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Fatalistic attitude

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Fatalism in American Society School or Fatalism in American Society Cultural attitudes and perceptions, particularly those based on superficial or otherwise dubious information, can often lead to misconceptions of an entire cultural or ethnic group. These misconceptions can negatively influence the manner in which people of that specific group are seen and treated by others in the populace. This type of treatment, particularly when it is pervasive within society, can often be accepted as an inalterable circumstance of life which may be dealt with by not avoided. This type of fatalistic approach to society and prejudice can often be seen in those who adhere to religious standards and practices or simply differences in cultural values, such as Arab-Americans.
Following September 11, American perceptions of people from Middle Eastern countries underwent a dramatic shift. Many citizens propelled by popular media and cultural and religious misunderstanding have demonized Arab-Americans, making it more difficult for them to function happily and safely within our society. The more narrow-minded have gone so far as to blame any person of hailing from this basic region of the world as anti-Christian, American-hating zealots who only come to the U. S. to undermine our freedoms and safety. While this is obviously not the case, as a result Arab-Americans, particularly those who actively practice the Muslim faith, are marginalized or sometimes outright despised by their fellow citizens.
While this it is entirely inaccurate to blame all Arabs for the events of the past decade, many people from this cultural/ethnic background simply attempt to keep their heads down and wait for public sentiment to change. They do not believe that any amount of campaigning for cultural understanding or open exchange of ideas will affect a true change in their status within American society. Though over time it is likely that these prejudicial and inaccurate perceptions will no longer be equated with Arab-Americans as an absolute negative, it is the way in which fellow citizens interact with this subgroup on a daily basis which will most effectively alter the current attitudes and ideas existent in our culture. In addition to this, media coverage should be limited to factual relation without emphasis on ethnicity and instead promote cultural understanding which would also be an important factor in changing the overall perceptions of Arab-Americans in our society today.

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