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Pleasure and pain: aristotle’s theory of moral development

In this paper, I will use some of the views expressed in Marta Jimenez's paper "Aristotle on 'Steering the Young by Pleasure and Pain'" as well as additional evidence inNicomachean Ethicsto show the ways in which pleasure and pain are necessary but not sufficient to the development of moral virtue. >>>

Moral development

Kohlberg's theory of moral development is one of the most referred to theories of how moral reasoning develops in people. The preconventional level is characterized by the cultural rules of good and bad, or right and wrong.

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Moral and learning development in children

Moral Development Both Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg have made vital contributions to the study of human psychology, especially pertaining to the development of children. According to Piaget, the moral makeup of a child is a product of his/her own conception and understanding of the world.

Huckleberry finn moral development & changes

The story isnarrated by the protagonist, Huck, and follows his journey wherein he is faced with a number of moral choices, which subsequently lead him to question themorality and supposedly 'civilised' nature of society, outgrowing his own instincts of self-preservation and moral deviancy in the process. Using Kohlberg's theory of >>>

“the world drinks our blood:” reuven’s moral development in the chosen

Reuven's acceptance of Danny's apology reshapes and improves his perception of the greater world, enabling him to more empathetically examine the rationale of suffering in not only Danny's life, but of all humankind. Reuven's forgiveness of Danny enhances his perceptions of the world, which enables him to further question the >>>

Moral development theory

John's attack attracted a lot of media attention and Ronald, who was in charge of the warders welfare, ordered a raid in the prison cells in search of weapons and in the process some of the inmates were badly injured and some succumbed to their injuries. This is revealed when >>>

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Adolescent moral development

Eventually, both the damage done and the intention of the offender in a given moral dilemma are considered in this stage of moral development." Lawrence Kohlberg studied moral development in depth and that is what he is most commonly known for. Although his basic ideas and principles originated from the >>>