped by a tremendous dear >>>

Comparing and contrasting poetry

The major differences between the two poems are in the use of imagery and the ease with which the reader participates. They are both defying the mother's idea of proper decorum, partners in crime, and this is a bond between them.

“on my songs”: poetry as a cure for loneliness and misery

Owen also tells us of his idolisation of the Romantic poets, and the power that poetry holds in curing people of their misery. By capitalising "Poets" in line 1, he shows just how highly he thinks of these men, and by using the word "unseen" it reveals to the readers >>>

English – elements of poetry

It is fascinating to know that poetry at present goes beyond a standard measure or is not confined to follow a limited structure and form for whether a poem is comprised of a lyrical, narrative, or descriptive features would necessarily depend on the main purpose of the author. Normally, it >>>

Anne bradstreet’s poetic message of hope

In her poems "Contemplations," "Before the Birth of One of her Children," and "As Weary Pilgrim," Bradstreet uses nature to illustrate where to keep one's focus in life and shows how to remain hopeful when death is an inevitable and ever-present fact of life. She recognizes the difficulty of keeping >>>

What literature will honour the great poets

The power of reverence in the hearts of men is then a stimulus to others, and prompts them to act in such ways as will gain that reverence. Let them be a warning to cultivate a spirit of reverence for all that is noble and of good repute.

Poetrie’s insight into human behaviour

The poem, In The Park, like An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow, gives an insight on society's behavior of hiding feelings, but this poem gives a differing view of it as well as false relationships. She is taking care of her children in a park, and tells of the joy that comes >>>

Compare the ways in which the three poets present parent child relationships

For example in Catrin it is a Mother writing the poem, in the majority of the poem she is talking about the birth of her daughter. The poet has shown the relationship with her daughter as being about responsibility:"In the glass tank clouded with feelingsWhich changed us both"In these two >>>

Analysis of the theme of god in the poetry of t. s. eliot

The Waste Land leads to the dramatic conclusion that one must accept, regardless of the reasoning of logic and the routine of the 'seals broken by the lean solicitor,' 'the awful daring of a moment's surrender.' In this moment of surrender Eliot leads the reader into understanding that in an >>>

Poetry flashcard

Romanticism-portrays life as it ought to be, as perfect; life at its best; focus on plot, setting, action-the Ideal; Love of Nature-Ex: "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" Realism-life-as-it-is; focus on characters; "everydayness"-Ex: "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd" Naturalism-life-at-its-worst; focus on environment/heredity-describes the human existence according to "scientific causality"-Ex: >>>

Analyze two iranian women poets english literature essay

Her very act of writing was an attempt to break the prevalent silence of women conditioned by man-made society, a resistance against the marginalization of women and their domesticity. She equated her kiss to the bites of snake.

How do keats and blake reflect romantic values in their poetry?

The 1792 publication of Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft sparked the beginnings of the feminist movement, with the formation of women's political nightclubs in Paris in the wake of the French Revolution. Blake has juxtaposed the natural with the supernatural perhaps to install a message of >>>

Public reception and allusion in marvell’s poetry

The intention of Andrew Marvell as to publication and public reception was often interfered with by the necessity of his political circumstances, particularly after the restoration of the monarchy in 1660. In The Loyal Scot in particular, he expresses humanistic sentiments about the possible union of England and Scotland:'Nation is >>>

Poetry analysis: literary techniques, diction, and imagery essay

How does the diction heighten the atmosphere of the poem; How does the diction contribute to the rhythm of the poem? Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun?

World war ii poetry: a sense of guilt

Jarrell also begins his poem with a question, wondering about the nature of the pilots he trains, wondering if they are murderers and he is culpable for creating these killers, or if he "shall say that man is not as men have said: a wolf to man."When discussing the nature >>>

Poetry explication

The theme is the continuum of eternity; life through all its stages, and death as the final yet infinite destination. Life is the journey, and in death we face eternity alone as she says the carriage held but just Ourselves?"and immortality.

War poetry essay

At the end of the poem there is a reference to Agincourt, this battle exemplifies the best of English heroism, "Who goes to join the men of Agincourt". In this poem there is not much use of sense, the imagery is not "alive" in the way that the later poems >>>

Wordsworth poetry essay sample

In some poems, it is the vessel through which his philosophy is expressed, while in others, Nature is described for its own sake for Nature in Wordsworth's poetry is but a form of God and the poems of the latter category can be taken as hymns to God from a >>>

Poetry analysis essay: claude mckay’s “if we must die”

Poetry Analysis Essay: Claude McKay's "If We Must Die" In the poem,"If We Must Die" written by Claude McKay, the author was inspired to compose this piece of writing because of the brutality and race riots against the African American society that the United States experienced in 1919. In summary, >>>

The sublime in the poetry of keats and coleridge

The key difference between the concept of The Sublime and the more straightforward one of 'beauty' is that The Sublime, though awe-evoking, usually comes with a sense of uneasiness and often even fear, rather than evoking the sole response of delight in the way an object of beauty does.[1] Sublime >>>

Other cultures – poetry of seamus heaney essay sample

We start to understand Heaney and receive the impression he feels the need to be accepted by his family and make them proud of him. I will dig with it.' From this line we receive the impression Heaney knows he is going to be just as successful as his father >>>

Modernism in the poetry of t.s. eliot and christopher okigbo

Also like Eliot, Okigbo's poetry forces a critical assessment that moves beyond the content of the works themselves to enlarge the discussion about broader topics such as the meaning of poetry and the purpose of the poet in modern society. Eliot urged the poets of the 20th century compose with >>>

Coleridge’s poetry in “conversation”

Once the reader becomes the river, Coleridge is able to "converse" with us as if we were the counterparts of the conversation. Again, the "thy" in line four calls upon the reader to be the river, placing us in the position of direct listener to the persona's lamentation.

“eternal freshness of the flawless poem:” why frost’s poetry remains vital

In this poem, which is described by Elizabeth Sergeant as "The most limpid and perfect of [Frost's] lyrics", and which was written, as the poet himself explained "...in one stroke of the pen", Frost utilizes language that is concurrently: simple and grandiose, surface-accessible and metaphorically rich, vague and specific, apathetic >>>


4/24/11 On Ferlinghetti's "Constantly Risking Absurdity" In the poem "Constantly Risking Absurdity" Ferlinghetti compares a poet to a tight rope walker, both risk the absurd dangers to achieve a kind of sublime beauty, an ephemeral passage into the world of art. The poet has to risk leaps in form as >>>

Poetry analysis: comparison of two poems. living in sin and reapers

In the former, it is the suffering of a woman, due to wrong choices in her personal life and in the latter the suffering of the blacks due to the prevailing social conditions, over which the members of the community have no control. The purpose of the former is to >>>

How does the poet use techniques to engage the reader

Therefore in the poems the use of historical references gives the reader another aspect of 'war' to look at and clearly comprehend the extent of Dawe's anti-war poems. Through the use of repetition, historical references and ambiguity Bruce Dawe is able to express his negative feelings towards 'war'.