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Ethical business desicion

In other instances, it might be a more complex issue that requires a lot of struggle and hard work before coming to a conclusion and making the right choice. Deciding what is “right” is most of the time not all that easy.

Ethical decision-making may be elaborated further by the use of a real-world example of a 45-year-old lady named Sheila (Susca, 2006). Sheila is a dedicated and hardworking head of the human resource department of a large company. And just like any other leader, she too was faced with an ethical dilemma in the working environment.

A few years back, her company considered hiring a former member of staff. This particular employee had in the past schemed against Sheila and had given her severe pain and suffering. She chose to remain quiet back then and had moved on as he left the company. According to his resume, he was fit for the position and had a number of good qualities and skills needed for expanding the business and the company. Now it was up to Sheila to decide what decision is in the best interest of everyone in the company and herself.
Utilitarianism is the act of maximizing utility or happiness of all the concerned people. Act utilitarianism considers the maximum happiness to a maximum number of people. Rule utilitarianism, however, states that according to the rules, an action that brings about the greatest utility should be taken. The rule utilitarian abides by the truth. (Prevos, 2004)
According to act utilitarian, that act…
(Prevos, 2004)

3. A persuasive argument based on the theories and facts in the scenario.
Sheila may ask herself a question: “Is this a good person to hire”
According to the rule utilitarian, the honest answer according to Sheila would be “No”.
According to act utilitarian, that action must be taken which brings about maximum utility to maximum people. In this case, a “yes” to that question would be a good choice for Sheila as this is in the best interest of the company.
Sheila is challenged by this situation. Based on the theories just mentioned, hiring back the former employee would be a good choice according to the act utilitarian theory. This would bring about fruitful results in the future. Sheila must consider the potential benefits that may occur, as she has been trusted with the responsibility of hiring good prospects. Considering otherwise, employees of her company might lose faith in her, which ultimately would result in a breakdown of her confidence.
All consequences, therefore, must be evaluated carefully before making an ethical business decision.

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