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Facing my fears

Individual Project The individual project that I did was Blood donation for the first time and STD Testing for the first time. For both of these projects I was so scared of doing. I am scared of needles when it comes to me getting poked by it. But I found out about the blood donation by walking around campus and there were signs up all over the campus about a blood drive in October. I found out about the STD testing by looking at the syllabus and looking to see my other options and I saw STD testing.

So I talked to Tiffany Stacy who said she had done the STD testing so I could get more information on the STD test. When I found out about the blood drive I was like that’s a great idea considering my cousin died because he couldn’t get a blood transfusion. So I got the information and before I actually gave blood, I thought about every possible thing that could happen, the good and the bad. The reason is because I am really scared of needles when it comes to puncturing through my skin.

But I thought it out and I said to myself “me being scared of needles is nothing when I could just suck it up and maybe saves someone else’s life even if I couldn’t save my cousins” So that is when I decided to stop thinking about the needle and I just went to where the blood drive was at and I sucked it up and donated my blood. I have to be honest I was so scared I was going to pee in my pants. But I survived. But 5 hours later I went shopping with my friends and I had blacked out in the store, about 4 more times after that.

So I called the nurses that were on the card that I was given and they told me I am not allowed to give my blood again. They said myhealthis more important than giving up blood. So I am bummed but I know I did a great deed and I am proud of myself for sucking up my fear of needles. The location of the blood drive was at the Du Bois Center and it was from October 23-26. When I found out about the STD testing me thought why would I want to do this I would have to deal with another needle. NO WA Y I told myself not another needle I cannot.

But then I talked to Tiffany Stacy and she said that it was not that bad. All you have to do is make an appointment at the Fronske Health Center on campus and tell them you want a full STD testing. So I listened to that so I had an appointment and I asked her “so what do you have to do for the test? ” And she said “all you have to do is pee in a cup for a urine sample and get your blood drawn” I was like ok that’s not that bad. I just have to do the two things I hate doing. But that’s okay I said.

So I went to my appointment and I had peed in the cup and I was getting ready to get stabbed by another needle. They had to stab me twice because they missed my vein. I was thinking oh my goodness can you please get this right. My arm was so sore after that. I still haven’t gotten my test results back yet but I don’t think I have an STD because I am not sexually active. So I am good to go as long as I keep it up. These two experiences have been great! I am still scared of needles stabbing me in the arm but I can survive.

But the blood donation was the scarcest of both because I had major side effects towards it where I am not allowed to donate again. Which hurts but I know it is the best for me. But I am glad I did it because now I can say I gave blood and I can say I know what an STD testing is like. I expected way worse then what it really was which has its good and bad sides. The good points of that are that I can prepare myself for the worst but the bad point is that I can bring on my own effects towards it.

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