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Ethics reflection paper

Ethics Reflection Paper Using the Ethics Awareness Inventory and Ethical Choices in the Workplace assessments, I became better acquainted with my ethical perspective and how important ethics and social responsibility are in the development of the strategic plan. The A3 approach to ethical decision making has enabled me to realize the importance of moral self and ethical leadership that strives toward the achievement of organizational goals under a principled framework. Awareness is important in the realization of one’s ethical skill set. Articulation is vital to explain oneself to others or to raise the voice against unethical decisions and imply the necessity of moral standards. Application or action enables one to implement ethical decisions in one’s daily personal and professional life. This A3 approach makes a leader understand the needs of the stakeholders and cater to them with heightened vision.
My ethical perspective has evolved throughout the program as I have been able to know what ethical standards I follow and where I need improvement. I have been able to decide between right and wrong and decide among alternatives. I consider that person to be good who wants to do good deeds on a consistent basis. The moral standards of right and wrong are the guidelines that tell us how to take steps toward the betterment of the whole society. Ethical conduct is improved by developing a basic respect for others. Organized ethical attempts addresses the needs of the whole society whose fulfillment is better for the majority of people. My future ethical perspective tells me that I look forward to respect all people from all backgrounds without making any discrimination of color, cast and creed. I have also learnt that rational thinking is important to achieve best ethical results. Treating people at equal basis is all about giving importance to those who have not been listened to in the past. A person should know how to give respect to others and their decisions and should have the ability to involve others in decision-making process. This is important to conduct oneself ethically. This ethical conduct defines the ways a person ought to live in the society and work toward the betterment of the whole society where all persons are treated on a fair basis. All ethical policies have the same objective to maintain the integrity of the whole society rather than focusing on one individual person. I believe that today’s adolescents need such role models that teach them how to make ethical decisions and live such a life that is respectful to others irrespective of pride and prejudice. I value service to others in the society as much as I give importance to the development of one’s moral character. When there is this willingness in a person to make sacrifices for the good of all community, then there are greater chances for him to work with fairness and commitment to follow ethical guidelines with pragmatism or rational conduct. The ability to remain flexible is important to be able to give respect to others judgments and beliefs.
My ethical inventory score shows that my ethical profile is most closely aligned with; yet, I will strive to improve myself and strictly follow the ethical guidelines in all walks of life.

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