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Feasibility assessment

Feasibility assessment A. Economic Analysis- No specific numbers are given to estimate NPV, ROI and BEA so far. The only assessment can be made now is that according to marginal analysis, one time of creating a system will need a huge investment, and it may take quite a few years to break even. B. Technical Analysis- It’s based on how professional and talented the people in project team are. Since BBS is more like a consulting firm, the team members may be relatively less professional for building an information system. C. Operational Analysis- Once the new information system is implemented, the system will be much likely to work better than the previous paper based system. The new system will be possibly beneficial in inventory management, marketing, customer service, and food preparation. D. Legal and Contractual Analysis- Since Hoosier Burger hasn’t used computer based information system before, the legal and contractual problem is not a one for it. But as a consulting firm, it may not be the first time for BBS to deal with such project, legal and contractual feasibility may be a great consideration. E. Political Analysis- Since Hoosier Burger used to use a paper-based system, the application of a new information system is likely to redistribution the information within the firm and therefore, redistribution the power of the shareholders. F. Schedules, Timeline, and Resource Analysis- Since a number of subsystems and database entry points are required to be created, there’s a lot of work to do. Also the new systems need to be estimated and tested that makes the project more challenging to be done both in time and efficiently.

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