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Acts of Dishonesty

Summary of the Video
The video, “UCF Professor Richard Quinn Accuses Class of Cheating,” presented a teacher’s expression of disillusionment regarding his students because of cheating. He found out through an anonymous tip, and from his own scrutiny, that students of the Capstone Course cheated on the recent mid-term examinations. They were able to get high scores on the exams because they had copies of the test bank of the mid-terms, and possibly, the final exams.
The school administration’s further investigation that one-third of the class had cheated on the exams. They are also close to findingout who the individual students involved are. With this, every student taking the Capstone Course were required to retake the mid-term exams with a new questionnaire that’s not included in the test bank. Furthermore, Professor Quinn challenged his students who cheated to take the high road and confess. This would allow them to continue with the program peacefully, but they have to be ready to accept whatever grade they get eventually. These students would also be required to take an ethics class.


I think the reason that Professor Quinn was passionate about the issue was that, as an educator, he wanted his students to learn that life is not having things easy, but it is more about doing what is right. I do agree with his response to the issue to a certain degree. I agree that cheating should not be practiced by anyone, not just students.
Nevertheless, I do not agree with him on requiring everyone to retake the mid-term exams, including those who took the exams with integrity and honesty. They did not deserve the punishment meant for the cheating students, considering that the school administration already knows who these students are. Besides, this action does not warrant that the cheating students would feel guilt or conscience. At the most, it would make them feel better that they were not the only ones being punished for their own wrong-doing. On the other hand, since the school was keen on proving that cheating is not a good idea, I could contribute by retaking the exams, a good way for me to maintain credibility, being one of those who did not cheat. The only hassle would be retaking the exam all over again and changing plans I already set on the designated examination date. In a different scenario, it could also be considered as a second chance for me to up my score, if I took the test without studying nor cheating.
Considering that I did cheat along with other students in my class and we got caught, the impact would be enormous, similar to Professor Quinn’s class. This would open the school administration’s or our professor’s window of doubt on the other students who peacefully and honestly did their school work—questioning their integrity and credibility and would be subjected to the same treatment as those who really cheated. Because of cheating, teachers and school administrators would be obliged to take on more work hours just to prepare new exam questionnaires and to investigate the case further.
My family and friends, once they find out, would think of me differently, maybe as someone who was unreliable and who wanted to take easy road. It would be difficult to re-earn their trust. This would also be the case if an employer finds out that I had a record on cheating. It is possible that I do not get hired because of it or if I did, I would have to work hard to earn their confidence and build my credibility as an employee. It is also a possibility that dishonest companies would hire me, thus, reinforcing and/or nourishing the negative behavior.


Cheating is an acquired behavior. In Matthew Church’s (2013) book review of “Cheating in College: Why Students Do It and What Educators Can Do about It,” written by Donald McCabe, Kenneth Butterfield, & Linda Trevino, student attitudes towards cheating are shaped and determined prior to college. Although current studies give no concrete reason for resorting to this behavior, I personally think that it comes from the social pressure of the prestige that being a good student can have.
Good grades earn a student recognition from his/her peers, parents, friends, and other social institutions that measure a person’s worth by the numbers that he/she produces. Nevertheless, there is no good excuse to cheat and this is my personal view on this. Picking up a lesson from one of the bestselling books of all time, Professor Dumbledore once said, “We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.” Having this in mind, I am aiming to finish my studies based on my own hard work, because I believe that challenges are set upon us for us to grow and develop into decent human beings. Taking the easier path may make things easier for a particular moment, but it will not really teach us how to take on difficult situations in our adult life.


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