Useful Sport Essay Examples

A sports essay can focus on a variety of topics ranging from the health benefits of exercise to the spectatorship of the Olympic Games. Unless the teacher requires you to write on a particular topic, you can compose an essay about your favorite sport, hobbies, or preferred physical activities. This website contains free samples of essays about sports in DOCX and PDF format. There are examples of papers for different study levels, ranging from school to university. You can use them to get ideas for writing your college assignments or scholarship essays.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay About Sports?

Your teacher can ask you to write an argumentative essay on sports. This type of essay requires you to take a stance on a particular issue and provide evidence supporting your opinion. There is a wide range of topics for persuasive essays about sports. For example, you may argue that cheerleading should be considered a sport. Or, you may support the legalization of performance-enhancing drugs. However, no matter what topic you choose, you should make sure that you provide compelling evidence to back up your opinion.

An argumentative essay about sports can follow the following outline:

  • Introduction: Provide a context to establish the importance of the issue, present a thesis statement with your stance on the topic, and outline the structure of your essay;
  • Supporting point 1: State the first argument defending your opinion and provide examples and evidence;
  • Supporting point 2: Explain your second reason with evidence.
  • Supporting point 3: Discuss the third point that backs up your argument.
  • Rebuttal of counterarguments: Anticipate objections to your argument and defend your position against the opposing view.
  • Conclusion: Reiterate your thesis and sum up your supporting points.

How to Write a Research Paper on Sports?

While an argumentative essay can include your thoughts and examples from your own life, a research paper is based on the best available information retrieved from the experts in the field. For example, if you write a research paper on sport psychology, you should consult appropriate scholarly journals and academic articles. If you want to investigate particular sports such as tennis, football, golf, water polo, or basketball, you can conduct an interview with a professional player or an athlete.

The structure of a research paper resembles that of an argumentative essay. It means that your paper will contain an introduction with a thesis, several body paragraphs with supporting points, and a conclusion. However, you have to rely on authoritative and scholarly evidence heavily to support your thesis. For example, when writing about gender inequality in soccer, you are expected to cite statistics, research findings, court decisions, and relevant laws and policies to show the scope of the problem.

If you would like to research the best ways for a person to improve his or her fitness, you may refer to medical journals and clinical guidelines. The conclusion should not only restate your thesis but also provide recommendations based on the evidence included in the paper.

A sports essay is a good opportunity for students to learn more about their favorite sports, understand the importance of physical activity, or become familiar with sports culture. On this webpage, you will find a database of sports essay examples that may help you determine the topic or structure of your own paper.

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Insulin and genetically modified humans in sport

With it taking only a few minutes for the insulin to disappear into the body and even if it was detected there is no way of proving that it's not the athletes insulin. One of the main problems that have been brought to the attention of athletes is that the >>>

Sportsmanship case essay sample

The result of the Cup came down to the 17th hole, which was a play-off between the US player Justin Leonard, and the European player Jose Maria Olazabal. One of the more famous bad sports in tennis, Lleyton Hewitt, was the victim of bad sportsmanship in a match at the >>>

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Sports and fitness center

Despite the volume of evidence indicating the benefits of sports and regular physical activity for health and functioning, people with disabilities are far less likely to engage in physically active lifestyles than are people without disabilities. The major components of sport and fitness program for people with disabilities are the >>>

The box jellyfish

The Box Jellyfish is known as one of the most venomous creatures in the world and has caused significant injuries and fatalities. The box jellyfish seem to move towards the shore in calm waters when the tide is rising and gather near the mouths of rivers, estuaries and creeks following >>>

Commercialisation in sport

This situation is great for the key players in the sports industry however the competitors and teams in the lower leagues have a hard time. For many of the performers at the top of the tree, they got a 'lucky break'.

Do we pay athletes too much?

To put it simply, it is a matter of personal opinion and knowledge on whether you believe professional athletes in the United States should get paid the level of wages that they do. In fact, the idea of a salary cap is off putting.

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Sociology and its application to sport essay sample

Discuss the application of sociological theories of sport The sociology of sport is a sub-discipline of sociology that looks at the relationship between sport and society. Health and Well-being As a way to be physically active, participation in sport contributes to the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of >>>

Sports development continuum

P1 describe three examples of the sports development continuum, from three different sports M1 compare and contrast three examples of the sports development continuum, from three different sports, identifying strengths and areas for improvement Sports Development Continuum Foundation: means the early development of sporting competence and physical skills upon which >>>

Benefits of swimming

When the workout is increased gradually by swimming strokes in the water, the heart rate and muscle activity is improved. As you enjoy working out in the water your mind is at peace and away from all the worries.

References in this document to finale sports bar & grill

Introduction Finale Sports Bar and Grill will strive to be the premier sports theme restaurant in the Sunny County region. There will be two assistant managers for the restaurant and their duties will be to oversee the personal when the manager is not available.

Representation of athletes in the media

From ancient Greece where it was not allowed for women to partake in or even watch the Olympic Games and the power and independence of the Amazonian tribal warrior woman, to present day and the struggles with underrepresentation and misrepresentation of female athletes in sport media. The media's coverage of >>>

Sports medicine and well being of an atheletes

Physical preparation is very important to enhance the well-being of an athlete and to ensure that it keeps the players fit and injury free during a long season of sport. A coach should ensure that a cool-down routine is followed after any physical activity because it will reduce muscle soreness >>>

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Yuvraj singh

He has been a member of the Indian cricket team in ODIs since 2000 and played his first Test match in 2003. He was named the Man of the Tournament in the 2011 Cricket World Cup and was one of the top performers at the 2007 World Twenty20, both of >>>

Racisim in sports

In this paper, the aim is to examine the issue of racism in sports and prove that it is in damaging levels for sportsmen that face it. Finally, it will be concluded that authorities are not successful in eliminating racism in sports and this damages careers of athletes and players >>>

The historical significance of fenway park essay sample

Dating back in 1912, the cost of the Fenway Park construction was $650, 000 Fenway Park bad lucks and good lucks The Red Sox won in the World Series in Fenway Park's first year. Save Fenway Park" The need for a sturdier ballpark was brought up in 1999.

Gym proposal allowing more gym in school

Well by applying gym 3 days a week it can help them get the thought of exercise nailed in there heads so they see the importance of this alone with thereeducation.a lot of students believe that this wont help them exercise more, and it be a pointless act because they >>>

Faults in badminton

If the shuttle is caught and held on the racket and then slung during the execution of a stroke.- If the shuttle is hit twice in succession by the same player with two strokes.- If the shuttle is hit by a player and the player's partner successively or touches a >>>

Critical investigation into research background and sport/event sponsorship

Regardless of the title or place in the organization, in a sponsorship when a company sponsors a sports event or concert, or supports a charity with its resources, it is attempting to increase the perceived value of the sponsor's brand in the consumer's mind. One other area that is of >>>

Backstroke swimming

The speed of the backstroke is limited by the restrictiverange of movement of the shoulders as well as the ability/inability to use the power in the chest muscles to thebest desired effect by the roll of the body which will be discussed in more detail in the chapter about the >>>

Surfing practice expository essay

From the moment you first step in the ocean to the day you die it is a part of you. With all the hype and inflation of surfing, it will still remain a magical and adrenaline pumping experience.

Pay decisions at performance sports essay sample

Will the agent also be responsible for the purchasing of tennis equipment which Perkin is planning to include on her products' list? Will the agent only supervise the purchasing or does he have to do it personally, meaning he will be the one purchasing the equipment and negotiating for a >>>

Are gym memberships worth the money?

Almost two third of total number of gym goers tend to practice alone, the amount of equipment in the gym needs to be considered be enough for them to use in the most crowded time. There is a need to research more about the reasons why people do not attend >>>

Extreme sports persuasive essay

Definition and the type of extreme sports: - around1~2 minutes Extreme sports is a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger. Because of extreme sports is more like outdoor sports, the playing area would be sky, water and land.

Personal experience of team sport

As he walked in most of the boys' attentions were changed to him. He was attempting to act as if he was not the centre of attention, and that he was not at all nervous and sensitive.

Deviance in bowling for columbine

To help us understand better the validity of the opinion expressed by the film's author, let us go through some of the film's details: The story of " Bowling for Columbine" is about the United States' obsession of violence and guns. Because it is such a terrible occurrence, the movie >>>

Hrm- training need analysis

This is an assessment of the gap between the knowledge, skills and attitudes that the people in the organization currently possess and the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they require to meet the organization's objectives. Is the purpose of the needs assessment to: lead in to a design of a >>>

Financial planning for nfl athletes

While the debate often rages over the relative worth of a professional athlete in relation to their salaries, the market demand for professional sports continues to drive earnings for athletes into the stratosphere. From humble historical beginnings where the athlete would participate at the professional level for the love of >>>

The medical elective medical training health and social care essay

The other half of the elected I would take a developed state and comparison and contrast the two wellness systems. Having merely came back from vacation in America, the idea of traveling back for the elective to hold a on the job experience over in the States appeared rather attractive.

Sociological issues in sport essay sample

Functionalism is often referred to as the consensus theory because it does not address the issue of conflict in society, and functionalists believe that society operates in a harmonious way that maintains itself in a state of balance, remaining healthy and co-ordinated and any sudden practices that may upset the >>>

Erythropoietin and athletes

It is released by the kidneys, and to a lesser extent the liver, and in very little quantities in the brain in response to a negative feedback. The physiological stimulus of erythropoietin production is hypoxia, or prolonged oxygen deficiency in body tissue, and in the majority of instances is related >>>

Toilet training assignment nvq3

Some signs that a child may be ready to train are * If their nappies remain dry for several hours at a time * If the child tells you they need to use the toilet * If the child shows their frustration in nappies * If the child shows an >>>

Bhakti yoga

The different paths or yoga are, Inana or the way towards the ultimate knowledge, Bhakti or the path to loving or devotion to God, Karma or the way to undo the reaction to deeds in life, and the Raja or the royal path to meditation. The Bhakti Yoga is the >>>

How sports affect academics

Rodney: I hope so, I put in enough time and study because I was behind and I wanted to prove that I could do what nobody expected of me and excel. Narrator: John and Rodney laughed loudly Rodney: I thought you were going to get a scholarship because of football >>>

Yoga meditation experience

I sacrificed 5 minutes of my time in the morning to go through the cycle; my intent was to do it before the " real" day had begun since I hoped to go ore relaxed and focused into classes and practice. I started to manage the imbalances of my daily >>>

Physiological characteristics of badminton match play

Ozmen et al.further investigated the impact of Core Strength Trainings on " core endurance, dynamic balance and agility in badminton players". Muscle activity and accuracy of performance of the smash stroke in badminton with reference to skill and practice, Journal of Sports Sciences, 18, 901-914.

Table tennis

A row of books were stood up along the center of the table as a net, two more books served as rackets and were used to continuously hit a golf-ball from one end of the table to the other. The ITTF also changed the rules on service to prevent a >>>

Rutgers coach vivian stringer

According to USA Today columnist Christine Brennan, Don Imus should be terminated over his job for being oblivious by the kind of women he once called " nappy-headed hoes." On her article Rutgers women blocks Imus' shot with classy stand, the girls of Rutgers team did what they could to >>>

Biomechanics of wrestling suplex

There is the movement that gains control of the opponent and acts as the pre-loading of momentum to initiate the following movement, there is then the actual lift portion where the opponent is taken off the ground, and there is the movement in which the opponent makes contact with the >>>

Joining sports

It is proven that teenagers will be less likely to use drugs while enrolled in co-curricular activities. The terrible reality is that 50% of teens use drugs regularly.

Yoga for eye sight

Initially we have short theory and then we go for the practice and what is the whole basis for the eyesight improvement that we are talking? This is because of the differential pull of the rectie muscles of the eye ball.

Medicine and ayurveda

Aphrodisiacs and improving health of progeny In Hindu mythology, the origin of ayurvedic medicine is attributed to Dhanvantari, the physician of the gods.[15] - Practices Several philosophers in India combined religion and traditional medicine notable examples being that of Hinduism and ayurveda. The disease is the result of imbalance in >>>

The issue of olympic games essay sample

Assessing the legacy of the Olympic Games and Paralympics Games. Olympic cities and the Remaking of London.

Informative speech outline on sumo essay sample

During the age of the samurai, the early 1600's, sumo wrestling was born.1. A day in the life of a sumo wrestler is both traditional and highly regimented.A.

The roots and motivations of violence in america in bowling for columbine

What makes this imagery effective is the fact that it involves the audience into the documentary by giving the audience the feeling that " you" are the subject of the documentary. Concerning the individual's role in society and the relationship to violence, there must be a clear understanding that the >>>

Penalties of steroid use in professional baseball players

Professional baseball players convicted of using steroids should not be considered for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Once a player takes steroids, he should be automatically not considered for induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Contact sports

Children and parents must be warned of the mental, physical and social risk factors that are associated with contact sports before being able to participate in them, doing so will lead to less children taking unnecessary risk. One factor that parents should be aware of is the increased risk and >>>

The controversy over athlete salaries

I understand that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes when it comes to sports, but it's unfair to athletes to give most of the money to owners while the athletes are doing all of thehard work. A lock out in the NBA would hopefully put pressure on >>>

Sport trends in the ymca

A majority of them would be revolving around the economy and how the YMCA is considered a luxury to the people. The number for the amount of people participating in the event ages 40 and on increased from a meager 15% to an astounding 35%.

Traditional sports in assam

It is said to be the oldest amphitheatre in the whole of Asia and has often been referred to as the 'Colosseum of the East'. Situated to the northeast of the Tolatol Ghar, in the Joysagar area of the Sibsagar district; is the two storied Rang Ghar, which was the >>>

Are professional athletes overpaid?

The growth and the development of a sport maybe reflected from the wages of the athletes and that is all it does. Sports athletes are paid outrageous amounts of money to produce the simple entertainment of a game, while the most respected positions in society are robbed of the money >>>

Bowling alone

Putnam emphasizes the valiant importance of a strong and active society for growth and development in a democracy. The greater the amount of associational membership in a society, the more trusting its citizens, are likely to be.

The two faces of cheerleading

The season for a sideline cheerleader can start in the summer and is as long as the sports they cheer for. Members of the team can come from different schools and areas, while sideline cheerleaders are required to cheer for the school they attend.

Breakfast of champions by kurt vonnegut

The continuous critical viewpoint of Americanism and the incessant questioning of the American dream throughout this novel make it a modern artifact, a contemporary representation of American society, and a guide to learning out of past mistakes. As media and propaganda play a big role in the story, Vonnegut criticizes >>>

Dakota territory and tool box enhancing

And last but not least, the person who is willing to stay back, in case we.-Dakota gulped. You guys will need to bring gallons of water, first aid supplies, and anything else you may need." " Duke and I will handle the pillows, blankets and clothes.

Racism in professional sports

Robinson is considered a leader in the black community for breaking the color barrier in the sport of baseball. Racism is a problem that existed in sport when it first originated and continues to exist even in the world of sport today.

Could the big box stores sell merchandise identical to urban outfitters?

It is important to state that exclusivity tries to utilize the diversity of the taste of people living in the society. Demand leads to appreciable increase in price which would be readily welcome by the otherwise unique consumers of the product without any complaints.

Physiological factors on sports training and performance

This and many other forms of a short term increase in arousal levels can affect someone's motivation and thus determine the overall impact in a game situation. Short Term Effects- If you have a high level of concentration in e.g.formula 1 racing, you are able to perhaps avoid obstacles in >>>

Should college athletes be paid?

21 Dec.2009.) College athletes should be paid because they are not allowed to work and earn money. Another reason that college athletes should be paid is that they attract fans and sponsors but receive none of the profit.

Tennis ball drop

Variables Our independent variable for this experiment was the height we had dropped tooth of the tennis balls from. We also measured the weight of each ball before dropping them.

Appendix a – meditation worksheet

The practice of meditation is a way to be still for a while and let our minds become focused until we become calm enough to deal with the daily pressures of life. Transcendental Meditation is the most popular technique.

Leadership doesn’t mean running a one-person show

As I sat in a large conference room filled with senior management and executives of a mid-size company in Egypt, I watched as the CEO and one of the managers indulge in a heated back-and-forth discussion on what was the best direction to go for a particular business unit. The >>>

Overview of sport injury types health and social care essay

An illustration during a sporting activity when a cut is likely to happen would be during the athletics of Rugby when a ruck/mall is go oning and participants on the land may be by chance stamped on by the he-man of a rugby boot doing a cut and the expel >>>

How to handle the charge volume of a ball mill or rod mill

In physics, the charge of a volume is commonly described by a quantity called the charge density or the charge distribution. When the mill is stationary, the charge volume can be quickly obtained by measuring the diameter inside the liners and the distance from the top of the mill inside >>>

The training and development at sainsbury’s

The training and development at Sainsbury's provides the staff at Sainsbury's with the opportunity to work efficiently and effectively so that they can stay on the job. DEPARTMENT AT SAINSBURY'S A major conflict that the Human Resources Department faces is the conflict between the training and development at Sainsbury's and >>>

A village cricket match: a.g. macdonell

Two missing English players arrived at the spot in a car and they brought with them another person who claimed that Hodge, the captain of the English team had asked him to play and that was why he had come and he was determined to play the match. The third >>>

Professional athletes and illegal steroid use

Ethics The debate of the use of steroids is not only limited to the health concerns. Likewise, the use of steroids in sports is considered to be a violation of sports leagues and councils even the ethics of sportsmanship.

Professional football training and development

However, there is still a lot of debate and uncertainty surrounding the sport's physiological requirements as a result of the overemphasis of skills which lead to the neglect of physical fitness, difficulty in scientific study of the sports as well as the conservative training methods that are mainly employed in >>>

Fundraising, sponsorship & marketing

Promoting the gala in a positive, creative and cultured light I feel will be of interest to the London and youth sports. It will also allow others to contribute and sponsor the event via links throughout the website and in local sporting pages as well as sports clubs.

A scoping report on the beighton extreme sport park proposal

Introduction The proposed site for the Beighton extreme sport park is located on the A57 which is the road connecting Sheffield city centre to junction 31 on the M1. This is an aerial photograph of the site which is circled in orange, again showing the A57 on the left and >>>

“bowling for columbine” movie review

Also mentioned in the movie is how Marilyn Manson had to do with the Columbine death but because of the lack of information on how Marilyn Manson was not the blame for Columbine and also how every time a gun related crime happened, the president of the NRA would present >>>

Why do sports matter

This drastic change/elevation in the amount have lead in the increase of the interest in the games as they see a lot of money In these games Firstly considered he waste of time by the people and later became the source of earning money and recreation. Racistdiscriminationis one of the >>>

Extreme sports motivation

At the end of the day, the result of present studies will support the extreme sports industry in predicting the trend of action sports consumer behavior. Through the process of reviewing motives of sport participants, the researcher will investigate the growth factors of extreme sports in business and the following >>>

Benefits to running bleachers

This is because after going up the bleachers and resting for a few seconds, the body needs to be ready to be able to work hard again once it is time to run back up. This helps to increase the body fat loss and allows the heart rate to elevate >>>

Lebron effect essay

Back in 2010 Lebron James was under a great deal of scrutiny for being one of the best players in the NBA, but not being able to win a championship after seven years with the Cleveland Cavilers. For Lebron James, signing with the Miami Heat resulted in positive changes for >>>

Cheerleading is a sport

March 15, 2010 Cheerleading is a sport Do you consider cheerleading to be a sport like football, or any other sport? These competitions were about whom can do the best stunts, have the most solid pyramid, and lastly have the best tumbling Many cheerleaders, coaches, and others involved in cheerleading, >>>

Human resource training in kfc

Expatriate policy of KFC Company KFC Company employs the expatriate policy as one of their strategy in order to establish restaurants that are suited to the culture of a given country because the expatriate's familiarity with the culture is seen as an advantage to penetrate the country more effectively. In >>>

Should blood-sports be banned?

Okay, I know animals are killed for meat.but there's a difference: the animals in that situation CAN be treated humanely right up to the moment they are killed instantly. Animals react in a way consistent with our understanding of what it is to be in pain - they scream and >>>

What are the physiological differences between male and female athletes? essay sample

A result of the larger cardiac output is that males tend to have a greater endurance capacity than females due to the greater delivery of oxygenated blood to the body's tissues. It is also necessary to take in to account the social, cultural and economic factors of a country.

Physical culture in early canada: first nations and colonists

Physical Culture in Early Canada: First Nations and Colonists First Nations * Limited historical information * Oral accounts * Oral tradition passed down the generations * Elders had important role in education * Written records * Second-hand observations of colonizers * Written by white men, severely biased * Explorers, fur >>>

Athletic training and writing studies

Regardless of the choice of communication, the goal is the same throughout discourse communities and that is to have effective communication. The article " Redefining Professional Knowledge in Athletic Training: Whose Knowledge Is It Anyway?" the study shows that by clearly relating the Professional body of knowledge and the evidence >>>

Bowling ethnography

I learned that there are different types of bowling balls made to help you throw the ball a certain way. This is a money game played by the men bowlers only that corresponds to how well you are playing.

Bowling for columbine critical essay

In the film Michael Moore explores the question " What makes the US have the most gun deaths than the rest of the world? " By exploring this Moore and his viewers explore a variety of reasons, The strongest point made by Moore is that largely through the media the >>>

Nascar drivers are true athletes

First of all, it is necessary to provide a definition of a true athlete: athlete is a person who possesses either natural or trained skills, needed to do a particular type of sports on the professional basis, participates in the competitions, observing the rules prescribed, and is able to use >>>

Sporting goods

In efforts to get the attention of the junior players, Prince utilizessocial mediasites like face book and twitter as one way of promoting to junior players. In efforts to attract the attention of both junior and recreational players, Prince holds local " Prince Demo Events".

Sports build character essay sample

When a person is new to a sport, he has to work hard to improve his proficiency at it. In time, the person will learn how to be a team player in life as well, be it at school or at work.

My yoga experience

According to Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, yoga means " union." It is presumed that the term " union" describes the relationship between the " mind, body and spirit." More so, yoga is also called " asana" which refers to the " practice of physical postures or poses." It is >>>

Women and sports: the impact of title ix essay sample

Women and Sports: The Impact of Title IX Equality was not always an option for women in sports and education. As stated before Title IX the ratio for women to play sports in was 1: 27; today it is 1: 2.

Leading in challenging times: how an executive coach can help

As the leader of the business, are not you expected to deal with all the challenges and obstacles that can emerge? And remember, no matter how resilient you may think you already are, a sounding board in the form of an executive coach may be able to support you in >>>

Wisdom, morality, and meditation

Right View is a part of Wisdom and, according to our class lectures, is the " Middle Way between eternalism and nihilism; the emptiness of all things." Right View distinguishes wholesome things from unwholesome things. When I have done this in the past, it feels so incredibly rewarding to just >>>

Diversity training manual

Also included will be a rough outline of the entire contents of the manual and the table of contents for the manual. If the amount of immigrants continues at its present rate, it is projected that by the year 2050 the population of the United States will be 438 million >>>

midterm study sheet

What were the basic religious tenets and social values of Puritanism, and how did they shape attitudes about work and play in both England and the New England colonies? In what ways were labor and leisure blurred in Anglo-America in the 1600s and 1700s, and in what ways did a >>>

Ode to the west wind versus life will

The poem allegorizes the role of the poet as the voice of change and revolution. It is seen as a great power of nature that destroys in order to create, that kills the unhealthy and the decaying to make way for the new and the fresh.

Examples in “the brutal business of boxing”

" The Brutal Business of Boxing" written by author John Head, uses all three forms of examples: the extended example, the sentence length example, and the single example. The extended example lies in the form of the entire essay.


In 2005, the Additional Clarification was released in regard to the application of the indicators in the 1996 Clarification that guided Scar's analysis of the " substantial proportionality' prong of the three-prong test. The underrepresented sex in intercollegiate athletics is the male and with the addition of competitive cheerleaders as >>>

Badminton vs. tennis

The rackets used in badminton are long, thin, light weighted and have a greater tension in the string so that more power is applied to the light-weight shuttlecock, while in tennis the rackets are short, heavy, wide and have lower tension due to the heavy weight of the ball. In >>>