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Gilgamesh and iliad

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Galoshes and Iliad All humans experience death. Getting too worked up over death is not a good thing. There is nothing that can be done about it. From what I hear, the older you get the more expecting and welcoming you are of death and you look at it as a positive next step. If someone dies from an illness or an accident, that’s different. There is a reason to be sad because it was not their time to go. You always have your family and friends there for you, if you need comforting.

To say Achilles was devastated by the death of Petroleum would be a vast understatement. Achilles loved Petroleum with all his heart. He cared about him deeply, and Petroleum was his motivation for so many of the things he did in his life. When Petroleum died, Achilles became depressed and very unwarily like. It was when Thesis finally convinced Achilles to get back to the battlefield, that he was almost stronger than ever. He was determined to avenge the death of his beloved Petroleum. Achilles was enraged.

He went after Hector with all he vengeance of the world, ” as a hound in the mountains Jumps, the fawn of a deer and chases him hotly through glade and winding gorge, relentlessly tracking him down”. Peg 87 After Achilles stabbed Hector, Hector begged him to return his body to the Trojan. Hectors parent’s and wife wanted to have a proper burial for Hector. The Greeks retreated for 1 1 days days and the Trojan had a proper burial for Hector. But it was really Just a ploy to prepare for more War and devastation.

After the 11 says, the Greeks entered the City Walls of Troy inside their beloved Trojan Horse and devastation and destruction followed. Galoshes was extremely distressed over Enkindles death. So much so that he went on a very long and extremely dangerous Journey. Giggliest said, ” how can I rest, how can I be at peace? Despair is in my heart. Peg 13 He questioned his own mortality and wanted to know the outcome of death. When he finally reached the Man Scorpion, he told him, ” l have come for Unkind.

I loved him dearly, together we endured all kinds of hardships, it is on his account I have come. ” The Gods taught him that he had to experience death. It was part of the overall plan. They taught him that only the Gods did not experience death and that eternal life was saved for them. I have never lost anyone close to me so I could not compare my experience with the story. If I lost some very close to me I think it would be hard at first but overtime I would Just accept it and know crying and being sad will not do anything. But if I need someone I would probably turn to family and friends,

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