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Evaluating training programs

Stress Affecting Airline Pilots The work of the part is very tiresome and also very stressful at the same time. It is the expectation of each passenger that the pilot that is on board in each and every plane is competent and that he or she has got enough courage when the plane is on air and experiences some slight problems that occur now and then. They trust the pilot that is on board that he or she should land them safe under any circumstances. To the pilot his job is just like many others and now and then there occur a lot of challenges which might disrupt him or her in the working process. It is well known that we all have different reactions towards different environments. The pilots have to land in different places that have got different climates that might lead to the changes in their health situation. Everybody is believed to be having problems when it comes to adapting to different conditions of the climate, this might pose danger to the pilots. The pilots also go through a hectic schedule where they work for a long time since their job is very sensitive and requires a lot of attention when working (Duane, 2012).
The private lives of the pilots are very much affected by the long schedule and in most cases most of the pilots lack time for their families and they end up having problems at home since they might not be present when major events occur. For the pilots their job is so stressful though very well paying but requires one to think hard in order to deliver effectively. In the process of taking these duties that are not easy the pilot might develop stress. Pilots should be handled in a keen manner and their health and mental problem should be analyzed now and then to ensure they are effective working since it is important for the passengers on board. People should learn that pilots are just normal human beings not superhuman being (Duane, 2012).
Duane, B. (2012). Flying without Fear: Effective Strategies to Get You to Where You’re going.
New York: New Harbinger Publications. Copyright.

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