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There are a number of contemporary management issues that have assumed dominance in the process of analyzing issues that express impact on management of the organization, as well as government dockets. As time consumes up, different changes occur (Munkvold, 2003). Ideally, they incorporate the means by which issues are addressed and the factors that influence these ideologies. Because of comparative analysis of, the past, as well as, the present practices, new and advanced procedures of management have ventured their way into the market. In a similar manner, future issues are proposed by the current practices and criteria of dealingwith management issues. Quality management has been experienced globally in different areas of industries.
Public policy is one referred to as a guidelines and actions that are taken by the state. These policies are designed to initiate some sets of principles within the administrative-executive branches of the state with regard issues concerning the institutional customs. Any management operations are regulated by a central constitutional enactment to ensure fair and professional performance records (Sims, 2007). In the current trends of management, the professionalism that is considered vocal is supposed to be regulated under the public policy constitutional act of the state in question. Ideally, sectors of management, which incorporate the organizing, planning, staffing, and coordinating. Ideally, in the current merger between the formulations of public policies that are related to management, it has been identified that there is bureaucracy as a major component of these policies. That is; there are numerous procedures and requirement which are deemed essential for the managers to perform effectively.
Numerous organizations within the world have raised issues that are contemplated to affect or influence optimum performance of the managers. These issues are closely linked to the institutionalizing of policies. It has been argued that complaints related the formulation of public policies has been influenced by a myriad of factors. Some of these factors include powerful self-centered personnel. Accordingly, people who are associated with manipulation of managerial policies are deemed to result into overall failure. Additionally, there are some policies that are deemed to support the current trends of management and globalization of investment. Recent developments and adjustments have created intention for a detailed study and research.
Accordingly, managers and executive professionals in any organization need are supposed to apportion their development strategies. One of the most impulsive and amenable destinations of these strategies should include adopting advantageous changes and discarding changes that can cause a diminishing return to the respective organization. For the purpose of this report, some cost is incurred as well as finance financial expenses are incurred. That is; correction of both primary data is usually followed closely by costs.

Statement of the Problem

The initial purpose of this report is to analyze the emerging changes in management as a result of the dynamic public policies. It is destined to carry out a global scope of the study of these public policies from their introduction, their advancement and the probability of their future applicability. Secondly, the study report aims at elaborating the probable impacts of the changes of public policies about management. There are negative as well as positive impacts of alternation or wavering of public policies. Ideally, this report addresses the impacts of public policies towards management.

Significance of the Study

There are several groups that may acquire mutual benefits from this study. First, the managers of both small scale, as well as, corporate organizations require substantial information presented from this research. Ideally, managers need to know the background information of the policies that guide their performance and culture as managers Cutler (Mike, 2010). In addition, it is important since it is deemed to layout the challenges and positive impacts that the evolution of public policies might have yielded within the economy. On the other side, information from this report should enhance the developers of current public policies to have a conceptual understanding of the viable and feasible improvements of the public policies related to management. Ideally, the backbone of the development of management related public policies is the legal practitioners. The legal practitioners should be addressed with reference to the special knowhow of drafting policies that favor positivism in management. Through sharing of this information, the leaders in the political, economic and social divide should ensure that they adopt the recommendations to avoid setbacks in their operation.
Accordingly, this information should act as one of the basic references towards better learning and training of professionals in management. That is; the report should act as part of the curriculum development basis for schools at the basic and professional levels. It is essential in acting as the valuable guidance information towards the better knowledge on the ways of thinking and decision making in the organizations.

Scope of the Study

This study focuses on the impact of public policies towards management. Therefore, this study and report is limited to the discernment of the impact of public policy contemporary issues to the effectiveness of different managers. In addition, this report is also focused to be sourced from the daily performance of the political leadership within the select geographical divide. Ideally, this study is constrained within the organizations and the public management arena. The study’s geographical scope is applicably done within the United States (Hetherington, 2010). It is aimed at elaborating and discussing, in detailed terms the public policies that have been incorporated in the current system of managing the urban growth. Accordingly, the policy instruments and lessons learnt from these policies can be used to enhance the areas’ development of the management.

Results and findings

Unlike in the present times, past management measures and practices were way backwards. That is; there are have occurred adjustments that have been yielded by the newly drafted public policies. Ideally, today’s global world is characterized by high competition. The same case applies to demand. That is; the society has been made better by the improved expertise and informed operations within the public and private sectors of management (Bengston, 2004). It similarly applies to the United States public policies (Bengston, 2004). Ideally, the public sector in the united has initiated response towards the arising concerns related to the growing demands for management to advance. Managers within the national, regional or even local arena have been adversely affected by the drafting of new public policies. Due to the inability of managers to compete with the advancing policies, public policy instruments are being initiated.
Policies in management have been destined to arrive at some formulated public-policy objectives. Some of the motives behind these changes are as outlined:
– Past inadequate evaluation of the working public policies related to management. That is; the managers are identified to operate without a publicly associated method of assessment.
– Record of poor coordination in the vertical and horizontal dimensions. Ideally, coordination is one of the elements that managers are supposed to embrace for productive management practices and culture.
– The availability and inclusion of the stakeholders in the management process. Ideally, the assessment of the credibility and performance of managers is based on the transparency level to the relevant stakeholders.
According to Bengston (2004) Dating back in the 1960s, management was not well policed by the political, economic and social regulatory bodies. However, there have been encouraging developments within the current management scope. It has been concluded that communication is one of the elementary areas where policies need to be formulated. Ideally, the processes used in communication, in United States organizations and firms are either vertical or horizontal (Bengston, 2004). However, due to poor levels of policy implementation, managers use this form of privilege to overlook the juniors within the subject organizations. However, due to the poor follow up strategy to discourage such activities by managers, the managers can stand a position to presume the same leadership extortion in the future.
Present formulation of public policies regarding stern issues facing managers and their dockets are being addressed by the congress house as well as the senate. Unfortunately, these policies are drafted and shortlisted within the constitution. Ideally, analysis based on Gender is helped out by the formulation of public policies (Bengston, 2004). Some of the elements that are being attended in the current times, with reference to management, incorporate equal wages, employment (staffing), as well as labor treatment. Managers within this scope of operation have been adversely affected affirmatively and disruptively by the drafting of unfriendly policies. Some of the policies thought to have been formulated either feminist or insufficient especially when considering the future situation of management.


On the basis of the findings, there are myriad of conclusions that can be made. However, the most important conclusions are based on the policies that have been discussed as contagious towards further development current and future management. These findings that are related to the common states within the United States indicate that it is strenuous for the managers to adapt to some of the imposed public policies.
Communication and skewed policy making and management evaluation are among the factors that are initialized in this report. Contemporarily, these elements of management are presumed to result to appropriate coordination hence optimum yield within organizations and the entire government sector of the United States of America, among other globally oriented targets.


– Policy makers should be advised to optimize their expertise by rejecting external influence in formulating policies that are meant to govern the management practices.
– Proper evaluation measures should be imposed towards the managers. That is; effective evolutional policies should be drafted and institutionalized to ensure that any manager who is identified to act in malpractice face the full force of the law.
– Management policies should embrace, in the future, the participation of stakeholders in management regulation processes. Ideally, this may enable the managers to act with precaution of malicious acts, as well as ignorance.


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