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Example of nursing informatics theory paper essay

Nursing informatics (NI) is the integration of computer science, healthcare science cognitive science and information science to assist in addressing the management and study healthcare information. As a system, it maintains method or order as it is a synchronized array of working organisms or elements (Ghoshal, 2005, p. 78). Nursing informatics uses both scientific data and a system process as. Science on the other hand is basically a methodical acquirement of knowledge especially that which can be correctly measured. Nursing Informatics functions just like the body system which uses systems such as respiratory, cardiovascular and others that do notoperate independently. There are quite a number of theories that support nursing informatics. These theories have had quite a significant effect on the delivery of health care. This paper will focus on Patricia m. Schiwirian theory of management.
Dr. Schwirian who is a professor at Ohio State University College of Nursing is best known for her model in nursing informatics. As one of the practitioners involved in nursing informatics, Schwirian presents a symbolic annual symposium in nursing informatics and computer applications in health care. She notes that the nursing minimum data that is set includes; the measure of nursing intensity, nursing interventions as well as nursing outcomes.
Schiwirian’s model of 1986 states that nursing informatics largely involves identifications of attainment of nursing objectives and goals, information needs as well as a resolution of the objected needs. This proposed model is aimed at guiding and stimulating systematic research in nursing informatics. The framework/model which enables important information needs which may cultivate research is quite similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory depicts that data information knowledge is a new way of integrating information in nursing science. Data information knowledge (D-I-K) model is an illustration described as NI which is basically a sphere that integrates computer science, nursing science and information science as well to integrate data, communicate and manage data (Smith, 2013, p. 78).
Schiwirian’s theory can be well illustrated using a pyramid with four sections. The first is Raw Materials. In nursing, raw materials can be acquired from numerous health sources related to nursing-related information. Therefore, this information that is related to nursing represents raw materials. The next section is technology. In nursing informatics, technology is the main subject. The technology involves means of integrating the acquired information and processing it too fine and comprehensive information which can be used in various areas in nursing. The third partition is users, users of nursing information range of patients, nurses, health professionals among others in health care. Users in nursing informatics seek profound information on particular aspects of nursing of their choice. They are individuals with different interests in the use of nursing technologies, for instance. Physicians use informatics on a daily basis to acquire coherent information in nursing practice. The last section in the pyramids is goals. This theory points up key issues related to achieving expected results in nursing informatics (Hayes, 2010, p. 121).
The goal-level represents a level that is attained through following the ideal process of acquiring information on integrating it. Those who attain the goal of informatics are a few selected persons who have much interest in technology and what it offers. Using technology, we are able to get the intended results in nursing. For instance, using health informatics, patients can find information about disease control, treatment and medication. Nurses and physicians can also acquire relevant information using technology. Nursing informatics have been defined as the main rational tool for integrating and implementing evidence-based nursing practice. Nursing informatics have been found to be the key rationale for enhancing and implementing more technology in the healthcare sectors to improve the following areas;
– Safety
– Quality
– Reduce cost of health and
– Improve patient outcome
Schiwirian notes that technology enhances competence in various areas in nursing. Competence enhances the ability to manage and cope with contingencies by providing relevant criteria of mastering the ability manage resources. Nursing Practice is further classified into sections that integrate technology to another level where clinical information is upgraded and implemented which include; system design, testing, analysis, development, evaluation and implementation. All these are aimed at easing nursing practice and providing relevant criteria of analyzing peripherals and determining their remedy. Patricia M. Schiwirian notes that Nursing Informatics has a special place in our world today. To start with, it’s a special tool for integrating computer science, nursing science and information science to communicate and manage information, data, wisdom and know-how into the practice of nursing. Schiwirian asserts that nursing informatics is a dynamic and evolving process that involves both conversions of knowledge and data into the intended information (Garvin, 2012, p. 67).
Practicing nurses ought to know the importance of documented care using standard technology especially now that many organizations are switching to the use of electronic health records and electronic documentation. It is of essence to identify nursing contribution and nurses’ ways of contributing to the care of patients in order to determine the best ways to integrate various elements of nursing care. Conclusion
Advancements in technology have contributed to all these changes significantly while assisting nurses in meeting organizational and professional goals. In particular, the transition from paper to electronic documentation is quite symbolic as it can address numerous issues that are experienced by nurses each day and assist meet intricate demands on health care. This implementation of electronic documentation can be an uphill task for nurses. Implementation of Patricia M. Schiwirian theory of changing management can assist nurses greatly in overcoming management challenges and other barriers as well. It can be used to help nurses successfully implement electronic documentation (Ghoshal, 2005, p. 34). Nursing informatics is the new age and the new digital world of practicing nurses and healthcare in a more advanced and updated way. The role of technology today is an intrinsic error-prone process which is burdened with errors to occur. Most of the technological acquisitions consist of only computers that are primarily used to increase efficiency and for data input. Schwirian asserts that health care policy and nursing informatics have a symbolic policy which basically is a cause of action. Therefore, nursing informatics professionals need to familiarize themselves with the latest technologies in health care in order to deliver nothing but the best for patients.
Today nursing informatics is a dependable system for quality care. Although the cost of care delivery is skyrocketing every now and then, it is of paramount importance to identify to recognize the benefits and potential of information technology that has enhanced nursing informatics. The effectiveness of delivering health care is entirely dependent on the ability to access information pertaining healthcare where and when it is exactly needed. There are great advances in technology particularly in the delivery of health care, research and information. As stated by Schwirian, health information system entirely relies on the use of set codes, classification system and vocabularies used in presenting health care concepts.


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