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Among Christians, the theory of just war dates back to the days of St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. The latter uses the former’s authority argument in an effort to explain the state under which war would be termed as just. Accordingly, there are three conditions: war it must happen for a just and good course as opposed to self-gain, it should be executed by a legitimately instituted civil authority and finally peace must prevail at all costs (Einwechter, 1). Consequently, the war against terrorism (AL Qaeda and Taliban) especially after September 11 attack most closely follows the biblicalview of war and Just War Theory.

It is important to note that Christianity agree that war can be termed as just when it aims at defending liberty, property and most importantly lives of individuals being attacked by as aggressor. The scriptures also support defensive war as in Exodus 22:2-4, that permits fatal force against a dangerous enemy as self-defense. The 9/11 attack was a deadly attack that left all Americans in devastation, killing many innocent lives, living many with injuries and destroying property worth billions of dollars (Einwechter, 1). Whoever did this was not only American enemy but an enemy to entire humanity.
The war against terrorism, especially the Taliban and AL Qaeda is therefore a just war because it was for self-defense and initiated by a legitimate power. Bush and other American leaders acted to protect the interests of Americans against their enemy and this was a shared conviction to ensure safety.

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