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09 October Geography: Major physical geographical features of Tennessee include siximportant regions namely the Blue Ridge, the Appalachian mountain system, the Cumberland Plateau, the Highland Rim, the Nashville Basin, and the Gulf Coastal Plain. The eastern third part of Tennessee is covered by the Appalachian mountains and there are many fertile valleys in this region. The Cumberland Plateau is on the north side and it is in this region that people can view seven states at once from the Lookout mountain. The Gulf Coastal Plain begins as a very hilly area extending to the west and then turns into southern Illinois. Some of the most notable rivers in Tennessee include the Cumberland and the Mississippi. Geographically, the whole area is divided into three major parts namely East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee.
Natural resources are rich in Tennessee. From coal to gas to fruits and vegetables to rich soil to good climate, these resources offer immense merits to the public. There is a large amount of coal and other minerals which are needed for manufacturing purposes. The soil is so fertile that all kinds of fruits and vegetables can be grown here. Water is one of the most important natural resources. There is no water shortage in Tennessee due to huge water systems. These natural resources play a huge role in supporting the economy of the state. The climate is also very friendly because it is not unpredictable and the soil helps to support both crops and grazing. The nature of soil varies from region to region in Tennessee.
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