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Functional departmentalisation

of Fictional Company: Compassionate Crusaders Ltd. Type of Company: Social Welfare Organisation Functional Departmentalisation The departments of the company “Compassionate Crusaders will be divided into the following departments functionally as follows:
1. Marketing (Social Media, Print Media, Television, Direct Marketing)
2. Curriculum Development
3. Event Management
4. Legal
5. Sales and Finance
Marketing will cater to advertisement through various channels. I t will include campaigns, emails, seminars, talks, partnerships and various initiatives including tie ups with other social organisations
Curriculum Development will focus on ideating, conceptualising, designing and developing curriculum, programs, events, hand outs, material etc for the various programs that this organisation envisages to deliver.
Event Management will focus on managing the events at the ground level. They will be responsible for arranging amenities, planning dates, timings, venue, facilities etc to ensure event is rolled out smoothly
Legal team will work out the legal nitty-gritty. They will have understanding of legal responsibilities and consequences.
Sales and Finance will focus on selling services to trusts, companies and other foundations. They will be behind the budgeting, pricing, revenue target, profits, financial growth and the financial planning for the entire year.
Geographical Departmentalisation
Geographic Departmentalisation for “Compassionate Crusaders will be as follows:
1. Asia Pacific
2. Europe and Middle East
3. Americas
4. Africa
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