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Executive Summary

This project is based on the combinational network design of the XYZ private school. Currently, the school has deployed hard-wired network connections, but now due to outgrown school network requirement, the administration has realized to upgrade the system. For this purpose, it needs a reliable, larger, and a unique setup for the school’s network. This project is meant to resolve the issues of students, teachers, and administration staff. The centralized database system will make it easier for the staff and students to communicate and share information with each other in the school campus. It will enforce CIPA standardsto secure the system. The whole project will take about 4 months to complete.
The project team will complete the project within the limited budget and implement the network design that is cost economical. Three types of network designs will be used in the project to keep the expenses within budget that includes hard-wired, Wi-Fi and WiMAX networks. Economical range of cables will be deployed for hardwired connections. The project report will discuss the scope statement, communication plan, risk management plan, and the work breakdown structure of the project plan.


The trends in educational world are changing from traditional to a networked system. Currently, there are more than two-thirds of educational institutes that use WLANs at the level of schools and colleges. In year 2001-2002, the market share was $500 million that even rose in the year 2002 – 2003 up to $800 million. The increasing percentage shows that every other school and institute will have wireless connections in the coming years.
The deployment of wireless connection is rapidly increasing at school level. It is mainly due to the reason that trend of online education is spreading all over the world. The busy routine and tough schedule make it difficult for students to attend classes. However, online education is a flexible option for students to get high-level degree. These online education programs have various benefits like time flexibility, better learning, and remote location. However, schools and colleges that offer online programs must have classes with advanced technology, i.e. video conferencing and recording facilities and an internet for live streaming.
In comparison to the hard-wired network connections, wireless local area networks are easier to expand and maintain. The network administrators only have to introduce access points to network for upgrading. WLANs can firstly be started with a less user connection and later on, it can be increased as according to the requirements. The wireless connections cost cheaper than the hardwired networks, but the prices of equipment of WLANs are increasing with time.

System Analysis

There are three buildings in the entire campus of XYZ private school, including, main building, drama room building, and music building. On the first floor of the main building, four offices manage confidential information. Therefore, an entry of only authorized users should be allowed. Combination of wired and wireless connection will be deployed on the first floor of the main building. The wireless connection is not secure enough. Therefore, security measures will be configured at first floor. Different techniques can be used to secure the wireless network system. However, it depends on the severity of risks that which security measures should be taken.
There are 10 classrooms and a computer lab on the second floor of the main building. Each class has a hardwired LAN connection. There is no need to implement high-level security measures at this floor, but only children Internet Protection Act or CIPA would be configured. The computers in the lab will have an access to the main and the secondary printer. Majority computers in the lab will be connected through hardwired and rest through wireless connection.
The other two buildings that are drama room building and music building are quite far from the main building. There are several public places between the main building and these two buildings. In this case, wireless network connection would be established and security measures will be configured. WEP encryption standard, WPA and WPA2 are usually being used to secure the wireless networks. Similarly, the combination of wired and wireless connections will be established in the other two buildings along with the security standards where necessary .

Scope Statement

Problem Definition
The network requirements of the XYZ private school have increased so it needs a larger, reliable and a unique setup. Secondly, it is not possible for the school to provide separate computer systems to every student, teacher, and staff members while using the hardwired setup as it would highly increase the budget of the school. Thirdly, most of the schools, colleges, and universities are now offering online courses. If the XYZ private school does not update its system, then it would lag behind other educational institutes in offering courses to the worldwide students. In addition, a wireless network can be used to centralize the systems of 2-3 or more campuses. This helps in speeding up and carrying out processes more efficiently. It is important for the XYZ private school to update network system else, it would not be able to compete with other institutes.

Goal Definition

The XYZ private school administration would set up a combination of wired and wireless connections in the entire campus. By providing an access of wireless network to students and teachers, they would be able to access school’s database and use an internet by means of their own devices like tablets, laptops, or cell phones. Virtual networks may also be authorized to provide an access to students for remotely accessing the database. However, these centralized network systems will be designed and implemented in a limited range of budget that is cost economical.
The system administrators will configure WEP, WPA, WPA2 and firewall settings to keep it safe from unauthorized users. The network administrator will issue logins and passwords to each authorized user and enable SSID and IP addresses. AAA framework will be implemented to authenticate and authorize users. However, several software programs available can centrally manage and control the security system of the entire campus network. XYZ private school administration will install an appropriate software to keep the system safe from viruses, spoofs, spyware, and intrusion attacks. In addition, it will also determine if any unauthorized users try to access the network.

Objective Definition

The new network system of XYZ private school is expected to bring great positive changes. The daily operations of the school will become more efficient, the performance of students, teachers, and administration staff will also be improved, and by the next 5 years, the XYZ private school will achieve high standards of education and earn great revenues of up to $1,000,000 in a year. As according to an estimate, the students’ enrollment will increase up to 40% in the next 5 to 6 years. The total cost of the network project is $200,000 so the earned revenue will soon cover the expenses incurred on the project.


Total costs incurred on the network project: $200,000
Total expected profit to be earned in the next 5 years: $1,000,000
Duration of the Project: 4 months
Project Objectives
The network project will use fibre optics for the wired connections. Routers, switch, network cable, and specific network adapters will be used to establish a wireless connection. Print servers, database servers, and backup servers will be installed. Security measures will be taken to secure the data that includes software programs, safety protocols, and physical security.

Project Deliverables

– The XYZ private school network project will resolve major issues of the students, teachers, and administration staff. Currently, students, teachers, and staff members cannot communicate with each other, neither, they can send print commands over the network printer in the other building.
– The project will help in cutting down the costs of the XYZ private school. Full deployment of local area network costs much higher expenses; however, by using the combinational design of wired and wireless network, the costs would be reduced.
– The network design will make the system safe from threats and risks. The security settings and programs will make data files and communications secure. The speed of processing will be improved with an appropriate choice of the cables for wired connections. Moreover, it will also facilitate the network administrators in troubleshooting bugs and errors.
– In case of the XYZ private school network, fibre optics will be used for physical connections. The fibre optics ensure the high speed and security of data; whereas, in Ethernet cables, the speed is degraded on long distances, neither security is ensured.
– The whole XYZ private school campus will be connected together through a network with this design. Teachers, students, and administrative staff will easily be able to transfer files and communicate with each other.
– Authorized users will be able to send print commands from music or drama room to the main building. The teachers and administration staff will be able to access the centralized database. Students will have personal accounts that they would be able to access from anywhere on the premises of the school campus.
– Wireless print servers will be configured in the main and the music building. These print servers will be shared across Wi-Fi network over the entire campus. Printers would be connected to the network without the need of wired connection; therefore, printers can be placed anywhere in the campus, where network signals are available. However, printers need to be connected to the router through an Ethernet cable (EDUCAUSE, 2002).
– Printer servers reduce the burden on administrators. Teachers, students and other staff members can send print commands by themselves. They would not be required to contact administrator for printing services. However, administrators would have to set unique settings for students and teacher accounts. For example, teachers will be able to send print commands to any of the printers, whether in the staff room or music building. However, students will only be able to take prints from lab printer and music building printer.
– The main building will have backup and database servers. These servers will also be connected over the network. Network administrators will control the data collected through teachers, students, and staff members’ accounts through the main server. This collected data will be backed up regularly using backup servers so that if in case, data is damaged or corrupted, then backups can be restored.
– There is a dedicated server for the campus central database. It will be used by teachers, staff members and partially by students. Teachers will upload a syllabus, notes, results, assignments, and notifications on the group. Administrators will update any information or notices for the students and staff members and students will be able to upload their assignments or submit query over the centralized group database.

In addition to the various discussed deliverables of the centralized network system, it will also help in improving,

– Communication between the teachers and students
– Achieve tough challenges of computing
– Solution to certain issues and applications
– Easy to edit, delete or add information to the central database of the campus
– Savings on out of date wired connections
– Compete with other schools and colleges in providing quality education and services

Project Timeline and Milestones

Technical Requirements
The XYZ private school campus building fulfil all technical requirements. There is proper electrical and network switching at appropriate places. Telephone lines are available all over the campus and so it can easily be connected to networks. Air conditioning systems are available for the server rooms in the main building. Furthermore, there are up to date computer systems that can easily be connected to the wired network systems. Switches and routers are available that can be used to increase the number users to the wired and wireless network system. The XYZ private school has purchased software from Microsoft and other top rated antivirus programs to secure the network system from viruses, worms, threats, and risks.

Limits and Exclusions

The maintenance costs are not included in the total budget plan of the network project. Different issues may arise in the network system. For example, breakage of the fibre optics, security breaches, virus attacks, and so on. School’s network administration must be skilled enough and knowledgeable to resolve such issues by themselves. In another case, the organization would have to make further investments to hire a third party for fixing the problems. There may be unauthorized users between the three buildings of the XYZ private school campus. The project team has not taken enough measures to secure the network system completely. However, the management would have to make more investments to purchase extra efficient programs that may ensure the security of the network.

Reporting Structure of Team Members

The Board of Directors at the XYZ private school will be responsible to make important decisions, project approvals, and evaluate the success level of any project. The Executive Committee would be responsible to facilitate scope changes and risk probabilities. The committee will discuss matters with the project manager regarding the duration and cost issues of the project. The review committee will make final audits and present to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. These reports will determine the success level of the project. If any issues occur during the project processes, then Project Manager would immediately be informed.

Decision Making and Concern Levels Matrix

Project Organization Chart
High-level Gantt chart View
Work Breakdown Structure
Risk Identification
– In case of wireless networks, if security measures are not taken properly or rightly configured, then there is a huge security risk to the organizational data.
– The outside intruders or unauthorized users may connect to the wireless access point and can steal the bandwidth or perform criminal activities like hack important data of students or teachers.
– The intruders may also corrupt the important school’s data, inject viruses, bugs, or distribute porn videos over the network.
– In case of wired networks, fibre optics and other cables can trigger risk for the organization. If the wires are not arranged properly, then they may damage. Troubleshooting is difficult in wired networks so if the wires are damaged, it may take a lot of time to troubleshoot an issue.

Risk Management Plan

– Strong security measures will be taken to ensure no unauthorized user access the network. In addition, training programs will be organized to guide the school’s network administration for monitoring security issues.
– Fibre optics and other wires will be installed along with a strong covering that can protect them from any damage. Moreover, wires will be set in the corners of the room or walls so they remain safe .

Risk Assessment

Risk Response Table


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