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Executive assistant position - resume/cv example

Executive Assistant Position

CH2M HLL is a global leader in consulting, design, design-build, operations, and program management where the success of turnkey projects is a critical part of organizational success. My skills and professional expertise in office management can be judiciously exploited to accelerate the progress of ongoing projects.
I strongly believe that the role of leaders, managers and the administrators of the organizations have increasingly become more challenging especially when new strategy and policy decisions are introduced in the organizations. As such, I have often undertaken a leadership role to ensure effective feedback through a participatory approach and helped solve the problems and workplace conflicts. My professional competencies, experience and my desire to acquire more knowledge would help me to become the top performer in your company also. My work experience has involved extensive interaction with major clients and the public, thereby equipping me with the necessary traits of effective verbal communication techniques.
I have attaches resume for your kind perusal. My key strength has been my ability to function under limited direction and worked independently using initiative and good judgment. I can assure you that my personal and professional competencies would add value to your organization. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss the same with you in person and look forward to meeting you.

I would like to apply for the position of ‘Executive Assistant Position’ at CH2M Hill as I believe that my experience and qualifications have equipped me to meet the challenges of the job.
Summary of Qualification
Strong leadership initiatives in performing liaison work for CEO and proven record for excellent office management. Talent for organizing meetings and ensuring effective coordination with different stakeholders for resolving conflicts and promote communication. Highly efficient in managing confidential information and drafting agendas for an important meeting and ensuring smooth conduct of the same.
Core Competencies
Exceptional organizational skills; Leadership initiative in prioritizing work and meeting a tight deadline; Proactive approach to working with clients and partners; and excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Professional Experience
Alpha Pro Tech Ltd. 2009 – 2/2011
Executive Assistant to CEO
Responsible for ensuring the CEOs Office operated in an effective and well-organized manner by providing a wide range of executive services to the CEO. Acted as the principal contact and liaison for those in communication with the CEOs Office. Managed highly confidential and sensitive information and followed-up on priority matters.
Represented the Office of the CEO in a professional, customer-focused manner providing daily administrative support. Worked with the CEO to manage Board meetings and Annual Meetings by drafting agendas, preparing meeting packages and all other relevant materials, while coordinating all logistics. Attended all Board and required Executive meetings and acted as Recording Secretary.
Effectively managed the schedule of the CEO, including foreseeing conflicts and following-through. Made travel arrangements, prepared itineraries and expenditure reports for the CEO. Assisted the CEO with various special projects on a frequent basis. Functioned under limited direction and worked independently using initiative and good judgment.
Crossey Engineering 2008 – 2009
Executive Assistant to Electrical VP, and Mechanical VP
Organized activities of the Executives using independent judgment, discretion, and diplomacy through Screening requests and identifying issues to determine priority, phone calls, and reading and ranking incoming mail.
Identifying potential problems and shifting priorities, in order to adjust the Executives’ schedule if necessary.
Coordinated meetings and appearances on behalf of the executives that were held locally, nationally, and internationally.
Briefed Executives before appointments or meetings with appropriate background information.
Composed moderately complex letters, memorandums, and reports on behalf of the Executives by identifying required information, researching background information, and gathering it from appropriate sources

MMM Group 2005 – 2008
Executive Assistant to Rail Division VP and Airports Division VP
Supported VP, Project Managers, Engineering group, relating to confidential and sensitive material.
Responsibilities included coordinating client and internal meetings, conference calls, calendar management, travel, expenses, billable time entry.
Assisted with the formatting of presentations and proposals and other general office duties as required.
Toyota Financial Services (Head Office) 2003 – 2005
Executive Assistant to President, VP, and Senior VP
Supported the President, Exec. VP, and Senior VP, relating to confidential and sensitive material.
Managed and maintained Executive’s agendas/calendars, ensuring they had all the necessary information and reference material available to them.
Managed all company activities, functions, meetings, and communications.
Monitored and prepared responses to E-mails, phone calls, internal and external mail.
Developed and prepared PowerPoint and Excel presentations.
Tracked and managed Purchase Orders and approvals.
Coordinated departmental meetings, both internal and off-site.
Created and maintained an efficient filing system.
Assisted with special projects as required and defined.
Coordinated and confirmed all travel arrangements as requested.
Acted as purchase requisitioner for the department.
IBM Canada 2002 – 2003
Assistant to Senior Sales Executives – Global Sales Initiatives
Administrative support to 2 Senior Sales Executives, relating to confidential and sensitive material/presentations on, Lotus Freelance, Lotus WordPro, Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets.
Travel arrangements; manage Lotus Notes Calendaring system in terms of setting up meetings/conference calls.

Centennial College, Progress Campus, Scarborough, Ontario. Program: Accounting & Business Studies; 3-year program.
Reading, gardening, volunteering.

Thanks for your opinion!
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