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Ethics in law enforcement

Innuendos and advances made toward women due to the authority fgure in the criminal Justice field. Authority is often abused when a man or woman puts on the uniform. They become something else and often feel more powerful when wearing the uniform. Gender issues do not always mean that a man is abusing a woman. It would also indicate a woman making improper advances towards the man or even another woman. Gender issues can also come when a woman is taunted and teased from the men in the field in order to show or reinforce their authority.

Men feel hreatened when women come in and “ take over”. They try to break the woman to make the them leave or give up. At times, they can make a Job so difficult for the member of the opposite sex, they are forced to quit. Ethics in Law Enforcement By neatclean Ethics in law enforcement is a large subject and covers a detailed description in which a law enforcement official may behave. The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics is clearly written and very detailed. All persons who enter the criminal Justice field must follow these rules in order to ensure a strong and positive conviction.

If not in a case where a conviction is sought, these rules must also be followed in the field. A case, a criminal conviction or the employment of the law enforcement official can be jeopardized if this Code of Ethics is not obeyed. “ Law Enforcement Code of Ethics” “ As a Law Enforcement Officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the week against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the Constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality and Justice.

I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all; maintain courageous calm in the face of danger, scorn, ridicule; develop self-restraint; and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others. Honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official life, I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my department. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to me in my official capacity will be kept ever secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of my duty.

I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions. With no compromise for crime and with relentless prosecution of criminal, I will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without fear or favor, malice or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities. I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith, and I accept it as a public trust to be held as longs I am true to the ethics of the police service.

I will constantly strive to achieve these objectives and ideals, dedication myself before God to my chosen profession… law enforcement. *** The reason for the introduction above is to clarify that there is a rule of behavior that all law inforcement officials must follow. Gender issues should not even exist in the criminal Justice field. The general rule that “ All men shall be created equal” has not yet spread as wide as we would like. For hundreds of years, men have felt that they are the rulers. Women were considered disciplined and obeyed the rules of man.

Recently, we have had changes in rights of women and both have become equal. There are many people in this world who still believe that women cannot perform the same tasks as men and do not honor the rights of the women. I call these persons “ old school men”. Gender issues do not Just cover the ability of a woman performing certain tasks that men feel they can’t. Gender issues also come when a man in the criminal Justice field decides that they want to become close to a female in the field. Sexual harassment is the

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