Useful Tourism Essay Examples

While journeys in the universe remain a dream for most people, traveling primarily within the Earth is possible. There are many challenges now facing the tourism industry due to the coronavirus epidemic. The economies of many countries were based primarily on this type of activity.

However, they had to adapt to the new conditions due to the need to close the borders. The economic issues associated with the consequences of the coronavirus remain unresolved. These and other reasons explain the reason for the need to write works on the topic of tourism. Such student works do not differ in their format; however, some details are still worth paying attention to.

What is Tourism?

Travel allows you to get acquainted with the nature and structure of other countries. Currently, society is experiencing a tourist boom, the flow of travelers is growing day by day. However, due to the coronavirus, the number of trips has been significantly reduced. Tourism is inconceivable without knowledge of geography. Every traveler needs to understand maps and be able to navigate in a new country. There are several most common types of tourism:

  1. Ethno tourism;
  2. Dark tourism;
  3. Space tourism.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Essence of an Essay

Essay writing helps students understand the material and prepare for upcoming exams. In general, throughout the entire period of study, students need to complete written assignments. Even a short essay (about 500 words) requires attention and accuracy from the student. Such writing includes the following components:

  1. Outline;
  2. Introduction;
  3. Body;
  4. Conclusion.

The use of academic sources and overall high quality of the paper are required. In an argumentative essay, the author needs to state their position and provide arguments supporting it. A good essay includes both class and lecture materials. Do not forget to use the citation to demonstrate the author of the idea. If your teacher requires a specific format of work, carefully read the instructions before writing an essay. Our site contains the samples of written works in pdf and docx format that will be helpful for university and college students. The database is constantly updated to meet the needs of students. Access to our examples of work is free, so you do not have to spend money to familiarize yourself with the full version of the paper. Next, the content of the essay on the topic of tourism will be discussed.

What Should be Mentioned in the Essay on Tourism?

Natural disasters in different countries are one of the tourist attractions. When writing about them, do not forget to mention the importance of observing travel safety. Your essay might be about colonialism, a Western policy of taking over less developed countries during travel. Many would agree that this process had both benefits and negative impacts.

However, it is essential to note that colonialism cannot be justified as a phenomenon. In today’s world, a sustainable approach to tourism is important. Flights by plane and the destruction of natural areas for travelers’ needs significantly worsen the countries’ ecological situation. It would help if people chose less environmentally harmful types of transport and approach travel more consciously.

Our site will help you create your own essay about tourism. Remember the general rules for writing it to avoid mistakes. This topic is familiar and understandable to many students. However, some specific complexities and ambiguities are essential to discuss. By practicing essay writing, you will be able to get high marks from your instructors. Thank you for using our site; we hope it was helpful to you.

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Authorinstructorcoursedate essay example

Paul Wilkes aspired to become a Saint but along his journey in life and meeting different people and under situations he was inclined to adopt a way that lead him to choose different alternative and leave his catholic belief. He was fascinated towards fast life and excitements of world and >>>

My journey to truth

By mistaking that Satan hates God, we are unable to perceive his true intentions and the way he really is. Satan thought that the original reality is imperfect and therefore he sought to change it.

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Unsustainable car usage in singapore tourism essay

In Singapore, despite there are a lot cars on the road, we need to decrease cars on the road to make the transport more sustainable, one potential ways by doing this is through car-sharing scheme. Car-sharing allows individual to gain the benefits of using a private car without the costs >>>

The view of edinburgh in different ways by using the principle of camera obscura

In the 13th century, the astronomers used the principle to get a clear view of the sun. The initially published illustration of the camera obscura was evident in a book by Reinerus Gemma who was an astronomer.

The mahinda chintana and sri lanka tourism tourism essay

38 is the successor of the now defunct Ceylon Tourist Board, Sri Lanka Tourist Board and the Sri Lanka Tourism Board. In order to construct the profile of tourists visiting Sri Lanka, below are the employed geographic, demographic and buyer-behaviour segmentation variables.

Thailand tourism essay sample

Known around the world for the enduring hospitality of its people, its ancient culture and Thai cuisine, Thailand continually attracts record numbers of tourists to take advantage of the myriad of tourist destinations and products the kingdom has to offer. The head faces Myanmar, the ears border Lao PDR and >>>

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Strategic management meredith belbin

Team Work & Team Work Meredith Belbin, a management theorist and a researcher from Britain, was known for his exemplary work in managing teams. The theory is distinct from others, because the team roles are a representation of tasks in the team's activities self- management.


Economical Analysis Economically Travelodge is in very good situation as it is fastest growing hotel and is providing the room in low price. And the curve in the middle that's the Demand curve of room which is increasing.

Destination alliances

DMO/CVBs A destination marketing organization or convention and visitors bureau is an organization that supports a town, city, region or country with the aim of increasing the number of visitors. The PHLCVB is a private non-profit membership co-operation, it the official tourism promotion agency for the city of Philadelphia and >>>

Behaviour of shrinking cities tourism essay

The purpose of literature review for a research of shrinking cities is to understand the history of such cities, reasons and results of an urban shrinkage, acknowledge the implementation of cultural and other methods of planning and finally will help to give some valid recommendation for successful policies. IN REFERENCE >>>

The online booking in the hospitality industry tourism essay

In fact, the industry has realized that during those early forays into cyberspace, the industry did not view e-booking strategically, and handed over too much control of inventory and pricing to those third party online travel agencies, and now the industry is in the unenviable position of trying to take >>>

Rural tourism

Positioning Statement It is the only tour and travels organization that takes you in the " In the lap of countryside, while in the lap of luxury". Corporate Programs: Specially designed for the corporate people to facilitate their corporate activities in a different ways.

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Dark tourism

2 Scope The report includes a definition of dark tourism, the history, a description of its target markets with its marketing implications, the push and pull factors and the various impacts caused and the challenges faced. 4 Trends of Dark Tourism The main reason for visiting dark sites is because >>>

Importance of the hospitality employment is paramount tourism essay

The inherent reason behind this is the overlapping of many activities in both these and many other industries and so to avoid inaccuracy, definition as stated by People 1st, the Sector Skills Council for the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism sector in the UK, has been used. Hospitality industry is >>>

The harbour – creative writing

Moving back through the town and down to the harbour, the beach is slowly beginning to clear and the tide is creeping close. All that is recognisable in the darkness is faint outlines of people and places.

Educational and dark tourism

Nowadays, teachers do not have the time to organise trips, it is now impossible to accomplish, there are to many paper to fill in, they have to teach the children with lessons that takes time to put in place, give them the work, compulsory coursework and make correction, and for >>>

On universal studios hollywood park (see other instructions )

Recommendations According to the prospects, the Universal studio company should pose as a global market leader in the media and entertainment industry. However, the desired goals of the company lag behind and are yet to be achieved.

The taj mahal and the great mosque of djenne essay sample

We went in through the drafty rotunda of a hall, and straight before us was the vision of beauty, the Taj Mahal the most supremely beautiful building in all the world the most perfect creation of that kind that the mind and hand of man have ever achieved-one of the >>>

The integrated resorts management tourism essay

The Prime Minister Lee understands the downside of having integrated resorts and the some of the policies to minimize the drawbacks that these two casinos could bring. The project itself is in the very heart of Manila, the center of business and progress in the Philippines.

Equiano’s travel questions

In what ways does Equiano appeal to the reader? Does he present a judicious and balanced view of his life, or is this book merely an exercise in propaganda? 6.

Encourage sustainable transportation in singapore tourism essay

This research will focuses on the opportunities to present to Singapore through this car sharing scheme in our transportations. In Singapore, despite there are a lot cars on the road, we need to decrease cars on the road to make the transport more sustainable, one potential ways by doing this >>>

A dream to visit tokio

In 1590, Edo became the center of the military and during this time, it became one of the largest cities in Japan, as well as in the world. After the end of imperial rule in 1869, is that the city was already the country's cultural center and the emperor residence, >>>

Huella online travel

As a market research firm, we are adrafting a proposal where we are going to highlight the major challenges the Huella faces in capturing the Hong Kong Market. We have prepared a research proposal to solve some of the problems Huella faces in gaining the Hong Kong market.

The importance of tourism for the malaysian economy in a recession

As long as this over-dependency remains, Malaysia will always be exposed to the risks of the cyclical nature of global ICT product demand and the speculative prices of raw materials. In other words, traditional means of exports will continue to decline and diversification of our export earnings is imperative for >>>

Cruise marketing

Cruise Marketing A cruise vacation is not necessarily expensive since the actual rates will depend upon the ship you choose, particular time you cruise, cabin category, how far in advance the reservation is made and the number of cabins you book. There are a number of things to do on >>>

A journey: analisys

This mental journey of self-assessment is what the protagonist, Mary, experiences in the short story " A Journey" by Colm Toibin from 2006 Mary has had a hard life, she has seen how hard can be, she has a clinically depressed son, and a paralyzed husband and during the long >>>

Ethno tourism benefits both visitors

Since ethno tourism greatly stimulated the economic development of the local communities, people think that ethno tourism benefits both the visitors and the local communities of the destinations. This essay, based on the analysis of the various influences of ethno tourism in both the industrial development and the change of >>>

Misconceptions of a tenth-century muslim traveler

In his essay, the author regarded the sail to the sea of Oman as the most dangerous, saying, " I do not know of one more dangerous than that of the Zanj". Also, Mas'udi used the term Zanj to refer to all the people in Oman, but this is not >>>

Tourism attraction assessment

Local Art Museum in Ithaca Museums are a sites used in cultural appreciation, they provide stunning works of arts and intact historical and cultural heritage of a community. The museum is visited by various demographics that are curious to learn and appreciate culture and beauty, it boasts as a unique >>>

The executive selection: patravi traveltec ii

A worthwhile addition to your watch collection, it was designed with the passion and craft of renowned watchmaker The Patravi TravelTec II features a distinctive chronograph with three time zones, and boasts water resistance up to 50 metres. Finished with a rose gold case and lightweight titanium pushers, this watch >>>

The nile river, sahara desert and islam

The Nile, for the most part, is a gently flowing river and in the time of the ancients, was crammed with fish. The Egyptians believed that the Nile was the centre of the world.

Food tourism essay sample

This is in accordance with expectations because this is the traditional way of showcasing the food of a region and offering the tourist a cultural experience. The role of local and regional food in destination marketing.

Sport tourism

The impact of the coveted Games has been on the increase for the last two and a half decades as the Games are becoming larger and complex. The Games also disrupts the normal systems of a country as it is common to find diversion of roads and in most cases >>>

Cst problem

Child Sex Tourism Child Sex Tourism Tourism is one of contributors to the growth of the economy and most countries such as Thailand, South Africa and Brazil rely on this industry. The stakeholders should be able to know how to identify the occurrence of any child sex trafficking and what >>>

The sweet dreams motel tourism essay

It is recommended: key-bullet that the Sweet Dreams motel immediately implements the improvements to the motel as outlined in the marketing objectiveskey-bullet that the motel implement review processes to monitor and continuously improve all aspects of the motel's services The Sweet Dreams Motel is a standard 40 unit motel in >>>

Monomyth greek mythology essay

Heracles fulfilled the five stages of monomyth in the followimg ways: Call for adventure: Heracles was sent to murder his own children as the only way to clear him from his crimes. Heracles was one of the Greek heroes who showed courage and love for his people by sacrificing his >>>

Inconsistencies assumptions and design decisions tourism essay

In other words, if the details of a client are recorded then he/she is definitely going to be one of the members of the tour. On one hand, in the first approach the tour is treated as a whole indivisible unit sold to a single client without any regard to >>>

Tourism in paris essay sample

France today is the most visited country in the world and Paris which is its capital is the most visited city in the world. The increasing number of tourists in Paris is leading to congestion and traffic problems.

Nationalism and tourism examples in south dakota

Nationalism and Tourism Examples in South Dakota Nationalism and Tourism Examples in South Dakota A heritage sight is a significant aspect of the formation and maintenance of national identity. Mount Rushmore National Memorial It is a political and the single largest attraction in the State of South Dakota.

Review questions 2

On the other hand, sales is the processing of issuing a product to consumers in exchange for a monetary unit. Thus sales is the ultimate product of marketing.3.

Employment in the management field within the hospitality industry – resume/cv example

Objective: I intend to obtain employment in the management field within the hospitality industry with a focus on the management of technical services required to facility the daily operations of a hospitality oriented corporation. A proven capacity for flexibility in creative and innovative management solutions with an ability to balance >>>

Travel and tourism trends and factors

This is an area of the Travel and Tourism industry that is rapidly growing due to the increase of people who want to experience thrill and adventurous and stimulating experiences in their spare time. The third and final factor I am going to explore is Cost of Travel.

Outline example

Players in the tourism sector should advocate the inclusion of tourism education in the curriculum of the system. Adjustment of remuneration packages for the skilled workforce in the hotel and tourism industry is instrumental in the retention of employees.

Decline of traditional tourism in singapore tourism essay

It is located on the Swan River near the city of Perth, Western Australia, and is owned and operated by Crown Limited, which is one of the biggest gaming and entertainment groups in Australia. What's more, the recruitment strategy of Crown Perth is also a solid learning and development strategy >>>

The impact of korean tv dramas on taiwanese tourism demand

Accordingly, this study tests the influence of the popularity of Korean TV series in Taiwan on the number of Taiwanese tourists travelling to Korea. To examine whether the popularity of Korean TV dramas in Taiwan has a Taiwanese tourism demand for Korea 871 significant impact on Taiwanese travel to Korea, >>>

Explain and highlight the impact integrated resorts tourism essay

In Singapore's case, the Singapore Tourism Board noticed early that Singapore's small size might cause a decrease of international travellers to Singapore as the city-state simply cannot compete with other countries in the region in terms of natural attractions. According to a statistic by the Australian government's Department of Resources, >>>

Discuss the journeys represented in the happiest refugee

Another type of Journey that is conveyed in The Silver Donkey is the physical Journey of the soldier. This Journey is conveyed from the use of drama and emotions of the actors.

Research paper example

Professionalism in the Hospitality Industry Professionalism in the Hospitality Industry Professionalism is overly important in the hospitality industry. Given that, I believe Longstreet's article is a great insight on the saliency of professionalism in the hospitality industry.

Livoria persuasive essay

The steady growth in revenue and income has developed a strong financial fundamental for Livoria to expand the business in Canada. It is critical for Livoria to stay competitive in the industry.

Critically analyze the impact that terrorism has had on tourism

In analyzing the impacts of terrorism on tourism, it will be necessary to understand the significance of tourism and the relationship between tourism and terrorism, and measures to reduce implications of terrorism on tourism. The primary objective of terrorism is creating fear through coercion and killings, leading to decline of >>>

The impact of tourism on benidorm

The fact that it's in one of the most southern regions of Spain and is faces the sun is one of the many reasons so many people were drawn to Benidorm. There is loads of work for the local people and most are flexible due to their nature.

Tata travel trailer

The budgets assuming stable production benefit the production department, the purchase department, and the human resource department. For the purchase manager, handling material in time can be used to measure to ensure Tat's production is under schedule.

Cultural event report

My visit to the Denver art museum was on the 2nd February 2013, the museum was well located in people attending came from all over the country and beyond. The architecture and art involved in the design of the Denver art museum was magnificent.

Tourism: brazil’s location

With half of South America's land and one-third of the population of all Latin Americans, Brazil is a land of the marvelous, transcendent and the tragic. The place of tourism in the economic life of Brazil Although Brazil is not a tourism-dependent nation, tourism indicates one of the most vital >>>

Visit florida essay sample

According to the ranking of America's safest and worst cities, not a single city from Florida made the top 25 safest cities in America. VISIT FLORIDA is in charge of the general strategy and financial oversight for Florida's tourism industry.

Vacation in the bahamas essay sample

As you pay attention to the scenery you notice the soothing and relaxing flow of the atmosphere. Today I have explained to you the beauty of the luxury hotels along with their beaches and the adventurous life possible within the Bahamas.

Experience on two hotel reservation systems

In response to questions, the representative proceeded to explain the different types of available accommodations, the associated features, and the pricing. After contacting the reservation agent through 303-647-2311, not a toll-free number, the phone was not answered immediately like in the case of the Grand Del Mar Resort.

Assignment 6

of the Destination Management Companies Introduction Destination Management Companies generally termed as DMCs or DMOs play a vital part in marketing and proper management of tourist meetings and visits that result in meeting and sometimes exceeding visitors expectations. The intention of this paper is to stress the importance of the >>>

Weekly paper

Though delivering quality concrete products is of utmost concern to business, I have learned that the intangible aspect of managing a commercial system is equally indispensable to the growth of a company. It would turn out this is a delicate matter to cope with in the process.

Environmental impacts of tourism in bhutan

Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Bhutan The concept of tourism development in Bhutan took place in post 1974 period during the reign of late majesty, King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk in national assembly. Assessment and evaluation of the environment impacts of tourism in Bhutan The three main impact areas of tourism >>>

Premium travel

The result may be that the cost of travel exceeds the demand for travel, and people will travel less. Some of the factors that will affect Premium Travel in the future include energy prices, political climates, and the world economy.

Tourism a very competitive industry tourism essay

The environmental impact of the integrated resort is mirrored in land use intensification, and the making of a world class site for entertainment, finance and other high-end service. Within the notion of economic sustainability, whilst the environmental impact is seen as manageable and the cultural impact is speculative at this >>>

Retail travel operations

Independents An independent agent is usuallyfamilyowned, they have been in the business for a long time and have years of experience and built up a lot of knowledge. A role of a home based travel agent is to sell flight tickets; they also get to form a direct relationship with >>>

Expense of tourist spending for travel in bkk

Brand Growth Strategies More Stuff More People MoreMoneyMore Often Expansion Penetration MIX Requirement Expand to new domain Acquire new outside current householder or category customer -Category -Brand Trade up to premium product -Increase share of requirements - Expansion is to attract new user of brand, not include line extension or >>>

Impacts of ecotourism on host communities in kenya and zanzibar

Ecotourism has the ability to reduce the negative effects of conventional forms of tourism while at the same time improve the positive impacts of tourism. For instance, the effects of ecotourism on local communities may be different in Kenya and Zanzibar.

Transport travel behavior in mauritius tourism essay

Transportation is an essential component of the economy influencing the development and welfare of the population. The TMRSU is responsible for the installation of road equipments, collection of data on road accidents and monitoring of automatic traffic counters.

Orlando is my favorite place

Orlando is one of the best and busiest places to visit in Florida; probably busier than the beaches of Miami even because of its affinity to attract men, women and children of all ages to the various locations and tourist hotspots that it is home to. As one walks along >>>

The definition of tourism

Hunziker and krapf, in 1941, define tourism as " the sum of the phenomena and relationship arising from the travel and stay of non-residents, insofar as they do not lead to permanent resident and not connected with any earning activity. It will consider how the economic growth of the 50th >>>

Future trends in tourism and hospitality management essay sample

Trends in Hospitality & Tourism Categories of trends in hospitality and tourism are: Safety Diversity Ecology Markets Convenience Technology For hospitality and tourism, technology is very visible in the areas of marketing and communication. On the one hand, the rise of e-tourism, the democratization of travel and the tendency to >>>

The exotic ethnic culture of sarawak essay sample

The Iban customs and traditions are unique because Sarawak is the only part of Malaysia and of the world that is home to this community. Fragestellung How far does the Iban longhouse tourism in Sarawak endanger the way of living of its community in terms of cultural conservation? 3.

Paradise: debut albums and beautiful kudzu vines essay

I had always wanted to go to Florida; I wanted to see the ocean and the white beaches. The sand was hot on my feet as I walked down the beach to the water.

Puerto rico

My academic course incorporates the subject of tourism; the event enriched my understanding of Puerto Rico as a tourist location. Through the program, I gained more knowledge on Puerto Rico's history.

Visual methodologies

The people in the picture i.e.the two men and the lady are dressed in a manner to suggest that they are out to have a good time with their shorts and bikini. It is through these fun activities and the setting portrayed in the photograph that the full composition conveys >>>

Sexual harrasment in egypt

There are many reasons for sexual harassment and its effects on women are catastrophic women are afraid to walk on the streets for fear of harassment, it also have a major effect on the society and it affects how we Egyptian are viewed to the world. The shop keepers who >>>

Tomorrowland brazil

Its cultural significance is to provide an avenue for the celebration of great leaders of the past who contributed positively in the lives of people all over the world. The theme event is, " We are the People of Tomorrow!

Potentials of tourism essay sample

The long-term vision of the currently ruling government is to make Ethiopia one of the top ten tourist destinations in Africa by the year 2020, with an emphasis on maximizing the poverty-reducing impacts of tourism, and utilizing tourism to transform the image of the country. Ecotourism rates to a responsible >>>

Space tourism advantages and disadvantages

The reactor uses Uranium rods as fuel, and the heat is generated by nuclear fission: neutrons smash into the nucleus of the uranium atoms, which split roughly in half and release energy in the form of heat. In a total eclipse, the disk of the Sun is fully obscured by >>>

Tsa career

This brief analysis essay will seek to enumerate upon the types of security threats faced by professionals in this line of work, how these security threats are handled, the level of training necessary for such a job, which licenses or certificates are required, the existence of continuing education, and the >>>

The morrison fossil area: dinosaur ridge

Though the museum is not as large as one expects after reading about it on the internet, the experience of having to ride on the old rickety mini-bus, the well-versed tour guides and the touching of the bones and the dinosaur tracks on display make the tour amazing. There is >>>

The new trends in foodservice industry

The New Trends in the Foodservice Industry Friddle, Sandeep and Jean's The food service industry: trends and changing structure in the new millennium is an exploratory study investigating current trends in the foodservice industry. Friddle, Sandeep and Jean observe that the continued growth in the baby boomer and senior's segment >>>

Importance of the industry tourism essay

While it tries to capture and captivate the opportunity, it embraces the latest technology and implements it, to cater to the expectations of customers. To keep in touch and to keep linked with the customers, social media could be utilized as a tool.

The destination image of bulgaria tourism essay

As identified in Chapter 1, the main aim of this research is to examine the destination image of Bulgaria, as perceived by the UK tourist market. In the first part of this chapter, results present the socio-demographic profile of the respondents, followed by an analysis of their holistic and attribute-based >>>

Travel as a political act

Steves says, " In America we believe in government by and for the people through the corporations that we own." Corporations in America do have a lot of influence and power. Then there is a hole in the gospel we are preaching here in America." We are guilty of being >>>

Our journey to the new world

Pa said, " I am going to drive the wagon to the front of the house. Martha crawled over the boxes and sacks to the back of the wagon.

Economics and tourism. group assessment

The most famous law in economics is the law of demand and supply, which states that when the supply increases, the demand decreases, and when the supply decreases, the demand increases. High prices increase supply to the market.


Alternatively in the last four lines of the octet he talks about how humans are robbed of their sensitivity to the beauty of what is left in nature, people have become unaware of the wonders of the world around them. Between the two poems Hopkins emotions change of emotions from >>>

The development of tourism

This means that many parts of Africa have been able to develop a sustainable part of the economy based around protecting and conserving the animals which they have for tourists benefit as opposed to in the past, where the predominant form of tourism was in hunting these animals. The main >>>

Effective management of service processes tourism essay

The service business I will be focusing on is Easyjet, the airline service which offers customers affordable and cheap flights to majority of the biggest cities in Europe in order to sustain a success service, EasyJet must ensure that their management of service processes, service people and resource capacity/resource utilisation >>>

A growing economy a case for india tourism essay

The Business Aviation is further subdivided into the following The commercial operation or use of aircraft by companies for the carriage of passenger or goods as an aid to the conduct of their business and the availability of the aircraft for whole aircraft charter, flown by a professional pilot employed >>>

Appraisal systems in aitken spence travels tourism essay

10McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y Managers........................................ 6 Chart 1 " The Organizational Hierarchy of Aitken Spence Travels...........................

Eu aviation policy

The EU aviation policy can be regarded as a mega policy as it integrates national markets within EU.# 3 The EU aviation policy seeks to attain a single market devoid of restrictions on market access and pricing. EU policy and decision making process is democratic and is grounded in the >>>

Essay on a journey by bus

I was looking at the houses, trees, and meadows through the window with a cheerful mind. The Journey by bus was really a pleasant one.

Is tourism considered an import or an export?

Exporting tourism means that tourists from other places travel to the host country and consume goods and services. In fact, import of tourism is exactly the opposite of export of tourism.

What atlanta has to offer the tourist

Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta is one of the most frequently visited parks by tourists in Atlanta. Tourists get to gain an in-depth understanding of the civil rights revolution.

Gallus dissuade snails and slugs by corrading

Also, the one that introduced itself in ancient medicine as relaxant andantibacterial is the oregano and it could aid thehuman's safe framework. Whileit is developed as a yearly, clinched alongside colder climates, concerningillustration it by and does not survive the winter, Oregano will be a perennial.

Long beach city mayor

Being a mayor of my city, Long Beach, CA, and having somemoneyleft after making planned budget expenses, I would primarily think about the opportunities to invest it into a project, which would bring some income into municipal budget in the future. First of all, such a center would be a >>>