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Exam 3: true and false

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1. HTML is called a markup language because authors mark up their documents by inserting HTML tags. TFTrue

2. HTTP is a mark up language that works with TCP/IP to get Web resources to your desktop. TFFalse

3. The two applications shown in the accompanying figure are examples of Web browser software. TFTrue

4. Older versions of software like the kind shown in the accompanying figure, typically will support new HTML features, so upgrading browsers to the latest version is not essential or recommended TFFalse

5. The term player is sometimes used to refer to plug-ins, but it also can refer to standalone software that does not require a host program. TFTrue

6. Any server that creates a cookie on your hard drive can request that cookie the next time your browser is accessing a Web page from the Web site server. TFTrue

7. The framework for an HTML document consists of two sections: a head and a body. TFTrue

8. Scripts were designed to replace normal HTML. TFFalse

10. Researchers estimate that the most extensive search engines cover less than 20% of the Web. TFTrue

11. Many search engines keep records of your queries. TFTrue

12. A C2C e-commerce transaction occurs when individual consumers purchase goods and services from online merchants. TFFalse

14. E-mail is based on store-and-forward technology. TFTrue

15. When configuring local e-mail, the incoming and outgoing servers must have the same settings. TFFalse

16. A conversion process called MIME provides a clever way of disguising digital photos, sounds, and other media as plain ASCII code that can travel over the Internet as e-mail attachments. TFTrue

17. Netiquette is online jargon for Internet etiquette TFTrue

An active x control is a full fledged program, which gives it the potential to include a routine that alters or delete files from your computer’s hard diskTrue

18. If you turn off cookies, you may not be able to make online purchases at some sites. TFTrue

19. As users are frequently deleting or blocking conventional cookies, marketers are turning to Flash cookies to track and target customers. TFTrue

P2P provides a secure connection for web based transactionsFalse

Pharming is less surreptitious and easier to detect than most other hacker schmesFalse

First generation computers used vacuum tube technologyTrue

First generation computers were characterized by custom application programsTrue

Assembly language and machine language are the sameFalse

Second generation computers were characterized by their use of operating systemTrue

High level la gauges were developed for the first generation computersFalse

By 2000, one of the few remaining mini I putters was the IBM AS/ 400True

Current processor technology requires very large scale integration that packs million of components on a single chipTrue

The first microcomputer required assembly by the userTrue

The computer industry encompasses those companies that manufacture computers and computer componentsTrue

All dot com companies are universally considered part of the IT industry. False

All major companies in the IT industry are headquartered in silicon valleyFalse

The end of the dot com bubble meant a decline in IT sector job openingTrue

It is less expensive to replace software with brand new software with brand new software than to purchase an upgradeFalse

In the United States, the IT industry is fully regulated by the FCCFalse

Industry observers expect the number of telecommunicating IT workers to decrease over the next decadeFalse

A computer certification will totally prepare a person for a job in the IT industryFalse

In IT, job titles are standarizedFalse

Your web based resume should fully utilize multimedia to demonstrate your capabilities; companies are expecting IT resumes to contain all aspects of multimediaFalse

Laws and ethics are really just different words for the same conceptFalse

To reduce cell phone radiation, you should use hand free devicesTrue


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