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Management issues are usually varied and broad. And as a manager there are a number of circumstances where you must come out strong to administer control for employee productivity, and this is where Jack and Ruth’s inefficiency comes in. Maintaining professionalism as well as work life balance is usually a challenge for many employees as is the case with Ruth and Jack. Getting a lasting solution for these two professionals means finding the most appropriate way to address their time management and work life balance.
Therefore, to foster the above two prerequisite to employee success at work, Jackand Ruth should be trained on good time management so that they may learn to plan and exercise good control over the time they spend on their activities, both at work and away from work. With this training, they can really increase their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity at work. In addition, the training should incorporate varied time management skills, techniques and tools that are useful in accomplishing activities, goals and projects within the stipulated time.
On the other hand, training Ruth and Jack on work life balance will go a long way in helping the two to know the advantages and the best appropriate and acceptable way of prioritizing between work and lifestyle. In so doing, Ruth will know that completing work within the scheduled time will give her enough time for her lifestyle issues, and as such she will be motivated to work hard and meet the deadline. This will save the company $ 200 every month, hence improve the productivity. Jack will equally benefit from this training since he will manage all his office work with professionalism.

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