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Final growth report

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During this short time on the long road of my growing and flourishing process as a person, I feel I have made some important growth in many of my abilities, and have also discovered some weaknesses in other areas that I wish to be able to over come and learn through. I feel overall I have several abilities of the enhanced learner, but some of my skills and problems fall under lower categories.
In this time, I have done much searching and spiritual digging, in order to see what I deal well with, and what I do not. I have found some things I like, some that surprised me, and some that didn’t. I found many things I had forgotten about, but overall have learned many important things about me and my personal growth as a person.
I have found myself, more and more recently, pushing myself to the very edge of my existence, both spiritually, mentally, and physically. I want to see exactly what I can do, how I tick, and how long I can make myself tick for. I find myself taking on challenges and to much work, in hopes of keeping myself busy and occupied. I may slip up a little here and there, by I try to spread myself out to many different possibilities, hoping to expand my fields of study and learning as far as I possibly can.
I also have found that it is more myself, that everyone else who I let make my challenges. Not saying I would turn down one that comes to me, but I keep raising the bar, pushing the tally, and raising the ante, to keep myself moving fast and foremost towards the challenging goals I have set for my personal growth. I also find myself jumping to leadership positions I would have once shied away from, and feel the need to be the leader, as well the want to take on the role when I see what I consider to be insufficient leaders to be doing a job I feel I could be doing much better. Well this rashness and bravado of myself may be a downtrodden effect of my ego, it also helps serve how well I strive for the best I can achieve.
I also seem to feel a changing inside me, a feeling that maybe old rules should be broken, and I might need to break out of my own little world and box a little more. Maybe everything isn’t what I give it credit for being, and I might need to experience things more before I judge them.
However, as much as I am pushing myself, I also see myself checking myself to my goals, and keeping track of what progress, or lack of I am making. If I seem to be falling behind schedule, I try my best to double time, often at my body’s expense. I try to keep everything in check however, and make sure to find time to just sit and relax after all my mindless running around. I also make sure to keep my mind working fast, which is when it works best. I also am aware to keep my bravado in check, and that sometimes,(though I think rarely), I may not be the best man for the job.
Overall, I have seen significant changes in my personhood lately, some for the better, some for the worse, and some for the not foreseen. I am keeping track of all my growth, so when I look back I can see what I did right, wrong, and in-between, and that can all the better help me on my personal journey of growth into who I really am as a person.

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