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An essay about religion might appear among the academic writing assignments on theology, sociology or other social sciences. On our website, you can find a broad selection of free essay samples for students. They will help your complete tasks at the school, college, or university level. The general knowledge about religions can assist you on various occasions — from exams to casual conversation. Presented doc and pdf samples are guaranteed to have an excellent quality: correct format, citation of sources, and a total absence of plagiarism. They will also assist you in solving possible problems related to writing assignments, such as the style or topic selection.

The subject of religion presents a wide choice of different essay themes. Regardless of the assignment and its difficulty, our website provides help in writing on religion-related topics. In general, a typical religion essay follows a standard structure:

  • Outline — if specifically required, otherwise you may skip that part;
  • Introduction with a thesis statement or a hook;
  • Body — usually consists of several paragraphs; this is your main narrative or argumentative part;
  • Conclusion; overall, a standard essay has an approximate length of 5 paragraphs or 1000 words.

However, a writer can address those essay themes in a variety of styles. For example, you can persuade the audience or express an opinion for discussion. It is also possible to write an analytical or reflective essay based on materials that you read. Written assignments serve as a common addition to oral activities, such as debates. Below you can find more specific tips for religion essays.

Persuasive Essay

This assignment serves as an attempt of persuasion based on research of existing positions. For example, you can make the case that religion is used in politics to instigate conflicts in the modern world. In particular, one might argue that a distorted interpretation of Islam with political purposes in mind created animosity towards Muslims in America. Overall, you should be passionate and empathetic in your writing. State your position in the thesis statement to create a strong hook for the reader and repeat it in conclusion for an extra effect.

Analytical Essay

An analytical essay provides a claim which the author analyzes through evidence from the sources. For example, you may examine the statement that Ancient Greek morality and beliefs influenced the development of Western civilization. Regarding religion, it might be possible to analyze the impact of Christianity on modern Japanese culture. You should follow the essay structure, paying the most attention to the thesis statement. You should fill the body paragraphs with textual evidence from the sources and conclude the essay with a summary of your analysis.

Reflective Essay

A reflective essay usually contains experiences that a writer had in their life or a more personal recount of feelings and thoughts. As a result, this type of assignment implies a more personal approach than an analytical essay. In regard to religion, the possible subjects for reflection might include the themes of salvation or violence in world religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism. You will have to follow the general essay structure and answer what you have learned from the assigned readings.

Summary and Words of Gratitude

Religion and ethical or cultural matters related to it might appear in themes of school, college, and university writing assignments. You can rely on our templates to write a perfect essay on religion-related topics. We thank you for choosing our website and encourage you to use our free database. Our team sincerely hopes to inspire your writing, make your GPA higher, and even help you earn scholarships.

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Esperanza’s box of saints

After she lost her husband she spent most of her life taking care of her daughter and that became the major aim of her life. After the death of her daughter Esperanza uses her religious devotion and faith to confront the world and get her daughter back.

Humanism and religion in the medieval era

The unique purpose of art is culture, the enhancement of the spirit. The development of the relative of religion to life is analogous to the development of art.

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1 corinthians 11

In these verses, Paul condemns the act ofabusing Lord's Supper that was evident among the Corinthians. In these verses, he also extents his concerns by telling them the consequences related to what they were doing, which was falling sick evident among some of the Corinthians.

Baptism and confirmation

Through the sacrament of Confirmation, those baptized are perfectly tied to the church and enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is the basis of the entire Christian life, an entrance in to the spiritual life and a door that prepares one for inception of the other >>>

Reading respond

It starts with the childhood of Samson and covers all the important parts of his life, allowing the reader to track the evolution of the author and see what kind of obstacles he had to overcome on this path as a minister. It is obvious that Indians were suspicious of >>>

Compare and contrast meyer and stowers

In the essay, the worm at the Core of the Apple, there is a provision of an excellent concise statement and defense of the majority position. There is a similarity in the description of the start of Paul's mission.

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The protestant reformation essay sample

This, as well as many other factors, such as spread of Renaissance ideas, the spread of the printing press, and the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire, contributed to the creation of Protestantism. The Roman Catholic Church responded with a Counter-Reformation initiated by the Council of Trent and spearheaded by >>>

The comparison of aztec and mayan religion essay sample

The Europeans were amazed with the Aztec and Mayan cultures, their ways of life, and their technology. The existence of the gods and their goodwill were acknowledged by the Aztecs with life.

The way of the gods in japanese culture

According to ancient times, the authentic religion of Japanese was Shinto and is believed to be the reason behind all manifestation of nature. As per " To begin with the native religion of Japan is Shinto literally " the way of Gods" according to which all the beautiful and vital >>>

John wesley on methods of ministry and discipleship

Social background of Wesley that comprised of religious parents this essentially boosted his understanding of the biblical scripture and fundamentals of Christian life and discipleship. The basis of Wesley theological foundation can be attributed to the fact that he believed that the central core of the Christian faith was shown >>>

Theology the importance of studying the bible

The warnings of Jeremiah from the first to the sixteenth chapter of the book are targeted to the people of Judah as God warned them to repent and turn back to him. This brings one to the conclusion that God would not punish his people without warning them.

History of religious categories

The modern meaning of the phrase " world religion", putting non-Christians at the same, living level as Christians, began with the 1893Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago, Illinois. Suzuki, and Alan Watts, who greatly influenced the public conception of world religions.

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Durkheim: anomic division of labor

Durkheim: Anomic Division of Labor The first pathological form that results from the division of labor, according to Durkheim, is the anomic division of labor. The first example is know as an anomie, which refers to the the industrial and commercial crises and bankruptcies that represent a lack of adjustment >>>

The knowledge of gods power and wisdom in the contemporary world

Contrary to the verse's context that only God, His angels and specific personalities on whom the knowledge of God's divinity, power, and wisdom has been bestowed should be witnesses to this message, there have emerged communities of false teachers who mislead the faithful on the knowledge about God. The verse, >>>

Islam compared to judaism

Muslimsbelieves that God chose and sent Muhammad to be his servant and reveal to human beings that he is the only God. It is the responsibility of the Jews to adhere to the torah and cement presence of God.

Free research proposal on race and ethnic relations with religion

Purpose of the study The purpose of this study is to review the relationship between race/ethnicity and religion and the extent of this relationship. The study will seek to explain the relations between race and ethnicity and religion.

Hindu worship or wedding ceremony

In essence, worship accumulates all the traditions and the divine belief of polytheism that is dominated by giving thanks to the Deity by offering sacrifices. The purpose of worship in Hinduism is to truly to embrace the idea of deity and eternity that centers around the ever-lasting circle of life.

Is the catholic church the continuation of the imperial spqr

Some of the principles that were advocated and supported by SPQR that are currently defining the Roman Catholic include the freedom of expression. The principles and advocacy of SPQR and Roman Catholic's remain the same.

To what extent if at all, should conscience be ignored

The dictionary provides two main definitions on conscience a sense of right and wrong and the other simply a feeling of guilt, these both governs a person's thought and actions. He rejected the idea that conscience was an innate knowledge of right and wrong but described the ability to distinguish >>>

“hindu way of life”

Hindu Way of Life The notion of religion has been known from the very dawn of the humanity. The next important aspect that has a profound impact on life of a person is the notion of karma.

God as redeemer

To convince the student to rely on the bible and appreciate it as the word of God the students need to develop that interest to learn. Christians believe in the bible, the bible is holy it is a weapon to the faith of Christianity.

My experience with religion

Because I was still young, I really did not know much the religion that I practiced. At that point, I decided to leave the church and find my way.

Humanities ,,judaism the rise of christianity,roman imperial civilization and the triumph of christianity

Humanities: Judaism the Rise of Christianity, Roman Imperial Civilization, and the Triumph of Christianity Humanities: Judaism the Rise of Christianity, Roman Imperial Civilization and the Triumph of Christianity The Hebrews considered themselves different from other tribes especially due to their skin color. The differences between the achievements of the Golden >>>

Bhagavad gita on krishnas teachings

Therefore, Arjuna needs to be at peace with what Krishna and the other gods are asking of him in this war. The last teaching of Krishna to Arjuna was about the importance of meditation.

Praise belongs to god, lord of the worlds

Both the Quran verse and the Hadith saying of Muhammed teaches a man to acknowledge Allah as the One true God, perfect in every sense, and creator of all the earth. As man is created by Allah, it is but just right for a man to bend down on their >>>

Smile essay: optimistic mood as a miracle cure for all problems

Try to evaluate your turn of mind critically preparing for your smile essay. Formulating a strong thesis for your smile essay could be half the battle.

Misconception of religion

131 2, November 2010 Misconception of Religion in " The Gospel According to Mark" and " A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings." In the two short stories both authors, Jorge Luis Borges in " The Gospel According to Mark" and Gabriel Garcia Marquez in " A Very Old Man >>>

Aniconism and the multivalence of emblems

Why is that he does not appear in the early images of Buddhist art? He suggests that the emblems of many images " may carry different meanings in varying contexts" and that scholars should be sensitive to this.

How did byrd, edwards, & franklin differ in their religious outlook? essay sample

He was called to the Bar in 1695, served a short apprenticeship in Holland and visited the Court of Louis XIV. In London William was becoming known as a satirical writer and wit, and in 1696, through the good offices of his mentor Sir Robert Southwell, he was elected a >>>

Analysis of “dover beach” by matthew arnold essay sample

The closeness of the beach and France is shown in " Upon the straits;-on the French coast the light/ Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of England stand", the caesura in " upon the straits;" makes the audience pause and observe the beauty of the strait between France and England. >>>

Comparative religions

In the after life, all three religions believe that the ultimate goal is to reach some sort of after life, but getting there is what differs between the three. Buddhist accepts the basic Hindu doctrine of reincarnation and Karma, as well as the ultimate goal of the religious life, which >>>

Explain the centrality of the dreaming and its importance for aboriginal spirituality

The Dreaming tells the stories that explain their views and beliefs on how the world came to be and its history and the totems which represent each historical factor of the dreaming. Dreaming stories: The Dreaming stories are of great importance to the aboriginal people in terms of the dreaming >>>

The debate of the existence of god

When I reflect at the most touching sights I have had in my life, one that particularly comes to my mind is the first time I saw a cow feeding the calf her milk. I had several questions in my mind; Who taught the cow to feed the calf and >>>

A religious leader in christianity: jesus of nazareth

The purpose of Jesus' life was to teach humanity the laws of God so that they would live according to the will of God. The dying god motif applies to both Jesus and Quetzalcoatl.

The concept of god in islam

23 September The Concept of God in Islam God in Islam means one entity that is theSupreme Power and is the sovereign. Allah: The Concept of God in Islam.


What is important to note however, is the fact that with Matt Romney fighting for the election of Presidency, there has been a growing interest in the Americans about the religion and how it may have a bigger role in the mainstream American society? What is however, important to note >>>

Christianity: protestant reformers

One of the differences that split the group entailed the need for transparency and accountability because of endless corruption. Another interesting reason was that the entire Roman Catholic Church papacy was Antichrist, thus, there was a need for committed believers to honour the prophecy by leaving the church.

The place of african traditional religion in contemporary africa

African Traditional Religion in Contemporary Africa African Traditional Religion in Contemporary Africa The sacrilege of Africa in earlier days by the Western European powers totally and undesirably affected the customary cultures of the native African people to the level that many traditional principles, customs, social values, and rituals were either >>>

The origins of human beings and the earth

The origins of human beings and the Earth is one of the most persistent questions that individuals ask. The scriptures envision God in three forms: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Religious freedom, secular forum

In my point of view, the Muslim and other minority groups in the society should be allowed to carry on with their religious practices freely and without having to interfere with the rights of other religions. On the subject of gender isolation in public meetings, it should be allowed since >>>

The chief diagnostic officer

Calling her start-up as her ' greatest and most soul satisfying achievement', Acharyya sees this as the fruition of her lifelong dream to give back to society, more than just being a for-profit social start-up." Advenio made my life purposeful. Moreover, she had a hard time finding an investor to >>>

Assignment asks you to check newspapers and other news websites and come up with a list of at least 12 examples of news stories revolving around religion

The winning spirit and routine of the Dallas Cowboys is tied to the super belief in the supernatural being. Thus, it is significant to note that Hinduism shares with other religions the issues of metaphysics as opposed to science.

Arabian nights and days written by naguib mahfouz

The other importance of religion in the book is brought about by the genie story where the genie deceives a religious man from his religious ways into committing rape and murder to an innocent man only to fail to fulfil its promises to the man. According to the author Mahfouz, >>>

Women’s issue

The issue of gender wage gap can be addressed with much ease through observing a simple plan like the one I will outline below: First, it is crucial for the US government to enforce all organizations as well as offices to treat women 100% in pay, opportunity as well as >>>

The case for the existence of god

The views of the early Christian teachings on evil, the devil and sin based on the teachings of the three saints are obsolete. The saints viewed the world as full of evil and attributed this to the devil.

History internal assessment essay sample

The aim of this investigation is to examine the significance of this event within the context of the position of women in Persian society at the time and its effect in acting as a catalyst for the process of the emancipation of women. To wear a veil was " the >>>

Critique (the peace maker, grand rapids: baker house, 2004, sande, ken))

Strengths of the Book The Peacemaker is a perfect book for dealing with conflicts in every aspect of life. Weaknesses of the Book Sande, a lawyer, offers a broad discussion of Christianity and their views in the book.

Report on the religious life of planet earth

Report on the religious life of the planet Earth Introduction Religion refers to the belief in a supernatural power to which people look up. The paper will explore the nature of religion, religious behaviors, and some of the functions of religion.

Cultural competency essay sample

The Constitution was created for the fundamental rights and privileges of the people of the United States. The purpose of this paper is to give both sides of the argument against the case of Christian Legal Society versus Martinez.

Character education essay sample

Based on the policy of the National Education of Madagascar, year 2011, the purpose of education is to increase the level of basic skills in schools in order to improve the productivity which contributes to the development of the country on the one side; a refound of culture and human >>>

Human and cadavers

Mary Roach, author of " The Cadaver Who Joined the Army , sheds some light on the usage of these human bodies for firearm research, and questions the reader on the morality and caliber of the situation. Therefore, if a human is approached and asked to allow their body to >>>

Center for the study of islam and democracy

The paper " Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy" is a wonderful example of an assignment on religion and theology. The Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy has for some time now been playing a significant role in promoting a better understanding of Islam.

The island of bohol: heaven on earth

More so, the sizzling ray of the sun, the hypnotic sound of the sea and warm smile of the natives of Bohol greeted me as I entered nature's hidden treasure. The undulating movements of the waves took me to a place that highlighted my contentment andhappiness.


On the contrary, some religious behaviors and practices may become a threat to the society and general relationships of people holding different religious views in the same society. This may result in conflicts based on religious aspect and views among people in the society.

Discuss some hindu influences in america

Hindu Influences In America The first traces of existence of Hinduism in the American society were experienced during the period of 1980s. The influence is quite evident as there are numerous temples that were created by people belonging to the Hindu religion in the region of America.

Therapists’ integration of religion and spirituality in counseling: a meta-analysis article review example

In the survey, the author sampled the therapists as religious and secular therapist, from which he discovered that the religious faith of the former was associated with the frequent use of religious and spiritual counseling techniques. The other aim of this meta-analysis was to analyze the relationships between the personal >>>

Assignment 1

Chapter two and three gives a description of the quantity that the New Testament has by giving emphasis to the gospels chapters in the book The first four chapter of New Testament Survey by Gromacki, Robert G explains that for one to have a good understanding of the New Testament, >>>

Analysis of sylvia plath’s poem “to eva descending upon the stair” essay sample

The title of the poem is the first and only mention of Eva, presumably the addressed " you" in the rest of the poem. Pagan religion, on the other hand, is based mainly upon the worship of nature as a manifestation of a divine being, who is often female.

A private affair of an individuals conscience

The book is written in the form of journal entries and dialogue from three years of documented conversations in which the women confront their feelings on an array of issues - from religious stereotypes and social injustice to the crucifixion and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict The authors wrestle with the issues >>>

Annihilation of caste

The accompanying pages contain the text of that address.[4:] The public will be curious to know what led to the cancellation of my appointment as the President of the Conference. I was then convinced that in getting the address printed in Lahore, the main object of the Mandal was not >>>

Man – a slave of computers

MAN, A SLAVE OF SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY Man, a slave of scientific technology. I am all for the motion because I believe that man is indeed a slave of scientific technology.

The influence of religion in america

Religion played an essential role in American culture from 1607 to present by acting as a basis on which colonies and states were founded, aiding in the establishment of political policies regarding both the separation of church and state and freedom of religious practice, and influencing social development as evident >>>

The holy ghost

The documentary then shows numerous interviews with some members of the church congregation; these interviews show stories of how several members of the church congregation received salvation through the supremacy of the Holy-Spirit and how the Holy Spirit empowers them from day to day. The ministry of the Holy Spirit >>>

Interpretation paper

It is not like Paul does not appreciate the role of the judges, but rather, he confronts the weakness within the church, to the extent to which non among them would be able to stand for the rest to provide counsel. The answer is that no one should go to >>>

Comparison of the concept of self in christianity and buddhism

The concept of self in Christianity is quite different from the doctrine of self prevailing in Buddhism. In Christianity, God is the omnipotent and He is the creator of the world, humans, and life.

What role did jews play in the american civil rights movement

But in the 1960s, with the world watching on the evening news, many Jews traveled from northern cities to southern sites of marches, sit-ins, and rallies to support equal rights for African-Americans and to oppose those who would oppress them. Part of the success of the civil rights campaign can >>>

World council of churches

In addition, the speakers discussed the role of faith organizations in the in the care for nature, human rights and ethical decision-making in climate change debates. The increase is attributed to the increased emissions of the gas from automobiles and burning of fossil fuels.


Emerson is saying that death is the same as life, and that killing someone is the same as not. Everything is circumstantial, and to Brahmas, it is all the same.

The ideal person

The Ideal Person According to Confucius According to Confucius, the ideal person is one who possesses an ideal moral character; respects his father and the ruler of the time; and, worships his Lord with sincere heart. Li This is the principle according to which an ideal person inculcates in him >>>

Put the best topic

Though, the Christian view of creation helps us to understand that we, people, are a part of the nature and there is something bigger than we are which created us and influences our lives. The only problem is that most of them are not open-minded enough to find the truth >>>

Jain symbol

Dot inside the semi- circle The dot inside the semi circle depicts the abode of Siddh Loka or the abode of the liberated soul.2. The semicircle The curved arc or the semi circle depicts the abode of the Siddhas.3.

Superiority of jesus in new testament and hebrews

Identify and explain the evidence he provides to support thisthesis According to the New Testament, there is the foretold venture that Jesus has the title of an intercessor, mediator, king and savior. The Jewish believe that Jesus is the high priest as he has been exalted to a position of >>>

See description

And as a result, Hinduism lacks a single trend or an individual whose actions can be attributed to the founding of the religion. Hinduism is believed to have developed during the Iron Age India, hence its classification as the earliest religion in the world.

Critical thought

Prof's Critical Thought: Critical Response The critical thought for this chapter attempts to draw connections between the ancient institutions that we have been studying and the lives we live today arguing that the " prototypes" of today's structures whether physical structures such as buildings or metaphorical structures such as the >>>

The importance of religion in the life of pi

The Importance of Religion in the Life of Pl Peters The Importance of Religion In the Life of In Introduction of Life of Pl, Author Yang Marten said directly that: " This book was born as I was hungry ". The story of Life of Pl not only tells us >>>

Confucious and the golden rule

Confucius and the Golden Rule Confucius and the Golden Rule Similar to Confucianism, Jesus' teaching on the golden role does not encourage people to be good to others, but simply not to be bad to them. From this point of view, Confucius' golden rule is a negative version of Jesus' >>>

Farther east religion: hindusim and buddhisim

Eastern religions on the other hand have a number of deities with Hinduism worshippers leading in their worship of avatars and many other deities. Western and eastern religions also vary in the way go about their worship.

Early years practitioner in supporting children’s moral and spiritual development essay sample

It's important that the children develops their moral and spiritual as it can teach them to respect others and teach them the difference between what is right to do and what is wrong to do, practitioners can help children to do this. To support children's moral and spiritual development it >>>

Modern judaism

In general, it is represented by three streams, namely, Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism and Liberal Judaism. Orthodox Judaism is characterized by its commitment to " the traditional forms of worship in the Hebrew language, and of the traditional observances as prescribed by the Torah".

Although protestants

Although Protestants started a good thing, in the end it spurned out of control as many sought to have a denomination that could give them an identity and a sense of purpose in the carrying out the mission of Christianity. Conclusion Denominationalism has been portrayed more negative than positive which >>>

Introduction to islam

Noah, Jesus, Moses, Abraham and many more were sent to spread the message of God and follow the book sent by God which Messengers and Prophets followed and make no divisions but remain steadfast in religion. Being chosen by God is not about possessing skills in qualifying for being Prophet >>>

The three elements shared by all religions: christianity

These Commandments are of moral character, and they contain God's advice to the human race about the love to God and the love to the fellow humans. Christianity is filled with beliefs that are recorded in the Holy Bible and records back to the beginning of time when God created >>>

Genesis 1-11

It is from this book that God's intentions of creating the world are seen as described in the 1st chapter of Genesis and all through to the 11th chapter. Abel used to give burnt offerings to God, while Cain brought grains God looked in favor of Abel and not of >>>

Origin stories and religion

In Islam, the primary text is the Quran with Hadith as an additional text. Further, The Smruti or otherwise known as the Vedas is the main text in Hinduism, with the support of Suriti.

The miniature earth

Christianity has the largest following with 33% of the world population ascribing to the Christian faith according to The Miniature Earth. While it may not look real to people living in the U.S.and developed countries, the slide show reveals that most of the world's population is suffering.

My religion lab 4, thirteen principles of faith

Among these principles, God's eternity, the Torah's unchanging state and the supremacy of Moses as God's prophet are key principles in the Jewish faith. The Jewish view the Torah as the law given to them by God through his prophet Moses.

African american culture

Reflection In this article by Hamlet, she has adequately relayed the of African American culture that continues to evolve as respective people seek to assert their identity in an extremely diverse American continent. However, I do perceive the application of Nommo in the current Africa America settings its inclination is >>>

Doing the human thing

Doing The Human Thing By: Paul D'Angelo In the article The Step Not Taken, Paul D'Angelo recounts an experience where he exhibited the Bystander Effect when faced with a young man crying in his presence in an elevator. In this article, I will explore this phenomenon and the nature of >>>

What is homelessness?

Due to the complexity and diversity of the subject, I chosen to focus on the sociological theory of anomie popularised by Emile Durkheim. In doing so I will highlight the role society plays in maintaining a state of homelessness and the dualism of conformity and anomie.

Functions of doctrine in religion essay sample

Similarly, a number of religions have used the doctrines to prove their belief systems, as doctrines portray symbolic and mythological expressions to articulate its teachings that allow religions to continue their existence, which is one of the major functions of doctrinal dimension of the religion. Although it is the function >>>

My attitude to the god is dead phrase of friedrich nietzsche

He however did not follow the traditional biblical understanding and questioned existence of God and His powers that people believe in. This therefore means that he believes that God has supernatural powers that created the universe.

The differences between islam and christianity

One of the reasons of the success of the Muslim conquest was that they were aided by the Christian and the Jews when Heraclius tried to attack the Muslims at a;-Yarmuk, due to the aid of the Christians and the Jews, the Muslim army outnumbered the army of Heraclius. In >>>

Snake-handling and redemption in southern appalachia, by dennis covington essay sample

The snake-handling church on Sand Mountain seemed to bring a different point of view to Covington about his spiritual life. The people of the church of Jesus With Signs Following believed that if you were in and of the word enough, you would suffer from a snakebite and risk dying >>>

Rosicrucians case essay sample

In the biography of Nicholas Flamel, a 14 th century bookseller, we are told that when seeking to transmute gold he learnt as well how to transform himself, his soul, by the reading of the book of Abraham the Jew, a book which contained many injunctions about unworthy people not >>>

Role model

The upsurge of fascism, in America, was to a particular degree conglomerated and multifaceted process that took place intensely, and was quite a larger trend, in the 20th Century, which included other nations, as well. The beginning of American fascism story can be drawn with the start of the worldview >>>

Theology 101

The divine experiences strengthened the faiths of the two and increased their devotion to God. While, Roman Catholicism taught that the same deposit of faith inspired tradition and scripture, the reformers believed that the scripture was the only authority in the life a believer.