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God as redeemer

God as Redeemer Introduction Religion and culture go hand in hand in an individual lifetime here on earth reasonbeing culture is the complete social tradition of a man. To be more specific the normal heritage of a human group, that is the way they leave and coexist with one another. Religion is more culture reason being it made up of belief and values. However, despite believing in one supernatural being, there is a division that later formed religion due to different in interpreting what GOD wanted from man. This has made me to believe that religion is mans effort to reach GOD.
To begin with, religion is a critical aspect in a man’s experience. Religion involves faith and speaking from a personal experience, faith has help develop social since I was a kid. From the teachings that have been impacted with since I was kid about love, unity and peace. This has shaped my social life to be a person capable to live in harmony with any person here on earth regardless of their religion or culture.
In Christianity, death is life procedure that everyone has to face death as part of life. In Christianity, after one is dead rituals are offered to celebrate the life of the dead, in addition to this we as Christians believe that after one is dead there is life after dead. This has been influenced by some of the cultures in the world where the Africa believe in living dead. Death in Christianity is guided by the fact that human life is blessed reason being GOD created us in his own image and likeness (Davis, 2004 p. 64).
To convince the student to rely on the bible and appreciate it as the word of God the students need to develop that interest to learn. Basically we need to orientate the student to be fond of the bible, the bible entails figurative and literal characters, and they are portrayed as man. The people who wrote it are human and were inspired by God; they had real problems and challenges just like what we often face. In fact the bible makes open fill that it is real since it portrays the character as they are. And expose their weaknesses and strengths. Their characters are depicted for example Adam and eve were disobedient to God and therefore punished by God for sinning (Davis, 2004 p. 122). They were expelled from staying in the Garden of Eden.
To understand the bible better advice is given to attend daily bible study so that one knows the verses and the interpretation of the words. Christians believe in the bible, the bible is holy it is a weapon to the faith of Christianity.
Humanity is determination of human being, they had covenant with God. Jesus life can be described as being man like, the essence of having faith. the Christian theology since the past have taken different dimension, Christians belief that Jesus is incarnate who is fully God and man in Romans 8: 345, depicts the scenario where there is the intersession of the saints by the father. Different culture has differing perspectives. And the voices unrepresented in theology in the past explaining the diversity.
The religious views of redemption is shown when Jesus was coming to safe humanity this views has shaped the understanding of the works of Jesus has shaped justice since Jesus advocated for the mercy upon people and excise it among the people
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