Useful Psychology Essay Examples

Psychology remains to be a discipline that can provide meaningful information not only for students who desire to work as specialists in this field. The understanding of the personal inner world seems to be useful for everyone. Nobody can deny the value of the expertise about the person’s inner world, its structure, the basic frameworks and functions, and how to use these issues in life.

On this page, there are hundreds of samples of various essays on the psychology of different types and lengths suitable for every academic level of learning: college or university students, school graduates, and others.

The Applicability of Essays

The samples on our content page are submitted in pdf and docx format. Writing the extended essays on psychology can be required in various circumstances:

  • college class homework
  • university studies
  • ib extended essays as exam practice (AP Psychology)

The papers should be plagiarism-free and correspond to the required citation format (APA/MLA, etc.), include the outline if needed and references. The assignment should be comprehensive, reflective, and well-structured with the required limited number of words.

The Structure of Essay on Psychology

The Psychology assignments have several types and variants of writing issues. The short essays consist of 1 to 3 pages (275 -550 words) and long articles (about 550-1100 words or more). According to the structure, the assignment should include:

  • introduction with the thesis statement on the selected issue
  • central part that consists of paragraphs (with titles) and evidence to support the thesis
  • the conclusion that summarize the ideas and rephrase the thesis statement

The Importance of the Psychological Knowledge in Life

The psychology essays can affect the various aspects of learning theoretical materials or even investigate practical issues and conduct surveys. Researches and surveys take a significant place in psychology studying because theoretical knowledge sometimes causes a positive influence on a person. In contrast, practical usage of psychology issues makes life brighter and eventful. Professional insights in psychology influence many people. They can resort personal consultations, attend lectures, or even read articles and essays.

The distinctive feature of a good paper is the conscious understanding of the selected topic and the ability to uphold your point of view with persuasive arguments. There are several examples of the topic emphasis for psychology essays:

  • The Usage of psychology in Everyday Life
  • Essays on Human Development
  • Essays on Dreams or Stress and its influence on the Personal Emotional Basis

How the Psychology Prompts Us to Work on Ourselves?

One more fascinating aspect of psychology to explore is the communication between people. There are many examples of when people succeed in various spheres of their lives when practicing the effective tips from psychology basics to improve their communication skills. In this area, the students can choose the particular area and investigate their own practical experience.

Psychology is a fascinating and helpful discipline for learning, so writing essays on psychology is a good way for students to become interested in this topic. Moreover, psychology can help to improve the communicative skills and influence on personal characteristics of the person. I hope this article provides you the necessary knowledge and ideas about writing a psychology essay. If you are interested in samples or have questions left, feel accessible to contact the support service.

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Free 1935 Flawless Psychology Samples of Papers to Help You With Writing

Sleeps role in the consolidation of emotional episodic memories by payne and kensinger

They also measured brain action in sleep and established that areas of the brain implicated in memory and emotion consolidation are lively". In our fast-paced civilization, one of the first things to go is our sleep," Payne asserts." I think that is based on a thoughtful misapprehension that the sleeping >>>

Skinner theory of operant conditioning

It is the stimulus the change of which provokes a response in behavior. He also emphasized the value of extinction in the process of behavior shaping which means that there is no need in punishment of some negative behavior as it is possible not to reinforce it and let it >>>

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Effective discipline techniques

The assumption is that praise and positive comments help to alleviate a negative attitude toward the desired behavior, while other means of discipline can lead to an even more hostile or negative attitude. For example, if a student studies and prepares before an exam, the reward of a higher grade >>>

Categories of evaluative inquiries

A want discrepancy is carried out to detail on the divisiveness of the actual and the ideal states of any event. It is eminent to consider both the decisions to be made and the importance of the program during the evaluation.

Mod reflection journals

Module Reflection Journal In the first module, one component that I consider to be very important and applicable in everyday life is the relationship between businesses and customers. Other people may argue that the cost will be high thus affecting the profitability of the business.

Personality development/issues at that age

After reading the article, one realizes the importance of parenting style in the formation of the personality of a child, even as early as the infancy stage. One is made aware that parents should not try to control the behavior of infants; rather, parents must learn to respond to the >>>

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Framed choices

These frames choices usually depend on whether a particular choice presents a gain or loss to the person in question. In other words, the will take only such since they are considered healthy and they would like to remain healthy.

Theoretical models and research methods

This essay discusses various theoretical models and research methods used in the field of psychology. Conclusion It is true that human growth and development in different human beings is a result of many factors both genetic and others caused by the environment.

Physiological psychology essays example

This field of psychology is devoted to find the associations of human behavior with his brain activity, as the majority of psychologists are convinced that the mind and everything, which is associated with it, is linked to the nervous system. Baron-Cohen and his assistants have described the extreme of the >>>

Social psychology vocab and notes assignment

Normative social influence conformity that occurs because of the desire to be correct versus conformity that occurs because of the desire to be liked and accepted Social Facilitation The tendency for people to do better on simple tasks when in the presence of other people. Identification is a concept in >>>

Social norms with tv

This means that depending on the type of the program, or the location where is it broadcasted or even where is it shot or who produces it, the message adheres to the values and beliefs of the creator or the audience of the program. Combined with the fear of the >>>

Nursing children

During the development of the child and in most cases before the age of 1 year, the majority of the babies are under the care of the nurse and other hospital staff members. At the end of my studies, I would love to focus my study of nursing in child >>>

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The contribution of a biological perspective to our understanding of behaviour

While individuals adapt to environments in order to achieve a biological homeostasis, in the case of drug-abuse this is often manifest in maladaptive behaviour which results in psychological changes in behaviour addict may lose concentration abilities and lose a job and may subsequently be drawn into crime to obtain >>>

Conformity and obedience assignment

People must do what is right, but the question is what is right? Society has made people delude themselves into believing that what is right is what society says is right.

Gardners theory and childrens artwork

He used lines and a big rectangular for the face, little ovals for eyes, and triangles for ears. She drew a pencil sketch of trucks on road and two kids standing on the footpath.

Thijs de veen social psychology assignment

Adhering and the thought of death The process of choosing a certain kind of leader can get influenced by the thought of death, or death salience, a product of Terror Management Theory. Where only 4% of the votes would go to a charismatic candidate in a normal situation and 45% >>>

Ethics in decision making

Heart and feelings play the major role in for former method and intellect and reasoning play the dominant role in the later method." Good decisions are often judged not so much by their outcomes as they are by the principles on which they are based" and the process of decision >>>

Research design / hypothesis testing

The researcher will utilize the quantitative research methods in measuring and determining the effectiveness of drugs treated to schizophrenic patients. To determine the effectiveness of drugs, the research utilizes the Clinical Global Impression Scale that examines the patients' status in terms of its behaviour, symptoms, and response to treatment.

Unit 2: stressed out

In addition, I also need to stick to my schedules and avoid procrastination so that I can finish necessary requirements on time. When the demands in school at home and my environment become great enough for me to control and manage, I always take time to think and plan.

Scales of measurement for human intelligence

The average variability of all the scores will be 15 meaning the interval between one and measure, and the next is 15. Measurement of scale is appropriate because the IQ test satisfies the identity, magnitude and equal intervals properties of scale measurements.

Ulcers and stress

Ulcers and Stress Psychology, Ulcers and Stress The article, " Effects of lifetime stress exposure on mental and physical health in young adulthood: How stress degrades and forgiveness protects health" is a study that was carried out to help in identifying the relationship between psychology, ulcers, and stress. The study >>>

Symptoms, causes and remedies or treatment options for phobias

Some kind of narcotic drugs can also be used to decrease the anxiety and fear. To conclude, phobias are some kind of unnecessary fears and anxieties which can be treated with the help of medications, exposure therapy and behavioral therapies.

Disc platinum rule assessment

The cautious style has a tendency toward perfectionism and working slow and precise in an environment with a dislike of surprises and disorganization. The DISC report is a way for people to understand their style strengths and weaknesses for adaptability and growth.

Ethnic stereotyping

Actions like the presence of the sacred fire ceremony in the Hindu wedding program may lead to an assumption of an event with a sense of spirituality. Moreover, from the cast, one can assume the beginning and the end of a program in a different language.

Judging people by their looks and speech or a path to happiness

Of course there is nothing wrong in becoming sociable and sports enthusiast but the problem is, most people seek happiness in those things but then they become discouraged and dissatisfied because the happiness they are looking for are there only when they are engaging in the said activities in the >>>

Social psychology research: bias and ethics

The professional main results were that outcomes support the authors two-dimensional conceptualization of client positioning. The professional used two aspects only; mind-set and activities and confident that the outcomes obtained strengthened the two-dimensional conceptualization of client positioning.

Language and cognitive psychology assignment

Structured The duality of language consists of the primary level, the units, such as letters or phonemes in the English language, and the secondary level, the elements which make up the symbols or words within the language ). Cognitive psychology seeks to understand the processes of how language is acquire, >>>

Alzheimer’s disease

The assessment also seeks to identify the causes of the disease while at the same time discussing the areas of the brain affected. The disease is the continuous destruction of the brain tissue, which causes the weakening and loss of mental capacity.

Psyc 317 db3

PSYC 317 DB3 The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit to expound interventions as a crisis therapist with a couple who were both married before and are now considering a divorce; and to provide evidence of steps or interventions taken using peer reviewed articles. This is called >>>

Marijuana use in students

However, since it is not as safe as it is believed to be, as per the results of the latest research, consumption of marijuana leads the smokers to a range of other addictive substances. Such a mindset makes the idea of using marijuana quite appealing for the students, especially because >>>

Discuss the social psychology of the bystander effect assignment

The bystander effect was initially showed in the laboratory by John Dearly and Bibb LATA in 1968 after they got to be intrigued by the subject after the homicide Of Kitty Geneses in 1964. As per the rule of social impact, bystanders screen the responses of other individuals in a >>>

Stress of caring for older parents

Stress of Caring for Older Parents Stress of Caring for Older Parents Parenting is a source of stress but so do caring for elderly parents. To reduce the stress in caring for one's older parents, one must get support from other family members and friends.

Video clip 11

It is during this stage that children establish their trust foundation and know whether to trust the world or not. It is evident that the care Elliot is receiving from his parents is paramount in building trust in the family.

Psychology of aging

One's personality change may also be attributed to his or her coping skills and adaptability. An individual might also be on an ongoing relationship and this experience might be affective of his other personality in one way or another.

Problem solving interview question

It is necessary to mention that my friend was suffering from a loss in his family and was depressed for quite a long time that is why doing something pleasant for him was urgent. So I decided to try though I was very scared to make a mistake and disappoint >>>

Resilience and the in individual (assignment 2 paper)

Methodologies used, the importance and nature of samples, the impact of mediating factors as well as the universal definition of resilience are some issues which research can easily identify and improve upon. Methodological Issues One of the key methodological issues to deal with and which further signifies the importance of >>>

Giving the most appropriate definition of motivation which is appropriate

Basically, " motivation is loosely defined as a state arising in processes that are internal and external to the individual, in which the person perceives that it is appropriate to pursue a certain course of action directed at achieving a specified outcome and in which the person chooses to pursue >>>

Personal development plan

Firstly, I would be learning about a number of sociological aspects of system development. A second major advantage of reaching my goal would be that I would learn about project scheduling.

Forensic psychologists and macro communities

For instance, the research community that comprises of professionals such as forensic psychologists and doctors, should assist the police by providing them with necessary information in a move to enable them work properly. Through macro communities, the police will be in a position to comprehend the rate of crime should >>>

Ecosystem services

The preservation of biodiversity and the production of ecosystem goods largely depend on these services. While the importance of the fundamental life-support services provided by the ecosystem may seem obvious from the definition above, the nature and value of placed on these systems have largely been ignored by the human >>>

My encounter with haters

Nothing is ever good enough." I have not encountered haters much in my life, or maybe I just did not care as much to what or why they hated me. A side of me wanted to bust out in a rage and hurt this boy, but another side told me >>>

Interpersonal relationships

The class also gave me an idea on how can I identify the strengths and weaknesses of my personal interpersonal relationships and how can I implement ways that can rectify my weaknesses and help me in redesigning my personality. I am well aware of the fact that the basic skills >>>

Different methods of counseling and psychotherapy assignment

The first principle is that the therapist emphasizes the relationship with the client as this is an integral part to the therapeutic Journey. Carl Rogers posits that the relationship that the therapist has with the client, in person centered therapy is central to the success of the therapy.

The modern family episode

However, while his intentions in buying the bike is to show his love, the bike gets stolen and this puts him in a confusion state, hence, he lies to his son to protect his feelings. He is notably a thinker, as illustrated in the way he reasons in the relation >>>

My speech about my education

Specific purpose: At the end of my speech my audience will know many different aspects of my life from my past, present, and even some of my future goals. Central idea: My audience will be able to identify many different moments in my life such as the high school I >>>

Annotated bibliography example

Retrieved 14 November, 2014 from, The author asserts that different motivational theories are not only used in the seminars and classrooms. How to Incorporate Motivation Theories in the Workplace.

Risk factor’s of a specific population

In this respects, I chose to study the risk factors of people with disability in substance abuse. In this regard, it is necessary to keep off from substance abuse to fit properly in the society and reduce the chances of falling victims of mental disability References: Hassiotis, A, Hall, I.& >>>

The significance and the use of the normal curve

The paper " The Significance and the Use of the Normal Curve" is a good example of a psychological assignment. Graphically and statistically, a normal curve or a bell curve, also known as Gaussian curve, is a visual representation of a distribution of scores that has three characteristics equal, i.e.mean, >>>

Video games – good or bad for society

In general, the addictive nature of video games is a Video games not only affect people psychologically, but sociologically as well. The addition of video games will only lead to the excuse it is a necessity for life.

Sample reference research and citation in documenting a science research

Sample Reference Research and Citation in Documenting a Science Research Science and Technology: Biology Textbook 1 REFERENCES Single - Author Book Berg, L.R. Illustrated encyclopedia of science and nature.

Observation of stigmas in relation to schizophrenia assignment

A comprehensive view of attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge will be analyzed in order to gain a perspective of the stigma associated with schizophrenia. The paper is concluded by a discussion of the results of the writer's survey, Schizophrenia Survey, and the information gathered through an interview with Joe Chula, the >>>

Student and teacher interaction: questions

The age of a student and teacher, group size and frequency of interactions are three basic variables used in this research. The research will help to improve various aspects of student teacher interaction through variability of dependent and independent variables.

Personal philosophy of supervision essay sample

This will be a great time for the staff member and supervisor to get together and reflect on what has been happening in the classroom, and whether the new strategy has been successful or not. This will allow the supervisor to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their staff.

State test persuasive essay

A lot of the material that student's learn in the classroom the teachers are told to teach around a certain type of test that you would normally receive at the end of the year. It is unfair to base the way a student will be after high school on one >>>

Consensus and conformity assignment

Though it was unexpected, many issues arrived such as the fear of communism and the suspicion of communists hiding in the government. Higher education and the rise of the black middle class added to the start of the civil rights movement.


Effectiveness of corporal punishment Factors that make the punishment effective includes the promptness of administering, severity of the punishment and the rate at which the punishment is given. The Special Problem of Cultural Differences in Effects of Corporal Punishment.

Psychology and the diathesis-stress model

Subconsciously she seeks out situations that make her stress and as a result she gets depressed only because she is habitual of it. May be she has abusive parents and as a result the voice in the back of her might have grown into an abusive and discouraging tone that >>>

Evaluating training programs

It is the expectation of each passenger that the pilot that is on board in each and every plane is competent and that he or she has got enough courage when the plane is on air and experiences some slight problems that occur now and then. Pilots should be handled >>>

Briggs myer’s personality type essay sample

However it appears to be necessary to have a qualified individual on the MBTI to conduct the test and inform the human resources department on the results and on the advantages and disadvantages to hire the candidate. Conclusion MBTI, as previously seen is a complex tool, which requires a good >>>

Critical thinking activity

The behavior of a model can vary mainly due to social living. A combination of the guiding principles applies to social learning theory that entails an observation of behavior of a model by applying the same characteristics.

Alarming deliberate self harm among u.s. adolescents

Although the DSH has also been noted amongst the adults, much focus is being taken on the adolescents since the effects are more fatal to the future of U.S. Indeed, for most self harm cases, the intention is not really directed at introduction of physical pain to self but on >>>


Sexual Abuse Trauma Alicia Robinson Sexual Abuse Trauma Sexual abuse today has become a wide scale issue. Healing from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Speech about insecurity

To be honest, I did not understand what feeling nervous had to to with it, but it could tie into the feeling of being shy. Its not easy to relieve yourself of insecurity, but there are things that could help.

Lying as a part of human life by ericsson

Group thinking is destructive because most of the time individuals participate in-group decision making to fit in to the social group. The Christian description of salvation as presented by the boys' aunt gives the boy the idea of what to expect in his salvation process.

Discussion 2.1

But if positive changes make us happy and more confident, negative things are those we must learn how to face.C.S. In case unexpected things are happening with the one part of your life it's better to face those problems while other parts of your life are fine and stable and >>>


Abstract: The results of this study reveal that members of the gay community with a history of childhood sexual abuse possess a greater likelihood of contracting HIV and demonstrating symptoms of trauma triggered by anxiety. Childhood sexual abuse, attachment, and trauma symptoms in college females: The moderating role of attachment.

Careers and training in forensic psychology

While the basis for becoming a forensic psychologist is often predicated upon having an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master's degree in forensic or clinical psychology, most professionals are required to undergo further training in law, workings and expectations of the court, investigative and psychological assessment, and criminal profiling. >>>

Personal behavioral conditioning

Personal Behavioral Conditioning: The Role of Conditioning in the Acquisition of Manners, Punctuality, and the Fear of Reptiles Here Your Affiliation Here Behavioral conditioning can be attributed to several behaviors acquired in early childhood and adolescence. I owe these qualities to the classical and operant conditioning of my youth.

Cooperative and competitive behavior on a group task

Value to reader The study helps explain the reader the impact of cultural differences in decision making in an organization when working in groups. It can also contribute to different models on leadership and group work and help the reader gain a broader understanding of the organizational demographics.

Responding to student threats of violence

Recommendations First, the school should establish its threat assessment unit rather than depend on a sole unit to evaluate threats in the whole school. They should allow the young ones to share their thoughts and feelings.

Analysis of mental disorder, violence, and gender article by pamela clark robbins, john monahan and eric silver

From the title " Mental Disorder, Violence, and Gender" it can be revealed that the paper is about the discussion of any significant topic related to mental disorder gender and violence. In this section, it has been mentioned clearly that the study was made on the patients from acute psychiatric >>>

Online dating: does it work or not

This involves risk in second step of online dating where people meet face to face with other person. On the other hand, it involves lot of risk to get engaged in a relationship through online dating.

Solving problems and making decisions

One would gather some basic details of the information through self-experimentation, this would be answers to the question " Why do I procrastinate?" and try to evaluate a solution best suited to one's specific reason for procrastination. Finally, to keep a track of the progress made, a journal would be >>>

Social psychology

I also expected that some of the onlookers would come to me, and tell me that I had forgotten to wear the pants. I came to understand that people were good observers, and that they did not accept things that went beyond the conformity of social rules and norms.

Being a therapist using the attachment theory of gordon neufeld

Being a Therapist Using the Attachment Theory of Gordon Neufeld As a child with separation problems, it would be difficult for me to interact with people because I would be afraid that the individual would leave and something would happen to them. I would not ask the parent to ignore >>>

Emotional control of a child and parents

Such an event prompts the baby to have the notion about the parents being uncaring when he or she is later told of the story later in life; that is when the baby was not aware of what was happening during the early life. At this stage the child is >>>

Theory of pesonality essay sample

This is your opportunity to write down the characteristics of each theory encountered that you relate to based on your own personality. These theories include: Chapter 2: Classical Psychoanalysis Chapter 3: Analytical Psychology Chapter 4: Individual Psychology Chapter 5: Psychosocial Development Chapter 6: Interpersonal Psychoanalytic Theory Chapter 7: Personological Trait >>>

Bellevue: inside out essay sample

The medications were given to the patients at Bellevue to calm them down and stop some of their symptoms. The patients may not have been in the right mind with all of the medication that they are given but the video helped advance the knowledge of abnormal psychology.

Existential psychololgy- rollo may

Kiser touches upon the application of May's theory to psychotherapy stating that the goal of a therapeutic session is the appreciation of a client's existence. Article 3 The article by Merwin is a representation of the life of Abraham Lincoln within the context of Rollo May's conceptualization of the destiny >>>

Developmental physchology

Jean Piaget Jean Piaget's theory of the stages of cognitive development is best fitted to describe the sociocultural influence of human development. The final stage is the formal operational stage where the individual is between 12 years old to adulthood.

Determining environmental consciousness assignment

Within any ecosystem there is an ecological balance between the organisms and the physical environment, but any activity of man which tends to pollute the environment has the ability to destabilize that balance, and with its accompanying effects. Against the backdrop that the quality of the environment impacts on the >>>

Trait theory essay sample

The situational influences in terms of the relationship between specific approach and situation also make contribution to the effectiveness of leadership recently, as the outcome of success is not as simple as only depending on the traits and behavior. The LMX theory which is also contribution to the understanding of >>>

Deception and psychological harm

As Kelman states in his article, " Human Use of Human Subjects, The problem of Deception in Social Psychological Experiments," the use of deception is not a cut-and-dried issue. While this experiment is cruel, because it leads the subject to believe he or she is torturing another person, it is >>>

Spirtual belief

Thoughts of end of life make me to wonder the rationale of our existence if we are destined to die and vanish off the face of earth. Religion also helps in enhancing relief from the anxieties and fears that people succumb to because of the fears of the unknown.

The but for the spy, like the result

Thereason is the parts of our brain deal with the color and word's meaning aredifferent. But for the spy, like theresult of Stroop effect, his/her native language interfere brain to transformthe language and said the word's color.

Dhd patients suffer from sleep problems which affect their emotional memory consolidation and leads to deviant behaviour in wake condition

The present study was conducted to study the effect of sleep on emotional memory and it was established that among ADHD children sleep did not enhance memory consolidation Hypothesis This study investigated the effect of sleep on emotional memory consolidation among children with ADHD and normal children. ADHD patients were >>>

Health care system

In the USA, health insurance is not compulsory; the situation is different in Europe where compulsory insurance covers some basic services. Only those people who have insurance or money to pay the bills can rely on healthcare system in the USA.

Aggression/ pro social behavior

Parents' responsibility in the Children's Aggressive Behavior: The theorists pay due heed to declaring nurture theory as vital in the socialization process and learning behavior of the children. They are of the opinion that the acts of the children serve as the reflection of the environment they have obtained socialization.

Assignment eight

Mental health of an affected individual is better understood by community counselors who help the individuals in understanding the problems to the core, finding their own mental strength and becoming more resilient. The benefits of internet counseling come in the form of unlimited access and flexible timing.

Definition of role conflict

Nurses are generally designated the gender of females and if I was a male nurse, I would generally undergo the problem of role conflict. To handle the role conflict, I would have to learn the profession more closely.

Sigmund freud

Your full full March 23, Summary of the Important Early Works of Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud has always been one of the most famous figures associated with the field of psychology. Works Cited Cherry, Kendra." Sigmund Freud - The Life, Work and Theories of Sigmund Freud".

Marriage therapist and child counselor

Child/adolescents Counselor's Job description Task and Job Statement: The person will be in charge of diagnosing and treating children and adolescents with mental, emotional or behavioral related problems. The therapist should be able to use a multidisciplinary approach, in diagnosing children's and adolescents' problems.

Adolescent behavior

If the person he is dealing with falls under the age of his parents, he is upfront and straightforward while if the person is someone who can be compared to his grandparents, he is more attached to his sensitivity and careful with his words to lessen the chances of offending >>>

Soci 200 db3

The United States preaches freedom of religion and expression, especially when that expression is not disruptive, damaging, or harmful to others, however practicing what they preach sometimes slips through the cracks. That said there should be a place for all of the belief systems and for the expression of those >>>

Physiological psychology

J, & Janikowski, T.P. G, & Burks, T.F.

Personality theories

Similarly, how a person reacts to a certain situation at the age of 25 differs considerably from his reaction to the same situation when he is 55 years old. It is also worthwhile to analyze the question: does personality exist and what is its relationship with behaviors?