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Blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies

The outcome of this research is to help East Africa and Africa by extension leapfrog into a Digital Economy by enhancing new knowledge on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing; and implementing a forum to support potential manufacturing enterprises in knowledge transfer and technical support so as to impact higher >>>

Competitive intelligence research

Comparing Conditions with a Foreign Market Both companies, Goose Island Beer Company and Steam Whistle Breweries, are located in the neighbor countries: the USA and Canada respectively. As a stronger Company, Goose Island can help to sharply increase the sales of the Steam Whistle 2.

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Is intelligence innate? nature v nurture.

I feel that It Is not possible for one's Intelligence to be solely determined by the genes. Our intelligence would be decided once we are born, and there is nothing we can do to change it.

Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences

Theory of Multiple Intelligence Theory of multiple Intelligence Intelligence can be defined as the combined or comprehensive capability of an individual to act purposefully, rationally and to manage effectively within the environment. Gardener's theory of multiple intelligence still needs a lot of research and evidence in order to fully support >>>

How social networks decrease intelligence

Social networks are mainly used by people who want to interact with friends and when we interact with friends, we tend to use acronyms. However, when we do it in the form of social networking, we tend to get a different Idea about certain people.

Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligences

Musical Intelligence Musical intelligence refers to the ability to understand, create, and interpret musical itches, timbre, rhythm, and tones and the capability to compose music. Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to interpret and respond to the moods, emotions, motivations, and actions of others.

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Intelligence operation

The doctors did not take that into consideration or explain to him that the operation would not result in more people liking him and he would not be everyone else, he would be completely different from he rest of the world. Some people would argue that the operation was a >>>

Artificial intelligence: education and abilities

AI at Columbia University The introduction to this online course at the lofty NYC college is free however in the event that you need the entire thing you should pay $199. AI degreesUndergradCarnegie Mellon is one of the main colleges on the planet to offer a B.S.in AI.

Multiple intelligence

Multiple intelligences provide a wide variety of identifiable areas of knowledge and skills beyond the traditional verbal and numerical to include the personal, social and creative. By focusing on these and other intelligences, pupils can more easily discover that they have strengths and use the resulting gains in confidence to >>>

Reflection on praising intelligence

In some ways, they are also informing me of the things hat could bring me to embrace the life according to the peoples will, judgment and discerning. But in other aspect of my life, I cannot deny the fact that the more I praise by the people, the more I >>>

Chess vs human

All the moves that computer make are based on the series of calculations and this all based on the positions of the pieces on the chessboard. All the artificial intelligence has is memory and the programs that are in it to perform the action.


Because the number of abilities which had to be measured In tests got out of hand, and because the psychometric theories could not explain the processes underlying intelligence, some researchers tried to study the mental processes important for intelligence directly. Or in other words, the intelligence of a person can >>>

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Freud analysis on “artificial intelligence”

As the movie progresses, it is apparent that David wants his mother all to himself and that the love David has for his mother is more of a sexual desire. Throughout the movie David acts upon his unconscious desires and is capable to give in into his own sense of >>>

Free ai wei wei: never sorry reflection essay example

I affirm that Ai Wei Wei will be perceived as a courageous artist who defied living in a communist regime. Ai Wei Wei would be perceived in history as a man of conviction who fought for his rights to be heard and to express what he thinks and believes are >>>

Artificial intelligence consciousness: past & modern

Amid the 1960's the main article of AI was distributed under the name "PCs and Thought" and the PC mouse was developed by Doug Engelbart. In the 1956, at a workshop in Dartmouth College the field of AI was introduced.

Top 5 evolving ecommerce trends in coming years

To provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, an option to order online and collect in-store is a fabulous gesture, keeping customers engaged in online shopping. The same technology is expected to enter eCommerce arena in the coming year with an aim to offer a quick way to purchase online.

Artificial intelligence permeation and applications

It works on collecting data, applying logic to it in terms of patterns, profiles, search cycles and behaviors and taking the necessary actions in terms of advertisement and marketing. AI figure out past patterns and on the basis of that it predicts the future patterns.

Theory of multiple intelligence

Spatial This area deals with spatial Judgment and is the ability to visualize with a mind's eye and involves the potential to recognize and use the patterns of wide space. This form of intelligence is the ability to deal with other people and their intentions or feelings.

Research paper on a algorithm

Even though this is a major limitation in carryingout search, A* is still regarded as the best in the way it will always be in search of the shortest distance to the target. The function that this algorithm makes use of is distance-plus cost heuristic which is normally denoted as >>>

It is the fear of the unavoidable changes that come along with the introduction essay

Why is the Watson computer relevant in the discussion of the articles? This is extremely significant to the article as a support of the influence that the author wants to make the reader of the article understand.

Artificial intelligence by anthony j. bell

THE Formalities over, and given that the Millennium is a significant enough social phenomenon that it colors popular impressions of the future of science, it is worth looking at what impressions a person of the year 2000 might have formed from late twentieth century popular science books, science Action books >>>

The history of ai and major advancements in its modern development

It is proven that AI has increased to a level, where it is impossible for a human to defeat AI in calculation and strategy. This essay will determine the trend of AI, analyze the extent that AI systems will replace jobs in the future and discuss the advantages of AI >>>

Discuss u.s. intelligence oversight. is the process sufficient?

Some methods have made the group infamous and add to the list of reasons that the U.S. According to Me's official website, its current goals, rather, solution to the western-Iranian strife is to "rid the region and the world of the nightmare of the Islamic fundamentalists armed with nuclear weapons >>>

Assignment gardner’s intelligence theory

Linguistic Intelligence Is the Intelligence of language or words, when you learn by writing the information down, or when you absorb information my hearing words this is all a form of Linguistic Intelligence. When you rely on self to learn, by understanding your own feelings and Interest this Is the >>>

Another intelligence critical view

The argumentation and use of evidence are strong and practicable In this article. The evidence are strong and practicable in this article.

Business intelligence and data warehouses

A data warehouse is a database of a diverse kind of an online analytical processing database. The data warehouse obtains the data from all these databases and builds a layer optimized for and dedicated to analytics.

Technology and human intelligence

With word processors, students and other people can devote more time to thinking about the quality of their writing and less to the low-level mechanics of getting the writing done. If they wish to move one or more paragraphs to improve the flow of their writing, they can do in >>>

Competitive intelligence report: sinopec’s batam project

This report Is made for the Bat local government and aims to analyses and predict the current and future Investment of Since. Therefore, as a consultant hired by Bat local government, the author will focus on evaluating and predicting the influence of the new project and, in addition, also provide >>>

Social intelligence and life skills

So the investigators want to study the relationship between social intelligence and life skills of the secondary teacher education students. Statement of the problem Relationship between social intelligence and life skills of the secondary teacher education students.

Big data technologies and artificial intelligence

The reality is likely a less-draconian scenario and one in the middle; however, we examine both arguments and specifically the role of the human manager in the world of technology. However, it was clear in the presentation that driver attempts to outsmart the "surge pricing" element of the algorithm were >>>

Impact of artificial intelligence on our lives

Among the benefits that we are definitely going to reap Is that machines will take up complex tasks that we struggle to do and with better speeds. The benefits are abundant and the cost to pay is minimal.

Arguments for artificial intelligence

The goal of the interrogator is to determine who the Man is, while the Woman tries to trick the Interrogator into mistaking her as the Man. Babbage is accredited to being the designer of the Analytical Engine which is the design that the basic framework of the computers of today >>>

Creativity and age

The question of age and intelligence coupled with creativity is a complicated one because many theories try to explain the kind of relationship between aging and creativity and intelligence. Moreover, IQ test shows that the intelligence of an individual reduces as they age.

Data mining for business intelligence

XSL Goal: Predict sale prices of used ToyotaCorollas based on their specification Data: Prices of 1442 used Toyota Corollas, with their specification information - age, mileage, fuel type, engine size Data Sample Variables Used Price in Euros Age in months as of 8/04 KM Fuel Type HP Metallic color Automatic >>>

The benefits of real-time cyber threat intelligence

To learn what types of details regarding cyber dangers would undoubtedly be useful for a company and also to be in a position to translate exactly what this data means and how it may be properly used it truly is crucial to evaluate and have an understanding of precisely the >>>

Artificial neural network

V: Branches of AAA Here's a list of some of the branches of AAA: Logical AAA: What a program knows about the world in general the facts of the specific situation in which it must act, and its goals are all represented by sentences of some mathematical logical language. Unsupervised >>>

Overview of algorithms for swarm intelligence

This step is shown in CEQ, where CLC and co are constants, RL and re are random variables in the range from O to 1, bi is the best solution of the I-the particle for the iteration number up to the t-the iteration and the G is the best solution >>>

Ai weiwei biographies example

Born in the year 1957 to an intellectual poet Ai Qing, Ai Weiwei spent his childhood in the hinterlands, firstly, in the bitterly cold lands of Heilongjiang, and then in the western Xinjiang province of China. Weiwei left to the United States in the year 1981 as he knew that >>>

Implication of emotional intelligence to students

The purpose of this research paper is to assess socio-emotional development and identify the importance and the implications of it to academic performance of an adolescent using ten selected students in the third year level of Cantonal High School in a case study design. This would also include the advantages >>>

Revain: a platform for online reviews

They believe majority of the feedbacks are altered and negative ones are removed just to maintain a good reputation. It issues rewards and penalties to secure the most dependable and highest quality of reviews.

Computer intelligence

Ever since the invention of the computer, they have been a mystery, even to the smartest of scientists. I think that that the answer to the question on whether computers have minds is still a no despite it's amazing capabilities.

Artificial intelligence

The professors stated in their paper,"The behavior of the adaptive retina is remarkably similar to that of biologicalsystems". The design of the neural network caused the response of the surrounding pixelsto react in the same manner as in biological retinas.

Learning and intelligence

There is no limit to intelligence, although your level of intelligence can be inherited but a great deal of your intelligence is developed through your environment, experience and culture. These tests only measure a part of the intelligence of an individual.

Cyber intelligence sharing and protection act current event

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CHIPS Is legislation that Is currently being resurrected in the House of Representatives after falling to make it to a vote in the senate last year as reported as previously threatened with veto by President Obama. Personally, I perceive the proposed legislation >>>

Artificial intelligence implementation in drpk

We have done our best to generate enough money to be invested into AI but due to the deficit in the balance of trade this is an objective which is difficult to accomplish without funds. DPRK is aware of the negative side to implementing AI in to our daily life >>>

The affect on emotional intelligence on effective leadership

The link between successful management and emotional intelligence is apparent as it can be seen that high emotional awareness and an ability to manage these emotions highlights three key aspects essential to good leadership: the provision of sustenance for the development of high quality interpersonal relationships with employees, Improvement of >>>

Artificial intelligence

The history of artificial intelligence began in antiquity, with myths, stories and rumors of artificial beings endowed with intelligence or consciousness by master craftsmen; as Pamela McCormick writes, AAA began with "an ancient wish to forge the The seeds of modern AAA were planted by classical philosophers who attempted to >>>

Emotional intelligence and work life balance

Appraisal and expression of emotion in the self negatively influenced level of risk to an employee's position with the usage of work-life balance programs. Significant differences were found between gender and work interference with personal life, work related factors interfering with personal life and level of risk to an employee's >>>

The fantastic five of oracle accelerator programme

This program will be a great boost to India's startup ecosystem and support to the Digital India initiative. Launched in 2015, Tydy has quickly become an HR darling and is on its way to helping organizations - large & small - with the power of a great employee onboarding and >>>

Theories of intelligence

Sternberg theory of Intelligence According to the Oregon technology in education council, Sternberg focuses on Just three mall components: Practical Intelligence, which is the opacity to thrive in informal and formal educational settings; adjusting to and 1 OFF capacity to cope with unusual situations so they are easily handled in >>>

Artificial intelligence critique essay

If that entity is a computer, but the judge thinks It's a person, the conversational computer program passes the test." Human beings are highly flawed creatures and they often make mistakes. The Economist states that it is important to give robots "A defining human trait - the ability to make >>>

Artificial intelligence

Variables that include the personalities of the parties, the parties' present physical and emotional circumstances, the relationship among the parties, and the parties' comfort level with technology are among the factors that will determine whether it is most advisable to introduce artificial intelligence into a dispute resolution process in the >>>

Cloud business intelligence

The cloud business intelligence influences the operational and financial factors of the organization and it plays an important role in times of economic crisis in the market. As this generation is trending on cloud computing it is important to learn about cloud and know the benefits of placing the Business >>>

Preparing resume in the age of artificial intelligence

It eases the work of both the selectors and the candidates to get the chance up to their expectations and requirements. Here are some important points to remember while making your resume according to ongoing trend: Use of keywords or phrases to make it easier for applicant tracking system to >>>

Mr mk1 foss

I am proud of my accomplishments and to call myself a coast guardsman. I have found a love for and dedicated my time to photography.

Expert systems and artificial intelligence

The knowledge engineer must choose one or more forms in which to represent the required knowledge as symbol patterns in the memory of the computer - that is, he must choose a knowledge representation. It is the knowledge that underlies the "art of good guessing." Knowledge representation formalizes and organizes >>>

Different types of intelligence

Logical intelligence involves number and computing skills, recognizing patterns and relationships, timeliness and order, and the ability to solve different kinds of problems through logic. Interpersonal Intelligence Involves understanding of one's own inner world of emotions and thoughts, and growing In the ability to control them and work with them >>>

Artificial intelligence research

The combination of the ontology as well as the artificial intelligence can give a leeway in the determination of causes of cyber security, their associations and understand the level in which the model can handle cyber security problems. Therefore, in this proposal, the researcher aims at examining how Ontology Artificial >>>

Self-service kiosks: from people to robots

According to me as essential data and route identified with the administrations are given without anyone else benefit booths, the representatives can get the chances to chip away at more mind boggling and testing errands along these lines expanding the inspiration and enhancing the demeanors of the workers. Workers can >>>

Howard gardner multiple intelligence

Spatial intelligence "is the ability to think in pictures, " to perceive the visual world accurately, and recreate it in the mind or on paper". Some teachers that use the theory feel it is a good way to give students opportunities to learn and develop in all of the different >>>

The foreign intelligence surveillance act: analysis

The most significant amendment to the bill was The Patriotic Act of 2001 after the country faced the biggest attack from a foreign terrorist group. PROS OF THE FIST With the introduction of the FIST, the US government made clear its intentions to protect its citizens and the homeland.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence that think rationally has the ability to plan sequences of actions that maximizes the chance of success. Artificial Intelligence is also used to Improve the life of people.

Compare & contrast mont blanc & tintern abbey

In "Tintern Abbey , Wordsworth writes: And mountains; and of all that we behold From this green earth; of all the mighty world Of eye, and ear, - both what they half create, And what perceive; well pleased to recognize In nature and the language of the sense, Wordsworth believes >>>

Group dynamics: emotional intelligence

Dealing with the numerous struggles that go on, when she is at her height of anxiety she may come off as being cold and talking to her in this state seems overextended. When she is found wrong, in dealing with client complaints, her resolve is admit fault, move on, and >>>

Can a machine know?

In the world today machines and technology are becoming more and more advance and complex, the question is, are these machines gaining 'knowledge' and the ability to know. So this is where it leaves us; we are cable of making a machine that can know, in fact it already exists, >>>

Morphological image structure element activities

Refresh the group focuses by considering the mean of the dark levels that fall in the comparing bunches. Morphological picture handling relates to scope of preparing procedures that arrangement with the state of highlights in a picture and morphological tasks are commonly connected so that there are no flaws amid >>>

India’s intelligence and internal security

New and complex manifestations in the nature of security threats, states resorting to low-cost option of covert actions to achieve their objectives, abundance and accessibility of lethal weapons, availability and accessibility of lethal technology, quick and easy trans-national mobility, low efficacy of conventional security measures, etc. Yet another upcoming threat >>>

Calling out artificial intelligence’s growing unethical concerns

As one of the pioneers in developing AI products, it is quite disheartening to hear that AI ethics are not being upheld and the chance of using AI for unethical purposes also increases. According to a report published in The Ringer, Twitter is under fire this time because of the >>>

Captcha as graphical passwords – a new security primitive based on hard ai problems

The main purpose of the captcha is to differentiate between human user and computer users by giving some challenges to solve puzzles, this has been marked as one of the disadvantage because in future there is a development in the captcha technology to new graphical type where texts and images >>>

Artificial intelligence

The first Is to help Illuminate the nature and scope of narrative Itself; the second Is to highlight how theoretical approaches to narrative have important applications for those working on computational models for human reasoning and cognition, as well as those in More the field of human-computer Interaction. A "split >>>

Artificial intelligence & its applications with future aspects

Computer- science is associate integration of engineering science and physiology Intelligence in straightforward language is that the process a part of the power to realize goals within the world. Artificial-Intelligence known as AI is that the capability of a tool to perform activities, which might otherwise only be expected of >>>

Emotional intelligence

They have realized that there is another type of intelligence that is not related to the standard cognitive emotional intelligence is, how you can discover what your own E. Emotional intelligence involves a combination of competencies which allow a person to be aware of, to understand, and to be in >>>

Example of artificial intelligence report

Some of the AI systems that were created during this time where the world champion chess software and the universal translator software. The second period had improvement in the AI field after the development of Prolog, expert systems and the natural language parsers.

Garder multiple intelligence

It Is hypothesized that Howard Gardeners Multiple Intelligence Activity will accurately predict which intelligence the participant is stronger in, and which intelligences the participant is weaker in. The highest score is the intelligence you are stronger in, and the lowest score is the intelligence you are weaker in.

Artificial intelligence in the working process

According to Facebook, this Ai technology can be applied to assist people curate their experiences and what they see on the Site. This feature will be particularly be helpful to users in different parts of the world as it will allow them to better communicate with each other.

“emotional intelligence” by daniel goleman.

In the book "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Coleman, the central thesis that he tries to point out Is that emotional Intelligence may be more Important than I.Q. The first topic that I want to touch on Is the Idea of academic Intelligence having little to do with emotional life.

Example of bayesian machine learning research paper

Many times it is assumed that the brain consistently has a probabilistic model that keeps updating by the neural system process of the sensory data with the use models that are closely related to the Bayesian probability. There are quite a number of approaches that have been developed to connect >>>

The posing danger for humanity with the artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence is the development of computer systems that enable to perform tasks which normally requires human intelligence, this can be anything. That is AI is helping us in day to day life and helping big brands like Apple to sell their product and giving them incentives to advance >>>

Artificial intelligence in media

The other very popular portrayal is that of a society within witch robots or artificial intelligence is used as servants and are peaceful creating a type of utopia in which humans strive such as the "droid's" of "Star Wars". This thought is extremely pleasing in the sense of lack of >>>

Mary kamikaze

The Science of Creative Intelligence or pure consciousness Is the source of thoughts and source of all knowledge and It Is the Inexhaustible reservoir of energy and can be observed on every level of creation. We gain the direct experience of creative intelligence and pure awareness through the practice of >>>

Need of emotional intelligence to make a better life

Need of Emotional Intelligence to make a better life Emotional Intelligence Is all about the capacity to reason about emotions and of emotions to enhance thinking. Emotional Intelligence can be developed by observing your emotions in order to understand them.