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Faith in humanity essay

Faith in Humanity Essay Faith in humanity is when a person has a belief that humans cannot do something so terrible, like burning people in mass ovens, because they are humane. This belief was used against the Jews, as well as the public, in the time of the Holocaust for Hitler’s benefit to pull a blind over their eyes in early stages of the Holocaust. There are many examples of faith in humanity from what was presented during this unit as well as belief of faith in humanity in modern day Thailand.

Faith in humanity was a practice that crippled the Jews into believing that the Nazis couldn’t, and wouldn’t, shoot mass numbers of people into mass graves. In Night, by Ellie Wiesel, the author talks about a person who disappears and comes back with injuries. The person tells a sad tale about his misfortunes in his disappearing. He tells of foreigners having to offer up their necks to the Nazis so that they may shoot it, little babies being torn from their mothers’ arms, being tossed up into the air and shot down, as if they were just target practice and not actually living beings.

In Night, also the author talks about being at the concentration camp and seeing the mass grave pile, patiently waiting in a heap for the incinerator, but at first, in the dark, he couldn’t and chose not to believe it because he didn’t think, even after the horrific cattle ride where an old woman was viciously beaten by fellow prisoners because she wouldn’t shut up, that that anyone could burn bodies that had been gassed or shot. He had a massive amount of faith in the Nazis’ hearts and consciences. The book Night and the book The Book Thief were both laced with faith in humanity.

The Book Thief, written by Markus Zusak, has many forms of Faith in humanity intertwined through the pages. In the book, Liesel, the main character, has faith in the Nazis but when her family turns out to be storing a Jew, she hears stories that compromise her original faith. The Jew, Max Vandenburg, tells her stories of his family in hiding, some gruesome tales about when he was captured, what he saw when he was hiding within the shadows of an abandoned warehouse, and what forced him to hide. Her faith in the Nazis dwindled but she still went to Hitler Youth where she was subjected to the lies that she had put her faith in.

She heard that all Jews that were not in hiding were deported and forced into horrible conditions when she got home but had to keep the picture of an innocent, oblivious German girl who goes along with the plan and keeps her faith in humanity. As well as Liesel, the main character in The Book Thief, and the Germans in the time of Holocaust, the Thai people also have a massive amount of faith in humanity in their own kind. The people in Thailand are, unless it has been committed near them, oblivious to the practice of sex and human trafficking.

Many young girls every year are taken from their families and cities to be sold into slavery and bondage without knowledge of the public. The Thais have faith in the other Thais, so much that on the outside of the Reclining Buddha statue, there is a sign that says, “ Warning: Not Thai Bandits and Pick Pockets around. ” Thais are unknowingly giving up the younger generation of girls because they are hidden behind a curtain of faith in the wrong thing, humanity. Faith in Humanity is, and has been, practiced all over in the world. From the Holocaust to Thailand, modern day, it reins true, we cannot imagine life where anyone could be so cruel.

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