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Time passes, but the theme of war and death from it always remains relevant. Whether it is the historically past battles such Afghanistan War, Syrian, or Korean War, or possible new ones in the modern world they all perform a role of diseases for the peaceful and prosperous world. The theme of war is always at the same time a scary and exciting topic for discussion. Many soldiers died in the wars, for example, in the Hundred Year War, millions were killed.

However, there was also incredible resilience, loyalty to the homeland, and courage. You can find many examples of the academic expository essays on the topic of war in our database. The topics include American Revolutionary War and 1812 War. Additionally, excerpts from historiography, Trojan War, and many other related topics are available.

Effects of Wars

Argumentative essays can be used for many purposes. They can be found useful for submitting papers to college or university. In addition, essays are a huge help for self-development, studying history or preparing public speeches. Such wars as Iraq War affected many families and became a real torture for the military. The relatives of those people who died in the hostilities also suffered. Wars like this always claim many lives. Since there is a ground and air war, hundreds or thousands become victims. There is a political showdown, but ordinary people suffer in every case.

There is no excuse for the wars that involve those people who seem to have nothing to do with politics. Such people participate in hostilities out of love for the Motherland, for their loved ones, and for the protection of themselves and their families. As a result, however, wars are often remembered not by victories, but by suffering. There is also a downside in the modern world, some people begin to forget about how much their ancestors gave for a peaceful life in the:

  • World War
  • Cold War
  • Vietnam War
  • Afghanistan War
  • War in Malayalam and many others.

Have you asked yourself a question whether any of these wars were worth the loss? Teachers sometimes talk about wars as part of the learning process. Teachers can include war topics in assignments or exams. However, this explanatory information in writing does not even approximately reflect the horror of a real war. On the other hand, theoretical study allows to imagine how global the problems of war are and to prevent new ones in the future.

The Greatest Loss

The greatest loss during the war is indeed the death of people. However, there are others such as the impact on economic, political, and international stability. War has few advantages that a particular country gets in the end. With the acquisition of certain conquered lands, international tension in relations also appears. This again leads to the suffering of peaceful people.

Essays on the topic of war help to reveal all the pain, the essence of certain wars, and perhaps even prevent similar in the future. Many of them are structured fulfilling the requirements of an academic work including the introduction, conclusion, executive summary, and references.

In conclusion, the high-quality samples of essays presented on our website replace a full-fledged sketch. War can be one of the difficult topics to understand or study due to their large number in the past. Another problem is various materials that do not fully disclose information or are not specific enough.

Any materials presented on our site represent 0 percent plagiarism and their further use is permissible with minimal paraphrasing or adaptation. Research essays include many topics at once considered from different points of view based on scholarly materials. We wish you a productive study!

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4 indirect causes of world war one essay sample

World War One: 1914 1918 World War One was known as " The Great War" Causes of World War One Direct Cause: specific event and/or series of events that led to the outbreak of fighting Direct Cause of World War One: Indirect Cause developments, events, etc.that occur over a longer >>>

Ronald reagan the 40th president of the united states essay sample

Figure 1, Reagen and his 1st Wife Jane Figure 2, Reagan and his 2nd wife Nacy He also served in the Armed Forces as a member of the Air Force from 1937 to 1945, he was not active in the World War II he stayed in the States in order >>>

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Battle of marathon

Despite of the disadvantaged conditions of Athenians, according to the records of Herodotus, their victory was still achieved through well-planned military strategy by the leading of Miltiades, and by taking advantage over the terrain and weather during war. The mission of the Persian commanders Datis and Artaphernes were the first >>>

Battle of gettysburg and union

The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the AmericanCivil War. The following events occured on day two: Little Round Top, Devil's Den, Battle of the Wheatfield, Battle of the Peach Orchard, and the Battle of Cemetery Hill.

Persuasive essay – war with iraq essay sample

The United States decided to present their own intelligence report before the Security Council, in order to convince the public opinion in America and worldwide that the war is now inevitable, but there are a lot of reasons that explain why the United States should not invade the Iraq. Nearly >>>

Trip to national museum of malaysia essay sample

During the end of World War II, the right wing of the museum was bombed and destroyed by the Allied Forces. The outward appearance of the museum building presents a grand and outstanding sight as it is a massive and superior.

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Development of tanks from ww1 to ww2 essay sample

The British was the leader in the innovation of the tank, even though the name " tank" was not coined as yet. All the work was done secretly and the new battle automobile was name Water tank based on the size and shape of fresh water tanks on the battlefield >>>

The memoirs of wwi world war i essay sample

Remarsque had a more negative view on the war and criticizes how the war caused a loss of unity in the German army and the creation of a lost generation of men. The story, even though it has a pacifistic view on the war, shows the dread of war and >>>

Rastafari culture

Another belief that led to the dreadlocks among Rasta's is that the wearing of the Dread resembles the main of a lion. With this and the reasons given in the previous paragraph, the Dreadlock became the hairstyle of the Rasta.

World war one trench diary essay sample

I sometimes wonder if this is all worth it, there is so much death surrounding me that it has shaken my faith in what I am doing, when I first entered the trenches I was a young lad full of enthusiasm to serve his king and country, but now I >>>

Religion of the rastafarians

The advent of Rastafari is the climax of God's revelation and they teach that Jesus predicted the coming of Haile Selassie or the Ras Tafari. The first concept is the teaching of Babylon and the establishment of the white oppressors.

Battle of salamis and miltiades

He was considered valuable to the athenians because of his former close relations with the Persian army, which meant he knew there tactics and there ways to which they fought in battle. It was Miltiades who saw the fact that the Persian cavalary wasnt their as an advantage and to >>>

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The battle of passchendaele

The Battle of Passchendaele Officially known as the Third Battle of Ypres, Passchendaele became infamous not only for the scale of casualties, but also for the mud. It was a combination of the Environment, Tactics and Poor Leadership that lead to the AIF's losing the battle of Passchendaele.

The korean war: tactics and logistics

According to Carter Malkasian, " It was the only occasion in theCold Warwhen the military forces of the People's Republic of China, the Soviet Union, and the USA met in combat [...] Thus, the Korean War was not merely a war fought between proxies of the major powers, like the >>>

Good example of critical thinking on an analysis of unconventional heroism in war aristocrats: king priam and aerin.

In his quest to save the city of Troy, King Priam acknowledged the fact that for saving his city from the wrath of Achilles, he had to sacrifice his son Hector. During the later span of the tale, when her father King Arlebeth was forced to face his enemies in >>>

13 days and the cold war essay sample

The first step that the United States took in response to the pictures of the missiles is ordering the U. Since the Cold War was a tight competition between the two powers, the United States decided to ignore the second condition proposed by the Soviet Union and try to conclude >>>

Japan in the wake of world war ii history essay

More than merely sing the Occupation through the lens of the vanquisher 's strength, the greatest part of Embracing Defeat lies in the alternate position it offers of a complex post-war Nipponese society and the Nipponese people. However, the weaving of the intercultural interactions between the vanquisher and conquered across >>>

American involvement in ww1

Long-term causes of the war included the imperialistic foreign policies of the great powers of Europe, including the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, the British Empire, France, and Italy. The assassination on 28 June 1914 of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to >>>

English encountering conflict essay essay sample

I will be referring to the historical events of the Sydney siege and 9/11 as well as using examples from the text ' freedom of the city' and the film ' in the name of the father'. There will always be differences in the truth of conflict, as everyone has >>>

Parallel journeys essay sample

After Helen Waterford left her home in Germany to move to Holland, she had already realized that Germany was not safe any more and that to keep the safety of her family they would need to go into hiding. This was a result to the actions taken by the Nazi's >>>

The persuasive speech outline essay sample

This is common in the life of veterans and is the leading cause of suicide among veterans. Body: Reason one: Please donate or volunteer to the Iraq Veterans Against the War because many veterans becoming homeless and need money to provide a shelter for themselves.

The battle of stalingrad

The arrival of the so-called ' Siberian units' and the harshness of the 1941 winter finally drove the Germans from the outskirts of Moscow. The Battle The first phase of the battle of Stalingrad involved the direct assault of the German 6th Army and the German 4th Panzer Army to >>>

United states in spanish american war

The war in the Philippines was a quick victory for the United States". The Spanish American War was very important to the United States.

The crisis of the union dbq essay sample

Terms of the compromise include the inclusion of California as a free state, the division of the remaining Mexican concession into New Mexico and Utah, allowing state government to decide slavery status in the aforementioned states, eliminating slave trade in Washington, D. The portrayal clearly lays out the extent of >>>

Example of essay on humanities

Atomic The opera focuses on the stress and anxiety that the residents of Los Alamos were subjected to when the first atomic bomb was being tested. Although it is based on the events that resulted from the world war, acting of the opera encompasses modern art.

The fall of sparter essay examples

It became purely a case of the poor and the rich and lack of familiarity in leadership of Greece begun to show, and many other states realized that Sparta's guarantee of invigorating all the Greeks would basically never materialize. Sparta realized that to gain the confidence and trust of the >>>

”milkweed” by jerry spinelli essay sample

The high point of the story is when the Jews get deported on the trains and Misha and Janina get separated. The strong point in the book is when the town Misha goes to gets attacked by the German's and all the Jew's are sent to a ghetto.

Good example of essay on battle royal & birthmark

In keeping with the " invisible" theme, we never learn the name of the young man narrating the story although it is his own life. It is set in the same era and told from a third person point of view reflects themes and settings contemporary with that time.

The treaty of versailles essay

The second cause of the Treaty was the Big Three setting the stage for the treaty with their aims and attitudes. Most of the war had been fought in France, so he wanted revenge and to punish the Germans for the massive destruction they had done to France.

Cartoon interp

The person in the cartoon is, Woodrow Wilson 2. The part of the Treaty of Versailles the cartoon is commenting on is the settlement.

Battleship potemkin

A great deal of the power the film projects derives from its ability to draw on the emotional content of viewers who hold a dissatisfied feeling towards the government, a perennial feeling that never " goes out of style." But does the film's political statement undermine the credibility of the >>>

Afghanistan is located in southern asia

Of the many events and incidents that have occurred in the country, the Soviet Invasion has been the one that has casted the longest shadows upon the future of the country. The Soviet Invasion was also termed as Soviet Afghan war because the two characters on the forefront of the >>>

The gold standard essay sample

Flandreau traced the gold standard origins to the " gold standard in the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian war and the German Empire's use of the war indemnity to create a gold-based German national currency". What were the factors that made the gold standard a success in the former >>>

Salt and ice minnesotas battle

Sodium Chloride, the salt that is applied to roads, is the most common practice to reduce ice on roads in Minnesota and around snowy parts of the United States. Salt has been the most effective means of deicing roads because it lowers the freezing point of water, there for melting >>>

World war i and group member names

The leader should receive all outlines early and make the formatting cohesive and easy to read. Each group should turn in one full set of fact sheets and outlines In a folder.

World literature critical thinking examples

In the last century, art and literature has formed into a way in which the expression of the mind is displayed. In the dark ages and in the renaissance many art forms flourished like, Byzantine art and Italian Renaissance sculpture.

Everything and nothing essay sample

These are not the sum of all the variations of security, the term security does appear to loose part of its meaning as a consequence of these iterations. Economic security is crucial to the preservation of military security as the armed forces and diplomatic relations required to enable military security >>>

We take nothing by conquest, thank god essay sample

With the Indians of the east subdued, the nation turned its attention to the Mexican holdings of Texas, California, New Mexico, Colorado and other areas that would form the eventual U.S. As the newspapers of the day called for the completion of the Manifest Destiny policy, several members of the >>>

The decline and fall of the romanov dynasty essay sample

It was a combination of factors, including his political ineptitude that led to the fall of the Romanov dynasty and eventually cost Nicholas II, the Tsarina Alexandra and their five children their lives. Another influence on the decline and fall of the Romanovs? was the poor conditions that the peasants >>>

A separate peace – study guide essay sample

The significance of Finny's name is that it's traces back to Phineas from Greek mythology, who is a blind man, and the significance of the meaning is that Finny is too blind to see that Gene envy's him. The significance of Gene's admission at the end of chapter 5 is >>>

Causes of wwi

21-Deck 16 1916 Ten month battle BTW France and Germany Neither side gained much of an advantage Roughly half a million lost on each side No advantage for either side Battle of Jutland Naval battle Gave allies control of sea, British now had most powerful Ana Sea superiority America was >>>

Herodotus’s history and thucydides’s history of the peloponnesian war report

The father of history' of history as called him, Herodotus was an ancient writer who was among the pioneers towards the approach of the reporting of history in skeptical and more logical way. In his History of the Peloponnesian War, in the argument between Athens and Melians, he is deeply >>>

Just war theory

Just War theory demands that for war to be justified a state must fulfil each of the following 6 requirements: Just cause, Legitimate Authority, Right intention, Likelihood of Success, Proportionality and Last resort. Legitimate authority in terms of just war theory is that, for there to be declared war the >>>

Across five aprils

In the book Across Five Aprils, by Irene Hunt, is set in the 1800's during thecivil warbetween the Union, the northern parts of America, and the confederation, the southern parts of America. Later on in the war, the Union forces suffer great losses and General Grant is harshly criticized by >>>

1950’s: happy days for american’s essay sample

The 1950's were the Happy Days for American's because of the improvements in technology, cultural changes, booming economy, racial advancement, but also the baby boom. The top 1% of the population owned 19% of the nation's wealth in 1949 and by 1960 it raised to 33%.

Investigating the rasta movement

The main concepts in contemporary Rastafari are: The humanity of God and divinity of man, God is found within every man, God in history, salvation on earth, the supremacy of life, respect for nature, the power of speech, evil is corporate, judgement is near, the priesthood of Rastafarians. The Rastafarians >>>

Who was responsible for the cold war? essay sample

Though the Cold War was a result of many factors, the actions of the US played a significant part in weakening relations, which eventually led to non-cooperation and conflict. Thus, the actions of the USSR were seen as a way to dominate Eastern Europe through the guise of security In >>>

Jean shepherd essay sample

That's the way we all start".is how Jean Shepherd started on his writing named " The Endless Streetcar Ride into the Night, and the Tinfoil Noose" shows of prose use irony and symbolism to underline similar themes, namely the tension between the narrator's ignorance during of a youthful past versus >>>

Why did the us enter world war i

America's opinion changed throughout the war after the sinking of the Lusitania, the Zimmerman Telegram and because of the European alliances that America was involved with. America was fresh and ready to fight a war, which helped motivate the Allies.

911 and pearl harbor

As for 9/11 they could have seen it coming because of the previous attacks of the world trade center in 1993, the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen, in 2000, and other events. Now, Borch says that attack on Pearl Harbor was because of Kimmel and Short had not >>>

An untamed future designed by the past essay sample

The purpose of the attack on Pearl Harbor was to neutralize American naval power within the Pacific. In terms of its strategic objectives the attack on Pearl Harbor was, in the short to medium term, a unique and spectacular success for the Japanese which eclipsed the wildest dreams of its >>>


The shouts of canon, ringing, the tap of drum. It is month of August and it is late afternoon, a mix of heat and vapors sparkles over the polished stonework, sun moves through the silky tress of pines borders has been trimmed like short graceful grass.

Is there such a thing as a “just” war? essay sample

In the result of war thousands are killed, so how therefore is it possible to define a war as " just"? Another way this could be seen is that if the countries leader gets killed, the country might decide to end the war, which in result means that less people >>>

Tanks in world war i

Tanks were the solution to the predicament that was the Western Front. Most of the time tanks were hot, numbingly loud and generally uncomfortable for the crews.

The skull & crossbones squadron: vf-17 in world war ii by lee cook essay sample

One example of a military system that has made their mark in the history is the VF17 squadron of the United States of America. This is not the only achievement that they have in their record as a squadron.

Sudanese conflict essay sample

Located in the northern part of the continent, it is bound to the east by Eritrea and Ethiopia, to the south by Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda; to the west by Chad, the Central African Republic, and Libya and to the north by Egypt. While the economic, >>>

Atomic bomb vs. invasion

The result of the atomic bombs was the unconditional surrender of Japan. According to one Air Force account, " The Japanese code of bushido " the way of the warrior" was deeply ingrained.

Hitler’s propaganda and terror in the period from 1933-1939 essay sample

On March 23, 1933 Hitler introduced the Enabling Act ' Law for removing distress of the people and the Reich', which meant that Hitler transferred all legislative powers to his government, which made him the dictatorial ruler of Germany and provided the basis for further illegal measures. Hitler used these >>>

The korean war

The revolution of the filmmaking also brings an underlying information about the postwar Korea." Madame Freedom" is a film which resonates with the majorities of women and brings a profound meaning ever since it was released. Besides, the novel arrangement of plots also broaden the eyes of the public and >>>

Should we ‘tone down’ anzac day?

I do not see how anyone may be offended by that, except for maybe the Turkish or the Germans but even they should enjoy ANZAC day because it is a celebration of who the ANZAC soldiers were, not who they fought. But the fact that it was even suggested is >>>

Critically assess psychological theories of fascism.

The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy; the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain. Though a critical assessment of these theories is expected, it would suffice to say that a positive view regarding Fascism at the onset >>>

The attack on pearl harbor essay

According to Conroy, author of Pearl Harbor reexamined: Prologue to the Pacific War, " The fundamental causes of the pacific war go back to the turn of the century. Hideki and other leaders of Japan sought out the perfect plan to attack Pearl Harbor.

the stuxnet case essay sample

The Stuxnet digital assault on the Iranian Nuclear facilities at Natanz is seen by a lot of people as the first genuine digital weapon. The ever-daunting question of keeping a check on the cyberspace privacy or security has been brought up in the world stage with Stuxnet.2.

The outbreak of world war ii essay sample

These causes include the harshness of the Treaty of Versailles, the failure of the League of Nations linked to the isolation of the US, appeasement introduced by the British Prime Minister in the year 1937 and the Nazi-Soviet Pact signed between Hitler and Stalin on the 28th of August 1938. >>>

Describe the main differences betwen the yalta and potsdam conferences essay sample

These conferences, the Yalta Conference and the Potsdam conference respectively, were meant to decide the future of the world after the war decisions made by the three most powerful men in the world at the time, from the three most powerful nations. The main differences between the Yalta Conference and >>>

The forever war

Hereby are some of the effects of the war on the American soldiers and the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Afghanistan Iraq war has led to the decision of altering the size and structure of the US army.

Why the north won the civil war essay sample

This paper aims at highlighting the reasons which enable the North to be victorious over the south, including the key events, as well as the successes that had been achieved by the south early in the confrontation [2].[If this is the ' main body' of the paper, you do not >>>

War time ads: propaganda or persuasion

The purpose of this work is to examine an ad produced by the United States government during World War II with the aim of showing that the ad does indeed reflect elements of propaganda as opposed to persuasion. Sapre claims that, " The main task of the propagandists was to >>>

The holocaust argumentative essay

Haskell lied he will help the father in-law to stay with family and took the jewelry from him. All the terrible stories and incidents put him in the guilty to his parents.

Yalta and potsdam in the cold war essay sample

The timing and setting were key as the second conference was held near the main debating point of Berlin and the atomic strike over Japan was being planned at the time of the conferences. Both the USA and UK felt that the Soviets got the better out of the conference >>>

Persian gulf war

The starting point for most of the contemporary issues in the Gulf is the 1971 British withdrawal and the British colonial legacy in the Gulf. The existence of a sizable Coalition permitted the U.S.government to argue that it was acting in concert with international public opinion in the United States >>>

The great patriotic war (1941-1945) essay sample

After the Great Patriotic War of 1945, the state of the USSR had massively deteriorated due to suffering heavy losses as the consequences of war, its estimated in excess of 20 million troops were killed and two thirds of soviet industrial property had been destroyed. Despite this society expressed patriotism >>>

In what ways did world war one impact american society? essay sample

The massive anomaly in industrial output was the " trigger" cause for this massive change but many slower events were also causes for example mass immigration before and during the war, the increasing demands for power from women and the " problem" of the huge numbers of ex slaves looking >>>

As long as grass grows or water runs essay sample

The evidence that Zinn cites to illustrate the overall impact of Indian removal is by talking about the book " Fathers and Children". Explain Zinn's view of Arthur Schlesinger's The Age of Jackson and Marvin Meyers' The Jacksonian Persuasion.9.

The battle of antietam

But neither the North nor the South anticipated the decimation of Antietam, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. James McPherson calls Antietam " the battle that changed the course of the Civil War." Leading up to the Battle General Lee and his men were still fresh with the Manassas >>>

Dunkirk and the battle of britain sources questions

Source A is useful in the effect of giving us a first hand account of the events that occurred. This interpretation is correct in the sense that Dunkirk was a triumph and a disaster.


The followers of Rastafarianism believe that Haile Selassie the former Emperor of Ethiopia, is the Black Messiah who appeared in the flesh for the redemption of all Blacks exiled in the White oppressors. The following are a few of the Biblical texts that Rastas embrace as reasons Jah gave for >>>

To what extent was germany responsible for the outbreak of war in 1914

On the 28th July 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia with the Assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and one day later, the Russians got ready to help in the war. The major causes of World War One were; the Alliance System, Nationalism, Militarism and the Arms Race; Imperialism, the >>>

Example of book review on tolkien: a

During this time, a lot of people were devastated by the events that lead to it, thinking that the world would come to an end, seeing as many countries took part in what was thought to be " The war to end all wars". There is a resounding theme of >>>

The flying war essay sample

In the midst of the 1920s and 1930 essential advances were made in the field of aeronautics including tans first transoceanic flight and 1919 an execution transoceanic flight Charles Lindbergh in 1927 and Charles ruler entry smiths flight in the following year. 2 capt.william a.billy religious chairman in 1799 sir >>>

Benefits of war essay sample

As a result, war helps to stimulate the economy, allowing us to maintain our superior position on the rest of the world, creating a sense of nationalism among Americans. Next, war allows us to keep our edge on the rest of the world as the most profitable and the most >>>

Compare the way jessie pope (war girls) and e.a. mackintosh (recruiting) essay sample

This is obviously not the sort of image that people who write propaganda would want to project, the use of the word " shiver" suggests vulnerability rather than the attitude of acceptance of duty, shown in ' War Girls'. This use of repetition hammers home to the reader the essence >>>

How wilfred owen and carol ann duffy convey the suffering of war essay sample

In stanza one the pace is very slow as the soldiers ' trudge' back in the ' sludge' and this is noticeable in the first four lines, the length of this sentence enables the pace of the poem to trudge along with them. The journey through Owen's poem is very >>>

Why the us was justified in entering wwi essay sample

Actions must be taken by the United States to insure the safety of all merchant and passenger ships in the water. Regardless of whether or not the United States were to enter the war against Britain, it is evident that Germany was trying to persuade the neighbors and enemies of >>>

Free kings grave essay example

Therefore, the main purpose of the Christian kingdoms was to stop the spread of the Islamic empire in Europe. The bones were subjected to DNA analysis, and this confirmed that the bones were truly that of King Richard III.

The final stages of world war ii in 1945

During the final stages of World War II in 1945, the United States conducted two atomic bombings against Japan in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Hiroshima prefecturalhealthdepartment estimates that, of the people who died on the day of the explosion, 60% died from flash or flame burns, 30% >>>

Johnson’s doctrine essay sample

In May of 1965, the " Johnson Doctrine" was introduced when he addressed the nation, stating that " the American nations cannot, must not, and will not permit the establishment of another Communist government in the Western Hemisphere". In respect to the " Nixon Doctrine", the press and the public >>>

A league of their own essay sample

In relation to the social issues in light of the time of participation, a lot of the male baseball players were being drafted to the armed forces. In conclusion, the movie expressed how hard it was for women to be taken seriously outside of " housewife" labels that were bestowed >>>

Ira hayes essay sample

A veteran of World War II's Battle of Iwo Jima, Hayes was trained as a Paramarine in the United States Marine Corps, and became one of five Marines, along with a United States Navy corpsman, immortalized in the iconic photograph of the flag raising on Iwo Jima. He was instrumental >>>

Cultural event report

The main thing I did throughout the play was compare it to the actual movie and there were differences but the main plot was the same. The lighting was good on the stage and I could hear the cast loud and clearly through the speakers.

Nazi opposition and the holocaust

Nevertheless, the Church refused to bow to the Nazi regime seeing as the values of the Church differed widely from Nazism. According to the author, although the Nazis believed that it was a crime to help the Jews, the brave people who helped the Jews refused to submit to Nazi >>>

Evolution of teenagers after world war 2

Some conditions and things happening around this time that helped teenagers shape themselves are the music of that time, the opportunities given to them and the curious nature of this generation which makes them experiment with things and create sub-cultural groups. They would go into movies with their friends and >>>

Dropping the atomic bomb on japan

The second of the three options is to invade Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the cities of Japan. The third option is to drop the atomic bombs on the cities of Japan.

Course work on augustus emperor of rome

I am the first emperor of Rome, and of course many of you might also recognize me as the nephew of my great uncle Julius Caesar. During my time in Spain around 45BC with the Great Caesar I have in honor fought in the battle of Munda, where I honorably >>>

Mexican-american war

The physical beginning of theMexican-American war between the United States and Mexico began with a Mexican attack on American troops who were stationed on the southern border of Texas on April 25, 1846. President Polk's greed for California and New Mexico definitely was a cause of the Mexican-American war.